First Time Cyber Sex And It’s With My Dad


First time cyber sex and it’s with my Dad For the last two months I have been hinting and hinting to my parents that I was wanting a new laptop for my 16th birthday. Unlike most kids my age, I wasn’t worried about a car. I already had my older brother’s first car, since he used most of his tuition money to get a new car when he went to college. So all I wanted for my birthday was a new laptop so I didn’t have to use the family computer anymore. I needed my freedom to explore a secret world that no one, not even my best friend knew about. I was a serious nymph, and I had a thing for older guys. Now up until this story the oldest guy I had been with was 20 and a friend of my brothers, not that he’d ever find out. What I really loved, however, was teasing older men 30 and up. Guess like most stories I should give you a few details about me so you can visualize everything for your self. I’m 5’ 2 and weigh 110 lbs. I’m in track and vollyeball at school so I have a very toned body with 34C breasts. Dark brown hair and blue yes. To look at me you would never know I was this way. I have always been very proper, good grades, active in school events. Now, even though I like older guys I like them to be in shape. I don’t like fatties. A sexy older man with a nice toned body gets me so wet and tingly, and I just cant help but do something to make him look my way. In our house we have a tradition, presents are ready and sitting out for you in the morning. The only rule is, if your up first you have to wake everyone else up. Well, since it was my birthday of course I couldn’t sleep in, so I got up rushed in my parents room and jumped in their bed to wake them up. Both my parents attacked me when I woke them, smothering me in the blankes. My dad spanked my panty covered bottom 16 times while my mom held me down tickling me. Finally, they let me up and we all hurried downstairs to watch me istanbul travesti open my gifts. I started with the cards first. Then moved to the larger presents, to which none were my laptop. I was devastated. Then, as my mom finished clearing the breakfast dishes away my dad asked me to go check my email and see if anyone wished me happy birthday. When I walked into the computer room sitting there with a tiny bow was a laptop. I was estatic. I ran back in and hugged mom, then ran into the family room and jumped on my dad’s lap and gave him a huge hug and a kiss right on the lips. Now, I don’t know why I did that but it gave he a huge case of butterflies in my stomach. I also noticed that when I was running back into the computer room I was a bit wet. I grabbed my computer and ran to my room and started it right up. I spent the next few minutes looking it over to see what all it had on it. Now I’m not bad on a computer, but I’m no genius either, it had a webcam and that was the most important part for me. I continued to play on it for a bit trying to figure out everything and was getting frustrated so I finally yelled for my dad to come help me. When he didn’t answer I went looking for him. I asked mom where he was and she said that he went to get a shower, then was heading to Best Buy to get some new toys for the family. Again I don’t know why but the image of my dad in the shower flashed through my head and I got that tingle again. As I was going to my room I could hear the shower running in my parents room. The door was ajar so I pushed it open a little more and could see the steam rolling out of the bathroom. I walked in as quietly as I could until I could see the mirror in their bathroom. It was all fogged over so I knew he couldn’t see me. I creeped in until I could see my fathers image in the fogged up glass shower door. I don’t know why istanbul travestileri I was doing this, but standing there staring at him I realized that my dad is in amazing shape, broad chest small signs of a six pack, and very nice arms and shoulders. I sat there for a minute watching him wash and hoped he’d turn around a bit so I could see his cock. When he did I couldn’t really see anything defined just the smokey outline. But, I did notice there was no dark spot in the area where it should be, so I just assumed he shaved it. Which I love. I guess I wasn’t surprised my dad always had smooth skin and not a hair in sight on his chest, stomach and back. I was scared I’d get caught so I finally pulled myself away from watching and went back to my room. I was soaked and had to find relief fast. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side. As soon as I walked into my room my mom yelled up to me to tell me to inform my father that she was going to drop off some things to Goodwill and that she woud be back in time for my birthday dinner. I walked in my parents room again non-chalantely. My dad was standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist and I know he could tell I was checking him out from head to toe, just admiring his body and that nice sized bulge in the front of his towl. He just smiled and said, “Can I help you princess?” I just stammered something about mom leaving and I needed help with my computer. He asked if mom had already left to which I answered that she did. Then he followed me into my room wearing only the towel. I was breathing heavily and so nervous, but, excited at the same time. Now what I did notice was that the bulge in the front of the towel had gotten a bit bigger from the time I saw him in his room to the time we got to mine. He wasn’t hard but it did grow some. He asked what I needed help with and I told him that travesti I didn’t know how to work the webcam on my laptop. He just smiled sat next to me and asked if I planned on getting into trouble with it or something. I just smiled and bit my lip slightly and said, “Maybe.” He just chuckled at me and said, “I guess I’m going to have to keep my eye on you.” I don’t know why I replied back but I just said, “Maybe you should, but you might not like what you see… or who know’s maybe u will.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that. What was I thinking. I turned bright red as my dad looked me up and down and just smiled at me. After he finished showing me how to work everything I asked if he ever chatted online, he said he did, so I asked what are the best sites to chat on. He set up some bookmarks to links where I could chat and gave me his screen name in case I was ever on and wanted to mess with people in the room with him. Now that I look back I was a bit niave and you’ll see why. I just laughed and said to him, “I think we could get into a lot of trouble online together.” He laughed and pulled me close and kissed my forehead and then got up and walked out saying he’d be back later. Now that I had the house to myself and masturbated a few times to everything that happened earlier. I started checking out the sites my dad bookmarked for me. And I couldn’t believe how popular a girl can be on there. I chatted all day with people making a lot of online friends. Most of which were guys old and young that kept trying to get me to cyber but I couldn’t get the idea of my dad out of my head to play along with anyone.  Later that night after dinner and a family movie I told mom and dad that I was going to go play on my computer and load my ipod with some songs before heading to bed. Really I wanted to chat some more and have some fun now. After about 45 minutes or so I heard my mom head to bed. I figured my dad would go to the computer room and get online like he usually does at night. I waited for another 15 minutes and started looking up his screen name, and finally found him. I was completely shocked. He was in an adult chat room titled, “Older Men for Younger Girls”.

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