First time glory hole part2


First time glory hole part2…… I woke up and the lights were now on so I was guessing it was night and they close this place at 12 so was hoping that the man who closes it down let’s me go so I looked at my watch it was 11 so was hoping someone would come soon.Someone came in I guessed it was the cleaner cos he went into the other stall and sounded like he was cleaning so I was hoping he will let me go he had finished cleaning the other stall and then open the door to the stall I was in he looked in shock to see me sat there with no trousers on after being shocked he looked round went to the main door and shut it so no one would come in then he walked up to me and shoved his arse in my face. “Lick it come on do as I say” he laughed but I really didn’t want to I’ve never done it before n didn’t want to do it now but I wanted to be let go so I went for it.I moved my head forward stuck my tongue out and started licking. It didn’t taste great but to be fair when would a arse taste good so I kept licking till the guy said “Stick ur tongue in my arse hole u fag” i kinda froze when he said that I didn’t know if I should or not but before I could do anything he put my face back in his arse so my tongue was now in his arse it was the wierdest thing I have done so far to me having my tongue in his arse.He started moaning.”Faster u türbanlı eskişehir escort fag come on get me off with ur tongue” I just did as he said and got faster licking his arse and sticking my tongue in and put of his arse for what seemed like a age till he pulled his arse away from me and he told me to stand up. Before I go on I’ll just say this guy is short and fat. So he stood me up force me onto all fours and started fingering my arse.”Come on bitch if u don’t sound like ur enjoying it I won’t let u go so come on move back an forwards and moan” he shouted at this point I did as he said cos I just wanted to go home so I started moving on his fingers back and forwards and moaning with each time letting his fingers go more in. Then he took his fingers out and he got on all fours behind me and said “right last thing bitch I’m gonna fuck u and if I think u were good enough I’ll let u go” to which I just said “Ok I’ll do anything u like just let me go after” so he got into position and started moving his cock against my hole which I this point I went wide eye his cock felt bigger then I thought it would at this point he force his cock through my hole and put every inch of his cock in me it felt great to me. He started off slow then started speeding up using every inch türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan of his cock to fill me at this point we were both moaning.”You like that don’t you fag” he moaned and I said “Ow god yes just please don’t stop” to which he laughed so he kept fucking me and even pulling my hair which normaly I don’t like that but didn’t care I was in too much pleasure I was so hard I thought I was about to cum every time he trusted his hard pulsing cock into me.He started slowing down and doing longer thrusting and then I could feel his hot cum filling me up he stayed there for about five mins before getting up.”So you gonna help me get out of these so I can go home” I said “Ow no I just told you that so u would do as I say” he said well laughing “You bastard let me go I’ve been here all day” I shoutedHe then left well laughing but from the sound of the door didn’t lock it. I just stayed on a fours wondering if anyone would let me go now.As I sat there on the floor still cuffed up I thought bout what had happened to me today and hoping it be over soon.Just then I heard foot steps he went into a stall sounded like they were having a piss he must of seen me looking threw the hole cos he put his hand over the hole. He finished pissing and came out the other türbanlı escort eskişehir stall and slowly opened my door and I was shocked cos I thought it was a guy cos I saw a cock but the person who opened the door had tits and looked like a woman. She looked angry at me.”You tell no one about what u saw u little perv” she shouted at me “Who do u think I’m gonna tell I’m not going anywhere of u anit noticed” as I shaked the cuffs.”Mmmmm interesting” then she took out her phone and took a pic of me.”Now I have one up on u so do as I say and I won’t put this pic online for everyone to see we have a deal?” To which I said “yes””Good boy now get on ur knees and suck my cock since u was perving over it. I got on my knees so fast I was so turned on at this point it’s the first I’d been with a tranny so I opened my mouth and started sucking as fast as I could she was fully shaved and bout 8 inch cock she told me ” hey what’s the rush slow down” I slowed down still sucking her hot cock taking as much of her cock into my mouth as possible she took hold of my head and forced it all down my throat and made me gag then let go I was gasping for air when her cock came out my mouth she then grabbed my hair and forced her cock back in my mouth at which she burst her load I like I normally do swallowed it all. She then looked threw my shorts found my phone and put her number in it and took a picture of herself and said “If u get out of this call me I’d like to see what u can do when ur not cuffed to somthing” she kissed me and left. I was still hard from all that and really wanted to cum but couldn’t work out how…….,Wait and see for part three where I can tell u want actually happened or that someone let me go

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