First Time Love


The row boat drifted around the lake as the stars filled the night sky. Her eyes were fixed on his face, every feature lit up by the moonlight. She could see the fire burning on the shore and her mind drifted to thoughts of his arms wrapped around her. She had thought so many times about him. His hands, arms, mouth moving over hers and across her body. She shuddered as the thoughts ran through her mind. As if he read her mind, he smiled at her and picked up the oars, slowly rowing them back to shore. Her hand rested on his knee, her fingers lightly drawing circles on his leg. He stepped out of the boat and reached his arms out for her, lifting her onto the shore, saving her from the cool water at the shores edge. Her arms wrapped securely around his neck as he lifted her, her breasts pressed firmly to his chest as their eyes met. Her lips parted slightly as he lifted his head to meet them, sliding his tongue between her sweet lips, she moaned softly as his tongue explored her mouth. As her feet touched the ground she stepped away, unable to contain the smile that had become permanently fixed on her face. She sat down next to the fire, staring into its warm glow, her heart racing as her mind drifted again to her deepest thoughts. pendik escort

She felt his hand on her lower back as he sat down beside her, his lips brushing over the exposed skin on the back of her neck. Leaning her back against his chest she let her fingertips slide up the inside of his thigh lightly, hearing his breath catch in his throat as the anticipation rose between them. Wrapping the hem of her shirt around his fingers, he lifted it over her head exposing her erect nipples. He slid to the side, letting her lie back on the blanket he had laid out earlier. She closed her eyes as his fingertips trailed over her bare skin, causing goose bumps to rise over the creamy soft service. A moan escaped her lips as she felt the warmth of his mouth cover her breast. Her back arched as she pressed her nipple into his mouth, her hand resting on the back of his neck. Unbuttoning her jeans he slowly slid them down her legs, his eyes caressing every inch of her body before he let them rest on the soft sweet mound between her legs. Lowering his head she could feel his warm breath on her clit, his tongue flickering lightly over it quickly, teasing her. She let her body relax as his mouth began to feed on her sweetness, pendik escort moaning softly as her back arched and her hands gripped the blanket, bracing herself. He lapped at her pussy, breathing in the scent of her; he could feel his pants growing tight as his cock grew. His cock was aching for her like it had every night for weeks as he had lain in bed thinking of her. Her scent and taste were far better than he had imagined night after night. Her body suddenly began to shudder, waking him from his thoughts, her moans filling the night air, echoing off the lake.

She sat up quickly wrapping her arms around him and kissing her juices off his lips, grabbing at his pants she releases his throbbing cock and wraps her lips around it. Gasping as her mouth was filled with his cock, amazed at how wonderful it felt to finally feel her lips on him. He could no longer hold back, he had to enter her, had to feel what he had been fantasizing about. Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her back on the blanket, kissing her feverishly as he lowered himself onto her, his cock sliding over her wet pussy and finding the entrance. With one forceful thrust he was deep inside her, her pussy clenched around his cock as she gasped, pendik escort her nails digging into his back and her hips rose off the blanket and pressed against him. She moaned into his ear as he pumped his cock in and out of her, her pussy dripping warm sweet juices all over his shaft, bringing his mouth down he nibbled at her perfect nipple before sucking it between his teeth. The sensations flowing through their bodies were overwhelming and they both had completely been swept away by the passion of their first encounter. She wrapped her legs around his taking him as deep into her as she could, thrusting her hips against him as he began to fuck her faster. His name began to slide across her lips as she could feel her clit throbbing, her pussy aching for release. He brought his mouth down kissing her hard, his tongue dancing around hers, swallowing her moans as she began to cum. She came so hard; her body grew stiff for a moment as he continued to pump into her, his eyes watching her face, the look of ecstasy that came across her drove him wild. With one last hard thrust his cocked exploded into her, filling her with his cum. His movements slowed as he laid himself against her chest wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her softly. She kissed him back giving him a satisfied grin; closing her eyes she rested her head against his. They both lay there in silence, exhausted from their passion, letting their bodies rebuild, knowing that their exploration of each other would continue soon.

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