First Time


The young Alexandra was a skinny, shy, awkward girl in her youth. As she grew her body blossomed and by the time she was 18 she had the body of a goddess. Long flowing natural brown hair with natural blonde highlights. Her body was that of a model, with her figure finally ending up being a gorgeous 36-24-36. The awkwardness and shyness stayed with her for quite awhile though. By the time she turned 16 though she wanted to start exploring. Alexandra loved to wear tight clothes, exposing her luscious curves, making men and boys drool as she walked past them.

At the age of 20, Alexandra met a man. His name was Brock, and he was the most gorgeous man she had ever met in her young life. Brock and Alexandra became close, and started spending all their free time together. He had dark brown hair, not real curly, but wavy. That with those gorgeous blue eyes made him irresistible to her. I recall looking into those dreamy blue eyes and getting totally lost in them. Alexandra was a virgin, but she still found herself thinking incredibly erotic thoughts about Brock . Her shyness though would not allow her to ever approach him about it. Until that one night that changed their relationship forever.

A friend of Alexandra’s was to be married today, and for her it was a special occasion. She had to have the perfect outfit to wear, her hair had to be just right, and of course her friend Brock would be her date. With Brock as her date she wouldn’t have to worry about other creeps hitting on her and trying to cop a feel while dancing with her, and this was something that she was always having problems with. Men always found some way to gropple her large breasts, and while she secretly loved the attention, most of the men doing this were usually married, and that was a line she would never cross.

Now, Alexandra didn’t ever think of herself as pretty or beautiful, but as she stood before the mirror dressed for the big night, she couldn’t help but gasp at how beautiful she thought she looked. Her hair was so soft looking and the new cut she got suited her tiny round face. The dress she had decided on finally, was perfect and clung to her body tightly showing off every curve and her tiny waistline. She turned to leave the room, but stopped again glancing at herself in the mirror bewildered at how stunning she looked and felt. Then she opened the door and headed down the hall to meet Brock who was waiting for her patiently in the living room.

Brock had been relaxing on the sofa, but when he heard Alexandra coming down the stairs, he stood up to greet her. He can still remember today how he stared when she walked into the room. He was sure his mouth hung open for a few moments, and he knew his cock was growing at the mere sight of his friend. He had never, in all the times he had known Alexandra, seen her look so damn beautiful. It was at that instant, when she entered the room, Brock knew he would fuck her before the night was out.. he simply had to have her. Alexandra wasn’t quite sure if she had imagined Brock s reaction or not. She did know the sight of him made her pussy very moist. This was something she had never experienced with him before. She looked at him with a new lust in her eyes, but she wasn’t sure wether he picked up on it or not. She slowly took in his whole form, moving her eyes over his entire body, and she couldn’t help but notice a slight bulging in his pants. Her mind went reeling with thoughts of how he must look naked, and suddenly she knew she wanted this man. She wanted his cock inside her, fucking her hard, and bringing her to orgasm over and over again.

Alexandra’s shyness would not allow her to say anything to Brock though, and he at this point was not sure if she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.. so together they went to the wedding, and then the reception. When they walked into the reception, they both felt as if the whole room turned to look at them. They looked so good together, and they seemed to fit. They found a place to sit, and the dinner began. The two made small talk through dinner, but both of them were growing more hot for each other with every glance at each other. Alexandra wasn’t sure, but she thought Brock was finding new ways to touch her, accidentally brushing his hand across her breast, trailing his finger down her cheek. She admonished herself for thinking such a thing. Brock e was such an incredibly handsome man and could easily have any woman he wanted (regardless of him only being 2months older than her), so why would he waste his time with her?

Dinner was finally over, and the dancing started. This was the part of the night Alexandra hated. She loved to dance, but she hated when the married men got drunk and came to get her to dance. Brock knew this because of their friendship, and he got her up to dance right away. They danced together for what seemed like forever, and then finally the disc jockey played a nice slow song. Alexandra felt awkward, sex hikayeleri what should she do? She had never been that close to her friend before, and surely he would want to dance with a woman he could hold tightly in his arms. With that thought in her head, she turned to walk away. She had turned her back to him, and was about to walk away from him, when she felt someone grab her arm and turn her around again. To her surprise it was Brock , and he had pulled her into his arms. The look on his face told her to not argue this one, and she soon got lost in the dance with him.

His arms around her, pulling her close, and his face so close to hers. She was breathless, and realized she had a wet spot in her panties. Suddenly she realized he really did want her as much as she wanted him, and her desire took over. Their bodies molded together, and the dance became intimate. She was sure no one else in the room realized what was happening there, but Brock and her both knew. Alexandra could feel the bulge in his pants growing, and it exhilarated her more to realize his cock was growing hard with want for her. Her breasts were heaving, and she was crushing them into his chest, while he was pressing his hard cock against her throbbing pussy. The air was thick with want and passion and the whole room seemed to disappear and no one existed except Brock and Alexandra.

Suddenly Alexandra stopped and pulled back from his arms. God, how she wanted this man, the throbbing in her pussy was out of control, her pulses were racing, and her lips were dry from wanting to kiss him. She thought to herself, “how could I do this? this is my best friend.” And she looked at Brock , made her apologies saying she needed some air, and walked calmly outside leaving him standing there.

Alexandra stood there just staring off into the night. The cool night air felt good on her skin, but did nothing to stop the desire for her friend. She thought for a few moments on how to handle this situation, and knowing full well that she wanted him so bad that if he held her like that again she would ask him to fuck her. Brock being the good friend he was to her, would do it for her, but this would be the first time for Alexandra, and she wanted it to be with a man that wanted her as badly as she wanted him. So, she decided to go home. She turned and started to walk away. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her say “Alexandra, where are you going?”

She knew the voice of her best friend, and she knew he was a little annoyed at her. That was the only time he ever called her Alexandra, the rest of the time to him she was Alex.

“I was going to head home now”‘ Alexandra replied.

“And why were you going home?”

“Why now”

“When you and I finally both want each other? Now you want to run out on me?” Brock asked.

Alexandra couldn’t believe her ears. Could it be true? she wondered. Did he really want her? Her mind was reeling with questions, and disbelief. It seemed almost as if Brock knew what she was thinking, and she felt him take her arm and softly turn her to face him. She kept her head hung low, she didn’t want to look him in the eyes, because then he would know how desperately she wanted to have him fuck her. His hand came up under her chin and he softly lifted her face to meet his. She heard him say “Look at me Alex”, and she turned her tiny round face up to meet his eyes. Once again she was lost in those beautiful eyes. The whole world seemed to come to a grinding halt, and for that moment all that existed was Brock and Alexandra. Her full luscious lips were slightly parted for him, almost begging him to kiss them. She knew by the look in his eyes that he really did want her. They just stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Suddenly he broke the silence, and seemed angry. She heard him say “Come with me NOW!!” and somehow she knew she had better not argue. He took her by the arm and started walking off into the shadows with her.

As they walked quietly together, Alexandra knew where they were going, and she couldn’t wait to get there. It took about 5 minutes and they were at Brock s apartment. He had been on his own now for a few months, and while she had never been inside his home, she did know where he lived. She heard the key as it unlocked the door, and for a brief moment she thought to herself, “once you go inside, there is no going back”, but then pushed the thought out of her head as he stepped back to let her enter first. Once inside, he closed the door and locked it behind them.

Now that they were there, Alexandra was a little scared. Brock was a very sexy man, and she knew he had experience. She was doubting herself. Again sensing the awkwardness she was feeling Brock pulled her close to him. Their bodies instantly molded together, almost like they belonged that way. God, he feels so good, Alexandra thought, and again her panties grew moist. Then it happened. porno hikayeleri Softly his lips pressed lightly against hers, barely touching, but breathing each others breath. His lips were as dry as hers, and they seemed to stick together. She could feel his tongue slowly darting in and out of her mouth. Suddenly his lips pressed hard against hers, and he kissed her so passionately that she collapsed in his arms. Her knees went weak, and she knew she was trembling. His tongue was exploring her mouth in great detail, devouring her.. she thought maybe he was going to swallow her up. She had been kissed by lots of boys, but this kiss.. this kiss was that of a man wanting a woman. She felt her body as it pressed harder against his, molding together even tighter than she had ever imagined.

His hands were in her hair, and one on her ass, pulling her closer to him with such an intense hunger. It felt like they couldn’t get close enough to each other. Suddenly Alexandra felt both hands on her ass, kneading it. Her arms suddenly went up and around his neck, with her hands in that gorgeous hair of his. She stood on her tiptoes trying to get closer yet to him, knowing they couldn’t possibly get any closer, but still wanting too.

Alexandra suddenly got this overwhelming desire to please her best friend in ways he had never imagined. Stepping back from his arms, he looked so disheveled, and so damned irresistible. She had this new found daring and caught herself looking at his cock through his pants. From where she stood he looked so hard, and so big. She could only imagine how gorgeous he would look naked and hard. Her hand reached out and stroked his cock through his jeans.

“God, you are so hard Brock “, she heard herself say

“Oh god, you are so beautiful Alex”, he replied Pulling her hand back, she stood before him and slowly, removed her beautiful dress. The look in his eyes, she knew then that this was the right thing for them to do, and she continued removing everything, till she stood before him in only bra and panties. Then she stepped forward, took one of his hands, and placed it on her panties.

Brock smiled “You are very wet Alex”. To which she just smiled. Then she did something that even surprised herself. She knelt down at Brock’s feet and put her mouth to where his cock was. Through the material of the jeans, he could feel her hot breath on his hard cock. God, he thought to himself, I’m not sure how much I can take. She looked up at him, her eyes full of want, and while looking into his eyes, she slowly undid his jeans.

Alexandra was not ready for what happened next. She was looking up at him, watching his face when his cock popped out. It was so hard it had been straining the material wanting to be let free. She could not believe the size of her best friends cock, but oh god did she ever want to taste it. These feelings were so new to her. She wanted to suck his cock, and feel the throbbing in it as her lips moved up and down the length.

Brock felt a feather light kiss on the tip of his cock, and then a tongue try to shove inside it. God, he thought to himself. where did she learn this? He didn’t care, he just knew he loved what she was doing to him. Then Alex’s tongue licked the entire length of his cock, and down to his balls. He felt his balls as they grew heavy with cum when Alex shoved them gently into her mouth and started sucking on them. The next thing he knew Alex had slowly taken his cock and was shoving it slowly down her throat. Oh god, he thought, she won’t ever be able to suck my whole cock”. But, she did.. all the way down his shaft. Brock could feel her lips on his balls and he loved the feeling. Both his hands went to her head and he started fucking his friends mouth.

Alexandra loved the feeling of that wondrous cock in her mouth. The way it pulsated and throbbed as her lips moved over it. Suddenly she had an idea.. and her finger went to his ass and pressed slightly there. She could hear Brock as he moaned and groaned. She knew he was getting close. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but she knew. She took the cock out of her mouth and gently rolled it around her lips, kissing and flicking her tongue across it as she did so. Then she stood up, pressed her body firmly against Brock’s, and kissed him the most passionate kiss he had ever had in his young life. Then she kissed a trail of tiny kisses to his ear, and while nibbling on his ear, she whispered to him “I want you to fuck me now. I want you to be my first.” And with that she removed her bra and panties, revealing herself completely to him for the very first time. She knew he was excited more, because of the gasp he made when she did this.

Her breasts were round and firm, the nipples sticking out straight, almost pointing at him. Her pussy was .. to his surpise, naked. He had never seen such a beautiful cunt, but he knew that he loved it.

Brock picked her up and laid seks hikayeleri her gently on the bed. Then he stepped back and removed the rest of his clothes. He stood before her now totally naked, his cock standing almost straight up. I remembers thinking, “He is like a god”. He leaned down and kissed her passionately while massaging her breasts, and his finger rubbing her clit. He seemed to be devouring her, his best friend. Leaving trails of kisses wherever he could. His teeth nibbling on her breasts, licking them. The nipples were so hard they seemed huge to Alexandra. She had never realized her body could react so passionately. Sure she had masturbated before, but the reaction was laughable compared to this.

Suddenly Brock s attitude changed, he went from a gentle, tender lover to almost animal like in a matter of seconds. He seemed starved for her suddenly. At first it scared me, but then it made the intenseness of passion more than I ever thought imaginable.

Brock looked at me, wanton passion in his eyes, and with a voice that left no room for argument, he said “I am going to make you mine Alex”. I remember laying on that bed, and watching him ready himself to enter me. As he was moving down, I remember thinking, “god that cock is so huge, he is going to tear me in half”.

First, he took the head of his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy. I was so wet and so ready for this gorgeous man. I lay there, as he stroked my pussy with his cock and massaging my breasts my legs opened wide to him. He pushed, gently at first, wanting his cock in my pussy.. but it was my first time. His cock was so hard, and such a deep red color at the tip, I knew he couldn’t wait much longer. He gently tried entering me, but it was a little difficult. Then it seemed as if he got angry and he pushed hard.. I screamed for a second as he broke through my virginity. Suddenly he was pounding in and out of my wet pussy, and god it felt so damn good. I was laying beneath him moaning and groaning. My legs went up around his back and my instinct took over. I started moving my hips while he moved in and out of my pussy. We were fucking each other, and kissing passionately as we did. I knew I was gonna cum all over his cock, and I knew it would happen soon.

“Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddd yessssss” I moaned loudly

“Fuck me hard now” I begged. Brock seemed to love that and he started fucking me with a new found hunger. Within minutes I exploded in orgasm all over his cock. I was trembling beneath him, and didn’t imagine it could get any better than this. Then Brock surprised me.

“Turn over, I want your ass. I told you I plan on making you mine tonight and I meant every word of it. When we are done I will have fucked you in every hole you have Alex. You will be mine”

At first I hesitated. This was my first time, and the thought of that huge cock in my ass actually kind of scared me. Brock left no room for argument though and he quickly turned me over. Grabbing my hair, he softly encouraged me to get up on all fours. This was a new side of my best friend, and I had to admit I loved how he was fucking me.

I was so wet from cumin that it didn’t take much encouragement for his cock to get into my ass. At first it hurt some, but once he was inside the feeling was more than even I thought or had ever imagined. His cock was so huge, I thought he was going to shoot cum out my throat, and as he fucked my ass I found myself about to cum again.

“Oh god yes babe” I was moaning and groaning all over again

“Your mine Alex.. don’t ever forget it” Brock mumbled. I could feel his cock tensing in my ass, and I knew he was about to cum, but then he pulled out. At first I was angry, but then I felt him shove that hard massive cock back into my cunt and start fucking me with a new found furiousness. I reached down and started massaging my clit with my hand, just as I felt him shove a finger in my ass. My back arched and I groaned a groan that came from deep within me. God, I knew I was gonna cum now.. and I could feel he was also.

As he shot cum into my hot pussy, I came all over the place coating his cock with my cum. He jerked and jerked as he shot loads of cum into my pussy. I couldn’t believe the cum that was cumin out of this man, and I was cumming so hard I had tears in my eyes.

“OH MY GOD BROCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” I screamed loudly.


Then I heard him say “Tell me you are mine Alex!” At first I ignored him but then he said it louder


I turned and looked at him, his cock in my cunt with cum dripping from it, and said with a smile on my face “I am yours Brock “.

Then we collapsed on the bed together, his cock still in my pussy. He went to withdraw it, but I looked at him with a look that let him know I wanted it left there as long as possible.

He kissed me a passionate kiss then, one I won’t ever forget. I thought he was going to suck my lungs right out of my body. Then we lay back, holding each other, and I smiled to myself. I couldn’t help but remember the man who had showed me what pleasure a woman can get from wearing a dress.

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