My heart pounds relentlessly as I wait for the door to open. It opens and there he stands, tall and handsome with a wonderfully scruffy beard. We haven’t met before, only exchanged pictures. I notice he’s even more insanely attractive in person. I can’t kid myself that I hold a candle to him. I’m beautiful, but fat. I want to run away. But he takes me hand, “It’s so nice to meet you June, I’m David” he smiles reassuringly. I nod, feeling woozy. He pulls on my hand, “Come in.” His apartment’s clean and cozy. For a moment I think I even might be able to feel comfortable there. “Sit.” he indicates the couch. He sits opposite in a chair. “Shall we start by going over the rules.”

My eyes bulge. I’m shocked, but somewhat comforted, that he’s diving in so quickly. I mean, I do like rules. They tell you where you stand; give some control in the chaos. “Sure.” I nod curtly.

“Please drink,” I look down at the coffee table and notice a glass of wine. I feel somewhat worried to drink out of a glass he poured while I wasn’t watching, but as I’m already in the lions den. I drink half the glass in a large gulp. He chuckles. I keep serious, and look to him for my rules. He smiles at me for a long moment, then continues. “When you speak to me, you will always address me as sir.” I nod, having expected this rule. “It’s not yes, or please, or may I. It’s yes SIR, please SIR, and may I SIR.

“Yes Sir,” I answer, eager to please.

“Good girl,” I smile, tickled at his approval. He continues, “You will not cum without my explicit permission.” I gulp at this. I may be a virgin, but I really enjoy orgasms. I cum easily and that’s just with my own hands. Imagining what he’s going to do to me sets me on fire. I could cum right now and he hasn’t even touched me yet. “You may ask me to cum, if you need to, but I might refuse. If you do not ask before you cum you will be punished severely.” He looks stern, his words and expression send a jolt through my pussy.

“Yes Sir,” I comply more solemnly this time, guessing this rule will get me in trouble.

“Obviously you will follow all of my orders. If you refuse, ignore, or otherwise fuck-up my orders you will be punished.” I exhale and slightly rub my pussy into the couch, jolting at the thought of punishment.

“Yes, Sir,” I tell him breathlessly but fiercely.

His eyes narrow and he wears a small smirk, he can tell I’m already getting off. “Any questions?” I shake my head no. I’m aching to begin. “Are you ready for your virginity to be ripped away?” His face morphs into a mischievous grin. My pussy pulses. Nothing makes you appreciate still having your infernal virginity at 26 like the thrilling threat of having it stolen.

I take a deep breath, trying to control my body. “Yes, please, Sir.” I tell him emphatically. .

“Come here, my virgin whore,” I immediately stand and walk to him. He reaches out and pulls me over his lap. My face and legs down and ass in the air. I can feel his big bulge against my pussy, I rub unintentionally. I can’t help but be turned on in this exposed position. He pulls the hem of my dress up over my back exposing my black panties. He caresses my ass causing me to involuntarily hump. “Shhhh,” he tells me still caressing, “calm yourself my little slut. Shhhhhh.” He pulls my panties down but leaves them just above the knee, keeping me somewhat restrained. I can smell my juices in the air, I’m sure he can see how incredibly wet I am. “You ARE ready for Daddy Dom to take your virginity, aren’t you?” He coaxes.

“Yes, Sir,” I respond breathlessly. He plunges two fingers in to my sopping wet virgin hole, “Ohhhh,” I gasp. He pumps quickly in and out. I can’t help but buck against his hand. His thumb hitting my clit. I realize I’m going to cum. I can’t stop it. “I’m going to come, ahhh, I”m going to cum.”

“You will not, you insolent SLUT! Next time you forget to say Sir you will be punished.”

Realizing my mistake, I quickly and breathlessly beg, “Please, please Sir let me cum! FuCKKKKKKK.” He doesn’t answer, but removes his 3 fingers from my out-of-control pussy. I gasp, feeling loss, but relief. It’s short lived, he begins his assault on my vagina again, I think he switched hands. If his hand hurts from this exchange imagine what my pussy feels like. At once a pussy moistened finger is driven into my asshole. “Ahhhh,” I scream in pain and violation. I hump his legs. His hands are plunging into my holes and his thumb assaulting my clit. The pain disappears into complete and blissful pleasure. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

He doesn’t say anything through my lengthy, thrashing, endlessly pleasurable orgasm. He keeps pummeling my pulsating holes until I go limp. His fingers slip out of me. I’m like a ragdoll; completely flaccid. I don’t know what to say or do. I just had the most incredible pleasure I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. I know I broke a rule, but it was worth it. Anyways, I’m new to this; surely he’ll understand I’m learning.

“Thwak.” his hand comes down hard on the exposed flesh of my ass. I scream. “Why?”

“Why Sir!” He growls, thwak, thwak, thwak.

I whimper, “Why Sir? I tried not to, I swear” I let out a quick sob, but swallow it.

Thwak, thwak, thwak. “If you disobey or break a rule. You WILL be punished. I was very clear. There will be no exceptions.” I hang my head in defeat as he lays out a new assault on my sore cheeks. “You WILL answer when I speak to you!” Thwak, thwak, thwak.

“Yes, sir,” I say quietly.

Thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak. “So I can hear you, you dirty slut whore.”

I lift my head up and say with all my might, “Yes Sir”.

“That’s more like it,” he says reassuringly. Thwak, thwak, thwak. The hits hurt so much, they have me squirming all over the place. The pain and pressure builds. The pain starts to wane in the face of pleasure. Thwak, thwak, thwak

“Ahhh,” I hump against his leg and meet his hand spanking my ass. I realize I’m close, not on the edge, but close. “Please, Sir, can I cum?” I ask preemptively.

“NO YOU MAY NOT.” Thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak.

“Oh god!” I writhe against him. My whole body’s on fire. Especially my ass. I need to put it out, “Oh god, OH god, OH fuck, Oh please, oh please sir. Please sir let me cum!” I”m bucking wildly, he’s relentlessly slapping my ass. “P-p-p-pl-please, sir, please let me cum.”

“CUM FOR ME YOU FUCKING VIRGIN WHORE!!” He yells as he starts to whack my pussy in addition to my ass.

I instantly let myself overflow. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. FUCK ME. FUCK Yeah. Oh Fucking god. OH god no. Too much. Can’t. AHHHHHH. OH. Ahh. OH. FUck. FUckkkk. Fuck yeah. Awwwwwwww. NO. Oh No. Ahhhhhhhhhh.” My body melts, spasms, and pulses uncontrollably. My screaming stops, I go completely limp, even more so than last time if possible. Now the only sound is that of my ass being broken and my ragged breathing After one last splashy, wet, slap on my sopping pussy, there’s silence.

“Good girl,” he tells me gently as he soothingly rubs my ass. The light touch still hurts, but I appreciate it. “That’s a good girl, cumming for Daddy.” After a few minutes, he has me scramble off his lap. He stands to support me and leads me to to the couch. We sit together. Holding hands. “How do you feel?” He asks earnestly, those dark eyes boring into me.

“Great.” I smile in contentment.

“Are you ready for me to fuck the virginity out of you?” He asks me fiercely.

“I’m ready, Sir” I’m spent completely, but still excited about what’s to come.

“Stay here.” He winks at me. “Close your eyes!” He orders from the other room. I comply immediately.

I feel him come up behind me. I hear a tinkle of metal, but feel a soft cloth tied across my eyes. Suddenly my nipple is on fire, then the other, they send great eruptions to my already pulsating vagina. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I scream

“No, no,” he tells me patiently. “The correct response is thank you Sir, I love my nipple clamps.”

“Thank you Sir,” Is all I can manage in my present moaning condition. He pulls me up by my nipple clamps. “Aaaaaaaa,” I scream, standing straight away. Tears pour from my eyes. He bends me over the back of the couch.

He pulls my head back by my hair, “You are going to take my huge, rock hard cock, to the hilt, and you with thank me graciously.”

“Yes, Sir,” I squirm impatiently arching my back even more than it’s being forced to, and rubbing my pussy against the hard back of the couch. I feel his tip against my opening.

Then, slam, his cock is in to the hilt, “Ooof.” He uses my hair as leverage to push as far as possible. It hurts. He pulls out all the way and slams back in, again using my hair for leverage. “AHHHhhhhh,” I moan. Every time he slams, my nipple clamps shake, sending bolts of pleasurable pain to my pussy, and my pussy slams into the couch causing all sorts of friction. Not to mention his huge, rock hard cock slamming into my g-spot. “Th-th-th-tha-thank you, Sir.” I tell him shakily remembering his order.

“For what? My baby slut!” He grunts breathlessly.

“Ahhhh,” my pussy’s on fire. Is that why I’m thanking him. No, his rock hard… “Thank you Sir,” I take a halting breath, “for using your huge hard cock to,” I take another ragged breath,”fuck away my virginity.”

He strokes my hair. “That’s a good girl,” he coaxes as he caresses my hair. “You’re welcome my baby girl.” Then sweetness set aside, he pulls my hair back with a yank and fucks me harder than ever.

“Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Ahhh. Oh ohhh ohhhhhhhh. Oh god. Oh god Sir.” The slapping of the cock, rubbing of the pussy, and pulling of the nipples has me writhing uncontrollably against the couch. “Oh God Sir. Please let me cum! Please Sir I need to cum. Oh god please, please Sir!” He reaches down and rubs my clit. His fingers wedged between the couch and my pussy causes such incredible pressure. “Please Sir!!!!” I scream, “I need to cum. Sir, Please.” I’m losing control. I don’t want to break the rules. Though being punished doesn’t sounds nearly as bad as it did before. “Please Sir,” I sob.


I try to do what he asks. I try to let it go. I buck wildly. I spasm uncontrollably. I feel pleasure beyond pleasure. I feel myself squirting cum. My body’s not my own.

And now my body’s gone. Still. Spent. Nothing left to give or hang on to. I take a deep halting breath. I burst into tears. Not sadness. Maybe relief. Definitely release. He pulls me onto the couch and takes me in his arms. “Shhh, shhh, shh,” he rocks me. “That’s a good girl. Thank you for what you’ve given me, baby whore. You did so well. I’m so proud of you my little slut. You did so well. That’s a good girl.” A huge smile spreads itself across my face. I feel so lucky to have finally lost my virginity. Who knew I could find pleasure so unimaginably fantastic in giving up my trust and body to another?

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