Florida Versus Ohio State


This past weekend my neighbors Steve and Dawn came over to watch the NCAA Championship game between Florida and Ohio State. As fate would have it, Steve and I were born and raised locally here in north-central Florida. Dawn is from Columbus, Ohio and my wife (Valerie) is from Springfield, Ohio. So naturally Steve and I were cheering on the ‘Gators’ and Dawn and Val obviously were cheering on the ‘Buckeyes’. But first a little history of how we met.

We have been friends since the day they moved in four years ago. We are all in the mid to upper 20’s age group. We spend a lot of time together on weekends at one or the others house or at the church we attend. Steve and his wife helped Val and I put up a 24ft above ground pool and a 6 ft wooden privacy fence around my backyard last summer. I remember my wife nervously wore her string tie bikini the first time they came over to use the pool. I tried my best to convince her she looked good in it and that Steve would love to see her in it. We have seen each other’s wives numerous times in halter-tops, short-shorts, and short skirts and dresses, but she has never showed him so much of her skin. We have talked during sex on a few occasions about what would happen if Steve happened to see a lot more skin and this seemed to excite her, but she said that showing a lot of skin and just talking about it was a big difference.

She decided she would wear it after she called and talked to Dawn. Apparently Steve was trying to talk Dawn into wearing hers’ also, I didn’t tell her so but I already knew this. But thankfully both girls decided to wear them. I have often wondered what Dawn looked like naked and now I almost would see. And my wife now said that I had to wear my tight black boxer briefs to the pool and in front of Dawn, if she was going to wear her little sting bikini in front of Steve. I decided to call her bluff and told her no problem I’d do it. Then we sealed it with a handshake.

It was a great afternoon with the grilled steaks, cold beer, and two great looking women in little bikinis. Both gal’s became comfortable in their minimal coverings and remained that way until Steve and Dawn went home. They came over almost every weekend and to enjoy the pool with us. About a month later Steve and I were outside setting up the grill and sipping on a couple cold beers when the girls came out in new bikinis. They both had towels wrapped around their waist and I noticed a slight look of fear in Valerie’s eyes. They sat in their chairs and removed their towels as they sat. About 30 minutes later they got up and got in the pool. They were both wearing thongs! I just stood there and smiled. Steve gave a wolf whistle and told them they looked great in their little suits. Steve was standing behind the grill and I was between the grill and the pool. I noticed both Valerie and Dawn smiling and looking Escort bayan at me. I was puzzled at first until I seen Dawn’s gaze drop down lower. I then looked down and I hard a hard-on which was extremely noticeable in my tight cotton boxer briefs. I felt excited as I slowly walked to the edge of the pool and kissed my wife and asked her if she liked what she saw. She said she sure did and that she bet Dawn liked the view too. I told her I really enjoyed her new suit and was glad she had the courage to wear it in front of Steve. Then I whispered in her ear that she was going to get a good fucking tonight. She said she couldn’t wait.

It continued this way the rest of the summer. Valerie became very comfortable in that little thong and basically lived in it on the weekends. Val and Dawn even bought a couple more the wear. By the end of summer they actually wore them to the beaches. Valerie always seemed to be more sexually playful after a day of showing off her bare ass in public. I even got away with grabbing a hand full of tit in front of Steve a couple of times without her telling me to stop.

I got Val to go skinny-dipping one night and we had sex in the pool. After that, we made a habit of swimming nude by ourselves at night and having sex in the water until it cooled off. When Val told me she had even started tanning nude two or three times a week when she had a chance, I got her to join me nude in the pool in the middle of the afternoon. Oh yes, we did have sex in the pool again and for a first time outside the pool on the lounge chair. Val told me she loved doing it outside in the sunshine. I promised we would do it a lot more. Then I joked and said that maybe we could get Steve and Dawn to join use naked on the pool, she stunned me by saying, “That could be fun.” But it never happened.

I noticed Valerie was beginning to enjoy her nudity more. She began walking around the house nude more and more and sometimes not even closing the blinds towards the street but still leaves the blinds closed facing Steve’s and Dawns’ place. She even started going pantyless more often too. She started with her shorts first then to her normal length dresses. She will also go without under her short dresses around the house but not in public. I of course encouraged her lack of undergarments. But she did surprised me a couple weeks ago, all four of us went to the mall on Saturday and Val told me on the way there that she was completely naked under her short halter dress. The next day she went to church without panties and she teased me mercilessly during service telling me her lack of panties in church was making her horny. On the way home she pulled her dress up to her waist and played with herself until we got home and then I gave her what she needed, I bent over the back of the couch and fucked her before she had time to remove Bayan escort her dress. I don’t think she has worn any bras or panties under anything she has worn the last two weeks.

Now back to the game! There was the usual bickering back and forth about the other teams chances until Val what I wanted to bet on the game. Steve and I talked and came up with a tough dare for them. The bet was that for every score, the losing two would have to remove a piece of clothing. The girls talked it out and agreed. I thought the girls would back out and now I was nervous, all the predictions favored Ohio State. I noticed Val went to the bedroom, perhaps to put on bra and panty.

The game started, Ohio returned the kickoff, and the girls jumped up and down and told us to take off our shirts. Then Florida marched down the field and scored. The girls promptly removed their tops. Ohio did nothing, and then Florida scored again. The girls looked dejected but removed their shorts. Florida stopped Ohio again and then scored again. The girls looked disappointed and I wondered if Valerie would bare her breast to another man. Steve or I didn’t say a thing but Val looked at Dawn and said a bet is a bet. They sat up and took off their bras both covering their breast with their arms. I’m glad we chose to sit the way we did. The guys on one couch facing the girls on the other couch. I had a great view of their tits. Then Ohio scored and the girls cheered up not bothering to cover up anymore as Steve and I removed out pants.

Steve noted that us guys started with only 3 garments and that they started with 4. Val said that when Ohio scored again (Sorry Val, didn’t happen) we just had to pull our underwear down as low as they would go without exposing ourselves. Next score was Florida’s, field goal. We then had a debate. The girls said it wasn’t a touchdown but we said the agreement was a score, not just a touchdown. Val it was a dirty trick but stood up and dropped her panties. She was now naked in front of Steve and I couldn’t have been prouder or love her more than at that minute. I also noticed that her shaved pussy might be wet, it was nice and shiny. Val ended up coaxing Dawn out of her panties.

When Florida scored again I looked over at Val and she kind of shrugged her shoulder as if to say, “Now what”. Without consulting Steve I told her to spread her legs wide and leave that way for at least 5 minutes, so that Steve and I could get a good look at her pussy. I knew right then she was becoming a bit of an exhibitionist when she smiled a little and spread them. Dawn slowly followed suit. Val’s pussy was definitely wet. I don’t know if Steve noticed but I sure did, my dick was trying to poke through my briefs.

A couple minutes later I saw Val’s hand getting close to her pussy. She jumped and blushed when I told her not to touch Escort her pussy. I then said that if Florida scored again, she was to play with herself in front of Steve and me as we watched. Moments later. SCORE! I didn’t have to tell her, she had scooted forward in her chair and already had one finger inside her pussy. Dawn looked shocked but Steve got up whispered something to her and gave her a kiss. She smiled and spread her legs wider and got to it. I thought ‘what the hell’ and removed my underwear and started to stroke my hard-on as the gals watched, Steve did the same moments later. We all came during halftime.

Val and Dawn went nude to the kitchen to get snacks and drinks for all. It was a great sight to see both ladies walking around totally nude and not seeming a bit concerned. We all remained nude the remainder of the game, but ended sitting and cuddling with our on partners. No more scoring in the game for a while, but it was alright with me, I was enjoying playing with my wife’s bare tits as she fondled my cock. Then TOUCHDOWN! My looked at me and said, “What should I do now dear?” I said I didn’t know, and then she said she did. She slid off the couch and got between my knees and took my cock into her mouth. She has never been one to suck my dick. She has claimed she didn’t like the taste of my precum and now she was almost swallowing it whole. I was on cloud nine! I glanced at Steve and Dawn was sucking him off too. I then felt the urge to cum and told Val I was about to cum. She didn’t move and I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I kissed her as she got up and told her I loved her. I told her that it was great and I hoped she would do it again someday. She said she definitely would because she enjoyed it more than she thought she would and that it didn’t taste as bad as she thought it would.

It was after midnight when then the game finally ended. Val gave Steve and I gave Dawn a nude hug as they started to get dressed to go home. Since they lived right next door, Valerie dared them to walk back home naked. I don’t know if they made it home naked or not, all I know is they left my house naked.

Val and I talked it out that night. It was fun being naked and having sex in front of them but we decided not cross the line and have sex with them. We can already imagine the fun we will have in the pool next summer though, since swimsuits now will not be allowed in the water.

As I was finishing this story, Val walked naked into the room and wanted to read it. She is now sitting in my lap, as I try to finish this paragraph, with dick deep inside her tight hot pussy in front of a large uncovered window that faces the street on the side of our house. I have noticed half dozen cars go by and she watches them go by as she bounces up and down on my lap. I can only imagine how much of an exhibitionist she will become when it warms up this summer. I know how horny she has gotten so far with her mild exhibition in public. If she continues and get braver and shows more and more, next summer will probably be wild, fun, and very exhausting for me.

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