Four Queens Ch. 01


This is my first serious attempt at writing a story. Please let me know what you think of it. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone; it isn’t meant to.


I live in a kingdom where even today, women are granted almost no freedom. They still have to live their lives in the shadows of the decisions made by the males in their family. Very few women have any kind of liberty or sexual exposure, and even the mere mention of sexual contact with one other than the husband is considered to be a heinous crime. The punishments for transgressions are only matched by the so called shame the family has to bear if a woman in their house is caught indulging in such practices. Personally, I am both progressive and conflicted. Progressive, because I believe that women should be free and even the ones that are to be persecuted should be given a second chance. And conflicted, because punishing beautiful women is something I crave in an almost inexplicable fashion.

My name is Jeremy, and I’m 27 years old. I was responsible for the management of my family’s massive business in my city. Needless to say, I have more money, cars and houses than I can use. My family has a very good reputation in society. I have been an eligible bachelor for a while now. However, I was waiting for the ‘right’ girl. I spread the word around that I didn’t care about a girl’s past, if the other family involved was discreet about it. I would happily marry a girl like that, and wouldn’t bother any authorities about her so called sins. I had only one condition, and that was that for the first year after our wedding, she would not be allowed to meet anyone without my permission. Guys here generally have many more demands than that, and I knew that this one would be accepted without the batting of an eyelid.

Very soon, I had fathers and brothers communicating to me in the most covert fashion, asking me if I would accept their daughter in marriage. They feared the backlash from society or persecution by the government if word ever got out about what their little girls were upto. And that is how I eventually met Natasha’s father. She looked stunning in her photograph, and after just one meeting, I arranged our wedding as soon as possible. I informed them of my condition, and it was met without question. My whole family came down for the wedding, to see my radiant bride. And before I knew it, all the festivities were over and it was time for my first night with Natasha.

Natasha was 21, but her body said otherwise. She was taller than most women even without heels. Her long, black hair curled around her beautiful face and gorgeous eyes. Her breasts were large and perky, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those soft, succulent globes of flesh. Her hips flared around her slim waste, tracing their way back towards her delicious ass. I couldn’t wait to spread those creamy thighs and see what treasures her pussy held.

As I walked into our room and made my way towards her bed, Natasha looked me in eye, not a hint of coyness or embarrassment on her face. I wanted to have the upper hand from the beginning in order to train her well, and decided it was best to throw her off her guard.

“Natasha, bomonti escort I don’t think I have seen a girl as beautiful as you. I can’t help but wonder, what was your family so afraid about?”

Immediately her gaze fell. I could tell she hadn’t wanted me to ask her that, and had tried to mesmerise me with her boldness.

“It was nothing worth risking tonight about. We were afraid for no reason. But let’s not dwell not dwell on that. Tonight, Sire, is all about me pleasing you.”

I insisted, however, and gave her no choice but to reply. She looked increasingly more embarrassed, her face flushed and tears welled in her eyes.

“Actually, Sire, I had discovered how to masturbate, and was caught more than once pleasuring myself. I ruptured my hymen during one session and that’s when things got complicated.”

“Really? I can’t believe it. I need to see it for myself. I want you to take your clothes off and masturbate for me. Until I see it for myself, I shall not consummate this marriage.”

Natasha was embarrassed at first, but now she was positively shocked. She looked at me with a mixture of fear and disbelief, but as I held my ground, she slowly began to undress. This time, she couldn’t even look at my feet.

“Hurry up, slut,” I barked.

She began taking her wedding clothes off a little faster, but with a solitary tear rolling down her cheek. She had never in her wildest dreams expected this. Eventually, she peeled of her ornate bra and panties, revealing herself fully to me for the first time. I held both her ankles and spread her legs apart, only to be enchanted by her pussy. She was shaved clean, just the way I like it. Her soft, inner lips surrounded her pink opening. I could see her clitoris just peeking out from beneath its hood. And to my surprise, I could smell the faintest dew of arousal from her spread cunt.

“Come on, lets see you play with yourself. And keep your legs spread.”

Reluctantly, she brought her right hand down and feebly massaged her opening. I couldn’t recall seeing anyone this uncomfortable before. However, slowly but surely, her hand began moving a little deeper. She began breathing deeply. Her strokes became a little stronger, and her pretty pussy started getting a lot wetter. She closed her eyes, and her left hand reached over her clitoris, gently massaging it, teasing it, coercing it to come out of its cover. Her hips began pulsing with the movements of her fingers, and the softest of moans escaped her throat. Her legs spread even wider of their own accord, giving my a glimpse of the moist, tender inside of her pussy. She put one finger in, then another. Her speed kept increasing, and soon her hips were thrusting forward to meet every movement of her fingers. Her moans were dripping with soft satisfaction, and slowly they turned into shrieks of unbridled pleasure. She was truly in the zone now. Her pussy lifted off the bed, as she fingered and rubbed herself furiously, becoming delirious with pleasure. I knew she was on the brink, and I leaned forward and grabbed both her nipples with my fingertips. I gently kneaded and massaged cihangir escort them, twisting and turning, and before I knew it, Natasha exploded in a shattering orgasm.

She took more than a minute to catch her breath after that. Eventually she looked at me, not knowing if I was happy or not with her little show.

“Very well done, Natasha. I’m glad to see you enjoy yourself. However, you had your orgasm without asking me for permission, and for that, I must take strict action.”

Natasha looked at me, confused and fearful again. She sat up it the bed, her nipples rock hard. “But Sire, I had no idea I must seek permission for the same. I was merely complying with what you had instructed me to do.”

“Yes, I can understand that. However, the fact remains that you orgasmed without the permission of your husband. And even though you had no idea, for that, you must be punished. Now, turn around, and put your tits on the bed. Spread your legs as wide as you can. Arch your back, and get your knees as close to your breasts as possible. I want your ass sticking out in the air. Get into position immediately.”

“Sire, please. Give me another chance, I only-,” but before she could finish i cut her off.

“When I tell you to do something, you must obey without question. If you have a problem, you must request permission to speak. Since you did not follow this protocol, your punishment shall be increased.”

Natasha looked like she would say something again, but wisely got into the position I had ordered her to instead. She looked so delicious with her ass up in the air and her pussy held just faintly open by her spread legs. I wasn’t satisfied though, and gave her a hard swat with my hand over both her ass cheeks. Natasha was caught by surprise, and howled in pain and collapsed on the bed.

“Get back up, slut. You are further increasing your punishment by breaking position. I want you to stick your ass as high as you possibly can. Spread your legs like the slut you are. I want to play with your pussy now.”

Natasha quickly got back into position, and a lot better this time. I could see the tension in her back and her legs as she stretched her body to please me. She flinched as I placed my palm on her spread cunt. I, however, wished to see if she was wet, and was disappointed by the disappearance of her arousal. I couldn’t blame her though; after all it was still her first night.

“You will receive five spanks for each of your infractions. That brings us to a total of 15 strokes. You must count out each stroke and maintain your position. Any failure will see the punishment being restarted. Now, we begin.”

I took my time standing behind her, enjoying her anticipation. Without warning I brought my palm crashing down onto her right ass.

“Arggggghhh!!,” she screamed, but managed to count the stroke out.

Once again, I took my time, and this time brought out a spank to remember on her left ass.

“Two, Sire, Owwwwwww!” she shrieked again.

I then gave her 4 quick blows in succession over both her cheeks, and she almost broke position. I let her count all four kurtuluş escort together, but she seemed to be wrecked. She was panting deeply, tears streaming down her face, and the print of my right handed evident on her cheeks. Her pussy looked so inviting, and I was rock hard. I still had to finish the punishment though.

I gave her a minute to compose herself. I was not holding back on these blows. I gave her a vicious slap on her right cheek next.

“Owwwwww, seven, please sir, I can’t take it, argggggggg…please,” she screamed incoherently. I didn’t give her any time to recover. I gave her three more on her left, in the middle, and over the print of my right hand in a matter of seconds. She barely managed to count them out. Her make up was ruined by her tears. She was still sobbing and breathing heavily. Her ass was a mass of red.

“Very good. Now, the next four will be on your thighs. Once again, you must not break position, but you need not count them out.”

I ran my hands over her white inner things, up and down, gently teasing her. I started playing with her exposed pussy soon, softly fingering her, trying to arouse her. My fingers were soon wet, and I decided it was time to resume her training.

I gave her a hard slap to her left inner thigh. She wailed in pain, but didn’t break position. Immediately a redness spread over the slapped region. With my other hand I repeated the same on her right thigh. Another hard one to each of her things left her absolutely breathless, but with some lovely red marks streaking across the insides of her thighs.

“Now, Natasha. It is time for your final stroke. Your pussy will bear this one. You may break your position after the stroke. Do not attempt to argue or reason with me. Your punishment is almost over. Spread your legs as wide as you can and push your ass higher up.”

Natasha hesitantly spread her body for her final strike. Even after that I myself spread her legs even wider, and pushed her ass up from behind. Her cunt was open, revealing its pink secrets, exposed like never before. I took a deep breath, and gave her a fierce underhand strike over both her lips.

Natasha collapsed in pain. She closed her legs with both hands in between, writhing on her bed. She was howling and sobbing, not able to deal with the pain radiating from her nether region. I gave her the time she needed, and when she looked composed again, I climbed on top of her and gave her the softest, deepest, most passionate kiss that I could muster. I left a trail of these over her neck, her back, her chest and her bosom. I made my way down, over her midriff, along her thighs, till the edge of her pussy. Slowly I moved to her pussy as well, pleasuring it with my lips and my tongue. Natasha was surpassingly quick to respond, and I had her moaning and gyrating in pleasure in no time. I knew it was time. I moved back to her face, and kissed her long and deep as I entered her for the first time. Looking into her eyes, I gently thrusted, further and further, until both she and I were lost in the blur. We continued through the haze, and came almost together.

As we lay down, spent in the sheets, I caressed Natasha and held her close to me.

“You did well. But this was just the first day. I still have a lot to teach you,” I said.

Natasha didn’t reply, but she pulled me closer, rubbing her pussy along my thigh. I knew from that moment that I could now begin her training. I couldn’t wait to get started.

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