Friday Night Tripartite


It was hard for me to categorize this story, as it has a lot of different components to it between the four characters. There’s a sibling romance, a little teacher/student, and even a little group stuff. Hopefully you aren’t too turned off by any of these to give this story a shot!


A Friday night in Anytown, USA…


“Um, okay, two words,” Annie said as Savannah began the new round of TV show charades.

Savannah looked a little unsure of what to do for just a moment, then an idea hit her, and she began to act as though she were being arrested.

“Oh, okay, you are a bad guy being arrested. Cops!”

Savannah stomped her foot and held up two fingers, reminding Annie that there were two words in her particular show.

“Right, forgot, sorry! Keep going, Savannah, give me something else!”

Savannah thought for a little bit, then began to act like she was snorting something up her nose.

“Uhhh…you are smelling something strange. I don’t know any shows about smell, Savannah!”

Savannah looked very frustrated with her partner. It was a look that everyone in the room had seen several times before, because every time the four of them did anything that involved competition, Savannah always got way too serious with it.

“Only one more minute, Savannah!” Felicity teased. “You’re gonna lose!”

Savannah brushed off the taunting and started to act as though she were injecting a needle in her arm, and followed that up with trying to look as relaxed as she possibly could.

“Oh, I see, you’re doing drugs!” Annie exclaimed. “Um, shows about drugs…That 70’s Show?”

Savannah glared at Annie and, as calmly as she could, held up two fingers again.

“Ugh, sorry! And I guess they didn’t stick needles in their arms on that show, anyway. I guess they just took weed or something?”

“Took weed?” Felicity teased. “Who says that? ‘Took weed’. You’re such a nerd!”

Savannah clapped her hands angrily and got Annie’s attention once again. There were about thirty seconds left on the timer, and Savannah had a new angle.

All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, she pulled her pants completely off of her body, leaving her standing there in her shirt and a pair of white cotton panties. Then she made like she was grabbing on to some kind of imaginary stick in thin air and started to mimic the action of stirring a pot.

“What the…” Annie wondered aloud. “Okay, you’re some kind of…sexy witch thing brewing up a potion. Bewitched?”

Using both hands, and looking furious, Savannah once again held up two fingers on each hand, shaking with violent tremors.

“That is two words!” Annie shouted out. “Be, witched!”

“Only ten more seconds!” Felicity called out. “You’ll never make it! Get ready to drink up, bitches!”

In a last-ditch effort that turned out to be a stroke of brilliance, Savannah ran over to Annie, snatched her glasses off of her face, and put them on her own. Then she grabbed a cowgirl hat that she randomly had sitting on a shelf by the couch and stuck it on her head. She stood in front of Annie and looked at her menacingly.

“OH! You’re Walter White! Breaking Bad!” Annie called out just before the timer went off.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Felicity exclaimed.

“Woo-hoo!” Savannah screamed out as she gave Annie a high-five. “Good job Annie! Now, to use your own words against you, Felicity, drink up bitches!”

“Ugh, whatever,” Felicity said.

Felicity poured two shots of whiskey and passed one over to her silent and brooding partner.

“Here ya’ go, Brynn.”

Brynn was mid-gulp on a beer as Felicity passed the shot over to her. Brynn lowered the beer from her face just long enough to put the shot back. Then she passed the empty glass back to Felicity and continued to drink her beer.

“You okay, sweetie?” Felicity asked her.

“Yeah, m’fine. Sorry if I seem a little mopey guys, it’s just…well, you know.”

Earlier in the day, from out of nowhere as far as Brynn was concerned, her boyfriend of five months had broken up with her. She had considered not showing up to the get-together with her close friends that she had known since their freshman year in college, but they had talked her in to coming. They had told her that it would make her feel better, but so far, that had proven not to be true.

“Oh, come on Brynn, forget that jerk!” Savannah said. “You were way too hot for him anyway. That lazy eye of his always bothered me, you know.”

At that, Brynn looked up at her friend and replied, almost achieving a smile.

“You really think I was too hot for him?”

“Are you kidding!? Look at you! Great rack, nice little bubble butt, and you’re as cute as a button!”

“Jeez, Savannah,” Felicity chimed in. “You’re not thinking about turning lesbo again, are you?”

“First of all, I was never a lesbian, just…bi-curious. Secondly, why are you asking? You interested?”

“As I told you several times in college, Savannah, I am certainly not interested in touching, groping, Betturkey or licking any body parts of any females, especially those that belong to one of my best friends.”

“See, now that hurts, Felicity. You saying I’m not hot enough for you?”

Savannah had always been very confident in her body, and for good reason. She had an athletically thick build, with broad shoulders, prominent breasts, and legs that were probably strong enough to choke out a young deer. She worked very hard on her body, and got a lot of attention for it.

“You are very attractive, Savannah,” Felicity responded patiently. “I just have no interest in eating your pussy. Besides, even if I did, I doubt you would be able to work me in to your busy sex life.”

“Hmm, kinda sounds like you’re calling me a slut, dear friend of mine.”

“Do you deny it?”

Savannah considered the question for a moment.

“Nah, I do love me some sex.”

“How many guys…well, people, would you say you have had sex with in your lifetime, Savannah?” Annie asked. “No judgment, by the way. I love that you are so open with your sexuality, I almost envy it. I am curious, though. How many?”

Savannah thought for a while.

“Well, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not like I’m fucking someone different every night or anything. If you made me guess, though, I’d have to say…fifty-ish.”

“Shit!” Annie cried out.

“Sounded a little like judgment, there, Annie.”

“No! It just took me by surprise. I guess I had a number in my head that was a tad lower than that, and then you came out and said fifty!”

“Well, fifty-ish. And for the record, despite all my years of almost countless encounters, my butt remains completely untainted!”

“Good for you, Savannah!” Felicity said. “Way to maintain your anal virginity and hold on to at least part of your dignity!”

“How about you, Annie?” Savannah asked, side-stepping the comment from Felicity. “What’s your magic number?”

“Oh, come on, you guys know that I haven’t had much luck in that department in my 27 years of life.”

“I can think of three boyfriends off the top of my head that you’ve had,” Felicity said, “so I know it’s at least three.”

“And there you have it, that’s my big number right there. Three boyfriends equals three sexual partners.”

“Never had any random hookups?” Savannah asked. “Not even once?”

“Not once.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not like I don’t want to, don’t get me wrong. I’m not morally opposed to hooking up with random guys, I was serious when I said I kind of envy you, Savannah.”

“Then let’s find you a guy, Annie! I know plenty of beefcakes down at my gym who would love to get into your pants.”

“Ew, Savannah!” Felicity said.

“It’s not that I can’t find someone to have sex with,” Annie said. “It’s more of a ‘me’ problem. I’ve just never been comfortable with that many people to open up sexually with them. You guys, all three of you, are so hot. Savannah, you define sexiness with your athletic body and your, what are those, D-cups? And like you already said before, Brynn is so cute and has a great body. Felicity, you’re so thin and curvy…and me, I’ve just never felt like I’m in the same league as you guys.”

“Stop that!” Savannah replied. “You are just as hot as we are, if not hotter. The whole geek thing is super sexy right now!”

“Wow, Savannah,” Annie responded. “That makes me feel so good. You ever thought about being a guidance counselor?”

“What Savannah is trying to say, Annie,” Felicity said, “is that your look is just different than ours. You are petite and beautiful. You’ve got that whole, I don’t know, Natalie Portman thing going on. It works for you, you just need to accept it. Flaunt it!”

“She’s right, Annie,” Savannah continued. “I think you are the prettiest out of all of us, always have. I know I’d do you.”

“Yeah, well you’d do anything that walks upright,” Annie joked.

“You know, you guys keep calling me a slut,” Savannah retorted, “but you forget that someone else in this room used to be just as much of a slut as I am before she went and got all religious and whatnot.”

“Hey!” Felicity said. “That’s…well, yeah, that may be slightly true, but that was then, and this is now. And I’m not THAT religious. I am drinking and swearing like the rest of you.”

“Yeah, but you’re not having sex like the rest of us!” Savannah teased.

“That’s okay, Parker is very much worth the wait.”

“You guys seriously haven’t had sex in six years of dating?”

“Nope. Six years, three months, and twenty-two days of no sex. And in four months, five days, and sixteen hours, when we are married, we are going to have the hottest sex in the history of mankind. No, not mankind. The world.”

“You must be pretty backed up, though,” Annie said.

“Well, like I said, it’s worth it. But yes, I am pretty, uh, backed up, as you say. Let’s just say my fingers have gotten quite a workout over these last several years. I could probably crush a rock Betturkey Giriş between my thumb and forefinger.”

“Have you tried to, you know, engage him physically?”

“I have, but to no avail.”

“You don’t think he’s…you know, into dudes, right?”

“No, I don’t think so. Every time I try to get him to do stuff to me, he kind of gets into it for a little bit. And even though he always eventually stops me, I can always get him super hard first.”

“Damn, girl,” Savannah said. “You must really love him. I know that I could never-“

“I’m a virgin,” Brynn blurted out all of a sudden.

The other three girls completely stopped in the middle of their conversation and slowly turned their heads towards Brynn, looking at her wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Brynn looked back at them, let out a long belch, scratched her crotch, and finished up the rest of her beer in one giant gulp.

No one spoke for a good long minute. None of her friends really knew what to say, and Brynn seemingly had no follow-up to her proclamation.

“Um, Brynn?” Annie asked tentatively. “Sweetie, do you know what it means to be a virgin?”

Brynn didn’t respond to Annie’s question, just looked over at her with a mixture of disgust and annoyance.

“I’m not trying to call you dumb or anything, it’s just-“

“It’s just that you are 27 years old, Brynn!” Savannah interrupted. “And you’ve had lots of boyfriends!”

“Lots of break-ups, too,” Brynn replied. “Why do you think I’m always the one being broken up with?”

They all thought for a moment.

“Um, because you’re not putting out?” Savannah asked.


“Are you, um, asexual then?” Felicity asked. “Do you not have any interest in sex?”

“No, I’m in a constant state of being horny.”

Again her friends just looked at her, this time with very confused looks on their faces.

“So you want sex, you have no trouble getting guys to go out with you, you’re clearly upset that you aren’t having sex,” Savannah said. “Throw us a bone here, Brynn. What the hell’s the problem?”

“Ugh…I don’t think I want to talk about it. Can we just keep playing the game for now? It’s my turn, right? Where’s the hat with all the stupid shows in it? Ah, there it is.”

Brynn reached in the hat, looked at the slip of paper that she pulled out, and took center stage in the middle of Savannah’s living room while her friends sat in an uncomfortable silence.

“Okay, Annie, start the timer,” Brynn said. “Here we go, Felicity, get ready!”

Annie started the timer and Brynn began her turn.

“Okay, so it’s two words,” Felicity said as Brynn held up two fingers.

Brynn stood very still for several moments, staring off into space. Then she slowly sat down on the floor, cross-legged, and began to weep uncontrollably.

“Wow, you’re a really good actress, Brynn!” Felicity said. “That looks so real! Anyway, let’s see, a show with two words that makes you cry a lot. Ooh, is it Extreme Makeover!?”

Brynn fell onto her back, curled up in the fetal position, and doubled the volume at which she wept.

Savannah quickly grabbed the slip of paper off the floor that Brynn had looked at just moments ago, and confirmed her suspicion.

“Okay, guys, she’s not acting. She’s supposed to be acting out ‘The Simpsons’ right now, which I’m pretty sure she’s not doing.”

All three of them quickly got on the floor beside her and tried to comfort her the best they could. They all just sat in silence for several minutes while Brynn cried, all of them figuring that she needed that in the moment.

“Hey, Savannah?” Felicity whispered as Brynn continued to cry. “The way you are crouching, I just want you to know that I can clearly see your vagina through those white panties of yours.”

“Yeah, well if you want a better look at it later on, just let me know.”

“Come on guys,” Annie said, “let’s focus on Brynn right now. Brynn, can we do anything for you?”

Brynn took many more sharp intakes of breath, but eventually was able to answer the question.

“Yeah, could someone get me another shot or something?”

“I think you’ve had all you need for the night, girl,” Annie said. “How ’bout I call your brother to come pick you up? He lives pretty close to your place, right Savannah?”

“Yeah, just a few streets over,” Savannah replied. “Is that something you want, Brynn? You want your brother to come get you?”

Brynn wiped the wetness off of her face with the back of her hand.

“Yeah, that’d be great, thanks guys.”

“I’ll just text him real quick, then,” Annie said. “Hopefully he’s still up.”

“Wait, why do you have Brandon’s number, Annie?” Savannah teased.

Before Annie could respond, Brynn’s head snapped back behind her where Annie was sitting on the floor. In one swift motion, she rotated her body around and landed on her hands and feet, as if she were some sort of frog that had been possessed by a demon.

“That’s a good question! Why do you have my brother’s phone number, Annie!? You trying to get Betturkey Güncel Giriş with him? Have I not made it clear to all of you how I feel about that!?”

Annie put her hands up as if surrendering, and spoke as calmly to her friend as she possibly could.

“You have made that very clear over the years, Brynn, and we have all respected your wishes, right guys?”

Felicity and Savannah both agreed.

“Now, Brynn, I realize you are feeling very upset right now, and I also know that you tend to have these extreme mood swings when you’re drunk, but you need to calm down right now. You are lashing out at me for no reason.”

Brynn sat back on her butt and frowned.

“I’m sorry, Annie.”

“That’s okay. Remember, I have your brother’s phone number because of the last time you got super drunk and needed him to come get you. You gave it to me that night.”

Brynn let her head fall into Annie’s lap. Annie stroked Brynn’s hair with one hand while she texted Brandon with the other.

“Well, I guess we should call it a night, huh?” Savannah asked aloud.

“Yeah, I probably need to head out soon anyway,” Annie responded. “I’ve got a two hour drive to my parent’s house ahead of me tonight.”

“Are you sure, Annie?” Savannah asked. “You could just sleep here tonight and leave early in the morning. Of course, Felicity is sleeping on the couch, so you’d have to share a bed with me. I could make it worth your while, if you catch my drift.”

“Hmm, as tempting of an offer as that is, Savannah, I really need to leave tonight. My mom wants me there first thing in the morning to help her start cooking for the family reunion. But whenever I’m ready for my first sexual experience with a lady, I promise to come to you first.”

“Damn right you will,” Savannah replied with a wink.

Just then, Annie’s phone made a noise.

“Okay Brynn, Brandon says he’ll be here as soon as he can, maybe in ten minutes.”

Brynn grunted an inaudible response.

“Well Felicity, you feeling adventurous tonight?” Savannah asked. “Want to go out and start some trouble somewhere?”

“Eh, I don’t know, I’m pretty tired.”

“Oh, come on! You’re only in town for a couple of nights, let’s make the most of it! Seeing as you live four states away now with your virgin fiancee, who knows when the next time will be when we get to live it up like the old days”

“Alright, I’m open to suggestions, I guess,” Felicity relented.

“That a girl!”


“Hey, Brandon, thanks for coming,” Savannah said as she opened the door to her apartment.

“No problem. Good to see you, Savannah. So where…oh damn.”

Brandon had just spotted his weeping sister on the floor, her head still in Annie’s lap.

“How long has she been like this?”

“Not too long, maybe fifteen minutes. You know how she gets when she drinks.”

“I know all too well,” he replied. “Hey sis? You ready to go?”

After hearing her brother’s voice as he called out her name, Brynn immediately stopped crying and turned her head towards him. Black mascara had streaked far down below her eyes, as if some tiny unruly teenagers had just gotten into their tiny trucks and burned rubber on her face. Nonetheless, at the sight of her brother, her frown immediately turned upside down and the sobbing stopped.

“Brandon! You came for me! My heeeeeerrrrooooo!”

“Jeez, Brynn, it’s only like a seven minute drive.”

“I know, but still. I knew you’d come, you always do!”

“Seriously, Brandon, thanks for coming to get her,” Annie chimed in.

“Eh, it’s what brothers are for, right? Brynn, you need to hold on to my arm or anything?”

“Yes please!”

Brandon walked over to his sister and extended his hand to her, which she eagerly took. After she stood, she hooked her arm inside of his and let him support some of her weight as they walked out the door.

“Bye, Brynn!” Felicity called out.

The other two girls called out their goodbyes as Brynn was escorted out of the apartment by her brother.

Brandon got her to his car and helped her into the passenger seat. When he leaned across her to hook in her seat belt, Brynn sniffed his hair deeply. She thought she was being subtle, but didn’t realize in her drunken state that Brandon had very easily heard her sniffing like a wolf who had just detected a nearby rabbit.

“Um, did you just smell me?” he asked.

“That would be soooooo weird,” she responded.

“Yes, it would be quite strange.”

After standing there for a while, Brandon realized that Brynn had nothing more to say on the matter, and got into the driver’s seat and started the short drive back to his house.

“So Brynn, are you doing alright? Is there anything you’d like to talk about?”

“Shawn and I broke up.”

“Ah, that’s it then. So, he dumped you, I suppose?”

“And why would you jump to that conclusion!?”

“Well, Brynn, you are the one crying. And, sorry, but haven’t your past, like, three or four boyfriends been the ones to break up with you?”

Brynn slowly turned her head towards Brandon and frowned.

“A big brother is supposed to make his little sister feel better. You are currently failing at this.”

“Uh, I’d argue that a big brother is supposed to protect his little sister, and when she is safe from harm, make fun of her relentlessly.”

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