From Husband to Man’s Sissy Wife Ch. 02

Bit Tit

I had just finished changing into a black satin, frilly French maid’s outfit – which Hamish had picked for me – when I heard voices downstairs.

I pulled my silk panties up tight and put on a pair of black high heels and tottered down the stairs.

Hamish had changed into jeans and a button-down shirt, and was chatting to my wife in the kitchen. Both were laughing, and from the way Lucy looked at me, I had the sense they had been talking about me.

‘Well if it isn’t my darling sissy Chloe,’ said Hamish, winking at Lucy, as I tottered into the room. ‘Did you sleep well, dear?’

It was my turn to get one of those roguish winks. He knew perfectly well that I had hardly slept, as he had spent much of the night thrusting his huge manly cock relentlessly into my arse. No sooner had I rolled off him, moaning in pleasure, I felt him getting hard again.

Just two hours before I had had another shattering orgasm as he thrust his huge tool into me, and I squatted on all fours in front of him, begging him, ‘Make me your sissy wife.’

I blushed as I realised that Lucy must have known too, as I was screaming like a girl, and begging, ‘Fuck me, Hamish, fuck me,’ as my older lover thrust into me, while I was dressed in a pink babydoll nighty, wig and bra.

I had spent several nights listening to Lucy screaming in pleasure as she had sex with her lover Pablo in our marital bed, and was painfully aware that she must have heard it too.

Sure enough she giggled, as I said, ‘Yes, thank you, Hamish.’

Lucy said with a mocking twinkle in her voice, ‘So Hamish has been telling me about himself, and how he likes to… help people like you, Rob. Sissies, I mean.’

I blushed a deep crimson, and deeper still when Hamish said, ‘Call her Chloe, Lucy. I yalova escort think her years of pretending to be a man are VERY much at an end.’

To my horror, they both laughed at this.

Hamish said, ‘You came down at just the right time, Chloe. Lucy was telling me how Pablo was broadening her sexual horizons – and not just because he can actually make her orgasm – and we both had an idea. You seem very turned on by the idea of Pablo and your wife together, don’t you Chloe?’

I blushed again, and felt my penis hardening just at the thought of Pablo sucking on my wife’s huge breasts and thrusting into her in our marriage bed. There was nothing I could say to deny it. When my wife had suggested a boyfriend as a solution to our marital woes, I had leapt on the idea with pathetic eagerness. She knew it.

Hamish turned to Lucy and said, ‘When we could hear you two together, she was insatiable, couldn’t keep her hands off me! Or her mouth for that matter.’

I shivered in humiliation as my wife laughed and laughed at how I had been desperate to suck this older man’s cock while her young lover fucked to orgasm.’

Hamish said, ‘Now Chloe, this is a crucial time in your journey into sissyhood, and I asked Lucy if she and Pablo might help. Gratifyingly, she has said yes.’

I looked at my wife, as pretty as ever, with her huge, white cleavage bulging out of her blouse, and felt a surge of desire for this pretty woman who I had failed to satisfy for so many years.

Hamish said, ‘Lucy and Pablo would like you to watch as they make love, so that you can see the difference between you and Pablo, Chloe. The difference between a man and a sissy.’

I was utterly humiliated that my wife would do this, but both Lucy edirne escort and Hamish could see my painfully hard erection pushing up my ruffled black satin maid’s skirt. They looked at each other and giggled.

‘Yes, ‘Chloe,’ laughed Lucy. ‘I’ve always wondered why you were so keen for me to take a lover, and why you were so interested. But Hamish explained it to me, that you’re not a real man – and you’re desperate for a real man to fuck your wife. It’s quite sweet, really. Well, Pablo is upstairs, waiting for me.’

Hamish ushered us all upstairs, stopping at the door of the bedroom, and saying, ‘Darling Chloe, I’ll be waiting for you upstairs. Thank Lucy and Pablo from me for doing this.’

I wanted him to stay, my big strong man, who gave me such a delicious feeling of feminine surrender, but he was already going up the stairs.

When I entered the room, Pablo smirked at me saying, ‘So tell me, Sissy, can you really come from having a man’s big dick up your ass?’

Lucy shot him a warning look, and says, ‘Chloe actually wants to watch you and me together, Pablo.’

He laughed out loud and said, ‘Come and kneel here, then Sissy, wouldn’t want you to miss anything.’ He was ten years younger than me, and had an easy sexiness to him. I suddenly wanted to see him have sex with my wife so badly.

I was almost delirious with lust and knelt down next to the bed. Pablo started sucking on my wife’s lovely pink nipples, lifting up each huge, floppy boob in turn and saying, ‘See what you’re missing, Sissy?’

I felt a pang of loss, but then the covers shifted and I saw Pablo’s huge erection standing out from his hairy thighs, and was overcome with a surge of envy and desire.

Pablo could see it in erzurum escort my face, and said in a softer voice, ‘Come here, Sissy, help me tit fuck your wife.’

He grabbed a bottle of baby oil off the nightstand, and said, ‘Rub it in.’

I felt this surge of unfairness: I would have loved Lucy to give me a tit fuck with her huge, G-cup tits just once, just she never had.

But as I dribbled the first drops onto her huge tits, I began to feel excited that she would finally do this for a real man. In fact, bizarrely, as her huge boobs swam around in my hands, I almost felt more excited that this manly, hirsute lover would be the one to do it and not me.

Pablo positioned himself over her chest, saying, ‘Push them together for me Sissy,’ and I felt giddy, and almost proud to be obeying this man who could finally satisfy my wife. When he said, ‘A little oil for me?’ Lucy looked at him in surprise, but I began to rub his huge, hot tool, cupping his balls and making him moan.

Then I put my hands at the sides of Lucy’s outsize tits, pressing them together for him.

I watched, almost hypnotised, as he thrust in and out and saw Lucy moaning in pleasure, as his huge cock rubbed between her huge tits. How could I have ever thought I could satisfy this woman?

Pablo saw the dreamy expression on my face, and grunted, ‘Get ready, Sissy.’

I saw thick white come start shooting onto my wife’s lovely tits and pushed my face down onto her oily mounds and started gulping it down. It was everywhere, and I was licking it up, this girlish sissy in a French maid outfit and wig.

I had my eyes closed in ecstasy and was on the verge of cumming myself, just from watching this hot man spray his come over her enormous breasts.

‘Did you enjoy that, sissy Chloe?’ whispered my wife, with a curious tenderness in her voice. ‘You had best go up and let Hamish have his way with you… I think he’s waiting.’

‘Thank you, Lucy, and thank you, Pablo,’ I said, shaking with lust, and heading for the stairs where my man was waiting to teach me the joys of feminine submission…

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