Full Body Handless Massage


We are having COCKtails at the local neighborhood bar.

As we are sitting in the bar, we are sitting very close to each other where your legs are rubbing up against mine. I have 1 hand behind you just barely rubbing up against your ass cheek.

It’s fairly noisy so you have to lean into me to talk so I can hear you and I am mesmerized by the breasts and the cleavage being displayed for my pleasure.

You know I am getting aroused and you place your hands on my thigh knowing that it is only going to make me HARDER!!

We decide that we are going to have dinner at restaurant next door.

We both are seated in our chairs but still need to be close to each other so we move our chairs together.

Under the table you place your hand high on my thigh this time so you can feel my hardness rubbing against your arm, which you stare in my eyes with big smile.

At the same time, I place my hand between your knees and slowly slide my hand up inside your skirt, feeling the warmth of your pussy as I get closer.

To my surprise you are not wearing panties, you only wearing pantyhose. I then my fingers around your WET JUICY Pussy Lips as you squeeze your legs tight against my hand as you stare into my eyes with BIGGEST SMILE ON YOUR FACE U ever had!!

We continue this thru rise of empires ottoman izle dinner, but decide to cut dinner short right after the 1st plates come to the table..

We leave the restaurant quickly, get into the car where we embrace deeply running our hands freely where we want to now.

I start the car so we can get back to my place ASAP, you are cuddled up next to me as close as you can. Then with my right hand I slide my hand between your legs again where you are dripping wet with excitement,

We finally make it back to my place.

I open the front door where you enter 1st with me right behind you feel my HARD ON against your ass cheeks where you arch your back so I can hold you closer!!

I walk you into the bedroom with my body right up against yours.

I have you standing before me facing the bed and I begin to erotically and seductively remove your dress kissing licking sucking all parts of your body.

Then I unhook your bra and grasp your breasts with both my hands and kiss lick suck your tits and HARD NIPPLES.

I kneel before you, continuously kissing licking and sucking your breasts nipples down your stomach hips your thighs and lick your pussy thru your panties, then I slip my tongue under your romantic getaway izle panties so I can tongue your juicy pussy lips right then and there

I have you lay face down on the bed with your arms extended out at each side and I grab your ass cheeks spread them as wide as I can and I tongue your juicy pussy lips from behind.

I know grab your panties from around your waist and slide them completely off you!!

I remove all my clothing now and rub some light oil all over the front of my body from my chest to my feet.

As you lay there naked face down, I begin at your feet, my lips kissing, my tongue licking and my mouth sucking your skin.

I am kneeling above you as I begin from your feet I move up the back of your legs and then from your knees my tongue starts down the inside of your inner thighs. You begin clenching your ass cheeks as I get closer with my roving tongue.

I continue to move towards your now Very WET Swollen Sweet Juicy Pussy Lips and poke my tongue as deep as I can spreading your ass cheeks with my hands, to finally get that sweet taste of you. Of course you are wanting me to continue Tongue Fucking your pussy and HARD Clit, but I must continue upwards with my mouth kissing and sucking your lovely ass cheeks.

By rüyanda görürsün izle now you feel the Tip of my HARD COCK lightly brushing against the back of your legs and as I move up to kiss and lick the middle of your back, You raise your ASS in anticipation of my COCK sliding easily into that HOT Dripping Wet Pussy.

The head of my cock slips in those juicy lips just slightly as my mouth is at the base of your breasts and I dive my face as far as I can to get my tongue to reach those hidden very HARD ERECT Nipples as you feel my HARD COCK sliding between the crack of your ASS cheeks.

My mouth is now reached your neck moving to your mouth where we tongue each other deeply.

I continue to move above you as my HARD COCK slides up the middle of your back to your neck and eventually to you mouth where you swallow me whole for a few seconds.

I then start moving back down as you begin feeling my cock sliding down your back, between the crack of your ASS, where once again you raise up wanting me to enter you again, which I do with a Single Thrust and slowly withdraw, you clenching your pussy not to let me go.

My mouth has reached that Very WET Swollen Sweet Juicy Pussy, where I again spread your ASS cheeks so I can Tongue Fuck you for a minute or 2.

You have to come here to find out the rest!! I have to come and show you personally Cause it is no where near done!!

Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm lick lick slurping you all up!! My COCK is SOOOO Rock HARD now from telling you part of the Handless Massage

I proceed to massage my nude body with your now nude body from head to toe, from front

Te be continued…

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