Gary’s Terms


Gary’s TermsI was excited about the future and living with Gary. I was in love or so I thought during that time. There wasn’t anything I would not do for him. I had lost weight and trimmed down to a very lean 105lbs for my slim 5’10” frame. I was doing hundreds of crunches and intense light weight training to keep the ideal physique for Gary. I greatly improved my flexibility and was able to bring my legs up around the back of my head….which allowed Gary to fuck my ass and watch me suck my own short thick cut cock for his amusement. I did enjoy sampling my own cum. But before I could move in for a temporary “trial period”, there were some ground rules Gary required me to sign off on first.When Gary initially asked me if I was interested in moving in, my mind began fantasizing about our future together immediately and I let out a very enthusiastic “Yes!” Gary held his karşıyaka escort hand up and told me to relax. He smiled then was silent. He brought up our age difference and paused for a few moments. “I’ve got conditions you need to agree to and you need to understand that your stay will only be temporary.” My heartbeat was racing until he said temporary. I was confused and absorbed in my own thoughts as he slid a paper in front of me. I didn’t actually hear Gary talking as I moved my focus on to the paper. It blew my mind how detailed his rules were.The first was easy to follow.” 1. I wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes in his house unless instructed by Gary.” I was accustomed to being nude with Gary. On several occasions, we would go for hikes together. He would have me remove my clothes after we got to a secluded spot and we would continue escort karşıyaka our hike. Gary liked to fuck outdoors and I liked the feeling of being naked and the possibility of being caught.”2. My fitness and flexibility had to be maintained.” I was to dedicate two to three hours every day and diet accordingly. I was allowed to continue growing out my blonde hair but all my body hair, except my eyebrows, was to be removed. Gary liked me smooth. He groomed his own pubic hair above his perfect long slender cut cock. He also kept his body hair to a minimum too. “3. Sex was at his discretion Always!” Gary had an insatiable sexual appetite. He liked fuck and be sucked, and I had fulfilled his demands in changing rooms, bathrooms, in stores, at parks, and even on a college football field on the 50 yard line. He took Viagra, used cock rings karşıyaka escort bayan and anything else he could think of to stay hard so he could destroy my tiny ass. What I also learned was that his “discretion” meant having to have sex with whomever he wanted. Eventually, that led to our dissolution of our relationship but that’s another story.”4. Things might get …. painful.” It started small with me asking to be spanked during a role-playing adventure we were having. It led to me being chocked while fucked. Gary’s appetite grew more ‘creative’ with the use of whips, chains, and other restraints.”5. Gary could have other sexual partners.” I was used to sharing Gary, he had a partner when we met and he told me of others….the most surprising was he had a couple women he occasionally met for sex. I could handle it, initially, but when he started fucking more guys my age…. I became quietly jealous.”6. Undisclosed” Gary had an ultimate plan for me,one that might of been inspired by a role-playing idea I came up with one fateful night. That is yet another story for a later time :)I undoubtedly agreed to his terms. I became Gary’s property….his sex slave.

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