Gerald’s Girl Ch. 5


James had taken them out to dinner tonight. It had been a happy meal, lots of wine and lots of laughter. Now that they knew each other so well, the conversation came easily. James had felt Valerie’s foot touch his several times during dinner and returned her tentative touch with a firm and knowing pressure. They had slipped their shoes off and as the wine took its toll, their toes became more active, fondling each other. He liked the feel of her toes turned under in her pantyhose and smoothly rubbing his ankle as she smiled across the table at his jokes.

Gerald needed two guiding hands, getting to the car and then again as he rollicked along into his own home. He insisted on pouring them a nightcap and turned on some music. Valerie lighted two candles, casting the room into a warm glow. Gerald lay on the floor, talking with some difficulty on the sense of it all, James sat on one end of a small couch, Valerie at the other. James had trouble keeping his eyes off her and she returned his glance with warmth. Gerald’s breathing soon became very steady, then turned to light snoring.

“I better get him upstairs,… I guess.” Valerie said.

“Yes… I guess… so.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“But we should finish our nightcap,… don’t you think?”

“Mmmmnnn hmmm.”

James reached for his drink and placed his hand on the couch reaching out toward her.

As she did the same, their hands touched. The feeling was electric and they both pulled back briefly, and then relaxed. Their hands were barely touching, there on the seat of the couch, but the warmth exchanged was intense. They sat and stared at Gerald on the floor, sleeping soundly, as the tension built between them. They sat like that for a time, and then James covered her hand with his, raising the level of tension still more.

Valerie could feel the wetness beginning again between the lips of her pussy. His hand over hers was the longest contact that they had had, yet she felt that they had an intimacy that was extraordinary. She turned to look into his eyes, which seemed to be fastened on her constantly. She enjoyed smiling at him, then seeing the warmth with which he returned it. She realized that they were kissing with their eyes. It brought a lump to her throat.

Taking another casual look at Gerald on the floor, James leaned toward her in the gloom of the candlelight. She paused a moment, unsure, glanced at her sleeping husband, and then leaned to offer her lips. Their lips touched gently, then opened and pressed closer. James’ lips pulled at hers, pulling her into him gently. Her tongue found his, and the effect was immediate and electric. She was shocked at the special shudder she felt, it was just like her first kiss when she was young. She felt that she was on a roller coaster that streaked down over her breasts, leaping off the nipples down her tummy and zooming into the split between her legs.

The kiss lasted a long time, their tongues tasting each other for the first time. At last, James broke away and stared over at Gerald for a moment, then turned again to renew the taste of her sweet lips, squeezing her hand as he did so.

“Well,… I guess we should… get him up to bed.” Valerie said at last, not really wanting to end it.

Gerald was soon roused, rubbing his eyes and fumbling with the hi-fi.

“Well, had to wake me up, did you? Wanting some of my John Thomas are you?” Winking at James. “Always gets randy in candlelight, you know!” He was still sitting on the floor but now he was running his hands up her legs and under her skirt. “You want to help me with this horny little bunny, James, or do you have to get up early!!”

“Now, Gerald, off you go,” his wife urged.

His hands continued to fondle her ass as she preceded him up the stairs and down the hall.

“Night James,” he slurred over his shoulder, bumping from one wall to the other, all down the hall.

The door closed shrinking izle behind them and he heard their talk continue. She was bawling him out for suggesting that James join them in bed.

“Gerald, what are you thinking of, saying such a thing in front of a guest, for heaven’s sake. I’ve never been so embarrassed!”

“Thought you liked him, sweetie!… Might be ah… ah bit of fun, you know. Come on, admit it hahahahahaha… you’d love having the both of us. Eh? What’ll you have then, love, me in the back and old James in the front?”

“Gerald, for heaven’s sake, not a chance!” he heard her trying to shush him.

“Oh, come, on love, let’s see that big sweet ass of yours!!”

“Eeeeek! Geraldddddddd!”

“Ohhhh, feels like you are ready for my… Big old John Thomas!! Let’s see that big round wonderful ass under these knickers… oooooops hahaha……… Ooops, they tore!! Hahahahahaha… Oh, it is wet and wiggly hot pussy… hot pussy… hot… ready for this, love…… Bend over there, let me have it you slut!… there… you like it deep… I’ll give you deep .lllllllll… there!! deep!! And again!! And again!!”

“Oh, yes, yes, shove it in… GIVE it to me… yesyesyes… Mmooooooore, harder… harder shove it in, my love. Give me all of that big thing… I love itttttttttttttt. No, no no, don’t stop… don’t stop… put it in more, again, again… Ohhhhhhhhh.”

The sounds stopped. It left James hanging, seemed incomplete… He thought he heard snoring.

James went to his door, listened. It was snoring. Gerald, being a little worse for wear, had obviously fallen into a deep, drunken sleep after having satisfying himself. James felt rather than saw Valerie slip down the hall, then heard the light switch as she closed the door. He listened and heard water running.

The light went off .James was certain he heard her stop briefly in the hall, listening at his door, then move to her room. He waited for the sound of the door latching, but it didn’t come.

As he opened his door he could smell Valerie’s perfume in the hall, pleasantly deep in his nostrils. He stood for a long time, tensely imagining the scene he had just heard take place. He wondered just how daring he should be. Gerald’s snoring was loud and deep.

Suddenly he was in the hall, listening. Like a deer in the woods, he stood stark still in the darkness, straining to hear, straining to sense Valerie there not ten feet away. She had not closed the door completely. His decision was made.

James slowly pressed the door. It creaked, sounding loud against the quiet of the night. He pressed again, another squeak. But Gerald continued his snoring… He could see nothing except the outline of the white sheets on the bed. Slowly he felt his way across the room, invading the mating room of his host and hostess.

Standing beside the bed, he stopped to listen again. He felt that you could have cut the tension with a knife. His breathing, when he dared to take a breath, was labored and stuck in his chest. His pulse was pounding until he imagined it was keeping him from hearing.

Valerie lay staring into the darkness, too. She heard the door open with a squeak. She knew that he was there. What was he doing, though? Surely he won’t come in, she thought. ‘Should I get up and go to him? No, I don’t think so,’ her mind raced excitedly.

She could see his bulk now close beside her. Her heart was pounding with excitement. Half of her wanted him to touch her; half was scared, frightened that her husband would wake. She listened, and realized that he was drunk, satisfied, and probably could sleep through an earthquake. But you never know.

The danger was like a wall there in the room with them. James stood a long time beside her bed. Finally, she felt the presence lean over her. His lips touched her ear. She turned to meet his lips with hers and felt his tongue touch hers. She sucked sihirli annem izle his tongue into her mouth, savoring its wet roughness.

James felt her tongue, felt the excitement of her touch shoot through his body from his tongue to the tips of his toes. He felt disoriented, not sure if he was standing or on his head or his feet in the darkness. He felt her hand on his cheek, gently encouraging him. Just touching. Fondling his face… His hand found her breast under the silky slip.

She wore no bra and her nipple leapt against his palm. He fondled and pinched it lightly, feeling the round hardness of it. James smiled as he felt it get harder, more rigid, more defined in his touch. He loved the way it formed an almost separate part of her breast, a distinctly separate little mound on top of the rich mountain of her breast. He slipped his kiss down her chin, along her neck to the swell of her left breast, nearest him, and up to the nub at the very tip. Her hand guided his head now, asking him unspoken to suckle her, to take her womanhood and let her nurture him.

Valerie felt the curly hair of his sideburns, and musing that he needed a haircut, pressed his head to drink from her breasts. She wanted him to suckle there, to taste her nipples, wanted him to have her roundness, wanted to feel his hands fondle her big breasts, hold them, lift them, smooth them with his rough hands. She longed for him to nibble on her. She wanted to feel his breathy desire spill over her breasts, to feel him nuzzle the valley between them.

She listened for any change in her husband’s snoring. It was steady. She pulled James hard against her bosom. His cheek felt wonderfully masculine against her. Valerie loved the way he fondled her breasts. James held them in his hands, started with the very base of the now swollen orbs, moving along them, squeezing them as he worked his hands toward the peaks. He pulled slightly on her nipples as he reached the summits.

James’s left hand slipped down to rest on her belly. The band of her panties was under his thumb as he rubbed lightly on her tummy, feeling the soft silkiness of the full cut panties.

Valerie caught his hand and slipped it under the band of her panties. She pressed it down into the curls protecting her mound, letting him play there for a moment, enjoying the feel of his fingers combing her little patch of dark brown hair. His finger just touched the top of the crease made by the lips of her cunt. ‘What had her husband said about having them both?’ she thought to herself. Well, she liked it, he was right, though not quite the way he had phrased it.

James felt the coarse short curls of her pussy thatch. He fondled it reverently in his fingers, scratched her mound gently, teasingly with his fingernails. Her scent was warm in his nostrils; his heart beat wildly in his chest. He knelt beside her, touching her lips with his again. Then, slipping downward, he kissed her other lips, just at the beginning of the place where they split her body, inviting him. His lips explored them, felt that they were nicely swollen with excitement and pouting at him. James slipped his fingers in the band of her panties, pausing to see if she wanted this, then slipped them down her thighs and off her legs.

Valerie took her panties and stuffed them into James’ briefs, feeling his hard cock against her hand. She paused there, examining his length. Her touch was light as a feather. It was large, swollen, excitedly hard and erect. Her hand touched his balls, lifted them in their sack between his legs. They were large and heavy in her hand. He left her panties stuffed next to his cock and balls, as she felt him parting her legs. Valerie was terrified of waking Gerald. She put her hand to his head cautioning him. He paused a moment and continued his journey up her thigh toward her open pussy.

Her lips were swollen; her hair soft to his lips as he planted a kiss sizi dinliyorum izle on her closed pussy lips. Her scent was delicious to his nostrils, her perfume and natural scent mixing together excitedly. His tongue touched her now; he realized she was moist for him, waiting for him to taste her. ‘The tip of his tongue slipped easily between her lips, traced a path down one side, crossed over to the other lip. – Valerie spread her thighs wider for him. His tongue widened and spread over the width of her large luxurious pussy lips. James was enjoying making her squirm slightly under his tongue. He found her clitoris, circled it with the tip of his tongue, and then sucked it between his lips.

He let the wetness of his mouth make a warm slippery sheath for her clitoris, now firmly protruding in the flower petals of her pussy. She was so wet. So warm. So sweet-tasting. The wet heavy cream of her juices spread on his cheeks as he opened his mouth to cover her clitoris, her lips so wide apart now, and the opening to her vagina. He lingered that way, his tongue fondling her entire channel. His nose rested on her Venus mound, its curls tickling his nose and her scent intoxicating him.

Valerie felt James surround her with his open mouth. It was hot and exciting, everything was so wet and warm, and held, and fondled – all those things at once. It was truly wonderful. His tongue had her clit standing so rigidly that it felt like she was pointing toward him – reaching for him. It actually felt like it was straining to get closer. Silly – but that is how it felt to her at that moment. She had never felt more completely fondled. His hands crept up her sides and held her breasts firmly but gently.

James was being as aggressive as he could while trying not to move the bed for fear of waking Gerald. He sucked her pussy, slipped his tongue into her cunt, circled it, pressed deep into her, tasting the slight bitter sweetness there. His tongue went lower on her body, then circled the little rose of her anus. He felt her squirm with pleasure under his tongue. Her breasts were large and swollen in his hands.

Valerie was engulfed in a luxurious bath of pleasure and feelings. Her heart was beating firmly; her juices were flowing. Her clitoris felt so lovely as James loved it, swirling it around and around. At last she felt his finger slip into her sheath, another just touched her anus, fondling it. She felt her pelvis involuntarily squirm closer to get more of him. She felt her orgasm begin to build in her groin. His finger continued slipping in and out, then found the round little mound just behind her clitoris.

He was sucking her clit now and rubbing the swollen G-spot inside her pussy, just under the root of her clitoris. The sensation was unimaginable; it spread throughout her loins, suffusing them with warmth. Her tummy cramped slightly as if he were drawing on her in this way. She felt his tongue flicking her clit back and forth, and her body shuddered under his attention.

How long had she been engulfed in these sensations? How long could it go on. She was shivering now with pleasure. Trying desperately not to make too much noise or jiggle the bed too much. But James kept pulling on her clit, rubbing behind it, and kissing her pussy lips which were now so sensitive and leaping out to him.

She squeezed her thighs around his face, as tiny orgasms rattling through her; she clamped onto him, trapping his head, shuddering against him, loving the feel of him there between her legs, there fondling and sucking her sex, lingering in the bath of all her juices, devouring her , devouring her juices, fucking her with his tongue and mouth and nose. She exploded with as controlled an orgasm as she could manage, driving her vibrations into his head as she held him clamped in the vice of excited thighs. She felt the bed move with her tremors, but there was nothing she could do. Finally it subsided. She lay completely happy and completely satisfied, relaxed, feeling… well… just… Wonderful… it was the only word.

James silently covered her bare, wet mound with the covers and then kissed her one last lingering good night kiss and slipped silently out of her room, her panties still tucked into his shorts.

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