Getting It Up Again – Chapter 2


It was a hot summer night in the entertainment district of the city, and the outdoor patio of the most famous gourmet restaurant there was filled with people.  A tall, handsome, and well-built man, Michael, exited the door to leave the restaurant, then held it open for his wife.He took his young twenty-six years old wife Susan by the hand and guided her over the doorstep, and as soon as the five-foot-eight blonde beauty stepped out, all eyes focused on her perfect, athletic legs, leading up to a loose black minidress that started mid-thigh but hid her slim, athletic torso and flat stomach.  Susan preferred loose dresses as they didn’t suffocate her or squeeze her breasts, and were much easier for her husband to pull off for a quick coitus session.Susan and her husband Michael left the swanky restaurant and headed toward the parking lot.  Even as they turned towards the back, cars with male drivers slowed down to admire her legs and her gorgeous face, accentuated by her long straight blonde hair.  Susan was used to this attention as her whole life she was more often than not the most beautiful woman in the area.  As she and her husband faced each other to kiss, they didn’t notice a car pull up next to them in the lot and stop.”Hi gorgeous!” the man in the passenger window shouted, but Susan ignored him and her husband led her to their car.Then the two men got out of the car and began verbally harassing the couple.  Susan tried to get into her car quickly but one man ran up before her husband Michael could react and grabbed her ass.  That’s the last straw, thought Susan, and she spun around quickly and punched him in the nose full force, flooring him.However, her husband wasn’t so lucky because as he rushed across the car to assist her, he didn’t see the remaining bully behind him; being a typical bully he gave Michael a quick kick between the legs from behind.  Her husband dropped to the floor, angering Susan beyond thought.  She started to round her car to confront the remaining bully, but he quickly hopped onto the hood and, in typical cowardly fashion, attacked Susan from behind by putting her into a bear hug.What he didn’t realize was that Susan was at one time full contact mixed martial arts division champion during her college years; however, he was lucky in that he was taller and picked her off her feet before she could stomp his foot.“Leave them alone!” shouted a voice.  Susan turned to see a younger, probably still college-aged east Asian man grab her assailant and knee him hard in the kidney, causing him to drop her.  He quickly punched at her rescuer, who ducked it and then hit him square in the chin and kneed him in the stomach.  Probably realizing he now had a witness who would testify he was grabbing a woman against her will, he turned to walk away, facing Susan directly.He made an evil smile when he saw her beautiful face, with her long blonde hair messed around it, and that was all the distraction Susan needed.  Since he was taller and focused now on her face and breasts, he didn’t even notice the heel of Susan’s foot suddenly swing up and out in a sidekick; he walked straight into her trap like a deer in headlights.  Unfortunately, Susan forgot she was wearing stilettos, and her sexy stiletto heel was the first part that made contact with the bully, poking in somewhere in his throat.His eyes opened in pure shock and he fell hard on his back onto the pavement; he hit the hard ground head first, but had his hand on his throat and was struggling to breathe properly.Meanwhile, the east Asian man had run over to her husband, who was gripping his groin in pain, and helped him lie on his back:“Are you OK, sir?” he asked.“Yes, thanks,” replied Michael.  He looked up behind Susan, and she turned to see the assailant she had punched in the nose flee the parking lot.Susan quickly dialled star nine on her iPhone: “Hello, my husband was attacked and injured.  Yes…one of the attackers is hurt pretty bad too…please hurry to the midtown Mr. Chow restaurant.”She then turned to the young east Asian man, who had helped her injured husband lie on his back and held his head off the pavement.  He was pressing around Michael’s pelvis area and must have noticed her staring at him, as he looked straight at her.  Immediately he was like a deer in headlights, star-struck at the gorgeous blonde wife in front of him with the body of an athletic lingerie model.  She decided to snap him out of the trance:“Hi.  I’m Susan,” she said.“Martin,” he replied, “Sorry, I’m not fondling your husband, but he told me his pelvis was hurting, and it looks like one of your attackers might have damaged some nerves around his groin.”“Is he going to be, OK?” asked Susan, worried about what this would do to her marriage; her husband was a fantastic lover, and she didn’t want to lose that.“Don’t know yet.Sorry, I’m just starting medical school this year,” Martin apologized unnecessarily.  He was very nice, remarked Susan, caring, humble, and despite not being as strong or tall or as handsome as her husband, he had a decent, warm face and a lean, fit body.  Susan took some time to admire Martin’s physique; for some reason this average but reasonably fit east Asian man examining her husband’s groin made her labia swell with interest.Almost a week had passed, and Michael had returned home from the hospital with Susan, with minor injuries that would have limited impact on their sex life.  Thank goodness, thought Susan, as she wanted to bear him plenty of children, and have a lot of fun during the conception aspects of it.While her husband had just woken up, Susan had quickly rushed to their giant walk-in closet and had selected a very sexy matching lace bra and g-string set to wear out to her husband.  She confidently swayed her hips back and forth as she sashayed out of her closet and into the main bedroom, shaking her head and long blonde hair, then smiling and licking her lips at her husband.  As bursa escort typical, Michael could only stare with his jaw open at his unimaginably beautiful wife, offering herself to him in a sexy lace lingerie set, as she pulled the comforter off and climbed into bed with him.She noticed his penis was not erect yet, so she swung her hair over his groin to tickle his member through his boxers, then quickly pulled his boxers off so he was completely naked with her.Susan placed her hands on his nipples, and quickly straddled her husband, wrapping her legs around his and placing her crotch directly on top of his limp penis.  Her husband reached up and began squeezing her breasts through her bra, causing her to moan and increase the rate of her breathing.She began rotating her hips, purposefully rubbing her lace g-string crotch against his soft member, her inner labia lips massaging to the top of his penis.  Her breathing increased and she unclasped her bra and threw it to the side of the bed to give Michael full access to her breasts and nipples.This caused her husband to sit up, flexing his rock-hard six-pack to pull his muscular upper body into her arms; he proceeded to thrust his tongue into her mouth.  After some tongue action, Susan broke their kiss and with both hands guided his face into her breasts, where her husband began sucking on her nipples and kissing all around her chest.  Her husband then wrapped his arms around her waist and clumsily began thrusting up against her g-string crotch, hoping his penis would get hard, but it didn’t.“Don’t worry lover,” Susan consoled, “Just relax.  Remember, the doctor said you need to relax and focus as the nerves are a little damaged, but we should still be able to make love.”Her husband nodded sadly.“Here, relax and let Doctor Susan do the work here,” Susan said softly, kissing her husband on the lips.   She raised herself off his crotch briefly and used one hand to grab the glans of his penis and push it against his stomach, while with her other hand used her index finger to pull her g-string to the side, exposing her slit while deliberately letting her fingertip run over her inner labia lips.  Susan growled in anticipation as she then placed her exposed labia lips on top of her husband’s soft member, pinning it in position.Her husband lecherously slid his hands along the outside of her thighs and grasped both of her buttocks, causing her to giggle.  Then Susan began grinding her labia lips against the base of his soft penis, hoping to awaken her husband’s sleeping member.  After a few minutes of this, she tapped her husband’s back, and he responded by bucking his hips up so his soft member would slide a little up and down her labia lips, adding to the motion of the pussy job.They continued in this position for a few moments, their breathing quickening, yet out of pace; Susan managed to moan a little but her husband was just growling out of frustration.  Susan brought their faces together and gently pressed her mouth against his, nibbling on his mouth and cheeks, and whispering into his ear:“Don’t worry lover; Doctor Susan has this covered.”With that, Susan lifted one of her legs up off the bed and into her husband’s arms, which he started to feel up and down.  She spent at least an hour every other day keeping her legs in perfect sexiness; not thick and muscular, but slim and muscular enough so that no man could take their eyes off them.Enjoying the attention her husband Michael was giving to all her hard work, she put her other leg in his other arm, so he could enjoy her other thigh.  Her legs wrapped around each other, her labia lips and g string firmly situated on her husband’s soft penis, they began to buck their hips towards one another again, but so soft was her husband’s shaft that when Susan pushed her clitoral hood onto his glans, it just pushed his glans closer to the base of his penis.“Here…Doctor Susan prescribes this lover.”Susan then decided to try being creative and took her legs out of her husband’s arms and lifted both her thighs against his chest; Michael got the hint and wrapped both arms tight around her lower back, so her knees were pinned by his shoulders.She wrapped her lower legs around his upper back and held onto his shoulders with her hands.  She then used her legs and arms to pull her labia lips against her husband’s frustratingly soft member, attempting to feel it in her inner labia to derive pleasure from it.Again, her husband began thrusting his hips up into her, but he was unable to get aroused from the pussy job.  They continued this for a while, breathing heavily and growling with exhaustion; unsatisfied with the minimal sensations they both derived from his soft glans against her aroused labia.Susan then tapped her husband on the shoulder, and he released her back so she could fall back onto their bed.  She rolled to the side and decided to try something very kinky:“Oh, poor baby,” she whispered at his penis, “Maybe you need Dr. Martin to take a look?”Susan reached across with her hand and touched his flaccid member: “Relax little pecker because Dr. Martin is going to make you big and hard again.”  Then she became more aggressive with her stroking of her husband’s member.“Dr. Martin knows exactly what you need,” Susan said, mischievously role-playing while stroking her husband, Michael; she suddenly felt his penis harden in her hand.  She continued rubbing her hands around her husband’s loins, grabbing his penis and teasing it with corny lines:“Dr. Martin wants you over here,” she said, grabbing hold of his now-growing hard shaft and pulling her husband on top of her.Michael rolled between her legs, his now fully erect penis still in her hands, with his angry purple glans pointed lustfully at her vulva.Susan lay back on the bed and wrapped both her legs around his waist, and her husband thrust his penis into her hand, attempting to reach her labia lips.  As he thrust into her hand, bursa escort bayan Susan felt his penis become very hard, and placed the glans on her clit, allowing his thrusting to stimulate it.“Oooh…lover…Dr. Martin likes that.  He likes it when you give me a pussy job,” Susan said dreamily.With that, she dragged his glans slowly along the length of her inner labia lips, putting slight pressure so they parted a bit.  She then rubbed it up, pushing his glans into her inner labia between her lips, and rubbing it against her inner labia.  At this point, both she and her husband were breathing heavily, and they were bucking their hips toward each other frequently, but awkwardly.“Lover, Dr. Martin wants to feel your wife’s labia,” she teased, and Michael began thrusting a little deeper, his glans gliding up and down her inner labia until it got caught at the entrance to her vagina.  This excited Susan and she bucked her hips up, easily taking his glans into her vaginal orifice, now that her husband Michael had a rock-solid erection.“Ooh, lover, Dr. Martin wants to thrust into your wife now…” teased Susan, and her husband involuntarily began driving his now erect penis deep into her vagina.  Susan cried out in joy and lifted her hips up to allow her husband to thrust deeper, and he grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her wildly.Their quick breathing soon became synchronized, and Susan managed to time her hip motions with her husband’s thrusting so they moved in a rhythm.  This continued for a while and they both began growling and grunting at the same time; Susan knew that soon her husband would ejaculate into her.At the penultimate moment of their lovemaking, her husband began grunting upon each thrust into her, and Susan found herself crying out in ecstasy upon each thrust.  It was then she felt her husband Michael’s penis twitch inside her, and with one large grunt, he thrust as hard and as deep into her love tunnel as he could.  Susan enjoyed the feel of his glans and penis on that final thrust and slammed her loins against her husband, throwing her head back and crying out in orgasmic relief.At that exact moment, she felt some hot fluid leave her husband’s glans and land at the bottom of her love canal, some seeping through her cervix.  Then Michael slowly withdrew his erection a little, so his glans slid halfway out of her vagina, and then involuntarily slammed it back in as hard as he could, causing Susan to buck her hips wildly while crying out again, this time losing control of her reflexes and allowing her body to shudder violently as if her spine had been a tight wire that snapped.Again, she felt a little more semen ejaculate from her husband’s penis and land on the bottom of her vagina.  They repeated this orgasmic, rapid, and hard coitus five more times before Michael released Susan.  Panting from exhaustion, Susan and her husband collapsed alongside each other.“Well…the Doctor Martin role-playing fantasy consistently gets you going,” Susan observed matter-of-factly.They both started to giggle.“Maybe we should invite him here to join in so we can make babies?” suggested Susan as she elbowed her husband teasingly.“Not a bad idea actually.  We owe him and he seems like a real gentleman.  Plus, I might need it,” Michael confessed softly, ashamed at his semi-impotence.“It’s OK, lover; I would never cheat on you,” Susan reassured her husband, turning to look him straight in the eyes, with her angelic face semi-covered by long flowing blonde hair.She had the face of a supermodel; it stopped the bully and now it just shone hope into her husband, so much so that they pulled each other close and began kissing.They were interrupted by some buzzing on Susan’s iPhone, as someone had just sent her a text message.“Well, what do you know,” giggled Susan, “Doctor Martin just sent us a message.”“You gave him your number?” asked her husband incredulously.“I gave him both our numbers,” Susan responded, “because I wanted to keep in touch in case those bullies pressed charges.”“What?  They were sexually assaulting you!” shouted out her husband, and he sat up on the bed, angry at first, then calmed by the sight of her beautiful naked perfection.“Ends up the bully I gave the breathing problem to was an up-and-coming star linebacker who was just picked by our local NFL team even before he graduated college.  The NFL team and his parents phoned the police after you were taken to the hospital and threatened to press charges against me.So, I asked Martin to keep in touch in case we needed him as a witness.  See…that’s why he messaged me just now,” Susan stated, handing her iPhone to her husband Michael to see for himself.“Thank God.  So, Martin submitted his written testimony today to the police,” Michael responded, scrolling through the series of texts from Martin.  Curiously, Michael checked his iPhone messages:“He sent the exact same updates to me!  Wow…we owe him a lot.”“That’s what I was thinking,” replied Susan.“And I cannot believe he was so thorough to also notify me,” her husband observed.“Why not?  He wants us to not worry,” Susan responded.“I know,” her husband Michael responded, “but typically most guys are only interested in getting your phone number.”They both began laughing uncontrollably for a moment.“You know what?” Susan asked, the wheels in her head turning: “I think there is a way we can thank him, and help ourselves at the same time too.”Michael just looked at her with curiosity and interest, eyebrows raised.Susan got up from bed, completely naked, and walked over and picked up her iPhone, texting quickly into it, then turning to her husband:“Hurry up and get dressed.We’re meeting him in thirty minutes at his apartment and taking him out for lunch.” “Lunch is a nice way to thank him, but how does that help us?” her husband asked, confused.“Just hurry.  I’ll explain on the way,” responded Susan, smiling at her husband.  She grabbed a brush and began getting escort bursa her messed-up blonde locks back into perfect form.After fixing her hair, she grabbed a matching pair of white bra and full cotton panties, put them on, and entered her walk-in closet to search for something to wear.  She had a plan in mind, and it leaned heavily on her being dressed appropriately for the lunch, yet still look impressive.She turned around and found a nice beach party dress with Brazilian paintings on it; she held it against her and looked in the mirror, distracted for a moment by her long-toned legs, her flat stomach, lean fit athletic torso with full, firm breasts, and the face of a supermodel, wrapped in straight golden long blonde hair.  If anything, her modest bra and panties ruined the sight.Susan then shifted her attention back to the dress, confirming the hem ended up two-thirds above her knee, leaving plenty of her toned thighs on display.  Perfect, she thought, and she put it on and relished that it was tight enough for people to see how lean and fit she was.She was awoken from her narcissistic trance by a firm hand feeling her firm, tight buttocks through her dress.  She smiled to herself, knowing how predictable her husband’s foreplay was that she even recognized him by how he grabbed her.  Turning towards him, Susan opened her mouth and pressed against his, allowing their tongues to dance for a while.  Backing off for air, she admired her husband in a short sleeve polo shirt and shorts.This was going to be a fun lunch date.Holding hands, they quickly walked to the garage door entrance to the house, where Susan selected a pair of heeled sandals to make her toned calves stand out, and got into their Mercedes Benz.  Her husband Michael got into the driver’s seat, opened the garage door, started the car, and drove them out, while she armed the home alarm from her iPhone.As they drove away, Susan crossed her right leg over her left, and her dress slid back revealing more thigh, which did not go unnoticed by her husband.  As they drove towards the local university, Michael’s right hand found its way to her right knee and felt down the top of her lower leg as far as he could reach, then slid down to her inner leg, and slowly began feeling up.“So, what’s your plan?” he asked Susan. “Well…seems like we need Martin to help get your mojo back,” replied Susan, “so we get what we need.”“You mean to bring him into our bedroom to role-play with us?” asked her husband as his hand slowly slid past her knee, fingertips now on her inner thigh.“Yes,” replied Susan, leaning to the left a little, her left hand stretched over to her husband’s groin and exploring on top of his shorts:“But not so fast,” she continued.  “We need to break him in.  Seduce him.”“You are wicked!” responded Michael.  Her hand felt some hardness growing in his shorts.“I’m doing this for us!” laughed Susan, “But for now, I want to get him to date me, and get him used to checking me out—just the two of us first.  But he should know you approve, don’t you?”“Hell yes!  Anything to help get a boner to put in my wife, the most beautiful woman on this planet!” responded Michael happily.  His wife felt his erection grow a little more in his pants, and his fingertips finally reach up her inner right thigh to make contact with her panties.“Not anything…I wouldn’t feel comfortable if we brought an alpha male super-hot stud into our marriage…I don’t think the thought of him cuckolding you would turn either of us on.Martin’s the safe choice…the meek, considerate, reliable beta,” Susan mused aloud, as her husband’s finger motions along her panties stopped to consider as well.  “Plus, Martin is east Asian, so he won’t be overconfident or aggressive with me or you.  Most women consider them the least attractive, so they will have low confidence and be very easy for us to control.  Well, either of us could beat the shit out of him if we wanted to.”“You’re right,” responded Michael, his hand still on his wife Susan’s thigh, but motionless due to deep thought.  “Martin is definitely the right guy for us.  He’ll always be second in our marriage.”“Good, then let’s try to release a bit because we’re almost there,” Susan responded, rubbing the hardness in his shorts, causing her husband to thrust up into her hand, while his fingertips found her clitoris and the top of her labia lips, rubbing them, which caused her to grind her crotch more into his fingertips.  They continued this simple foreplay until they turned into the parkway leading to the student apartments, abruptly stopping their fondling to hide signs of their arousal from the general public.After some driving, they found Martin waiting for them, dressed respectably in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, at a street corner.  This was the first time they noticed he actually wore glasses, adding more nerdiness to his look.“And he’s definitely a virgin,” remarked Susan, causing her and her husband to giggle for a moment, “so no STDs.”After parking, they walked over and greeted their friend with a hug; Susan being sure to hold a bit longer and closer than usual.  It must have been quite a sight for the university students walking nearby: the tall super beautiful blonde hugging a shorter, less-than-average-looking east Asian nerdy medical student.Susan wanted to take her time so she wrapped her arm around her husband to slow his pacing.  They walked in front of Martin, with Susan adding extra sway to her hips to hopefully keep him focused on her athletic butt and legs.  Well, having gotten used to so many men constantly staring at her, she knew Martin was peeking at her assets from time to time, but not as aggressively or as blatantly as she would like.Susan deliberately took her time walking down the avenue that led to the university campus, making sure Martin was appreciating her legs and buttocks as he obediently followed her and her husband like a loyal puppy dog, desperate for its master’s attention.  The problem being, as always, every male student along that street noticed her and they just stared and drooled at her; she noticed a few bulges forming in some of their shorts as well.

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