Getting Ready for the Party


In preparation for a big party we were invited to, You and I went to the shops in New York. I wanted a nice, somewhat “daring” dress, and we had to go to the more expensive shops to find a suitable one. I used you as an indication as to whether the dress I was trying on, was “exciting” enough. I knew you wanted me to wear something which would show my body off, and I let you believe I was doing it for your sake. You likes the simple type with a bare back and just a couple of strings to hold up the front, usually tied at the back of the neck, or perhaps with a more elaborate string system, and sort too, as they show off my body nicely and long sexy legs. As I tried on the third one , I started to suspect that You just had me trying on so many because he liked that fact that I had to strip practically naked in the fitting-room to change into them.

I knew you must be watching me change, what guy wouldn’t? . I bent down to get my shoes off (I had brought high heels along to try on with the dresses, as they don’t look good in flat shoes), even though I could have waited until I had my T-shirt on again after taking off the last dress. I only had on my small pink panties, which I was going to wear under the dress, and as I imagined you looking at me changing, I felt my nipples go hard.

I left the curtain 8 to 10 inches open. I started to slip the dress over my head again. In the mirror I saw some movement through the opening. It was you, you had positioned yourself so you could have a clear view of me through the opening in the curtains. I let the dress drop down again. I turned around looking at it from and both sides.

I pretended to check how revealing it was by lifting the material away at the sides baring my breasts. I turned back and forth pretending to look at myself in the mirror but actually I was looking at you. You are handsome and very sexy, I found myself getting really excited and I wet my fingers and squeezed my nipples hard. I let the material cover my breasts again and pretended to check how much my hard nipples were visible through the material. I wondered how that made you feel. The dress clung to my body. I stretched it down over my ass pretending to see how much my pink thong strings were visible through the material. I decided they were too obvious and lifted up the dress so that I could try to reposition them, and at the same time letting him see a good deal of my ass. I was still quite tanned from the summer, and I had a distinct white area where my bikini bottoms had been. I always find that sıcak kafa izle this area is rather private, because it indicates where you haven’t otherwise been willing to reveal in public.

Having tanned breasts shows that you sunbathe topless, but baring the white parts of my ass is to me really exciting. After having dropped the dress again I could still see the outline of my pink thong, so I lifted up the dress once again, and this time removing the panties completely. I made sure the dress stayed up above the cheeks of my bottom as I bent down to untangle the panties from my shoes, giving you a perfect view of my upturned rear-end. I keep my pubic hair shaved as I cannot otherwise wear small bikini bottoms. However, I know that from that position you must have been able to see my swollen lips, which were probably obviously glistening wet from my excited state.

As I stood up again I looked in the mirror. You was right at the opening, not even pretending not to look in. I realised that you was looking straight at my eyes in the mirror, and was obviously well aware that I was looking at you also. I didn’t look away but kept staring back – provocatively indicating that I didn’t mind. You could look as much as you liked – or more if you dared. I looked away again, smoothing the material over my ass. Obviously now there was no outline, but on the other hand it clung to the body in a way which also definitely showed that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Did I dare to go to the party like this?

As I was pondering this question I saw the curtain move. I looked in the mirror and saw you slipping in. I didn’t know what to feel. The situation was unreal, I know I was getting very excited myself, but I hadn’t really thought it would come to this! A shiver went through my body as I realised that you wanted this Fuck me right here. All of a sudden I felt so horny that my legs almost buckled under me. Fortunately you were right up against me, holding your hands on my shoulders. All I could do was lean up against you resting my neck on your shoulder. Your smelled nice. I looked in the mirror and saw you slowly sliding the straps down over my shoulders and lifting the dress free of my breasts. My nipples were as hard I can’t remember ever having seen them this hard, they are large and firm. . Now you cupped them, lifting them up and squeezing the nipples. I closed my eyes as you kept working them over and kissing my neck. You grabbed my hair and forced my face towards you so you could kiss sketchbook izle my mouth. I was hungry for a kiss. I could feel a harness of your cock against my bottom as you were getting more excited. Boy, this was so naughty. How could this be happening? We were in a big store in Toronto in the middle of the day with people all around but I didn’t really care what, where or who was around, I was loosing it. I just wanted this to advance to wherever it might lead, and the circumstances just made it more sexy and exciting.

I felt your hand travelling down my stomach, grabbing a handful of skirt and pulling it up. I looked in the mirror as my thighs became visible. Again you lowered your hand, this time grabbing the hem at the bottom of the dress and pulling it all the way up, baring my crotch. I lifted my hands over my head indicating that I wanted you to take it off completely. Being in front of the mirror added extra excitement, because it really made me even more aware that I was now standing in front of you, completely naked, just letting you do whatever you wanted. I turned sideways to you, making it easier for your hand to reach between my legs. I knew I was wet, but only when your hands started to travel over my pussy, lightly touching my lips and spreading the wetness all over, did I realise just how wet I had become. I put one leg up on the small chair in the corner of the room, allowing you easier access. You took advantage of that and soon found my clit, but only teasingly, touching it lightly. I grabbed Your hand and violently pressed it on me, rubbing it hard against me, the way I now craved. I could feel the nails of your other hand travelling down my back. I thrust my ass towards it, wanting it to join in the game. I almost jumped. You were now working me over really well. I clung on to your head as he kissed me; you worked on my clit with one hand and slowly worked a finger in and out of my pussy. I wasn’t long before I cummed in a violent shudder. I finally removed my mouth from yours as his finger slipped out of me. I was still shaking as I whispered in your ear “fuck me”. I don’t usually use that word, but it seemed the only appropriate one on this occasion.

You didn’t say anything – as a matter of fact I never heard him say a word – you just turned me around again facing the mirror. My face was flushed, I had red blotches on my tits, and my hair looked like I had just come in from the rain. I wanted you to grab my tits again, but then I realised you was undoing his paints. sometimes when we touch izle When your hands finally grabbed my tits again I felt your cock straining against my ass. I lifted my hands over your shoulders, folding them behind your head. You moved my hands and bent me over, so I rested with my hands on the chair. I spread my legs , and finally I felt it sliding past my ass hole and in between my legs, but still not penetrating. I looked up in mirror. You moved back and forth sliding your cock against my wet lips. I reached between my legs and grabbed your cock with my hand and forced it against me, as I also started to move against it. I looked in the mirror again. You were obviously now also getting really excited. Your face was red and your hair dishevelled. Then I felt your cock sliding into me. You had finally had enough of playing around and soon we were going at full blast. I had to hold on to the arms of the chair as you fucked me harder and harder. I like being taken from behind. I like my tits hanging free, bouncing with each thrust.

With one hand you let go of my hips and when you found a dangling tit and nipple to squeeze, I almost came. I thrust back against you as hard as I could and soon felt you speeding up. You grabbed my hips again with both hands so you could pull me harder against you. I started to shake, as you were pounding into me, and actually watching it in the mirror was just such a turn-on. I had a hard time not letting out small yelps as I started to cum, but managed to bite my lips to stop it. I started an uncontrollable shake as at just the right time. I was still shaking as you cummed inside me. A couple of strong thrusts almost knocked over the chair, and you were done. But my aftershocks were only just subsiding as you grabbed a tit with your free hand, and moved me to an upright position, you put two fingers inside my very wet pussy. He squeezed my nipple hard and worked his finger in and out of me, I came again in a small orgasm. Finally he slipped the finger out and let go of me. I grabbed my tits myself because I like playing with my orgasm-hardened nipples right after I have cummed. I realised you were busy getting his paints back up, as I just sat there felling my tits.

“Is this the dress you want?” he said as if nothing had happened.

“No,” I said, “I think it is too provocative, you never know what might happen, if I was to wear a thing like that.”

He slipped out again, and this time I noticed he closed the curtains completely. I got dressed again. I still looked like I had been in a thunderstorm, and I could still feel cum running out of me, but that just kind of confirmed what had happened; I still really couldn’t believe it. But you did manage to get me to go to the party with no underwear – maybe we could have some more fun at the party!!!

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