Getting the Boss Ch. 01

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Jodi sighed as she got ready for work. Another day, another dollar at a boring, barely above minimum wage job. She has a degree, but the job market isn’t the greatest so she has to do something to make ends meet since she didn’t have a husband. It’s not that she couldn’t find one. At 5’4″, she was petite and fairly well-proportioned for her size. Her long auburn hair she often wore in a ponytail for work, and the uniform didn’t allow many to see what she was really like. She sighed again and left for work.

The highlight of Jodi’s job is whenever she got to work with Bryan, her boss. Although he is middle-aged, he has aged well. His dark hair is only slightly gray at the temples and he has kept himself in good shape. The only drawback to him is his marriage. Jodi almost cried when she found out two years ago that he had suddenly tied the knot with some girl he had only known for a little while. But that didn’t stop Jodi’s crush from growing day by day.

Jodi goes about her business at work, completing her expected tasks and not really bothering anyone. She has a few friends at work, but she never confided in any of them about her crush. She did hear them talking one time about Bryan and some other woman, not his wife. Turns out that he had been having a rather steamy affair for several months with some woman he met in a bar. Jodi’s heart actually jumped a little bit at that. He’s not so happily married after all, and now she just needed her chance.

That chance came sooner than she thought it would. One day as Jodi was returning from her lunch break, she locked her keys in her car. As she pounded at the window in frustration, Bryan happened to be on his way out to lunch and he walked over to her.

“What’s the matter?” he inquired.

“I don’t really want to say. It’s such a stupid thing. I locked my keys in my car,” Jodi said, feeling herself blushing.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. That happens to me all the time. At least your car isn’t running,” he joked.

Jodi smiled, feeling a little better about the situation, and feeling him so close to her.

“I don’t know what to do. Should I go back in to work or should I try to get them out now?”

“Well, since you live so close, I could run you back to your house, if you have spare keys there,” he offered.

Jodi almost melted. A personal ride from the man who made her wet just looking at her. She had to think for only a moment before she accepted the ride. She had to call the lock out service for her apartment complex to get into her apartment. He offered the use of his cell phone and that being finished, they headed off in his SUV for her apartment.

They pulled into the lot and parked to wait on the maintenance people kurtköy escort to arrive. Jodi was nervous, wondering if she should take advantage of the situation. She decided to try her luck. She shook her hair loose from its ponytail, letting it fall down to her shoulders. She looked at Bryan and smiled.

“That feels so much better. I hate having to pull it back all the time.”

He glanced at her. He had never really noticed how truly pretty she was with her hair down. She doesn’t wear much makeup, but she doesn’t need it. He shifted a little in his seat, thinking that he shouldn’t be looking at her that way. His wife had already found out about the other affair and things were not good at home. Another affair is not what he needed, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Jodi.

Jodi noticed him looking at her and definitely thought there was something in his eyes. She leaned over little, pretending to be interested in what’s on the radio. This allowed Bryan a nice look down her shirt at her full breasts. She was wearing a bra today, but the shape of her cleavage was unmistakably noticeable through the top three buttons. Out of the corner of her eye, Jodi thought she saw Bryan look at her and shift in his seat again. This made her a little more bold and she moved her hand to his leg.

“Sorry, was about to fall over there…leaning a bit too far over,” she lied, trying to read him to make sure he was okay with her hand where it was.

He made no effort to move her hand. He just looked at her hand on his thigh, then slowly looked her up and down, and swallowed hard.

“Jodi, um, I don’t know about this,” he said, not really sounding very convincing.

“Bryan, I’ve wanted you since the day I met you and looking at you now,” her eyes looked at the growing bulge in his pants, “you can’t deny that you want me. I know about your affair and I know that you’re not happy in your marriage. Trust me, I can make you very, very happy.” As she said this, she ran her hand up his thigh, brushing the bulge in his pants, giving it a slight squeeze before heading back to his thigh.

Bryan couldn’t deny it. Here he was, alone with a hot younger woman. She was much prettier than his other affair and, quite frankly, his wife. Plus he had heard her talking around work a few times about some things she was in to. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

As he mulled this over, Jodi’s hand moved back up his thigh and started rhythmically squeezing his hard cock. That’s all it took to melt away the last of his reservations. He leaned in and kissed her, hard. Jodi was taken a bit by surprise, but was soon kissing him back, her mouth opening and their tongues dancing together aydıntepe escort in a passionate kiss. Jodi continued to squeeze and rub his cock through his pants. They finally broke the kiss, just staring at each other and breathing hard, contemplating what they should do next. Out of the corner of her eye, Jodi saw the maintenance man coming up to the door to her building.

“Come with me upstairs,” she said, not wanting to lose the moment by having to go in alone to get her keys.

Bryan could only mumble in agreement and got out of the car. Jodi ran ahead to catch the maintenance man and get into her apartment. Bryan was not far behind as she got into her place. No sooner had the door closed than he backed Jodi into it and kissed her passionately again. Jodi kissed him back for all she was worth, her hands rubbing up and down his back while his kept her pinned to the door. They broke the kiss only long enough for their trembling fingers to work on each others clothes.

Shirts were off in a matter of seconds and Bryan kissed her again while he massaged her now naked shoulders. His hands found their way down her body and began caressing her breasts through her semi-sheer bra. She let out a moan as each hand found a nipple and began to pinch and twist them. His lips left hers and began a trail down her neck and chest, slowly moving to her right breast. He bit and licked her nipple through the fabric before reaching around to unhook it. She let out another moan at the feel of his hot breath on her skin, and her knees almost buckled when his tongue touched her taut nipple. His left hand continues to manipulate her left breast as he nibbled and licked her right. He then switched to the other breast and gave it the same attention as the other. Jodi just grasped his head to her breast and pulled on his hair, her desire building with each moment.

Bryan wanted this to last, but he wanted her more than any woman he had ever had. He moved down her stomach from her breast and began to unbutton her jeans as he left a trail of kisses across her abdomen. He easily slid them off and she was left in just her silk panties, a wet spot growing ever more noticeable in the center of the crotch. He inhaled her scent deeply as he licked her through the fabric. Jodi let out another moan and that drove him on. He took his finger and teasingly ran it up and down the center of her pussy, never moving her panties.

“Please…touch me….I want you so much,” she begged breathlessly.

Bryan needed no more encouragement and he practically ripped her panties off and buried his head in her smooth pussy. He liked a shaved pussy and took his time to show his appreciation. He first kissed her inner thighs, tuzla içmeler escort working up to her pussy. Then he slowly kissed each engorged lip, avoiding her now protruding clit. She moaned even louder as his mouth finally found its way to her clit and latched on. He sucked and nibbled at it, holding on to her hips to keep her grinding pussy on his face.

Jodi screamed as her orgasm took her, sending her body into convulsions. Bryan kept sucking at her clit and put two fingers in her pussy as she came, drawing out her orgasm even more. As she came down from her orgasm Jodi could barely stand. She pulled Bryan to his feet and locked his lips in a deep kiss, tasting herself on him. She led him by the hand to the couch and pushed him down. She knelt on the floor in front of him and slowly opened the fly on his jeans. His cock was straining against the fabric and a large wet spot was visible on his boxers where it had been leaking precum. As he had teased her, Jodi returned the favor. She kissed all around his engorged shaft but did not loosen it from its fabric jail. Bryan moaned and thrust his hips upward, trying to force his cock into her mouth. She just smiled and looked at him.

“I’ve waited so long for this that we are both going to enjoy this!” Jodi said as she reached into the fly of his boxers and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

It was more magnificent than she had dreamed about: a good 8″ long and thick. She could wait to feel it in her pussy but first she HAD to taste it. Bryan moaned again as her lips closed around the head of his cock. She sucked on the head, teasing the hole with her tongue, tasting his precum. His moans made her even hotter for his cock, and she dove down, taking it all in her mouth. She could feel him pressing against the back of her throat and she relaxed to let him slide down. He moaned even louder as he felt himself pass through her throat. No woman had ever done that for him, and he certainly didn’t expect that to be one of Jodi’s talents. Her hand moved to caress his balls while she sucked him, and he moaned even more. He wanted to last a long time, but with what her mouth and hands were doing to him he wasn’t sure if he could hold out.

Jodi sensed Bryan’s impending climax and worked even harder to bring it on. She wanted to taste his cum, swallow it all. She had dreamed about it so many times that she needed it, craved it, now. She moved a hand to his cock and jacked the bottom while she sucked on the head and continued to manipulate his balls. He bucked his hips up against her mouth faster now and she knew it was going to be soon. Suddenly, he groaned loudly and Jodi could feel the first wave of his hot cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed every last bit, moving her mouth down to the bottom to make sure none leaked out. He shuddered as she moved her mouth off of his deflating cock. From her knees, she looked up at him and smiled.

“That was just the tip of the iceberg. We have another half hour before my lunch is over.”

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