Gilding the Lilly


This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


My husband Jerry and I have a mountain cabin/house that has an exceptional view out the back looking over the valley and our town. There’s a long curving driveway from the road to the house and it’s wider so cars can pass each other. Asphalt with a nice solid base, as my husband describes it. It’s long, about 175 feet, more than 4 houses, he said. I’m sitting in the front window watching him working on the 6 inches of snow that fell last night. I need to talk to him about something. About Abram. He knows about it but he doesn’t know about it. It just needs clarification, that’s all.

Jerry has a snow blower with tracks instead of wheels and he’s installed those tire pads on the chute paddles so it’ll throw even water slush way off the drive and it never clogs up. He also made a small hitch for the back bottom and a sulky to ride behind the snow blower. He rides up and down the drive like a warrior on that sulky behind the snow blower. I love watching the snow going way up and spreading out again coming down. It’s my job to do the porch but that doesn’t take me long. He won’t let me near his snow.

We come up about twice a month to check on things and spend the night or weekend but this time it’s to get ready for our holiday stay. It’s three days until Christmas. We always come up two or three days after Christmas and stay until several days after New Year’s day. With the views we have out the back we can see multiple fireworks up and down the valley on New Year’s eve. Morgan, our daughter, is expected in from school a couple of days after the New Yeas and can stay until about the middle of the month. It’s her first year in higher education. She did bring a friend home for thanksgiving, a girl. They seemed to just be casual friends.

Jerry was almost finished. I had hot coffee and hot chili and garlic bread and scones for him. A flavor attack. It took him as long to get out of his gear as it did to get it on. I watched but stayed back. It’s an adventure just watching. He went away and came back with his hair combed and looking fresher and got settled at the kitchen island and ate.

After some snow conversation I said, “Remember last week I mentioned about Abram staying with us, well, what do you think?”

Abram is the junior minister and teaches some of the classes. He also takes care of accounting and stuff like that. He’s our age. We’re in our 40’s. He isn’t married and lives in a small apartment supplied to him. Different families invite him to an evening or weekend with them for food and atmosphere and conversation. I’ve heard he’s quite personable. Living alone I wouldn’t wonder. Just glad to get someone to talk with outside his daily life probably.

Jerry said, “Ben and Sarah had him over so I asked Ben how he was. Ben said to expect him to be very friendly. He said he spent a lot of time with his wife and seemed to be starved for some personal attention, as he called it. He didn’t say anything beyond that. I asked someone else I know and he said about the same.”

“I’ve heard that too,” I said. “He is handsome. I suppose I could fight him off. I wonder how personable he gets. Might be fun.” I was looking at Jerry sideways with a sly smile when I said that. He ignored me but smiled.

“I stopped in and talked to Gray about him,” he said. “See what he knows about it. Gray was reluctant but he said, ‘I haven’t heard a single bad comment about Abram’s behavior and actually had a number of comments about how nice it was to have him over. Still, some of the ladies comments in private, which I’m not supposed to be telling you so keep that in mind, gives me the impression he was quite, uh, why don’t we use the word ‘entertaining’, whatever that means. I wasn’t going to ask for clarification. I think he’s just lonely. Sometimes we all are.’.”

“You talked to Gray,” I said. “The first minister. I’m surprised he told you that much. What should I do with Abram if he gets like that, personable.”

“That’s easy,” Jerry said. “Let me tell you in man talk. If he takes you away from me I’ll beat his face in then run him through the snow blower so it throws his pieces down the mountain side for the birds and animals. Outside of that I have no doubt he is lonely and does need some attention. If you see he wants to be personable and you do too then I hope you both enjoy yourselves.”

“Ok,” I said. “So, how far personable?”

“That’s easy too,” he said. “Anytime you worry I might not approve of something you need to divert to something else because you’re the one that doesn’t approve. Let that be your guide. I also know being personable isn’t just sitting looking into someone else’s eyes. He can do that behind his desk. I won’t try to define it because you already know what it is and I’m sure he does too. What do you think about this?”

I thought about it. Jerry was quiet, eating chili. I said, “I wouldn’t mind being a Betturkey female around him, having some unexpected pleasure, and at the same time sharing it with someone that needs it. And there’s always our standing declaration.. Nothing I do or you do can ever cause the slightest concern between you and I. I won’t do anything that isn’t open book. I want us to be so comfortable with it we can be beside each other and everybody enjoy themselves.”

“I can do that but I’m not going to leer,” he said. “It’ll ruin it for him. As long as he knows I know and don’t mine you two together I’m good. If you two want to kiss you should be able to let yourselves and enjoy it. Try not to let it cut me out totally. I like your hot bod. He may be quite shy but not from what I hear. How are you two going to get going?”

“I may have to Gild the Lilly,” I said. “Ok. Now, where’s he going to sleep? We only have one bedroom.”

That was true. When we had this place built we put the kitchen in the whole back end and had a ledge put above it as a ceiling and floor for a bedroom. It was the width of the house and quite big. There’s a solid wooden railing a little above waist high across the ledge for privacy but you could look over it and see the whole living room and through the front of the house. We had a curtain to let down to the top of the railing to keep the light out in the mornings. Floor light below didn’t flood the bedroom so it was nice and dim. Stairway against one wall.

There were two queen size beds with the rim ribbing removed in the middle and both attached together which made one really big bed. We even had a carpenter attach two head boards together so it looked normal. We didn’t use footboards on our beds. Jerry and I slept on one side and the kids the other. A walled off bathroom with a small sink and shower and potty in the far corner.

Jerry looked right at me and said, “Well, it’s the family bed. He should be safe enough.”

My mind went into total confusion at what he said until it got through my brain. I smiled and flicked my tongue at him. He ate some more chili. I’ve never been in bed with two men before. I would have loved to see on the other side of the counter to see what part of his body Jerry was thinking with.

We came back two days after Christmas and unloaded. We already had some food and plenty of wood stocked. We kept the house at about 60 during the winter so it heated up to normal in about 24 hours. It was quite well insulated so not costly to keep that way. Abram came the next morning and rang the bell. Jerry let him in and I came out from the kitchen. We both knew Abram but we weren’t close friends. He was handsome and looked to be about 2 inches higher than me but I had flats on and he had thick sole boots on. As many times as I’ve seen him I never noticed his height before.

His hips were thin and he was a bit slimmer than I thought when he took his coat off. He turned around and put his coat down. Nice butt. Nice smile, great eyes. Playful hair and dressed nice but not overly dressed. When he turned both ways I could see him running down in his pants. A little nose breath there. I wasn’t just checking him out specially. I do that for all the guys I see if I can. On the street and in the mall, and all that. Lifetime habit for me. Nobody knows.

Jerry said, “You know Maria I guess.”

Abram said, “Yes I do. I don’t know whether to shake your hand or give you a hug or a cheek kiss.” He had both his hands out a little but out sideways a little too. He was set to go either way.

I said, “Abram, you’re a welcome guest and welcome guests get a hug.” I stepped right into him and wrapped his neck but not that hurried. He wrapped my waist, hugged me, and tilted back and looked at me, our middles pressed into each other’s. I held my smile.

“Thank you both very much for the invitation,” he said. “I’ve really been looking forward to getting here. Oh, I have your groceries in the car. I stopped at the bottom of the mountain and one thing led to another and the store found out I was coming here and gave me your groceries.” Jerry started for the car and Abram smiled a moment and hugged me again and held it for a two count and followed Jerry. Abram was absolutely personable. My vagina got very close into his crotch and was quite impressed.

I caught myself swishing a little more than normal and bending over, both ways, but staying away from Abram for the most part. I mothered him a little but in a woman sort of way. He didn’t have any house casual clothes with him so Jerry took him up to the bedroom and showed him where to unpack and explained the bed and gave him some of his house duds then showed him around the rest of the house and the basement and the 4 car garage. Necessary on a mountain side.

We ate while it was getting dark and pulled the thick curtains to keep the heat in and settled down. Abram tried to help me in the kitchen but I took his hand and led him out to the sofa and got his feet up on a footstool. Later Jerry took Betturkey Giriş a nap in his lounger so I sat with Abram and we talked about everything. I had my legs and feet folded on the sofa with my side into Abram. After a while he loosely put an arm over across my shoulders. I had a hand on his thigh near his knee. He asked about Morgan and I gave him her schedule.

He said, “I can move down to the sofa when she gets here. It’s quite comfortable.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “It’s the family bed. You’ll hardly notice she’s there although she does love to fiddle feet. Besides, I’m a girl and you’ll be in the same bed with me.”

I leaned over and got a pillow and put it in his lap and put my head down and stretched my legs out. I put my hand back on his thigh. My back was to the sofa but out from it. He let his arm down softly on my waist, actually down a little towards my hip.

Jerry woke up and said, “Night all. I’m going to bed.” He said to Abram, “Maria loves to stretch out like that on the sofa and rest. See you in the morning.” We said goodnight and he went up the stairs and the curtain came down a little later. There was some soft old style music down low where we were.

After some conversation I said, “Abram. Jerry mentioned that it probably gets lonely for you sometimes and you might could use some personal experiences of one kind or other. We both thought we might could be a friend for that but of course it’s your comfort level that’s important. I suppose we’re both a little skittish. We’ll just have to see who throws who in a snow bank first.”

He laughed delightfully and said, “You know, that would be a lot of fun. Both, the personal experiences and the snow bank. I suppose I am skittish. Working with children and being single and a junior minister to boot keeps me bottled up.”

We changed subjects and after another half an hour we went to bed. Abram took the downstairs bathroom and I took the one in the bedroom. Before we drifted apart I said, “Wear whatever you like to bed. I usually wear a short very light weight gown about down over my hips. It’s usually up around my waist at night. Nothing else. If Jerry and I have about the same thought at the same time it’s convenient. Sometimes Jerry sleeps in the nude. We won’t mind if you do. I’m usually towards the middle of the bed. We let it get a little cooler at night so we have a sheet and very light blanket on. See you in bed.” I gave him a peck on the cheek.

We were all tired so we more or less slept through the night. Abram held my hand for a while. I don’t know if he was awake or asleep. I was awake early so I got up and down to the kitchen. It was quite warm in the kitchen already so I got everything going and went to the bathroom and stripped. I put on small house slippers that were very quiet and attractive and a full apron. It had a floral design and went to the front edge of my hips and down about 6 inches below my crotch and it covered my breasts and had a loop around my neck with a thin tie around my waist. My breasts were prominent on each side and my nipples were hidden but noticeable. My back was necked from head to heel. I was going to ‘Gild the Lilly’.

I heard the guys getting up and almost ran to the bathroom to change back but didn’t. Jerry came in and I was facing. He stared at me and I turned around and got something off a cabinet shelf, buns out brilliantly. Smiles but not a word about it, just normal morning stuff. I had us set up around the island. Me and Abram on one side and Jerry on the other. I put his coffee down at his place so he knew to sit there. No comment about that and he didn’t pinch my butt. Abram came down and he and Jerry did their male bonding watching my butts bouncing around the kitchen and opening and closing.

I turned around enough so they got the full effect. Everything got served and I sat next to Abram. My bare leg touched his occasionally and once or twice I got a hand on his thigh but not for too long. The sun was up and the guys had things to do. Abram practically begged Jerry to show him his snow blower and sulky. They spent more than an hour on it. Jerry showed him how to handle it and how to drive it with the sulky and Abram went up and down the drive a few times and turned it around and back and again. He loved it. He was a long way from a wimp. They put Abrams car in one of the garages and Jerry gave him an opener so he could come and go as he needed.

I was dressed when they came in and we spent the morning inside and went up to the top of the mountain to a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon. We didn’t really eat three meals a day, more like snacking in the evening. I sat on the sofa with Abram like before and he had his hand down in the back of my pants the whole time. Gilding the Lilly worked. My slacks were very loose and he could easily curl his hand under to finger me and did. He liked my buns and butt just as much. I got a hand on his penis up under the pillow my head was on and played with it. It’s a really Betturkey Güncel Giriş good size. It would be an event.

I think we both wanted to get our pants off and let Jerry enjoy himself watching but we didn’t. I thought maybe if he wanted we might could later in bed but I would have to say something to Jerry about it. I was just being careful I suppose. Abram was making me wet my pants and I surely liked the feeling. Jerry got some of our mountain wine and gave me a glass and Abram too. Abram and I finished ours and got some more and refilled Jerry. I sat on Abram’s left and held my wine in my left hand and worked my hand down in his pants.

He was mostly hard and I had the most giggly time pulling his penis up and down and running my hands down to his sack. There was plenty of room. He had an arm around my shoulder and didn’t go after my clit so I could enjoy him and I did. Abram went in the kitchen after a while to fix a plate for a snack. Jerry and I danced around his lounger and I said, “What do you think about me slipping over with Abram tonight? He’s exhibiting those kind of signs.”

Jerry said, “Good idea. I think he is too. He looks like he needs it and I might say that about you too. I liked watching his hand in your pants, and yours on him.”

I almost blushed. As long as we’ve been married we haven’t dwelled much on sex, just did it. It felt a lot like that saying, ‘go with the flow’. I was being this way with Abram because he was our age and acted it and he seemed to understand the use of sex like Jerry and I did.

Surprisingly Abram was in bed first. Jerry got in and turned his light out and Abram looked at me and I nodded and he turned his out. I could still see ok. I already had my short gown on so I slipped my slippers off and climbed in beside Abram then climbed right over him to the other side. No top but he had briefs on or some small knit shorts. I felt him when I moved across his hips. I wanted him to have a little buffer between him and Jerry for some reason. I was on my side and he was on his side and we got right into it. Arms around, bodies pressing, and erotic kissing.

We had a noise machine Morgan gave us and it was on so our kissing was lost to the noise in the air. I got a hand down and pushed at his shorts and he took them off and I pulled my gown up and off and I let him have me as much as he wanted. I knew I would get as much as he did. His hands literally floated around on every part of my body and he knew exactly where the pressure points were. He moved down enough to comfortably have my breasts and I lifted up a leg so he could get his penis in and playing around. I felt the head at my clit and a part of it dipping in at my vagina and out and move on them back again.

I couldn’t breathe with my mouth closed. Every time he sucked on one of my nipples he tilted me over an inch or so. I didn’t notice it at first but I had to concentrate on something. He followed so he could keep his penis doing what it was doing. He kissed me with his tongue and lips and my legs were out wide on either side of his hips, feet up a little. He was so comfortable on top, not heavy or out of place. I felt his penis dip in again and stay a moment and back out. He did that several times and I got higher and higher up the scale.

I turned my head just enough and blew in his ear and he pushed in and worked himself all the way in and held it there. I think I surprised him. If he needed a woman he had one. He got his arms up under my shoulders and adjusted himself so he could kiss me straight on and look at my face and started thrusting in and out. I let him go for a little while then started slowly working up into him. Our rhythm got together and it was smooth and soaring sensuous. It was like watching horses breeding. I was surprised my body could take him fully in and I kept him going right to the end with my thrusts. What a thrill.

After a while we tilted over on our sides with my legs still up over his thighs and we kept going. He had a most comfortable clear shot. He was thick and long. I didn’t have to squeeze him hardly at all. I had an orgasm and made sure he didn’t stop. I had a heel stuck down in his butt and left it there. I could feel him coming and going. He tilted me over on my back and I put my leg over his hip and his penis slid down my inner thigh and flicked into my vagina and we kept going.

He said, “Is this too tiring?”

I said, “Nooooo, keep going. It feels great.”

He had a couple of fingers on my clit and gave me another orgasm then left it alone to recover. I wanted him to have more than one orgasm so I started with a couple of things I knew to get him going. I went into him a little faster and reached down and held him when he was going in and out and squeezed it at the right time. I got some moans out while we were kissing and pulled him a little faster with my heel. Three or four minutes he kissed me a little funny and I knew it was coming. I got faster and faster and he got faster and I had to get my hand out and let him go. His orgasm was a classic. Big one and long and strained at the beginning but he finally let his body do it. I wasn’t sure he could have another one after that one. Maybe more towards morning. We rested for a long, long time and he went to the bathroom and I did too. We spooned and went to sleep. I was so proud.

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