Gina In The Great Outdoors


“No,” I said as Gina tried to unzip my jeans.

We had been necking in the sun on a blanket outside our tent for 15 minutes and it was obvious how the situation was going to end up.

But it was the middle of the afternoon, broad daylight. Even in the lee of the tent, there were still other campers only 200 yards away and even if they couldn’t quite see us from their own sites – we had selected a spot quite out of the way – the main track in and out of the rural campground swung near our site.

Gina pouted at me. “No?”

“Just not here,” I grinned, “come on…” and I got up and started leading her to a place I’d spotted on our first day here when we went for a walk.

About 50 yards from our tent, a barely visible path led into the trees which closed in for several yards before opening up into a small natural arbor. Under an arch of branches was an area perhaps five yards across, dappled sunlight falling on close growing grass on soft earth with an opening on the far side which looked out onto an upper reach of the stream which ran beside the main campsite.

“You saw this place too?” smiled Gina, turning to me as she got to the centre of the space. I nodded, hungrily consuming her with my eyes.

Gina was 19, a petite brunette with a wicked and sexy sense of humour.

Did I say petite? I meant it. She was just under 5 feet tall but perfectly proportioned with great legs, a slim waist and firm 34B breasts. She had elfin looks and sparkling dark eyes – and the most perfect pussy I ever saw. It tasted as good as it looked, especially after I talked her into shaving her labia, though I could never get her to take the lot off. She determined to keep the hair on her pubic mound for fear that because of her petite build ‘I’ll look like a little girl’.

“Who’s going to see you but me?” I’d asked.

“Pervert!” she’d laughed back at me.

At the moment we stood in the arbor, we’d been going together for six months. Long enough to know how to please each other, short enough to still be horny as hell.

She put her arms round me and gave me a hot open-mouthed kiss, grinding her hips against me. I groped her breasts through her tight tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t really need to but she always did for work, I think because it helped cover the fact that her nipples were constantly erect as they were under my palm right now.

I ran my hands down her body and onto her tight little ass, squeezing it through the towelling fabric of her pink shorts. Then I slipped my hands into the waistband at the rear, inside her panties too, and felt her warm bare bottom.

Gina was groping at my zipper again. She managed to get it down this time but I’d decided I couldn’t wait any longer to get her naked so I stepped back a little and whipped her top off, tossing it aside, then dropped to my knees in front of her and tugged her shorts and powder blue cotton panties down.

I nuzzled her little dark patch of pubes and flicked my tongue out just once between her labia. She was damply hot there and I knew soon she would be flowing wet.

I drew her down to her knees then stood up, unzipping my jeans and dropping them quickly.

“Mmm,” she murmured at the sight of my hard cock before her face and immediately took me in her mouth.

Gina couldn’t deep throat particularly well but she was superb with her tongue and had a special talent for swallowing cum. She could take the biggest explosion in her mouth and gulp down stream after stream of semen without losing her breath or spilling a drop. Then she’d come back up licking her lips and looking immensely pleased with herself.

I let her suck and tongue me, stroking her soft shoulder-length hair and letting her bob up and down on my cock and caress my balls.

It was then I looked up and saw the guy in the red top.

I don’t think I jumped in surprise, at least Gina didn’t notice if I did. But then the man was at least 100 yards away, walking diagonally towards us on the path beside the stream.

I realised if he continued the way he was heading, he’d stoll by about 20 yards away and probably not even spot us tucked in the shelter of the trees. So I continued letting Gina suck my cock and watched as the guy walked past and out of sight.

That was one of the attractions of sex outdoors, the risk of being spotted by a passer-by. There had already been a couple of occasions when people had happened by just after we’d finished having sex and only just got dressed.

The close call this time had me even more turned on so I pulled off my t-shirt and reached down and pulled off Gina’s top, causing her to disengage from my cock.

She fell back onto the grass and parted her legs, her arms out. “Make love to me,” she said.

I mounted her quickly, my cock slipping easily into her young vagina which was, as I’d known it would be, now pouting open and slick with her sweet juices. She let out a sigh as I slid my length into her and immediately began moving in time beneath me as I set up a quick rhythm.

Within muğla escort a minute she was beginning to pant in my ear. “Oh, oh…” she gasped and her nails dug in my back as she started shuddering, biting her bottom lip as her orgasm coursed through her, stifling her noises of pleasure in the way she often did.

I knew I would cum quickly too but tried to hold off a little longer to prolong the pleasure. And as I looked up momentarily, I saw a glimpse of red behind her bushes at our heads.

The man had seen us after all but hadn’t passed by – he’d made his way closer and was now watching us from only 6 yards away. I couldn’t see him well but I knew for sure he was there and I realised by the way his shadow shifted then stopped that he knew I’d just seen him too.

I stopped moving atop Gina and whispered: “We’re being watched.”

She stiffened beneath me and couldn’t help craning her neck to try and see. “Where?” she asked.

“Just over there.” I motioned with my head.

“Oh! Who is it?”

I told her it was some guy and she asked what I thought we should do.

I thought about it for a second. There wasn’t a lot we could do. We were both there stark naked in flagrenti delicto.

If it seemed embarassing like that, it would be even more so to grab our clothes and scuttle away. I figured if the guy had the front to stay there after he’d been spotted, we should brazen it out too.

“We could…” I started.

“Just carry on,” said Gina, “let’s carry on.” And she drew me close to her again and began moving again beneath me.

I realised she was even more turned on than before. Her cunt was absolutely sopping wet. I slipped my hand under her ass and found her juices running between her buttocks as it often did when she was at her most turned on. And she started bucking beneath me as I recommenced sliding my cock in and out of her.

When she came this time, she made no effort to still her cries, moaning loudly and squirming beneath me, arching her hips to encourage my thrusting cock even deeper into her cunt. And as she recognised that I took was on the edge, she moaned out: “Oh yes, yes, cum in me, cum in me!” and I did, grunting a massive load of cum into her body.

When I looked up after cumming, the guy was no longer actually trying to hide but was at least being discreet as he peered round the shrub.

I withdrew from Gina and stood up and the man drew back behind the shrub. Gina kneeled up and looked in his direction. “Oh!” she said, as if a little surprised, almost as if she thought I’d been fibbing about a watcher.

But then she got to her feet and stood boldly facing the voyeur for a few seconds. Then she retrieved her lower clothing, disentangled her panties from the towelling shorts and turned to face him again while mopping at her dripping pussy with the knickers.

I pulled on my jeans as she stepped into her shorts and then handed her her top. She dropped her panties on the grass while she pulled her top on but when she bent down again to pick up the soiled underwear it was only to toss them close by the bush. “Have a souvenir!” she called cheekily and we walked out of the trees and back to our camp.

Just before the sun went down that evening, while Gina was using the toilets up in the main camping area, I strolled back to the spot to see if her panties were still there. They were gone.

That night beside the campfire we talked about how exciting it had been and retired early to our tent to fuck again, more slowly this time.

The next morning I was walking back from the toilet block myself when a guy sitting in a camp chair beside a caravan looked up as I went past. “Thanks for the show,” he smiled.

I stopped in my tracks. “Pardon?”

The man’s expression changed to one of alarm. “Sorry,” he said, “perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I stared at him. It was the voyeur from yesterday. I hadn’t recognised him on the way past before – I’d never really got a good look at him yesterday. The man was in his late 40s, maybe early 50s and he was getting increasingly nervous. “I said ‘thanks for the show’. You know, you and your girl…” he stammered

“I know what you mean,” I said firmly. I was finding myself annoyed that the anonymous voyeur of yesterday was now an actual person.

“Sorry,” he repeated.

Then the cloud lifted on my mood and I shook my head and smiled wryly. “That’s ok. Hope you had fun.”

He grinned back at me in relief. “I did. Unexpected. What about you?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Her too?”

I nodded. “Must do it again sometime,” I said and started to walk away.

It was only meant to be a joke but he stopped me in my tracks again when he replied: “How about this afternoon?”

I turned back to him. He gave me a grin and shrugged. “You can’t blame a guy for asking.”

I glanced across his site. There were signs of female habitation. I hazarded a guess. “Where’s your wife?” I asked.

“Hiking,” he replied. “Hate muş escort it myself. I don’t mind a short stroll. That was how I… you know.”

I felt better that he was here with his wife, even if she was off all day. It made yesterday a happy accident. Better that than he was some creepy dude who came camping by himself to spy on people.

“Better keep my girlfriend’s knickers well hidden,” I said.

He reddened. “I will. Thank her for me.”

“Yeah, right.” I started to walk away.

“Same time and place?” he called after me.

I kept going but after a second glanced back and said: “We’ll see.”

I didn’t mention the conversation to Gina when I got back but when she brought the subject of yesterday’s adventure up again a little later on, I told her what had transpired.

“He asked for a repeat performance,” I said.

Gina’s eyes widened. “Oh! What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything,” I lied.

“Oh…” she replied, sounding vaguely disappointed.

“Would you like to?” I probed.

She grinned back at me. “It was hot, wasn’t it?”

I nodded.

“But if you said no…”

“I said ‘we’ll see’, actually.”

And I told her how he’d suggested the same time and place. So at the same time that afternoon we made our way to the same place.

I led us nervously into the arbor and spotted the guy immediately sitting behind the same bush as yesterday. He straightened up as we stopped at the centre of the grassy area but didn’t try to emerge.

Gina stood beside me for a moment, looking towards the shape behind the bush. Then without anymore hesitation, she pulled her top off, exposing her pert breasts with their hard nipples, and turned and embraced me.

She crushed her mouth against mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and groped at my cock through my jeans. I was beginning to harden already.

She stood back a moment, just long enough to drop her shorts and knickers and kick them aside then stepped back up and started trying to undo my belt. But she was nervous too and her hands were shaking too much so I took over, undoing and dropping my jeans and swiftly pulling my t-shirt off.

Gina dropped to her knees and started giving me head as she had done the day before. Looking past her, I could see the man craning for a better view between the branches, less concerned today about keeping himself hidden.

Gina was really going to town on the head job, sucking at my cock before licking along the shaft and sucking gently at my balls, then going back to gobbling on my hard length, trying to get as much in her mouth as she could.

After a delightful couple of minutes, I eased her back onto the grass and parted her legs. I thought for a second about going down on her but I wanted to keep our audience in view. She didn’t need any priming anyway – her pussy was pouting open at the swelling of her inner lips which glistened with her wetness. Her clitoris was hard and prominent and it hadn’t even been touched yet.

Rather than just mounting her missionary style, I kneeled between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her cunt lips. They parted slickly and a drop of her juice ran between her buttocks, sparkling in a shaft of sunlight through the branches overhead.

Still kneeling up, I eased my aching shaft into her cunt and she moaned demonstratively and ran her hands over her breasts.

She saw me glancing up towards the bush, 6 yards away at her head, where the guy had given up hiding and was now crouching in the open to one side. Gina craned her head back and surprised me when she spoke: “You can come closer if you want…”

The man stood and took a few paces in but stopped a relatively discreet six feet away. Gina didn’t need to crane her neck to see him now. “Hi!” she said, looking at him upside down. He was already flushed but he reddened even deeper, and said nothing.

I could see now that he also had an hard-on bulging in the front of his canvas walking shorts.

And as I started slowly fucking my cock in and out of Gina’s pussy, still kneeling up and holding her legs apart at the knees so she was as exposed to view as she could be, she ran her hands over her breasts and never took her eyes off the man.

He moved around us, keeping his distance and, seemingly aware of my caution (or not wanting me to mask his view of Gina), careful not to go behind my back.

From time to time he rubbed and squeezed at the bulge in his pants and when Gina came noisily as I flicked my thumb across her clit while sliding more rapidly in and out of her, the man finally looked at me with an expression of desperation on his face, his hand hovering in front of his zipper.

“Go ahead,” I said, “but keep your distance.”

He had his zipper down in a split second and whipped out a hard cock that was thick but stubby so it almost disappeared in his fist as he started stroking at it.

He went back to walking around us, staring open mouthed and slack jawed as I continued nevşehir escort fucking Gina from my kneeling position and then took her right hand and drew it down to her pubic mound.

She smiled at me and started masturbating herself, her fingertips moving in tight little circles over her budlike clit. Her gaze went back to the man, flickering between his eyes watching her and his hand pulling on his cock. It was almost as if she was as much the voyeur as him.

Finally, she began to make little catching sounds in the back of her throat as her orgasm approached, held on as long as she could looking him in the face then threw her head back and moaned loudly as her orgasm shuddered and shook through her body, assisted by my violent thrusting at her.

As she subsided, I was right at the edge myself, perhaps two or three thrusts from exploding inside her.

But at the last second I pulled out, grasping my cunt-slicked cock and administering the final strokes by hand so I sperted an immense splashing first stream directly at her gaping pussy followed by an equally large second jet of cum which laid a line from her belly all the way up to her throat.

Steadying myself against her bent knee, I wildly shot two more streams up across her body, one of them splashing the underside of her left breast and the other falling across her stomach, before grunting a final couple of dribbles over her neatly trimmed and already cum-caked pubic tuft.

Recovering sufficiently to look to the side where I’d last been aware of the watcher, I saw him turned half away from us but still watching avidly while jacking away frantically and apparently about to cum himself.

I almost jumped when Gina, who was also watching him, suddenly called out: “No, stop!”

And she looked from the man, who had frozen unsteadily at the edge of blowing his load across the grass, to me and there was no doubt what the question was in her eyes as she searched my face. I nodded back at her and she turned back to the man.

“Do it on me!” she said breathlessly and he didn’t need any further encouragement, shuffling over and standing over her and concluding what he was so desperate to do.

His face was bright red and his knees suddenly trembled as he commenced ejaculating over my girlfriend.

He grunted loudly with each jet of cum from his stubby cock, looking down at her and trying to direct the salty streams onto her. His first shot missed her completely, squirting over her onto the grass, but his wild hosing action ensured most of the rest splashed at least in part upon her skin.

Gina watched enthralled as the man started to cum. She was wide-eyed and open mouthed until his second blast spattered across her cheek, mouth and hair and then she screwed her eyes tight shut and closed her mouth, involuntarily licking her lips nonetheless at the wetness upon them. And just in time because the man’s next grunt heralded a splash of cum over her forehead, eyes and nose.

When he finally finished – staggering a few paces away and slumping to the glass, cock still in hand – Gina was covered in cum.

From the lower half of her body, where I had deposited the larger part of my ejaculate, to her face and breasts where it seemed the man was mostly trying to aim, there were lines and runnels and pools of sticky fluid.

Semen glistened on her breasts, languidly running down the side of her body, and on her flat stomach, where some had pooled in her belly button and all over her cunt and pubes. Her face and hair especially was covered with the man’s cum, a big gob of it filling one of her tightly closed eyes until she turned her head sideways and it ran down over her ear like a thick sticky tear.

She raised a hand and wiped across her mouth, appearing reluctant to taste the stranger’s cum any more than she already had, then used her knuckles to wipe it from her eyes like a tired child. When her eyelids fluttered tentatively open, her lashes were heavy with semen.

“Wow!” she gasped, looking at me then over at the man. He was sitting on the grass looking back at us, his quickly softening cock still poking out of his shorts.

“Thank you,” he said. “I didn’t expect that.”

Gina grinned at him then sat up and surveyed herself. “Wow,” she said again.

She got uncertainly to her feet and stood facing me for a moment, sticky hands splayed and slightly out from her body. Cum dripped off her chin and oozed down her wet torso. The pool of semen in her belly button spilled into her soaked pubes then dribbled off down the inside of one leg.

Gina turned and faced the man, letting him gaze one last time at her full frontal nakedness. After a few seconds in which I saw his eyes flicking rapidly up and down, drinking in the obscene sight of her petite body lathered in his cum and mine, she turned back to me. “I think I need a shower,” she said.

She bent down and grabbed her white cotton knickers, wiping them deftly between her legs then across her breasts and stomach. A second later they were a sodden ball of fabric and she’d hardly seemed to have wiped that much cum off her, it was that widespread.

She dropped the soaked panties on the grass and I tossed her my t-shirt so she could wipe her face and try to tamp some of the gobs of the man’s cum out of her dark hair.

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