Girl on the Golf Course Ch. 04


After the new year, Christine reflected on all of the events that have transpired this year and it drove her wild. She relived them in her head day in and day out. It seemed she was jamming a dildo in herself twice a day. She even wore the plug to remind her of being the statue. All these memories gave her such pent up sexual desire and frustration. In her mind she started playing the endings differently. What if those guys touched her as a statue and realized she was a naked woman. She imagined them freeing her only to take turns fucking her. She pictured herself on the floor of the steam room, but with a cock in her mouth and pussy. She fantasized about the members seeing the transparent photos at the party and deciding to rip her clothes off.

All this sexual energy gave her a new resolution. She decided to incorporate more sex acts in her adventure. An adventure wouldn’t be complete unless she fucked herself with a dildo and came. She racked her brain to come up with more ideas. She wanted to push herself to an inch of being caught.

To start off with, she decided to stop wearing bras and underwear entirely, unless it would add value to a task. She bought new dildos and plugs and decided to leave them in her office. She made a rule that she would have to insert the dildo while outside her office once per week. She would try to pick a new place each week. She would also take a new porn picture and anonymously change out the ‘end stall’ photo monthly, to keep a good client experience. She would also keep a diary of her experiences and her feelings, which she did her best updating her past experiences. She would leave this in her drawer unlocked, always thinking about it.

Christine also decided to visit the mens quarters more often. She wanted to be in there as much as possible, but didn’t know how to do it without chickening out. She googled ideas on forced tasks and came across a self blackmail program. She researched it and learned that you had to enter a code to prove a task was completed, or else it would send a pre determined picture and message to an email distribution group. This intrigued her so she downloaded the program. She tried to think how to handle hiding the code in the men’s quarters, then remembered about the old refreshing password keychains that were kept in the back. She reinstalled the software on her computer and set the blackmail program to work off of that security tool. The keychain would refresh every hour. The password would have to be entered every Thursday between 2:50pm and 3pm.

After work, she turned off the cameras and entered the men’s quarters. She taped the password keychain inside locker 225. She would have to enter the locker room and get the code after 2pm. She would then have to get back to her office and enter it between 2:50pm and 3:00pm. She created a new email address and saved the member email distribution list on the program. She uploaded a picture she took of herself spread wide showing off her tits and pussy. To start off with, she had something blocking her face, but the picture was revealing none the less. She left her face out just in case the program didn’t work. It would be mortifying, but at least she wouldn’t be recognized.

She activated the program. Now it couldn’t be stopped until Thursday at 3pm, when she hopefully entered the code. Even if the computer was off, unplugged, or destroyed, the program would still run. Her fate was sealed. It was Monday, so she had a couple days. On Tuesday she decided that she would do her first dildo challenge in the security room. She ducked in and sat down. She dropped her skirt and laid the dildo on the chair. She lowered herself down. She was so turned on, it slid right in. She bounced on it for several minutes all the while watching members go about their day. She bounced until she felt an orgasm building. She rubbed her clit while bouncing on the dildo until she came. It was exhilarating. She cleaned up and redressed. She went back to the office and calmed down.

All day Thursday she was distracted. She kept thinking about her task. She checked the program a hundred times, making sure it didn’t prematurely send. Everything was working as expected so far. At 1pm she locked herself in her office. She had to get ready. She dressed in the men’s golf clothes from her previous adventure. She put her hair up and a hat on. At 2pm she walked over to the men’s quarters. She entered and the locker room was busy. She ducked into the bathroom. She entered the end stall and saw her picture. It was worn and wrinkled, having seen better days. She guessed the members got a lot of use out of it. It reminded her to switch it out.

As she heard people saying goodbyes, she went over to the locker. She saw someone using the locker next to 225, so she waited, facing away from them. She fumbled around with her shoes, pretending to get undressed. She needed to get in and out. When he finally left 5 minutes later, she opened the locker and got the code. She closed the locker and ran niğde escort out. She ran to her office in a hurry. She didn’t want to be late. She sat at the computer and saw the time, 2:25pm. She was so early. She paced around unable to get any work done. As soon as 2:50 hit, she entered the code. ‘Congratulations, you have successfully completed your task’ it read. She exhaled. Even though it was nerve wracking, it ended too quickly and easily. She would have to push the boundaries.

Christine decided to up the ante. She decided to run the program for 5 consecutive weeks, so she wouldn’t be able to stop it for a month. She would take 5 increasingly revealing pictures. She stripped down right there in her office. She took out her dildos. Photo for week 1 was her from behind on all fours, fingering her pussy. Week 2 was similar but she was using a dildo. Week 3 was her neck down facing the camera inserting a dildo in her pussy. Week 4 was her from the nose down, standing holding her tits and her legs shoulder length apart. Week 5 was the big one. She pulled a few strands of hair over her face, without blocking it completely. She was sitting spread eagle with a dildo under her visibly impaling her ass. Although she wasn’t completely recognizable, a comparison next to a photo of her could be revealing. She uploaded them and started the program.

Over the weekend, she took new photos for the end stall. She mimicked her wig and makeup to match how she looked in the current end stall photo. This time she upped her game. The photo she chose was her laying on her back with the camera between her legs. She was knuckles deep with 3 fingers in her pussy. Her left handed was squeezing her tit. There was also a dildo next to her. Monday after work, she turned off the cameras and replaced the photo. She kept the first one in a folder in her office, hidden in her growing diary. She also decided to move the password keychain. She wanted a little challenge that would prevent her from running in and out. She looked around and decided, although risky, to put it in the steam room. She entered the steam room once before, so she could do it again. She put it against the back wall by the left bench. She secured it to the wall in the lockable clear thermostat box. With the steam on, she would have to put her nose to the wall to read the numbers, but at least others wouldn’t see it. If she was sitting, she could fumble around to find it and nobody would know. She hid the keys under a random golf cart, so she wouldn’t be able to find them easily.

On Tuesday, she decided to do her second dildo challenge. She chose the hut, where her adventures began. She relieved Jess, the girl at the hut and asked her to do a lap around the course to check for garbage. As soon as Jess left, she got to work. She dropped her skirt and rammed the dildo into her. She was pounding away when she saw someone approaching. She stopped, but didn’t have time to put the skirt back on. The golfer ordered a drink and cart. She helped him quickly to get back to her task. She then decided her next dildo challenge would be on a cart while driving.

She pounded her pussy in a hurry. She needed to finish before Jess got back. She finished and made a little mess. She got dressed and hid her dildo in her bag. Seconds later, Jess came back. There were puddles on the floor and it smelled of her juices so she acted quick. She poured a drink and ‘acidentally’ dropped it. She bent to get towels and clean it up. On all fours, she wiped it up, trying to show her team that she’s not afraid to get dirty. Jess coughed and said “Ummm…Your skirt is rising”. She went to pull it down and realized that when getting dressed in a hurry, she didn’t adjust it properly. Her whole ass and pussy was on display to Jess.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t have time to do laundry and ran out of underwear. I’m so embarrassed.” She kept apologizing. “I get it” Jess replied. “We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done.”. Christine finished up, and ran out of there. Back in her office she broke out laughing. She just showed her ass and pussy to her hut worker. She wondered if that would be the trigger to set Jess on the same path she is on. She pictured Jess commando and blushed.

Come Thursday, Christine was a nervous wreck again. She got ready by 1:30 so she could leave time to get in and get her spot. She went into the men’s quarters dressed as a man. This time she used a robe and waited until the locker room was empty. She stripped and ran to the steam room. She entered and heard several conversations. She carefully stepped past several people and moved to the back. She plopped in her seat. She disrobed and sat there naked amongst the men. She listened to them drone on about golf and finances and business. They had no idea it was more exciting in there. She wished she could reveal herself to them. She started touching herself. This was so exciting. She could orgasm with 5 men ordu escort around and nobody would know. She kept going until her climax was building. She bit her lip and rubbed herself over the edge. It was an intense orgasm. She laid back for a minute to gather herself. She then viewed the code and made her way to the exit. She put on her robe and peaked out. It was empty. She ran and dressed quickly. She went back to her office and opened her computer to see 2:45. She was close but still made it early.

On Tuesday she decided to do her dildo challenge on the golf cart. She wore an extra short skirt that day. She took a cart from Jess and said she was rounding. As she turned the corner, she quickly hiked up her skirt and set the dildo under her. She gyrated on it the whole trip, flush red when she passed golfers who greeted her. She was almost done but still hadn’t gotten off. There was nobody at tee 17, so she stopped the cart and rode the dildo to orgasm. She then drove back and returned the cart. She knew she’d have to up this next week, as she set a new bar.

On Thursday, she practiced her usual routine. Come 1:30, she was ready for the lockers. She stopped into the end stall and checked on her photo. It was looking a little worn, which made her happy. She undressed and walked to the steam room. She heard no voices so she decided to leave the robe on the hook outside the room. She was completely naked with no immediate covering. She pranced around the room pretending to show off. She laid down about 5 feet in the room facing the door. She went nuts on her pussy, rubbing furiously. She came so quickly. ‘It’s too bad the door didn’t open, they would’ve gotten a great show’, she thought. She went to the back, got her code and left. Week 2 was over easily.

For her week 3 dildo challenge, she wanted to use the steam room. She would do it when she got the code. On Thursday she prepped as usual. Again, the men’s quarters were vacant. She was feeling extra frisky so she left the steam room door open while she got undressed. This let a lot of steam out. When she went in, she could see all the way to the back wall. She knew it wouldn’t last like this, but it would be exciting. She went to the back and set the dildo down. She sat on it and bounced. She could see the door still, which means if anyone came in, they’d see everything. As she bounced, the steam again overtook the visibility. She moaned loudly as she came, then grabbed the code and left. She knew it was risky but so badly wanted someone to see her.

For her week 4 dildo challenge, on Monday, she decided to use the front desk. She relieved John and asked him to tend to the proshop for restocking. While at the desk, she did the same as the cart, gyrating and bouncing on the dildo. She had to stop frequently when members arrived, but in the end, she was able to orgasm in the middle of the building. She waited for John to come back before documenting everything in her diary.

Thursday came and she spent most of the day in her office doing the books. She almost worked too long but remembered her task. It was 2:05pm, so she immediately rushed to the men’s quarters. She walked in confidently, but froze as the men’s quarters were busy. She was confused. She stepped out to avoid detection. She paced nervously until she looked out a window. It was raining. This wasn’t predicted in the forecast, it was a freak flash rain storm. She would have to take chances. She avoided the lockers and went straight for a stall to dress. She put the robe hood up and walked with her head down. She tossed her clothes in a locker and went to the steam room, keeping the robe on. ‘In and out’ she thought. She carefully scooted past more men then she felt comfortable. She wasn’t even going to disrobe. At the back, there was a group of 3 in the corner blocking her password. She sat across from them nervously waiting for them to leave. Some time went by and they were still talking about business. She was getting nervous. She tried to think of a way to get them to leave, but any action might reveal herself. She just had to outwait them.

She could hear more people entering and someone sat right next to her. She couldn’t see his face but did feel his elbow nudge her arm. “New here?” He asked. “I can tell the new ones because they wear towels in here. No need though. It’s counter productive and frankly just weird. I’ve seen people overheat because of them. It’s better not to wear them, and I think it’s policy as well.” She wanted this to end. She responded with her male voice impression, “Thanks”. A couple minutes later and his elbow accidentally nudged her arm again. “Sorry” he said “but are you still wearing that. You’re going to overheat and get sick.” She guessed she was in here for about 30 minutes and was feeling a little light headed. She looked at the guy next to her intently, but couldn’t see who it was. She didn’t want him drawing more attention, so she carefully disrobed. While doing so she accidentally nudged osmaniye escort him back. “Atta boy” he said as he put his hand on her shoulder. She froze. This was too close for comfort. “I’m Hank” he said. He removed his hand from her shoulder and it appeared in her view, extended in front of her. He missed her tits by inches. She recognized his voice and name. He was Dr. Hank Piston. He was a regular and the guy who actually saw her naked back when she delivered the cart with her clothing fiasco. He bought her clothes from her. She shook his hand firmly and said “I’m Chris”. This was getting too close for comfort and the guys across really needed to leave now.

Some more time passed and she was getting nervous. Eventually, Dr. Piston said he was leaving and it was nice meeting. He patted ‘Chris’ on the shoulder again and said, “Don’t stay in too much longer, you’ll pass out. You don’t want to be like Joe and gang over there and melt your brain cells away.” The guys across, sitting in her seat, said “Oh shove it, Hank. An hour is nothing in here. We’re only halfway into our cleanse.” Hank left. She panicked. ‘half way?’ she thought. ‘Oh shit, I’m not going to make it. She didn’t know what to do.

She turned to the corner group. “I heard it stopped raining and they are opening the course again. You going back out there?” She said in her deep voice. “No thanks, we’re good. We got the front nine in today that’s enough for me. Just here to relax now. Enjoy though.” Joe responded, clearly not interested in leaving or talking further.

She decided to make one more effort. Knowing that they couldn’t identify her, she closed up her robe right and stood up. “Have a good one” she said and ‘accidentally’ tripped forward. She leaned her head to the wall to try to get the numbers but one of the guys caught her. “Watch it, man. Get off me.” he said pushing her back, towards the door. She tripped and fell to the floor. Her robe swung open. She got up and rushed out. She put her hood up and ran to her locker. There were several people there so she grabbed her clothes and ran into a stall. She changed as fast as possible and left.

She hurried to her office and ducked in. She would Google how to stop the program. There had to be a back up. When her monitor turned on, it was 3:07. The computer showed a message “You failed your task. Your message has been sent. This is your only warning. The next message will include everything. Please do better.” Her jaw dropped. She didn’t remember which photo it was. She checked the program. The email sent. She realized she never changed the message from the trial run, when she was much more confident and fooling around.

“Dear golfer,

I am so impressed by your incredible talents. I wish I could show you how much I appreciate watching you. Maybe if you invited me in, I’d get to show you my gratitude. Tell me what you think.


Your secret admirer”

Attached was the picture of her from her nose down, showing it all.

She was mortified. She can’t believe that was just sent. She wanted to be done with this game. She was also concerned with the program fail message saying ‘include everything’. She signed back into the program and reviewed the terms. Under the failing section, it read that one failed task sent the associated message. For further encouragement, any future fails would send all associated messages, as well as the users sign up information. She went to her account and it had her full name, email address, phone number, and all of the pictures she took, including those she didn’t select for the message. She couldn’t change any of the information. She looked through the photos and they included face shots. Some were while trying to get the camera angle right, others when using too far away, and some were taken rapid fire to get the best picture. There were pictures of her fingering herself, fucking her pussy with a dildo, and even doing anal, with her face in the picture.

She started crying. If she failed next week, she would be exposed. She just wanted to stop, but would have to do this again. She didn’t even want to think about all of the people who now had a revealing photo of her. At least you couldn’t tell who she was because her hair and eyes were cropped out, at least that’s what she hoped. She did the bare minimum the next few days, mostly keeping to her office when she could. She watched people’s faces and looks when she passed them, trying to see if anyone identified her. Nobody looked at her weird and, oddly, nobody reported the email to management.

By Tuesday, she was feeling better and actually horny again thinking how many people have seen her naked photo. She decided to get back into things. She got over her failure and wanted to do a grand gesture to make her think Thursday’s task would be possible. She selected the hot tub for her last dildo challenge. She thought this wouldn’t be so bad since you can’t see under the water. She prepared her things on her break and dressed in her bikini. She should probably be more conservative, but she did enjoy showing off. She walked over to the empty hot tub with her bag. She got in and relaxed a minute. With nobody around, she untied her bottoms and pulled her dildo out of her bag. She raised up and inserted the dildo.

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