Girls and Their Toys


Sweat poured from Elizabeth’s body as she turned off her vibrator. It seemed nothing she did would erase the memory of seeing her roommate Paige in the shower two days ago. Elizabeth never really thought herself as a lesbian, only a woman with an attraction for other beautiful women. She never thought she would act on any of her urges. Though sometimes after seeing a really good porno with a sexy woman in it she’d get wet and fantasize about the woman. She thought it was just because she had a high sexual appetite.

The problem was, it was getting to the point where sex with her boyfriend wasn’t cutting it anymore. Elizabeth was having problems having an orgasm, if she did at all. “Strange,” she always thought when she would masturbate thinking of a nice wet slit in front of her face she could always cum. And cum hard and fast!

Elizabeth had always had these feelings, but never as often until Paige moved in. Paige is a beautiful woman. Long auburn hair reaching past her shoulders, firm nicely shaped C cup breasts, muscular tan legs, and an ass that would make Jennifer Lopez proud!

She would sometimes have to get Paige’s panties from the hamper just to hold them, but her favorite time was just after Paige would shower. Elizabeth would go into the bathroom and rub Paige’s panties all over her face. She loved to feel the wetness on her face. She loved to breathe in the spicy scent of Paige’s pussy. What excited her the most, however, was when she would get a taste her roommate’s juices from the crotch. The entire time rubbing her own pussy. It was never enough. Every time she finished with Paige’s panties she would bring herself to a blinding orgasm, but immediately needed more.

Elizabeth was afraid she would have to move from the apartment they shared. She was having such a hard time controlling her urges. Several times she would find herself dying to touch Paige. To walk up behind her cup Paige’s breasts to feel her nipples harden to little nubs. But she couldn’t. She had never had the courage to initiate any kind of physical contact. She wasn’t a prude, once she got going she was a wild cat! Nothing was too extreme to not try at least once when she got turned on.

Thinking back two days ago, Elizabeth knew she was in no way prepared for what happened. As innocent as it was it got her going like nothing else! Paige was running late for work and needed to shower, but Elizabeth was in there.

“Hey Beth you care if I hop in there with you? I am running so late and can’t afford to be late for work again this week. My boss will fry me!”

“Umm…Yeah sure. It’s cool.” Elizabeth answered.

Paige hopped in the shower in all her glory. Elizabeth sucked in her breath porno indir as Paige started running her hands all over her body cleaning it. Watching the water run off of the breasts that Elizabeth so longed to touch was driving her crazy! She let out a moan once Paige started washing her pussy.

“You okay, Beth?”

“Yeah I’ve just got a slight backache. I guess I slept wrong last night.”

“Here turn around and let me rub it for you. I have a few minutes, if you think it will help.”

Before Elizabeth could respond she was turned around and Paige was running her hands up and down her back. Each stroke brought Paige dangerously closer to Elizabeth’s ass. A couple times her hands brushed the side of Elizabeth’s tits. Their peaks instantly turning into hard, rose colored pebbles. The wetness that instantly was between Elizabeth’s legs had nothing to do with the water they were under.

“Feel better?” Paige asked.

It took a minute for Elizabeth to snap herself back to reality to answer,” Yeah. Thanks.” She finally got past the lump in her throat.

What Elizabeth didn’t know was that Paige had planned this little encounter. She, as well, was trying to find ways to get closer to Elizabeth. She had noticed the long stares from her roommate. And on many occasions watched through the bathroom door keyhole as Elizabeth masturbated with her panties. Too many times Paige had to stop herself from opening the door and making love to Elizabeth right there on the bathroom floor.

Today was the last straw for Paige when she got home and heard Elizabeth fucking herself with the vibrator. Her door was cracked and she stood in the doorway watching as her friend pleasured her own pussy. Listening to Elizabeth moan and smelling the room fill with the musty smell of sex was driving her insane! She witnessed when the lovely blond got frustrated and threw the tool across the bedroom.

“This is crazy!” She thought as she seen the unfulfilled look on Elizabeth’s face.

Paige slowly opened the door. Elizabeth jumped up from the bed and tried to grab her robe. Paige stopped her from putting on the robe with a long kiss. She felt Elizabeth stiffen for just a second before pulling Paige closer for a deeper kiss.

“I have been waiting so long for this.” Elizabeth told her.

“I know and I have wanted you since the first time I saw you the day we met.”

The kiss started getting even more passionate as the girls fell backwards to Elizabeth’s bed. Paige instantly started sucking her nipples. Trying to get to both of them at the same time. Squeezing the soft skin of her breasts Paige couldn’t get enough of her friend’s D cupped sized tits. rokettube

Elizabeth laid Paige on her back and got on her knees. Paige’s beautiful pussy was open and glistening in front of her face. She gently ran her tongue along the lips. Finally getting to taste the pussy she has wanted for four months now. Opening up Paige’s lips with her hand she found her love hole. Watching her fingers disappear inside her pussy was so erotic that Elizabeth could feel her own pussy getting wetter.

Paige moaned as she felt Elizabeth’s tongue enter her small hole. She sat up and grabbed hold of Elizabeth’s hair pulling her up on the bed with her. Paige straddled Elizabeth’s face backwards, she moaned even louder once she felt her friend’s hands spread her ass cheeks and started licking her puckered hole. Paige put her face between Elizabeth’s legs and could feel the heat that was coming from the pussy in front of her face. Both woman was lapping at each others most private parts.

Elizabeth was delirious with pleasure when she felt Paige sucking her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. She had the perfect speed, not too fast or slow, just perfect. Elizabeth could feel the orgasm building inside herself. The intensity scaring her and she stopped.

“What’s wrong Baby?”

“I…I don’t know if I can handle this. I feel like I’m about to explode!”

“That’s the way it supposed to feel. Relax and let the pleasure flow through you.” Paige instructed.

Paige went back to Elizabeth’s pussy. She could feel the energy radiating from inside the girl’s core. Then Elizabeth started shaking. She let out a scream as the orgasm racked her body! Paige’s face soon was covered in the other girl’s cum. She brought her face down to Elizabeth’s and they started kissing. Elizabeth could taste herself all over Paige’s face and it was making her hotter, if that’s possible! Paige let Elizabeth get her breath as she rubbed all over her body.

“MMM…That was amazing.” Elizabeth purred as kissed Paige.

“The fun is just beginning!”

Elizabeth just smiled as Paige got out of bed and left the room. She didn’t know what was going on, but somehow knew she was going to like it. Paige returned to the bedroom a few minutes later with a silk bag.

“And just what’s in the bag?”

“You’ll find out.” Paige laughed, “First sit up and close your eyes for a second.”

Elizabeth did as she was told and immediately was blindfolded. She could hear Paige taking something else out of the “goody” bag. What she didn’t know was that Paige had put on a strap on dildo.

“On you knees!” Paige commanded

The forceful tone in Paige’s voice made Elizabeth’s seks filmi pussy drip. She got on her knees and was surprised when she felt the tip of the toy touch her lips.

“Suck it!”

Again Elizabeth did as she was told and opened her mouth to let the eight inch dildo slide inside her mouth. She sucked the dick like it was her last. Paige grabbed her by her hair and forced even more of it down her throat.

“Take all of it!”

After Elizabeth had taken it all and was sucking for all her worth, Paige took it out of her mouth, “Turn around, I want you on your hands and knees.” She whispered in her ear.

Paige slapped her ass with the cock. Each time getting a little more harder than the last.

“Please Paige fuck me! Please!”

Paige rammed the cock home! Elizabeth moaned as the dildo pentatrated her slippery pussy. She fucked Elizabeth with wild abandon. Sweat was pouring from the blond beauty as Paige rammed the cock in and out of her pussy. Finally able to take no more Elizabeth screamed out the second orgasm.

“It your turn my friend.” Elizabeth said while fingering Paige’s hot cunt.

Paige moaned her agreement. Elizabeth picked up the discarded bag to see what else was in there for the girls to play with. Her smile brightened when she pulled out a double headed vibrator.

“Well, well, well what have we got here?” She asked.

Paige just smiled and took her turn on her hands and knees. Her ass high in the air. Elizabeth fondled her ass for a few minutes planting kisses all over the cheeks, and between them. She lubed up the vibrator and started teasing the lips of her roommates pussy. She slowly pushed the tip of the toy just inside her friend’s pussy.

“What a beautiful little pussy you have. I’m going to enjoy fucking the hell out of it! I’m going to make you scream!”

Elizabeth shoved the rest of the vibrator inside Paige’s creamy pussy. Paige moaned as she was getting fucked by the toy.

“You ready for the rest of it, Paige, dear?”

“Do it! Fuck my holes!!!”

Elizabeth gently pushed the other shaft of the vibrator inside Paige’s asshole. It didn’t take long for Paige to start grunting as Elizabeth fucked her harder. Elizabeth reached around and started rubbing Paige’s clit. The action making the vibrator go deeper inside Paige. Paige could take only a few minutes of the intensity of being double fucked and having her clit rubbed. She felt like a blot of lightening crashed through her body when her release came. She bucked wildly, but Elizabeth held on and kept fucking her through her orgasm. The friction of her orgasm and the vibrator was making Paige have multiple orgasms like she had never thought possible!

Finally the girl fell back on the bed exhausted, but totally satisfied. Neither said anything. Nothing needed to be said. They showed each other how they felt through their actions. The girls drifted off into the most restful sleep either had been able to have in a long time.

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