Girls Night Ch. 01


Note: this story involves cheating and cuckolding.

Emily, Jenny, Chloe, and Madison were all loving their freshman year of college. The four 18-year-olds had met in an intro to poetry class, quickly bonding and forming a small clique. After the girls became friends, they started strategizing to get dates with the only four boys in the class, who were all super-cute: Ryan, Simon, Noah, and Lucas. When they were together, they almost looked like a boy band. Within the first few weeks of school, they had managed to pull it off: Emily ended up with Ryan, Jenny with Simon, Chloe with Noah, and Madison with Lucas. It probably had something to do with the fact that the girls were all stunning, with tight, athletic bodies, perky tits, and round butts.

The girls started a weekly tradition of having a “girls night” every Friday. They all hung out at Madison’s apartment and gossiped together, quickly becoming completely open about their lives and relationships.

“Ryan is soooo sweet to me,” Emily told them one girls night. “The other day, he woke me up with breakfast in bed.”

“Awww, that’s so adorable!” Jenny said. “Simon’s the same way. He’ll take me out anywhere I want to go and he always pays for everything, he’s such a gentleman.”

“We’re, like, so lucky,” Chloe agreed. “Noah even likes doing really girly things with me, like shopping for new clothes and stuff. He doesn’t get bored like all the guys I dated in high school.”

“I can’t believe we all found such cute, sweet boyfriends in the same class,” Madison said. She smiled a little mischievously. “I love walking into class with Lucas and seeing all the other girls staring. You can tell they’re sooo jealous.”

The other girls laughed. They had all experienced the same thing.

“I bet they think we’re all having such great sex all the time,” Madison continued.

They laughed again, but this time it felt a little forced, like they were all holding something back. Madison noticed this and saw it as an opportunity to talk about something that had been bothering her.

“The thing is,” she said, “even though Lucas is super-cute, he’s not exactly…well…I don’t know how to put it…”

“It’s okay,” Emily said encouragingly. “We’re all, like, best friends now. You can tell us anything!”

This made Madison feel more comfortable, so she sighed and pushed ahead. “Well, I mean, I don’t want to sound like a total slut or anything,” Madison said. “But I had sex with, like, most of the cute boys in my high school.”

“No judgment, girl,” Jenny said. “I did too.” The other girls laughed and agreed.

Madison smiled. “Well, so, I feel like I have a pretty good sense of the range of different, ya know, sizes…down there…” The girls nodded, giggling a little. “And, um, I’ve never been with a guy who is even close to as small as Lucas.”

“Oh no,” Chloe said sympathetically.

“I mean, I know I’m supposed to say size doesn’t matter,” Madison said. “And it’s not like I’m some size queen who needs 10 inches or something, but Lucas is like…” She held up her finger and thumb about 3 inches apart, then couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The other girls did too. “I mean, that’s, like, really small, right?”

“Ummm, definitely. That’s, like, a micropenis,” Emily answered, and they all laughed again. “But, um, I’m actually so glad you said something, because Ryan kind of has the same problem. He’s like…” She held her thumb and finger about 4 inches apart. “And, uh, that is definitely not enough to get me off.”

The laughter continued. “Well, Simon is close to average sized, I guess,” Jenny said. “But we’ve actually been having our own issues in bed. He, um, well…he just cannot seem to last longer than 5 minutes, no matter what I do!” She laughed, and the other girls joined her. “It’s really bad. Half the time, he, like, cums in his pants just from me rubbing him!”

“Seriously?” Madison asked, in disbelief.

“Yes!” Jenny said. “He says it’s because I’m, like, the hottest girl he’s ever been with and he just gets so excited and can’t control it. He’s super sweet about it, but I keep having to get myself off after he finishes!”

“Well…you think that’s bad?” Chloe said. The girls all turned to her in anticipation. “At least your boyfriends all get hard! Noah seriously cannot get it up.”

“Oh wow, you win!” Emily exclaimed, almost crying with laughter. “I’m sorry, Chloe, but that’s, like, pretty pathetic.”

“I know it is!” Chloe agreed. “I dress super sexy for him and everything, but nothing seems to work.”

“This is ridiculous!” Madison said. “Not to sound conceited, but we’re all, like, super-hot college girls! And we all found sweet, cute boyfriends, but none of us are getting good sex?”

“Yeah, this is crazy!” Chloe agreed. “Do you think we should, like, break up with them?”

They all looked at each other, thinking about it. “I dunno,” Madison said. “I really do like Lucas. In most ways, he’s exactly the type of guy I’ve always dreamed of being with. He’s smart and funny and sweet.”

“Yeah,” Bycasino Emily said. “Ryan’s definitely the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. Other guys are such jerks.”

“Totally,” Jenny agreed. “Why is it that the boys in high school who could get me off the best were always the biggest, dumbest, most arrogant jerks?”

The other girls all nodded and agreed. “I just wish there was a way to keep dating our boyfriends but, ya know, get what we need from other guys who can actually satisfy us,” Chloe said.

“There is a way, Chloe, it’s called cheating,” Madison joked.

They all laughed. When the laughter died down, there was an awkward silence as they all thought more seriously about what Madison had said. Finally, Jenny broke the silence and asked, “Um, anyway, change of subject. Uh, have any of you ever seen that guy who runs around the quad in the morning in just his running shorts?”

“Oh my god, yes!” Chloe answered. The other girls nodded in agreement. “He’s sooo hot.”

“Totally!” Emily said. “And his…ya know…” She trailed off and blushed.

Madison giggled. “Oh my god, I know! You can totally see it, like, flopping around in his shorts! He definitely doesn’t have Lucas’s problem, that’s for sure!”

They laughed. “Well, my friend Katie, she’s a junior and she’s in a sorority, and she told me all about him,” Jenny said.

The girls were excited to hear this. “What’s his name?” Emily asked.

“Brad,” Jenny answered. “He’s a senior, he’s in a frat, and he’s on the football team.”

Jenny mentioned the frat that he was in, and Chloe interjected. “Oh, there’s a really hot guy in my bio class named Steve who’s in that frat too!”

“Really?” Jenny said. “Yeah, it must have a lot of hot guys in it. My ex-boyfriend from high school, Mark, he goes here too, and he just got into the same frat. And, I mean, we don’t really hang out anymore, but he’s definitely super-sexy.”

Emily giggled. “Sounds like you miss him,” she teased.

“Actually, Lucas’s older brother Chris is in that frat too!” Madison added. “But Lucas says Chris’s a real jerk to him, so that’s why Lucas hasn’t pledged.”

Jenny laughed. “Well, anyway, according to my friend Katie, Brad is, like, amaaazing in bed.”

“Oh wow,” Madison said. “So she’s dating him?”

“Nope,” Jenny said. “She tried, but he told her that he could never commit to just one girl. But, ya know, she has fun with him every now and then.”

“Wow, that must be so hot,” Emily said, “One time, I saw him running while I was tanning on the quad, and I was just wearing a pair of running shorts and my sports bra. And, well…he smiled and winked at me.”

“What??” Chloe said, almost squealing. “Oh my god, Emily, he wants you!”

“You think so?” Emily asked.

“Um, definitely,” Madison agreed. “I mean, why wouldn’t he? You’re a super hot freshman girl. Guys like him love to get with girls like us.”

“Oh, wow, you really think so?” Emily said thoughtfully.

“Katie told me he picks up girls all the time when he goes out on runs,” Jenny said. “I bet all you’d need to do is wink back at him and flirt with him a little and he’d take you back to his place.”

Emily giggled and blushed. “Umm, wow, that sounds kind of amazing. He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen,” she said. “But, I mean, I could never do that to Ryan.”

The other girls exchanged a skeptical look. “Emily,” Madison said. “That’s really sweet of you and everything, but you just said Ryan’s way too small to get you off. And, well, we know for sure Brad won’t disappoint in that area!” The girls laughed.

She thought about it, but was still not convinced. “I dunno…wouldn’t it be, like, wrong?”

“Listen,” Jenny said. “These are, like, special circumstances. None of us are gonna judge you at all, right?” The other girls nodded in agreement. “And, like, you deserve good sex, right?”

“Well…yeah,” Emily agreed.

“And Ryan isn’t giving that to you, right?” Jenny continued.

“Definitely not,” Emily agreed.

“And what Ryan doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?” Madison added.

“I guess…” Emily said, now considering it.

“Well, okay then, it’s decided!” Chloe said. “Let’s talk about what you should wear.”

Emily paused, thought about it for a second, then smiled.


The next day, Emily lay out on the quad in the same spot she had seen Brad before. She wore a pair of tight denim cut-off shorts and a red bikini top that tightly cupped her perky breasts. She knew she looked good.

Emily waited anxiously for Brad to appear on his usual morning run, until finally she spotted him running down the far side of the quad in just a pair of mesh shorts. Emily squinted, taking in his sweaty, muscular body. As he got closer, she stared at his big dick flopping around in his shorts as he ran. She felt her pussy getting wet. Any remaining doubts she had about cheating on Ryan quickly vanished from her mind.

As Brad made his way down the quad, he saw Emily staring at him. When he got close, Bycasino giriş he winked at her. Emily smiled, winked back, and waved, looking Brad up and down and biting her lower lip sexily.

Brad smiled confidently, slowed down and stopped in front of Emily. She looked up at him as he caught his breath, his muscular, shirtless body dripping with sweat. She thought about all the other girls he picked up on his runs, and how he must have seen the same look of desire and desperation on their faces. “Hey, I’m Brad,” he said cockily. “I don’t think we’ve met.”

Emily propped herself up on her elbows, pushing her chest out. “Hi, I’m Emily.”

Brad openly fondled his crotch in front of her, grinning as he saw Emily stare. “Um, hello. My eyes are up here, Emily,” he said with a laugh.

Emily blushed and giggled. “Um, sorry. It’s, like, hard not to notice.”

“Happens all the time,” he said, still fondling himself. “You like what you see?”

She bit her lower lip again and stared openly at his crotch. “Well…I’ve never seen one that big before,” she said. It was true. She’d been with plenty of guys in high school, but none like this.

“Yeah?” Brad asked, holding a hand out to pick her up. “Come back to my place and I’ll give you a closer look.”

Emily was a little stunned at how direct he was being, but she could only nod and raise her hand up. Brad’s strong arm pulled her up swiftly, making her stumble into his body. Her hand slid against his hard, sweaty six-pack abs. In no time, she was walking back to Brad’s apartment, ready to do whatever he wanted. As soon as they got to his place, he plopped down on his couch, spread his legs, and said simply, “On your knees.”

Brad’s place was a mess. Emily had to kick a couple empty beer cans out of the way to make space in front of him, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to see Brad’s big dick.

She stared as his mesh shorts began tenting up, then reached up to pull them down. But Brad stopped her, grabbing her wrist firmly and saying, “Not so fast. Take your top off first.” He let her go and she happily undid her bikini top for him, letting it fall to the ground. She loved showing her body off for this stud. Brad grinned and said, “Good girl. Now you can take it out.”

She again reached up to pull Brad’s shorts down, but just then, her phone began to ring. She let out a sigh and said, “Sorry, let me just check who it is.” She pulled her phone out and saw it was Ryan. “Oh, shit, it’s my boyfriend,” she blurted out.

Brad laughed. “Seriously? You have a boyfriend?” Emily giggled, embarrassed. “Such a bad girl. Well, go ahead and answer it. Wouldn’t want him to worry.”

Emily looked up at him, surprised, then looked at her phone as it kept ringing. Frustrated that he was calling at such an inconvenient time, she rolled her eyes and answered it. “Hello?” she said, a little edge of irritation in her voice.

“Hi, Emily,” she heard Ryan say on the other end. As he spoke, she watched Brad pull his shorts down and let his perfect 9-inch erection bounce out in front of Emily’s face. Her mouth fell open in awe as Ryan continued: “I was just calling to see what you were up to and say I was missing you.”

“Um…oh…uh,” Emily stammered as Brad grinned down at her and tapped her forehead demeaningly a few times with his cock. “Um, thanks, sweetie,” she said finally, at the same time wrapping her hand around Brad’s dick. She stared in awe as her fingers could barely fit all the way around it. “I miss you too.”

“So what’re you up to?” Ryan asked.

Emily smiled mischievously up at Brad. “Oh, ya know, not much,” she said, starting to stroke Brad’s dick up and down. She knew she should feel bad, but it was actually giving her a thrill to be doing something so naughty. And having only experienced Ryan’s tiny penis the whole time since she’d been in college, she couldn’t help but love the way Brad’s thick cock felt in her hand. She touched the tip of it to her lips and told Ryan, “I’m just having some breakfast.” Then she wrapped her lips around the thick, spongy head of Brad’s dick.

Brad threw his head back in pleasure as Emily started sliding her lips a couple inches down his cock. He could hear Ryan on the phone asking, “Oh, what are you having?”

Emily saw Brad stifling his laughter as she brought her mouth off his dick with a little slurp and said, “Ummm, just a banana. It’s a really big one though.” She immediately slid her mouth back down as far as it would go. She was able to take about three-quarters of it on her first try, which made her feel proud. She took it back out, making another slurping sound, and asked Ryan, “Um, how did your classes go yesterday?”

This got Ryan talking for a while, giving Emily the opportunity to eagerly start bobbing her head up and down on Brad’s dick. She pushed herself to take more and more of it until finally she was pressing her nose into his pubes and inhaling his amazing, masculine scent. She loved the way she could feel his dick going all the way down her throat, and thought Bycasino deneme bonusu about how Ryan’s little thing felt so pathetic by comparison.

“You’re such a good listener, baby,” Ryan was saying on the phone as Emily took Brad’s dick out of her mouth and started licking slowly up the length of his shaft.

“Mmhmmm,” Emily said as Brad brushed the hair out of her face. She looked up at him and smiled, rolling her eyes at Ryan continuing to talk on the phone. She let go of his cock for a second to make a “blah blah blah” motion with her hand. She knew she was being mean, but something about the fact that she was getting away with this was really turning her on.

As she went back to blowing him, Brad laughed a little, then said softly, “Does this loser ever shut the fuck up?”

“Um…what was that? Are you with somebody?” Ryan said on the phone, clearly having heard Brad.

Quickly, Emily popped Brad’s dick out of her mouth, smiling up at him and motioning for him to shush. “Oh, uh, nothing, honey, I just, uh, turned on the TV,” she said, trying to sound innocent.

“Oh…okay,” Ryan said, a little skeptically.

“Anyway, umm, what were you saying about your econ professor?” Emily prompted him, quicking returning to stroking Brad’s dick vigorously.

“Oh man, his class is sooo hard,” Ryan complained.

Having gotten through this close call, Emily felt emboldened. She put the phone down on the couch so that she could stroke with both hands. “Aw, I know what you mean, baby. Tell me all about it,” she said toward the phone. She started jerking Brad’s cock faster, loving how powerful it felt in her small hands.

As Ryan continued, Brad looked down at her and half-whispered, “You like being a bad girl, don’t you?”

Emily looked up at him with pure lust in her eyes and tongued the head of his cock as she stroked. She wasn’t even registering what Ryan was saying at this point.

“You want me to cum on that pretty little face while your boyfriend is listening?” Brad said softly.

Emily nodded desperately, stroking him faster. She felt like such a slut, but her panties were soaked.

“Fuck yeah, keep stroking that dick,” Brad said, not particularly quietly anymore. “I’m gonna spray those perfect tits of yours too, you little cheating slut.”

Emily pushed her naked chest out toward him and kept stroking. Soon, Brad let out a groan, and his first shot of cum landed right on Emily’s bouncing tits. Then she aimed his dick a little higher, closed her eyes, and stuck her tongue out. She felt him spray a few shots across her face and on her tongue. His cum tasted so good, somehow manlier than Ryan’s. “Mmmmm,” she couldn’t help but moan in delight.

Then she heard Ryan on the phone saying, “Um…hello? Hello? Sweetie?”

Quickly, she grabbed the phone and said, “Hey, baby, sorry, I just, um, I had to set the phone down for a second. That, uh, banana wasn’t enough so I had to get some yogurt too.” As she spoke, she was scooping up some of Brad’s cum off her tits and licking it off her finger.

“Oh…um, okay,” Ryan said.

She could tell he sounded a little weird, and she hoped he hadn’t heard too much. “You okay, sweetie?” she asked.

There was a pause, then Ryan said, “Uh, yeah, I’m fine.”

She let out a sigh of relief. “Oh good,” she said. Playing with the cum dripping down her lips, she said, “Umm, you wanna hang out later?”

“Sure,” Ryan said. “Wanna come over to my place later?”

“Definitely,” Emily said. “I can’t wait to give you a big kiss!”

She saw Brad stifling laughter. “Yeah, me too,” Ryan said, sounding excited. He clearly must not have been able to hear anything.

“Okay, bye, sweetie!” Emily said, hanging up the phone. She and Brad both burst out laughing.

“Thanks, slut,” Brad said. “Clean yourself up and go give your boyfriend that kiss.”


The following Friday, Emily spilled the entire story of what happened with her and Brad. By the time she was done, the girls were all crying laughing.

“Oh my god,” Chloe said. “I can’t believe Ryan couldn’t hear you slobbering all over Brad’s dick!”

“Well, he did ask me about it again when I saw him later that day,” Emily said. “He seemed a little suspicious, but I convinced him nothing happened.”

“You’re so bad, Emily,” Madison said. “You couldn’t just cheat on your boyfriend, you had to make him listen while you did!”

“Hey, he called me!” Emily said with a little laugh. “It’s not my fault it happened to be when I had a nice, big dick in my hand.”

“Mmm,” Madison half-moaned, feeling a little jealous. “What was it like?”

“Sooo good,” Emily said. “I mean, it was like, more than twice as big as Ryan’s. And even though I only sucked on it, it was so much fun to play with.”

“How did you convince Ryan you weren’t doing anything bad?” Jenny asked.

Emily shrugged, a mischievous smile on her face. “I mean, he said he heard some weird sounds and a guy’s voice. But I just shrugged it off and said it must have been the TV. Then I started making out with him and he forgot all about it!” The girls laughed and gasped. “Honestly, I know it makes me sound like a total slut, but it was kind of a turn on kissing him and knowing that another guy’s cum had been dripping down my lips that morning.”

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