We get up from our seats at our trendy downtown spot for lunch. We’ve already paid the bill.. So now we slowly head out the door of the restaurant.. But still in the buildings lobby. I start by taking my hands and cradle your face, your chin. I reach up and place my blush colored lips upon yours. I bite your lower lip slightly, then suck on it. Your hands upon the back of my head, your fingers through my long red hair. I take my lips and kiss each side of your face, towards your ears and begin to suck your earlobes with my lips. Then whisper sweet words, with my hot breath into your ear. Your hands still on the back of my head, your fingers running through my long red hair, you arch your neck to take in my hot steamy kisses.

Before we could go any further, you grab my hand and we enter the bathroom stall off to the right of the lobby. You know, it’s one of those glass ones, that you can see out, but no one can see in. Or so my girlfriend likes to believe. Anyway, I begin to send kisses down your long neck, down to the hollow between your breasts. You still have your shirt on. Unbuttoned down to the right spot; showing your slightly heaving chest. I know your not wearing your bra, its obvious. Being who you are, and being with you in public and with all this public display of affection, it just turns me on, in general, and for you.

You have the most tantalizing, beautiful body. I know you don’t like it.. But the body of a goddess. The right weight for your height. I begin to pull your shirt off your left shoulder and caress your skin there with my hands, followed by my blush colored lips. Then take your shirt off your right shoulder and caress you with my hands and send you kisses there as well. I begin to send kisses down your long torso. Kissing the hollow between your breast, leaving them in their wake. You give me a moan of protest. I know you like your breast touched, and your nipples sucked. But I want you to wait. I continue kissing your long torso, I lave my tongue in your belly button.

Then travel my kisses back up your long torso, and kiss each breast, first the underside of one, then the other. I take each breast and caress and lave each nipple. Taking my tongue over the top and then back down. You moan with pleasure. Your moaning turns me on even further. I take my velvet tongue and place it underneath your nipple, and my blush colored lips over its peak, and begin to suckle your breast.

My hand reaches up to caress your other nipple. The back of my hand sliding across its erect peak. I take and kiss your nipple one last time, you moan in disapproval. altyazı porno I take my blush colored lips upon your other breast and begin to suckle you there. You take your hands and place them on the back of my head again, and run my fingers through my long red hair. My hand caresses your already bathed nipple on your other breast. You like your nipples sucked, and I love to suckle them for you. I love having my velvet tongue underneath your nipple and my lips planted over the top and just suckle you.

Your nipples feel so good in my hot steamy mouth, and your breast feels so good in my hand. Not too much or too little meat.. But just the right amount of flesh and bone. I break away from your bathed nipples, and take both of my hands and cradle the sides of your breasts. Then hold your breasts in my hands and caress their aureoles and nipples. Running my thumbs across them, you let out a small whimper. I love to make out with you it turns me on. Being with you, touching you, caressing you, feeling your skin against my lips, my body against yours. You are so delicious.. So delectable. You fill my every senses. My eyes with your beauty, my nose with your sweet aroma, my mouth with your body, my ears with your soft little whimpers or protests.

I reach myself up and kiss you on your also blush colored lips. Taking you by surprise, I take my tongue and part your lips, you let my tongue dance with yours. I close my eyes, and take in this beautiful, sweet moment. You are just filling my every senses. Mind, heart, and soul. We kiss one last time, dancing our tongues together, before I take my hands and caress them down your body stopping at your breasts again. Caressing their sides and then the undersides, you let out a small whimper. I continue to kiss you further down your torso. Laving my tongue again in your belly button. Your hands on my head, fingers through my hair. I continue to lave there, then send kisses further down your torso.

In our playing, without realizing I think, you have hiked up your long skirt. I take my hands and kiss you right on your love place through your panties. You let out another slight whimper. I continue my kisses down each leg and then back up the inner sides of each leg. I take my hands and place them on your thighs, which is another place I love on you. In fact there are at least three places I truly love on you.. One is your beautiful swan like neck, the hollow between your collarbone. Two, your beautiful orbs, their aureoles, and gorgeous, sexy nipples. And last but not least.. Your beautifully sculpted thighs. amatör porno I take my hands and reach up and underneath the leg bands of your panties on each thigh.. And gently pull them off of you.

You slowly lift up one foot at a time to step out of them. I place them on top of your purse. I take my face closer to your sweet sensuous aroma between your luscious long sculpted legs. Your dancers legs, if you will. I take my tongue and probe your inner being. You slightly spread your long luscious legs apart. I take my velvet tongue and slide it down your lips, again and again, then slowly parting them.

Laving your sweet lips, suckling the sweet flavorful juices forming on you. I lave my tongue in your wetness, caressing the inner sides of your lips. Then delving my tongue deeper into you. I dart my tongue in and out, like an accordion, in and out, in and out. With my hands caressing your sweet little derriere, my tongue delving ever deeper into your wetness. You let out another whimper. This time a little louder then the last.

You are so into our kinky love making that I don’t believe you are even on this plane, this atmosphere, this earth. I continue to lave your love hole, darting my tongue deeper into your wetness. This time on the upswing I connect with your love button. Making you whimper and moan more. I lave my tongue in your wetness one more time, then place my blush colored lips upon your protruding love button. And begin to suckle you there.

Your hand caressing my head, entwining your long fingers in my hair. I slowly look up, careful not to stop suckling your love button. I see your free hand is not so free anymore. Your caressing your breast, taking your thumb and forefinger and rolling your nipple there. I continue to suckle your protruding love button, but slightly smile at what you are doing. I love to suckle your breast, your nipples, and also watch you caress them yourself. It makes me hotter. And right now we’re both about to flow. I get so turned on with our public display of love, that I completely shake with orgasm at the thought of you and me like this.

With that you begin to flow your sweet nectar onto my tongue, and into my mouth. I love to lave your sweet flavorful juices within my hot burning mouth. I begin to flow as well. I only wish my lover, you were there to catch my juices in your mouth. I love having my pussy sucked by you. Your tongue laving in my love hole, and caressing my love button on the upswing, then suckling my love button. But right now, we’re making each other flow. I’m concentrating animasyon porno on pleasuring my lover.. Nonetheless in a public place.

I continue to bathe and suckle your love button. You continue to flow your sweet flavorful juices onto my bathing tongue, and into my hot burning mouth. You start to shake, your body racks with pleasure, as well as mine, I can barely keep my mouth attached to your love mound, your protruding love button. You finally stop trembling, you regain your footing and I kiss your love place again.. Then slowly stand up and run my hands down your body, caressing every inch of you. I lave my tongue in your belly button. Then traveling my kisses up your torso.. To your breasts.. I lave each erect nipple, back and fourth. Making you whimper again. I love your little whimper, it’s so sweet to hear. It pleases me to hear it, knowing that you, my lover have been satisfied.

I take each nipple, one at a time into my mouth and slowly suckle them. Then give each erect nipple a kiss, twice, then travel my kisses further up your long torso, to the hollow between your collarbone, and lave my tongue there. I love that little place on you. Then I travel my kisses up your beautiful swan like neck. To reach your blush colored lips.. And kiss you. Then I hand you your shirt, and say to you.. You might want to put this back on.. Everyone can see your beautiful orbs. With that, you look down at yourself, and then at the adoring fans of us and completely go sixteen shades of red. And totally shriek.

After the shock of what has happened, I kiss you one more time on your sweet blush colored lips, parting them with my probing tongue, you letting our tongues dance together. You quietly put your shirt back on, and start to button it.. I take your hands and help you button your shirt.. Helping you, as I am partly responsible for having kinky sex with you, my lover in a crowded public place. When we are done, I kiss you one more time on your lips. And slowly bend down and pull your skirt down, and pick up your panties I threw over your purse, and hand them to you along with your purse and say, you might want to hide these too. Slyly grinning at you, I lean into you and whisper in your ear.. You, my love were great, thank you, for filling one of my fantasies. With that I take your hand in mine and as we walk out of the building, there’s a thunderous applause from a small group of people gathered there, taking in our love making. You blush, then I lean up on my toes and give you a long tongue filled kiss.

We break the kiss and I place my hand in the air to hail a cab. The driver pulls to the curb and we get into the car. I sit as close to you as I can, with my hand resting on your knee.. And my head leaning on your shoulder. You tell me, “next time you do that to me.. I will have to put you over my knee.”

I whisper to you, “with pleasure I hope?”

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