Going Deep


Dr. Derek Evans sat back and watched his patient’s chest rise and fall with deep, even breaths. Her eyes moved rapidly beneath closed lids. Parted lips were indicative of a relaxed jaw. Long legs and arms were stretched out, resting comfortably. Dr. Evans took a sip of water and prepared to steer them into unfamiliar territory.

“Ok, Miranda,” he began in a soothing voice, “you are completely relaxed. You have now focused on and relaxed every muscle in your face and scalp… neck and shoulders… chest, arms, abdomen… hips and legs. Your entire body feels weightless. Are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Very good.” Dr. Evans sat forward, the better to see his subject. “Now, as we’ve been discussing the past few weeks, we are going to go back in time to the evening of your twenty-fifth birthday. I will be here to guide you along. Okay?”

“Yes,” she whispered again, barely audibly.

“Very well. I will count from five down to one, during which time you will become even more deeply relaxed, and at the count of one, you will find yourself back on the evening of your twenty-fifth birthday, prior to the party.” He made a quick check of her eyes and hands to determine the depth of her trance. Pleased with what he saw, Dr. Evans continued, “Five… More deeply relaxed with each exhaled breath. Four… Moving back through time, through the years. Three… Back to your twenty-fifth birthday. Two… More and more relaxed. One. It is now the evening of your twenty-fifth birthday. Describe what you see.”

Miranda’s chest swelled as she took a deep breath. Dr. Evans felt a stirring response in his pants.

“Andrew.” Her voice was softer than usual. Breathy. “He’s putting out bowls of snacks and setting up the bar. He sent me back to the bedroom to change. He doesn’t like the jeans I’m wearing. He is telling me to wear a short black dress.”

“Ok, good. Let’s move along to when the party gets going. I’ll count to three then you’ll be there. One… Two… Three. Ok, now, the party is in full force. What do you see?”

“A few guys from Andrew’s office, one of his old fraternity brothers,” she answered slowly. “They’re standing around a beer keg, laughing.”

“Very good, Miranda. What happens now?” Dr. Evans already knew what was going to happen. He and Miranda had been over it ad infinitum. His Dockers were beginning to tent in anticipation and he cursed himself for being a fucking pervert.

“They’re drunk,” she whispered. He had to strain to hear her, but he couldn’t bring himself to interrupt and ask her to speak more loudly. She continued, “Allison and Bobby went home and there are no other girls here besides me. Andrew is trying to show me off, but I keep stopping him.”

“What is he doing? How is he showing you off?” Dr. Evans licked dry lips and reminded himself of the number of years he spent in school and the amount of money he still owed for student loans fifteen years later.

“He keeps pulling my skirt up in front of his yalova escort friends… He’s saying, ‘Look at this… pussy!’ Oh God!” She started to breathe very rapidly.

Dr. Evans interrupted in a calming tone, “You’re ok, Miranda. It’s all in the past. Remember that I’m here with you now. This time, your twenty-fifth birthday will be different. We’re creating a new memory. Now, when you feel my hand on your shoulder, you will once again be fully and completely relaxed.” He leaned over and put firm pressure on her shoulder for a moment, seeing her body go limp almost immediately. “Very good. Ok, you may continue.”

“He’s grabbing my breasts… I keep brushing his hands away. He’s annoyed with me now, but his friends are still laughing. He pulls my hands together over my head and tells Gary to hold me that way. Tying my hands. Andrew is tying my hands with white rope.”

“Where are you now?” The doctor noticed his voice getting a bit hoarse and took another swig of water.

“In the middle of the living room. Andrew took down the fern and Gary is hanging my hands from the plant hook on the ceiling.”

“Ok, Miranda. What are you feeling right now?” Dr. Evans noticed Miranda’s skirt had begun to creep up under her bottom. Confirming that her eyes were still closed, he allowed himself a moment to enjoy a glimpse of firm thigh. He felt his wife glaring at him from her picture on the credenza.

“I’m feeling kind of sexy. I’ve had a couple of drinks, too, so I’m a little more… open-minded than I might normally be.”

“And what’s happening now?”

“I’m standing here, sort of hanging by my hands. Andrew just came in with scissors and… he’s cutting my dress! He cut the bottom hem about six inches shorter than it was. Now he’s taking the cloth he cut and covering my eyes with it. Tying it behind my head.” She squeezed her eyes more tightly closed.

“Yes, Miranda. Keep going. What happens next?”

“He’s cutting my dress down the middle. I can feel it fall open. The guys are all getting pretty rowdy. I hear them…” She took a shuddering breath and continued, “Someone, Andrew, I think, is poking the scissors into my breast. Cutting off my bra. I can feel it hanging now from my shoulders. I can feel the air on my stomach and… nipples. I’m nervous and embarrassed, but this is turning me on, too.”

“Good, good. Acknowledge the feelings.”

“The air on my skin feels lovely. Makes me feel lovely, actually. The blindfold makes me feel… I don’t know. Daring?”

“Excellent. What happens next?”

“Andrew asked Sam to hand him the candle from the kitchen table. Everyone is really quiet now- oh!” Miranda squirmed, rubbing her breast. “Hot wax! He dripped the wax on me! So hot-”

“Where did he drip it?”

“Here.” Miranda whispered, massaging a nipple, which rose to prominence beneath her conservative blouse. “And down my- Cold!” She bucked her hips and reached both hands under her skirt and buried them yozgat escort inside her panties. “Ice… he’s putting an ice cube right here. Oh god! Putting it inside me and someone else is dripping the candle wax on my other nipple. The ice is so cold…” Her voice trailed off as her hands worked to free the imaginary ice cube.

The doctor took a deep breath through flared nostrils and croaked, “Please, continue. What are you feeling now, Miranda?” He scowled at the picture on his credenza

“Decadent.” She laughed quietly, wickedly. “I’ve never been bad before. I think I like it.” Stretching her arms above her head, she arched her back and wriggled her behind sensuously, skirt now hiked up to her waist.

The doctor was jolted; his wife had said nearly the same thing to him early in their marriage. He would have liked to pursue that train of thought, but now wasn’t the time. “Okay, Miranda. I’m going to count to three once again and we’ll move ahead to the next significant event. One. Two. Three.”

“Andrew is raging at me. Calling me a cunt because I was enjoying his friends’ looking at me. He’s fuming. I’m still blindfolded, but I hear one of the guys leaving. He told Andrew to let me down and Andrew said he could fuck off. I’m trying to pull off the blindfold, but it’s too tight…” Her voice faded as sobs welled up.

Dr. Evans noted the tears that began to fall. He noted, too, that Miranda attempted to pull her arms and legs closer to her center, in a protective position. “What happens next?” he asked

“Oh!” Miranda jerked her body away from an invisible tormentor. “Hot. Sticky. One of them just ejaculated on my stomach! I hear Andrew laughing. Nasty laugh.” Her pretty face contorted with disgust.

“You’re doing great, Miranda. This will be cathartic, you’ll see. Go on, please.” In the mind of the doctor, disgust warred with envy.

“Andrew is goading them, encouraging them to come all over me. I think there are maybe four of them.” She sniffed loudly. “Someone… someone just did it on my ass. Someone ejaculated on my ass. I can’t see anything. I can’t see who it was…”

“All right. From now on, Andrew and his friends will only do what I say they do. They will all be sitting on the sofa unless I say otherwise. Today we’re going to change the past, Miranda. That sound okay to you?” Dr. Evans waited for her nod before continuing. “So, now Andrew, Gary and Sam are sitting quietly. Who else is there?”

“I think David is still here. Steve left earlier when Andrew told him to fuck off .” Miranda was resting comfortably, arms overhead, although her skirt remained bunched around her hips. Dr. Evans looked away from her pink satin panties.

He cleared his throat. “Okay. So you are now blindfolded, hanging from the ceiling by your hands, and wearing nothing but panties and the tattered remnants of a black dress and bra. One of the men stands up. It’s Sam. He brushes his lips across your navel. Can you feel that?”

“Yes.” ankara escort She whispered.

“Very good. Sam is now caressing your right breast with his hands. He takes your nipple into his mouth and pulls deeply. You feel a hand brush down the roundness of your bottom. It’s David, and he kneels and buries his face in your cleft, then presses soft kisses on your buttocks. Another mouth begins working your left nipple. It’s Gary. He licks you with a soft touch, in contrast to Sam’s strong mouth on the other side.” Dr. Evans paused for a swallow of water and a dick realignment. Miranda’s hips had begun to hump almost imperceptibly. Her nipples strained against her blouse, erect as if they truly were being licked and sucked.

“God, it feels so good,” she breathed.

“The scissors are cold against your hip as Andrew cuts through the sides of your underwear. They cling to you deliciously as he grabs a handful of the fabric and pulls them off.” On the sofa, Miranda opened her legs a bit. “Yes, Miranda. You’re doing well. Now, Gary and Sam each take one of your legs, opening you wide. Andrew takes his place between your knees. You feel his hair brush your inner thighs. His tongue laps at your clitoris and his lips suck yours.” At that moment, the doctor couldn’t have torn his eyes away if the building were on fire. His patient’s lips were flushed and full, hands clasped together above her head as she writhed and bucked in her trance. He continued with the guided imagery.

“Andrew begins to suck your clitoris at the same pace Gary and Sam are sucking your nipples. Tell me how it feels, Miranda.” To his own ears, his voice sounded husky. He hoped she didn’t notice.

“Mmm… incredible. I’m close. So close…” Extraordinary, Dr. Evans thought. Miranda looked and sounded as if she were truly nearing orgasm, despite the fact that there had been no physical contact. The clock told him it was time to finish her off.

“As the three men continue to pleasure you with their mouths, your vagina is slowly filled with a thick, ridged rubber penis. David is pushing it into you inch by inch until you feel it press against your womb.”

Miranda’s head was moving side to side and her mouth silently formed the word, “Yes.”

“There is an almost musical rhythm created by the three sucking mouths combined with the penetration of the phallus. You know you are beautiful, a goddess, being worshipped by four men and your womanhood weeps with the knowledge.” Another gulp of water and he was ready for the big finish. “The dildo David wields picks up speed as he pumps it in and out of you. In to the hilt, out with a pop. In, out. In, out. In-“

“Oh God! Oh my God!” Miranda’s body rocked with orgasm.

Dr. Evans felt a wet pearl deposit itself in his white Hanes.

As he walked her out of the office, the doctor noted that his patient’s legs seemed a bit shaky and her face was still flushed.

“Thank you, Doctor. I think I can finally put the past to rest.” She smiled impishly. “And your wife is a very lucky woman.”

As he closed the door behind her, Dr. Evans glanced once more at the attractive woman in the photograph on his credenza. Gathering his briefcase, he murmured, “It’s been a while, but I’m going to remind us both how lucky we are.”

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