Going Green


Brie made a final check of the address on her phone as she scoured the street through the windows of the slowing bus. Already ten minutes late she was thankful the office building was so close to the stop, leaping from the doors the moment they opened.

$200 for three hours work, she bit her lip as she entered the building hoping her tardiness wouldn’t derail the job opportunity arranged by her employment agency before it even began. With no reception desk, she hurried to a list of businesses beside the elevators, searching for the appropriate floor.

CD Promotions-25th Floor, she read and rolled her eyes. Of course it would be second from the top of the building, she bemoaned, hammering the call button of the lift, willing it to arrive as soon as possible.

Taj slammed the door of the uber behind him, his regular driver laughing and yelling out an encouragement to ‘run’ as he weaved his way across the busy road toward the same office building. Nearly fifteen minutes late by his reckoning, he cursed a slow moving Prius and skirted the rear of a departing bus as he dashed the last few yards to the entrance.

Entering the lift, Brie tapped the button for her floor and reached into her handbag for a mirror, a final check of her makeup before making a first impression, albeit a late one. The doors were slow to shut and her hand shot out to tap the close door button just as she caught sight of a man running towards her.

“Hold the lift,” Taj pleaded as he sprinted toward the closing elevator, only to see the two doors come together as if in a mocking clap, catching the sympathetic grimace of the girl inside as she raised a compact to her face. “Fuck!” Taj hissed under his breath, wondering if he should attempt the stairs but already puffing from his unexpected exertion, quickly put it out of his mind.

The lift was painfully slow and it gave Brie time to wonder what work she was actually showing up for? Marketing and promotion, had been the description given by her employment agency. Vague, but with prior experience it usually meant handing out energy drinks at train stations or flogging charities to pedestrians annoyed at being stopped in the street.

With thankfully no stops along the way, the elevator finally reached its destination and Brie followed a hand written sign directing her to a conference room at the end of the hall. A glass wall revealed two speakers, an assembly of twenty or so seated before them, and as she opened the appropriately squeaky door to the room, all heads turned in her direction.

“We started fifteen minutes ago!” An attractive woman in tight grey business slacks and white blouse informed her. “Just please take a seat.”

Allowing the vociferously protesting door to close of its own volition, Brie slinked toward one of the few remaining chairs at the rear of the group, just glad the majority of faces had again concentrated on the speaker.

“So we need you to be the spirit of Froggy Pops…” The woman began before the sound of the door again opening had the entire group turning back toward Brie. This time however past her to the guy Brie’s elevator had closed upon.

“Sorry, this is CD Promotions?” Taj asked, self conscious the entire room was focused on him.

“Well we’re obviously not the ministry of punctuality!” The other presenter, a young exec with too perfect skin and hair, helpfully assisted.

“Yeah sorry, there was an accident on the freeway,” Taj tried to explain as the door noisily accompanied his entrance.

“Well WE all managed to make it here on time,” the presenter countered and Taj immediately formed a hatred of him. “Can you just join the group and you can regale us all with your wondrous adventures afterwards.”

Eyeing one of the last remaining seats, Taj looked at the girl in the next, her face, unlike the others still fixed on his. The recollection was immediate and he pointed at her accusatorially as he sat down beside her, smiling.

“You’re one of the reasons I’m late!” Taj whispered, her face turning red as he spoke.

“I’m sorry, I tried to hold it but I was too late,” Brie defended herself, aware she was blushing. Was it embarrassment or shame, the reason she felt so anxious she wondered? Or that he was possibly the hottest guy she’d ever laid her eyes upon? Turning back to face the speakers, she reasoned it was probably a combination of all three.

The two presenters waxed lyrically on the merits of their new breakfast cereal, its energy and protein advantages, as Brie, still facing forward leaned to her side, closer to her tardy compatriot.

“You know it was why I was late as well!” She whispered, referring to the accident.

“Yeah? The freeway? I can’t blame it totally though; maybe if I’d had my Froggy Pops this morning I might’ve made the lift!” Taj whispered in response and Brie couldn’t hold back the snorting laugh that leapt from her, dropping her face as eyes once again turned in their direction.

“May I go on?” The male speaker inquired of Taj who managing to contain his composure nodded accordingly. “Thank you. So summing up, what are we?” He shouted to the audience.

“Froggies! Froggies! Froggies!” The gathered participants superman lois izle chimed.

“And what do we say?” The female speaker added.

As one the seated audience, all but Taj and Brie, began croaking as frogs.

“Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit…” They sang in unison as the two latecomers turned to face each other in bewilderment.

“What the fuck!?” Taj mouthed amid the chanting which caused Brie to again burst into a bout of laughter.

“…Ribbit, ribbit,” the male presenter chorused. “That’s right guys, be one with the frog! Now come up and collect your uniform and let’s get out there and show the world what Froggy Pops is all about!”

Joining the rear of the throng, Taj and Brie filed towards the front of the room, both thinking the same thing without expressing it to one another. What the hell had they signed up to and what the fuck had they missed in the fifteen minutes prior?

With the other participants claiming their uniforms from large boxes marked “guys” and “girls,” Taj and Brie finally made it to the front to be faced by the leaders. Taj taking it upon himself to speak for the both of them.

“Yeah look sorry we were late, is there anything we need to know about what we’ll be doing?”

With a sour look on her face, the woman with a name badge that read Vanessa handed a green parcel to Brie and corresponding to Taj.

“We don’t have time to run through the training again for you two, bus leaves in ten,” she forced herself to convey. “We’ll need your social security details and you’ll have to get changed. You can get a rundown on the bus. To be honest,” she scowled. “Brad and I aren’t happy with either of you promoting Froggy Pops’ good name. You can consider yourselves fortunate we need you to make up the numbers!”

Chastened, though bemused, Taj and Brie filled out their details before being directed toward separate alcoves off the conference room.

Brie entered the space and immediately had flashbacks of high school change rooms. Nine other females, some still naked, most already sliding into the gaudy green lycra they’d been given. Finding an empty chair, Brie placed down her handbag and removed her own costume from the provided bag, a green felt frog mask and matching spandex or lycra full length bodysuit with attached booties. “Oh God,” she whispered to herself as she again scanned her peers. She could have been backstage at the Miss America pageant such were the perfect bodies on display. The majority of the girls blonde, tanned, silicon aplenty and as far as she could tell, not a pube shared amongst them.

Taj recognised a couple of the other guys from modelling jobs. Only on nodding acquaintance, he kept to himself and tried not to look at the other cocks being openly displayed as they changed into the frog suits. The whole scenario strange, he reasoned with wearing the mask, at least no one would recognise him in such a comical guise.

Her clothes removed and most of the room emptied, Brie had the lycra half way up her legs when Vanessa entered the vicinity. “No, no no. You ever see a frog with a vpl?” She challenged and Brie instinctively knew she was aiming the question at her, the woman approaching.

“No underwear!” She continued as the few remaining girls turned their eyes on Brie.

“Um, really?” Brie resisted, the bodysuit up around her thighs and already restrictively tight on her leg.

“We want you to be one with the frog!” Vanessa explained.

“Um, ok,” Brie relented. “Actually you wouldn’t have a larger sized costume would you?” She asked, sliding the lycra back down her legs.

“Oh yeah sure Hon, let me just look out back,” Vanessa mockingly replied and Brie at once knew she was joking. “Ah no! It’s one size fits all. And it’s not a ‘costume,’ it’s a uniform. It’s a statement. Now please get changed, bus leaves in five.”

Taking that as the final word, Brie quickly removed her bra and panties, her thatch of dark pubic hair reminding her the outcast she’d rapidly become among the group. As expected the bodysuit was a struggle to get over her hips. She didn’t consider herself fat but compared to the potential lingerie models around her, she was definitely chunky. A hidden zipper ran up the front of the suit and sealing it, Brie’s breasts bulged through the thin material, the shadow of her nipples clearly visible. It wasn’t all. Leaning forward she spied the mound her pussy made, eyeing another girl as she left the room; the same situation. “Oh God!” She again mouthed.

It was just as uncomfortable looking around the room now as it had been when the other men were naked, Taj mused. The lycra bodysuits did nothing to obscure their genitalia, the varied size of his peers starkly obvious. Many of the guys repositioned themselves or in some cases actively pulled on their cock to inflate their appearance as well as their ego; Taj amazed they were dressed this way to promote an essentially children’s breakfast cereal.

With his frog mask under one arm, his bag of clothes in the other, Taj followed the group back into the conference room where the girls were mingling. The sight was nothing short of beautiful, although ridiculous taiwan crime stories izle could also have been used. Gorgeous women all, dressed from throat to toe in the tightest of clothing, the green fabric hugging their perfect bodies like a second skin. And then entered his fellow latecomer. A full head shorter than the majority of the other girls, it was her awkwardness though that stood her out from the crowd. Her self awareness. And her body.

Taj could have stared at her all day. Not the lithe Barbie doll figure of the others, she had curves, the bodysuit revealing all of them. Large breasts, hips of a woman. He couldn’t help himself but to look at her crotch, the triangular bulge of pussy. She had let her brown hair down; nearly shoulder length, it swayed as she turned her head and her eyes scanned the room as if searching. And they alighted on him.

“This is awful!” Brie laughed as they came together. Keep your eyes up Brie. Keep your eyes up Brie. She screamed at herself as she faced him. His dick was right there! She’d seen it from across the room, leaving nothing to the imagination. So close to him now, it was the rest of his body she had to contend with. His arms, the biceps bulging out of the suit. Surely he was flexing, she thought. His chest and the ripple of abs. He looked like a superhero, she marvelled.

“Tell me about it!” Taj concurred chuckling. “I just had to see the junk of nine other dudes. It wasn’t pretty back there!”

On impulse Brie reached out and touched his arm, sharing the joke, an unintentional connection between the two. The frog mask fell from her grasp and Taj immediately dropped to his knee to retrieve it for her.

Don’t look at her pussy. Don’t look at her pussy. He repeated in his mind but couldn’t help the quickest of glances as he arose to his feet, the mound right there. Inches from his face, his lips. Her own smiling in thanks as he handed the item back to her.

“This is a great day for Froggy Pops guys,” Brad extolled. “Today the croak of a new dawn in breakfast cereal begins. And you all are part of history. What do we say?”

Again the group broke out in a chorus of ‘ribbits,’ Taj whispering to Brie. “Oh here we go again,” to which she broke out in laughter, unselfconsciously burying her face into his shoulder, once more caressing his arm. This time Taj did flex, hoping she felt his muscles, and was impressed.


“Groups of two if you could,” Vanessa conducted as they entered the bus. “Guy and a girl, if you can organize amongst yourselves. As far to the rear as possible please, we could only get the small bus today.”

“Me and you?” Taj proposed to Brie as they waited for other couples to climb aboard.

“Oh big surprise there!” Vanessa overheard his offer and decided to give her opinion.

Ignoring her, Brie smiled and stepped up onto the bus hoping he would look at her ass as he followed.

He did. Two steps above him her rear rose to eye level and he feasted on the curve of her buttocks. Stretching the fabric to its limit, her globes bulged out either side of the dark crevice of her ass crack. The desire to press his face into, overwhelming. Ascending, he almost did as Brie stopped short before him.

“No more seats,” the driver advised. “You’ll have to stand.”

Brie shrugged, looking back at Taj. “We can do that.”

“You two will be first off anyway, it won’t be long,” Vanessa added in her first moment of civility toward the pair.

She made to turn away and Taj called her back. “Weren’t you going to give us a rundown on the bus?”

A look of recollection came to her face before she shrugged.

“Oh there’s really not much to it, hand out the samples until they’re gone and wait to be picked up.”

The doors of the bus began to close as the engine kicked into gear and Vanessa’s face changed with a look of concern. “Oh and whatever you do don’t sq…”

The doors closed on her final words and jolting as the driver ground gears, the bus set off along the road.

“What did she say?” Taj looked at Brie who shook her head blankly, her knuckles white as she held onto a hand rail.

He looked around at the closest couples who seemed uninterested in his affairs before gazing back at Brie. “It was probably nothing. I’m Taj by the way,” he held out his hand and Brie accepted it as the bus suddenly accelerated, causing her to fall forward against him. To Brie’s delight he caught her, the hand holding his possessions clutching her side as her breasts pressed his chest.

“Taj? As in Mahal?” She asked as she reluctantly stepped back, their physical connection broken.

“Uh huh, my parents were hippies,” he conceded.

“Brie,” she offered.

“Two e’s?”

“No, like the cheese!” She smiled. “Mom’s favourite.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Could have been worse. You might’ve been named Gorgonzola!”

The bus again jolted and instinctively Taj returned his hand to her hip to steady her giggling frame, delighted when her own hand rose to hold his upper arm.

“What’s with these suits?” Brie mused, still laughing from the cheese joke. “I feel more like a camel terim izle than a frog!”

“A camel?” Taj furrowed his brow.

“Yeah, you know,” Brie replied, a red hue forming on her face. “Down there!” She nodded down her body toward her groin.

For a moment Taj didn’t cotton on, following her eyes downwards until feeling foolish, he realised she meant the cameltoe that had formed at her crotch. Blushing himself at the sudden mention of her pussy he looked back up into her brown eyes, lined with mascara, a blueish green eye shadow. “Hey it’s alright for girls,” he countered. “You’re all pretty much the same down there. What about me? I feel like I’m smuggling a stick of salami down my pants.”

“Salami?” Brie raised her eyebrows smiling.

“Well maybe a pickle and some olives!” He laughed, becoming closer to the girl both physically and emotionally the more time they spent.

“I mean, add some wine and they all go well with Brie!” Brie laughed, amazed at herself for speaking so openly about such things, even euphemistically.

“Business district,” the driver interrupted their bonding as the bus came to a halt. “That’s you two,” he added as the doors opened. “You can leave your belongings on the bus. They’ll be safe.” He motioned his head up to the storage rack and Taj deposited his bag, followed by Brie’s, the two of them retaining their frog masks. Off the bus the driver opened the holding compartment to the rear and began unloading cardboard boxes onto the sidewalk. Ten all up, Taj helped retrieve the last few as Brie looked at their surroundings.

The afternoon rush was yet to begin. Post lunch business people heading back to the office, eyeing her inquisitively in her green garb.

“So you guys have this corner,” the bus driver explained. “I’ll be back in roughly three hours. Be right here or I’m moving on. Got it?”

“Got it,” Taj concurred, nodding to one of his acquaintances that waved from a window as the driver moved the bus along.

“So how do I look?” Brie called from behind him and he turned to see she’d donned the mask. An oversized smiling frogs head looking back at him.

“Honestly,” pretty comfortable their relationship had progressed far enough to be truthful. “Like a really sexy Kermit!” Taj offered, laughing.

He thinks I’m sexy! Is what Brie took out of it. All of those girls back there on the bus with their perfect bodies and fake tans and he thinks I’m sexy. Her face burned under the mask, not only from the heat. She took it off and smiled back at him to show his comment hadn’t been out of line.

“You know it’s a lot better with the mask on,” she admitted. “You don’t feel so self conscious.”

“Yeah cause why would we be self conscious, it’s not like we’re essentially naked, parading ourselves on a street corner or anything!” He reached for a box and moved it against the wall of the building they stood before, Brie quickly helping in the endeavour.

“It’s not going to take us three hours to hand all this out,” Brie opined.

“There’s a park across the street,” Taj noted. “We can go and hide out there once we’ve finished.”

“Good thinking. We’ll be perfectly camouflaged,” Brie agreed.

“If there’s a pond we might never leave!” Taj added and once again Brie laughed at his joke. Her cheeks beginning to hurt. That hadn’t happened in years, she thought.

The boxes against the wall, Taj broke open one and examined the contents, pulling out a small plastic wrapped sachet. “Oh Jesus, look at theses things,” he remarked, holding out the opened packet to Brie.

Reaching in she took one between her fingers and held it up before them. A small green ball of indescribable substance.

“Gone on I dare you,” Taj challenged. “Eat it. Be one with the Froggy Pop!”

Brie popped the cereal in her mouth without hesitation, a crunch and it had dissolved.

Taj looked on with a worried expression.

“Are you okay?” He asked bemused. “Do I need to call the paramedics?”

Brie shrugged, swallowing the remainder that hadn’t disappeared entirely.

“Actually they’re not that bad!” She admitted. “Kind of like Froot Loops without the other colors.”

“That’s not a ringing endorsement,” he countered, looking at the ingredients. “Yep, as I thought. First ingredient, sugar!”

“Probably why they’re so delicious,” Brie giggled, taking another small handful form the pack. “Have some.”

“I’ll rely on your opinion,” Taj smiled getting goosebumps from the sound of her chewing, enjoying watching her mouth move, her lips. Such kissable lips, he thought. “You seem trustworthy.”


The street’s pedestrian traffic was sporadic at best. The small baskets they found in the boxes to hold the sample packs were emptying way too slowly. With the mask over his face, Taj had free reign to admire Brie’s body without being suspicious or overly creepy. It was, (creepy) he acknowledged, but he couldn’t help himself. The green lycra turned an almost white where it stretched against her curves, it was so tight. Her nipples poking noticeably, even the darker shadow of her areola visible. But it was her crotch where his eyes often returned. The twin mounds of labia sitting below her pubic bulge. And was it pubic hair he could see through the material? Definitely a triangle of darker skin. When she turned and he admired her ass there was no panty line, so clearly it wasn’t her underwear. He forced himself to look away as he felt the arousal. An erection is most certainly something he didn’t want, he reasoned!

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