Gold Card Ch. 04


By the time I arrived home I was exhausted, physically, sexually and mentally. I used my Gold Card three times that day and each of those three times I had an incredible sexual experience. Even in my late teens and early twenties I rarely came as much as three times in a day, even during my masturbation marathons, but I’m in my fifties now yet somehow I get it up and actually come three times in a day.

Once in my bedroom, I pulled off my clothes, threw them in a heap somewhere near the clothes hamper and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Letting the hot water splash on my face and body seemed to ease some of the aches and pains I had felt hobbling into the house. I may now have the cock of a twenty year old, but it’s still a fifty something body. Taking the soap I scrubbed myself off, gingerly working on and around my cock and balls. As I washed I could feel my cock responding to the stimulation and it began to get hard once again. Immediately I rinsed off, grabbed a towel, stepped out of the shower and dried myself off.

Unfortunately, my quick exit from the shower didn’t slow my cock down, so I soon found myself standing in front of the mirror looking at my old body with a huge, erect cock. I say huge, it was nothing monstrous, but I’d swear it looked bigger than I had ever seen it. Figuring I had already come three times earlier in the day, there was no way I’d ever do it again, I went ahead and pulled on my jockey shorts and tee shirt and climbed into bed hoping it would eventually subside.

Well, after two hours of gingerly tossing and turning with a hard cock I figured something had to be done. I thought about simply looking for some porn on the internet and flailing away at myself, but I just didn’t think I could get there, not for the fourth time in just over twelve hours. Remembering the nimble fingered pharmacist I decided that if anyone would get me off it would be her. I got out of bed, threw on some shorts and my shoes and headed over the drug store.

Fortunately it was a twenty four hour store and was still open. I rushed into the store and asked the cashier, “Is the pharmacist in, the big girl?”

“Well, yes but…”

I didn’t hear her finish what she was saying, instead I headed back to the pharmacy. When I reached the window there was a steel shutter over all the windows back into the pharmacy. I banged on the shutter but no one answered. Looking at a sign I saw that the pharmacy closed at nine pm, “But she said the pharmacist was adana escort still here,” I said to myself.

Suddenly, I got a good idea, I’d simply purchase something with the Gold Card and certainly they’d call the pharmacist to take me back to her office and do whatever that divine thing it was she did with her hands. Heading back past the shelves of candy, I picked up a single candy bar that was on clearance, thirty-three cents. I handed the bar to the cashier who quickly scanned it and said, “Okay, that’s thirty six cents.” Pulling the Gold Card out of my wallet, I handed it to her.

“The Gold Card? It’s only thirty-six cents, you sure you want to use the card?”

“Yes, I was in earlier and used it, I need to use it again.”

“Okay, but there are different levels of rewards from using the card.”

“Yes, I understand, I just need to use it.”

“Okay,” she said reaching for the microphone, “Carolyn, we have a Gold Card user here.”

I waiting impatiently for a few minutes when Carolyn appeared, not wearing her pharmacy jacket, but instead just blue jeans and a tee shirt. As she came up near the registers she looked at me and said, “Gold Card user?”

I nodded. She reached out grabbed my hand and started leading me back to the pharmacy, but suddenly I heard the cashier say, “Carolyn, the amount on the Gold Card was thirty-six cents.”

She stopped and repeated, “Thirty-six cents?”

Turning she began leading me away from the pharmacy area over toward the film processing area. She opened a door and led me inside saying, “You can sit there, as you know the rewards for the card varies. For this purchase you can watch for your enjoyment.” She smiled and then backed out of the door, closing it behind her.

It was almost completely dark, but as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I noticed there was a few other chairs around me and then there was a glass wall to another room where some other chairs were arranged. Looking over there I jumped a bit as I saw a woman sitting in one of the chairs watching me. She smiled and meekly waved and then asked, “Are you a Gold Card user?”

“Yeah,” I replied, wondering how I was able to hear her so well through the glass wall. Looking closer I saw there was a small opening through which we could talk. “I didn’t have any change, so I used it.”

“Me too,” she replied, “I dropped off a prescription and then grabbed some gum, but didn’t bring any cash. I had to use the adıyaman escort card and they led me here.”

“Have you used the card much today?” I asked her.

Blushing, she replied, “Yes.”

“How many times?”

“Six, seven counting now.”

“I know, it’s three for me, or four counting now.”

“Four, that’s a lot for a guy your…”

“My age?”

She tilted her head and nodded.

“Strangest thing, I hadn’t been able to do anything like this. Yet I am horny again.”

“I can see that,” she replied.

Glancing down I saw the bulge in my pants and moved some to try to adjust it so it wasn’t so conspicuous.

“Oh no, no, don’t do that. I liked what I saw, you see, I’m pretty horny myself.”

Relaxing some, I sat so she had a clear view of my bulge. “Is that better?”

“Yes, but would you mind touching it, I’d like to see that?”

“You want me to touch myself for you?”

She nodded, her face flushing red with embarrassment.

“Only if you touch yourself,” I replied, not expecting her to take up the dare.

I watched as she reached down, grabbed the leg opening for her shorts and pulled the shorts and her panties aside, exposing her pussy to me. The then reached her fingers down and moving them side to side, she opened her pussy lips.

Reaching down I closed my hand over the bulge in my shorts and began stroking up and down. We continued for several seconds until she said, “Now is this fair? I’m showing you mine and all you’re doing is stroking yourself through your shorts.”

With that I stood up, pulled my shorts and underwear down, carefully stepped out of them and sat back down. Amazingly the woman in the other room did the same. I scooted the chair up close to the glass wall and watched as she did the same.

Leaning back in the chair I reached down and began stroking my cock just as she leaned back, actually putting her feet up on the glass and move her fingers down her slit. I watched as first two, then three fingers slipped into her pussy and then re-emerged, glistening in the dim light. Her fingers then slid back up her slit opening it up as they moved. She began teasing her clit, lightly touching it and then moving away for a few seconds then returning. Lifting her hips, she pushed herself up as her fingers began to make slow circles over her tiny nub.

While she was working on her clit I continued stroking myself, initially convinced nothing afyon escort would happen for me, but damn if it wasn’t starting to feel pretty good. I tightened my fist and slid it quickly up and down over just the glans and in just moments I was raising my hips trying to fuck my hand.

Looking back over at the woman I saw her moving her hips up and down wildly and I could hear her breathing. Suddenly she moaned, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” and her body suddenly tensed up and then just as quickly seemed to relax. I could see she had moved her fingers from her clit and had pushed them into herself.

Just seeing her orgasm sent me over the edge and I felt the pleasure shoot through me as my cock spurted my white cum onto the glass. The thick glob splashed and then slowly ran down the window in several trails. I didn’t have anything around to clean up with so I grabbed my jockeys and pulled them back on letting the last droplets of cum that had run down my cock absorb into the cotton fabric. Pulling on my shorts I wiped the cum from my hands.

I could see the woman was pulling her shorts back on. I looked at her said, “Hey I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m not really sure I want you to know my name.”

“What about just first names, hell, you can give me a phony name if you wish,” I said.

“I’m Susan,” she replied quickly.

“Okay, I’m Ted.”

“Is that your real name Ted?”

“Is Susan yours?”

She smiled and shrugged.

“Look Susan, I want to know more about this Gold Card thing, I mean I’ve had it only a day but it’s simply unbelievable what I have gotten for it.”

“I’ve only had mine for a day and I understand. Hey,” she said reaching for her purse. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it. Handing it to me through the opening in the glass she continued, “Here’s my email address, you can fill me in on what happens to you and I’ll do the same, what’s your email?”

I told her my email address, watching her write it down. When she finished I said, “I think I’m going to head home, try to get some sleep before I use this Gold Card again.”

“That’s a good idea. If anything happens email me tomorrow,” she replied turning to head toward a door.

“Bye,” I said waving. I opened the door seeing Susan right away. We kind of awkwardly walked toward the exit, trying to act as if we didn’t know each other. I know I was trying not to picture what we had just done together, afraid I might get my cock to growing again.

As we passed the cashier she asked, “Well, how was the show?”

“Show? What show?” I asked.

Susan looked at me, shrugged and then headed out of the door. Without waiting for the cashier to answer my question I followed Susan out and headed to my car, hoping to get home and go to sleep.

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