Graduate’s New Life

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I had just graduated college a couple of months ago. Here I was in a new city with a new career. I had a new apartment and my lover had moved in with me. My lover happened to be my sister.

At first, our new life together wasn’t too bad. My sister Marie found a job as well and home life was good. I discovered, however, that my sister was a nympho. She had to fuck all the time, and she never was satisfied. She also needed my constant attention, and that was starting to get on my nerves.

The situation changed one day when I arrived home from work. When I opened the door, there sat a woman talking to my sister. Her name was Kelly. Kelly worked with my sister Marie and also happened to live on the floor below us at the apartment complex.

Kelly just gazed at me and I was doing the same. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Kelly was the total opposite of my sister. She was petite, short blonde hair, and had small breasts. I was used to my full figured sister with her large tits.

My sister said, “Jason, come in and meet my friend, Kelly.”

We shook hands and made small talk for a few minutes. I excused myself and went to change my clothes. I had been planning to go for a run after work. When I came the chestnut man izle back into the living room, Kelly was just getting ready to leave.

I walked out of the apartment with her and walked to her place as we talked the whole time. When we got to her doorway, Kelly asked me if I wanted to come in. I said I could come in for a few minutes before I headed out to go running.

Once the door was opened we fell into each others arms. It just happened and I couldn’t explain it any better than that. My hands were groping her body, our mouths were open and tongues touching.

I pulled Kelly’s clothes off and removed my t-shirt and running shorts and shoes. We promptly made our way back to the bedroom. I was soon on top of Kelly. My stiff cock was pressing into her belly. I was kissing her small, erect nipples and this made Kelly start thrashing about.

I then slowly moved down from her tits and I left a trail of wetness with my tongue. I was then right between her thighs. I pushed them apart and slid my tongue between her wet folds. Kelly began to moan as I flicking my tongue up and down her slit, then I found her clit.

I was nibbling and the climb izle licking her love petal, sucking it into my mouth. I wanted this woman really bad by then. I pulled myself up and positioned my cock. Kelly’s eyes grew wide.

“I don’t think I can take your whole cock, Jason,” Kelly told me.

I pushed the head in place and slowly moved my hips forward. Kelly was twenty eight years old, but she felt like a teenage virgin. I could barely get a couple of inches inside her pussy. It was so small and tight.

Kelly was also squirming around on the bed. Even a couple of inches of my shaft was driving her crazy with lust. I lifted her legs and pushed them back. A bit more cock slid into her firm hole. It nearly took an hour but I was finally able to give her my entire length.

Kelly later told me she didn’t have many lovers up to the point. She was always so tight, that most men gave up on her. I wasn’t one of them. I wanted this woman as my own.

I hardly needed to pump my cock into Kelly’s pussy. She was arching her back and had wrapped her legs around me by then. I fed her my stiff member and she took it all in.

“Fuck me Jason, please, I need this the devils hour izle so much!” Kelly was urging me.

We then got into a tempo with our lovemaking. I felt Kelly’s pussy pulsing around my erect pole. I totally lost track of time as I must have been in bed with Kelly for at least two hours. A run didn’t take that long. Marie would be wondering what happened to me.

I just couldn’t stop or pull out. I could feel my sacs starting to tighten up, I knew I was getting close. I told Kelly I was cumming and I would pull out now, but she wouldn’t let me.

She fastened her legs around my back even tighter than before. I was past the point of no return and I flooded her passage with my seed. We both grunted and made love noises as I pushed my cock to the bottom of her small love tunnel. White cum was leaking out of her pussy and down her asscheeks. Kelly said she had at least four orgasms in that one session.

I kept stroking and shooting my cum until I was finally spent. My cock slipped out of her slick hole. We just laid there for minutes before I went to the bathroom and got cleaned up.

It was decided that this was just the beginning for Kelly and myself. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of the relationship with my sister yet, but I had an idea.

This was also the start of me sneaking down to Kelly’s place to make love. After awhile I didn’t really care how long I was gone. We wanted each other all the time now.

Next time I write, I will tell how my plans to liberate myself from my sister have gone.

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