Groomed to Depravity Ch. 02


It’s been a week since Halloween and I still can’t stop thinking about what happened that night. What that man had done to me. Had I enjoyed it? The very thought made me nauseous, but there was no denying how aroused I had been, how I came twice from the rough anal sex.

I couldn’t sleep or eat. I skipped the whole week of class as well. I said I was sick, which considering my current state was not far from the truth.

Still, I had to keep up with my studies. Ellen was kind enough to offer to catch me up on the material over the weekend. We met at the English language library with a Johan and Ethan from our course.

After a couple hours of study, Johan’s stomach let out a grumble.

“Hungry?” Asked Ethan. “I know a good sandwich shop not too far from here.”

We left our books in the table and headed off to the shop.

“So what did you come down with? You were out all week.” Johan asked.

“I think Sam here caught something from his wild night in Halloween but that’s just me.” said Ellen with a giggle.

I flushed red, and gave her a pleading look. She promised not to say anything.

“Really? We didn’t see you there that night.” Commented Ethan.

“Yeah, Sam here was busy getting lucky. I only ran into him coming home after the night ended.” said Ellen. “I won’t say anymore details or Sam here might die from embarrassment.”

Johan gave me a pat on the back. “Way to go man!”

I gave a nervous laugh. I wonder what he would think of me if he knew the truth.

We got to the sandwich shop. It was a small building on one of the backstreets, with only room for a couple of customers to stand and order. We stepped inside and examined the paper menus they stocked by the door. The chicken pesto panini looked good, but so did the egg salad. I still didn’t feel hungry, but I forced myself to eat at least one meal a day.

Ethan rang the bell on the counter. Out came a burly man in an apron, who looked familiar for some reason. I couldn’t really see inside the cramped store beyond the backs of Ethan and Johan, who were both taller than me. Once they ordered and stepped out of the store, I came face to face with the store clerk.

It was Mohamed.

I froze in place, unable to speak a single word. From his devious smile, I knew that he recognized me too.

“What would you like to have?” He asked.

I stood still, words unable to leave my mouth.

“Sam, he asked for your order.” Ellen called out, trying to bring me to my senses.

“Uh yeah, sorry. Egg salad on the sourdough.”

“Coming…” Mohamed replied with a wink.

I stepped outside as soon as I could. Cold sweat rolled off my back as I felt my heart pound.

Inside the store, Ellen made her order.

“Sorry for my friend there. He caught something bad going out on Halloween, I think he’s still recovering.”

Mohamed chuckled. “I think your friend is a real cutie. Would you be able to give me his number by any chance?”

“Hm. I’m not sure he’d be into getting a text from a guy. But maybe just for fun.” Mohamed passed her his phone and Ellen put in the number.

“Here’s your food. Tell your friend he shouldn’t worry about catching anything from me.” Said Mohamed with a laugh as he passed Ellen the bag of sandwiches.

We walked back to the library. Ellen pulled me back as the guys walked on ahead.

“That guy asked for your number.” She whispered into my ear. “I thought he was cute so I gave it to him.”

“What? How could you do that?” I asked, sounding more panicked than angry.

“Don’t worry I said I did it as a joke. I thought it might be a good opportunity for you to explore your sexuality some more. You can always ignore him if you don’t want to do anything.”

“Ellen. I’m not…”

“And no one is saying you are.” She cut me off. “But college is the time to experiment right? Maybe it’s just a phase, or maybe you never knew because you never tried. Well, you’ve tried at least once already. Anyways, do whatever you like. Just didn’t want the opportunity to pass you by is all.”

We ate our sandwiches on the lawn and gossiped a bit about the others in our course. Kartal Öğrenci Escort The guys teased Ellen about Blake, a British guy that’s been hitting on her a lot lately.

“We’ll see. He’s hot, I won’t deny it. If he keeps it up maybe I’ll give him a chance.”

Ding ding, I heard my phone ring. I tried to ignore it for now, afraid that it might’ve been Mohamed. With the sly smile on Ellen’s face, she must’ve thought the same. She subtly gestured to the library, suggesting I go and check alone.

I tried to ignore her but she wouldn’t stop encouraging it every time she caught my eye.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to use the restroom. I’ll see you guys inside.” I said.

I went into a toilet stall and opened my phone.

07589 960209: Hey Slut. Nice to see you again. Missed how your ass-pussy felt on my cock. Why don’t you come by tonight at 7? I’ve got a nice surprise for you.

Mohamed also sent a bunch of photos. A couple of my face and chest, covered in his cum; shots of my gaping ass and my small penis dripping precum; the puddle I made on his floor from the times I came during the rape.

07589 960209: Would be a bit embarrassing if I showed these photos to your friends, wouldn’t it? Maybe they’ll want to turn you into their slut too.

Fuck. He was blackmailing me. And he’s met some of the guys in my course already. I didn’t have a choice. I had a flashback to that night, how he abused my throat and brutally fucked my ass. I felt some precum start to drip out. God, how could I be aroused? Maybe I did like it. I came didn’t I?

I asked for the address and returned to the library. I sat back down with my coursemates and hit the books silently. I managed to catch on last week’s material and read a bit into next week. We headed out at 5.

“Got any plans tonight, Sam?” Asked Ellen as we headed out.

“Uh no…” I fibbed, though not very convincingly. “I’m a bit tired, just going to stay in.”

I got home to another text.

MOHAMED: You coming bitch?

SAM: Yes. Will head out soon.

MOHAMED: Good. And you are to address me as Daddy from now on. Change it in your phone, I’ll be checking. Or I’m going to give your friends a nice little photo album of their class slut.

SAM: Yes Daddy.

DADDY: Get ready for a wild night slut, you’re going to have a good time I promise.

I arrived in Mohamed’s house dressed in a hoodie and jeans. I don’t know why but I wore the same shoes as the night he raped me. I could still see some white residue from his cum left on the fabric.

I knocked.

“Come on in, it’s not locked.” Called out Mohamed.

I opened the door and stepped inside. He was sitting on the couch in front of the TV. He stood up and came over to me.

“Phone check, unlock it and hand it over.”

I obeyed and handed over my phone. Mohamed looked through the contacts with a satisfied grin.

“Good slut. Now go change in the bathroom, I laid out a new outfit for you.”


THWACK. He gave me a hard slap across the face. “Ok what?”

“Ok Daddy.” I quickly made my way to his bathroom.

“Good girl.” He said, my phone still in his hand.

In the bathroom was a set of a set of black stockings with garter, a black thong, a pink see through shirt, and a pair of black high heels. I undressed myself and put on my whore uniform. I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like a cheap prostitute, wearing my ten buck lingerie.

I came out of the bathroom to find Mohamed standing naked. He gave me a come here gesture with his finger, and I wobbled my way over, still not used to the high heels.

“For fuck sake, if you can’t walk then crawl bitch!” Mohamed shouted. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved me toward the floor. He dragged me and I tried my best to keep up on all fours, gritting my teeth to cope with the pain from his hair pulling.

“Stay here.” I obeyed as I watched him pull a chest from out under his couch. He opened it and pulled out a dog collar and chain.

He attached the collar to my neck and grabbed a riding crop. He held in front of my face and gently tapped it against my cheek.

“Be Kartal Çıtır Escort a good girl and I won’t have to use this.”

He sat back down onto the couch and returned to watching TV. With a yank of the chain, he pulled me to his crotch.

“Suck on it, nice and slow.”

I put his dick into my mouth and started to slowly suck on it. I felt it getting hard, swelling inside my mouth. I stick out my tongue so I can take it in better.

“Go deeper. I want the tip of your tongue to lick my balls.”

“Mhm.” I tried to comply, but his cock was too big and I gagged.

THWACK. He spanked my ass with the riding crop. It stung like hell.

“Watch the teeth.”

I continued to suck him. Trying to go deeper and deeper with each bob of my head. Every so often I’d hit my teeth against his cock, and he punished me with a swift whip on the ass.

“Still haven’t reached my balls yet bitch.”

I try once more but gag again.

“Fuck you’re useless.” He shouted as he pushed my head deep down onto his cock. Having lost his patience, Mohamed furiously whipped my ass with the crop. Smack. Smack. Smack. The pain was so much I started to sweat.

He threw crop aside and let go. I pull up fast for air. Coughing out slimy gag spit as I try to catch my breath. Mohamed stood up and dragged me away with the collar. I crawled behind him to he bathroom.

Once we were inside, he pulled me up by the hair and immediately began to rape me in the throat. The violent thrusting sets off my gag reflex and I vomit out my nose. He pulls out his cock and bends me over the toilet bowl to let me vomit out the contents of my stomach. Once I finished he yanked me back by the hair and starts raping my mouth again.

He did this over and over until I was just dry heaving into the toilet. Like the last time, I felt the rush of adrenaline. I could feel my cock straining against the black thong, dampening it with precum.

“Finally empty? Good.” He said as he once more inserted his cock into my mouth. He stuck himself deep in my throat with every thrust, shoving my nose into his pubes and my tongue into his balls. He kept going even as I gagged. His thrusts grew faster and faster until I finally felt his dick pulsating inside my throat, shooting cum right down my throat. He withdrew his cock a little and filled my mouth with cum. I gagged from the bitter and salty taste, and coughed out some of it onto the floor.

SLAP. Mohamed struck me across the face.

“When Daddy tells you to swallow, you swallow.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m sorry.” I replied, afraid he might strike me again.

“Sorry’s not good enough. Be a good bitch and clean up your mess.” He grabbed my collar and shoved my face into the puddle of spit and cum between his feet. “Be a good girl. Lick it clean.”

I obediently lapped up the mixture of cum, gag spit, and nose vomit from his bathroom floor. Once I nearly finished, he pressed my face down onto the floor and wiped it around like a rag.

He pulled me up by the hair and stood me on my knees. He grabbed the head of his bidet shower and sprayed my face with the cold water. After a thorough “washing”, Mohamed threw a face towel at me.

“Wipe up and present yourself on the bed.” He walked out of the room. I did what I was told and dried myself. I crawled back into the bedroom and climbed atop his bed. I got on all fours and arced my back, pointing my ass out in the air.

Mohamed returned with a blindfold and put it on me. The loss of my vision filled me with dread. What was he going to do with me? Tonight was already so much rougher than my first rape. There was still a dull pain on my ass, a reminder of what might come if I didn’t obey or meet expectations.

I had a couple of camera clicks, as Mohamed took more pictures on his phone. I felt so stupid. I was only here because of the blackmail, but I was just providing him with more material, falling deeper and deeper into his control.

“So your full name’s Sam Lee, is it?” God, he still had my phone and was looking through it for more personal details.

“Yes Daddy.” I replied.

“Hometown in Atlanta? Came Kartal Elit Escort to England to study Medieval Literature? Good for you.”

“Yes Daddy. Thank you Daddy.” I grew nervous, where was he going with this?

“Good girl for answering my questions. Daddy will give you a nice reward for your obedience.”

He took off my thong. I felt a squirt of cool liquid on my hole, which he began to push inside with his fingers. Unlike the last time, he liquid made his fingers slide in much easier. He slowly fingered me and stuck in another as my ass loosened.

His fingers massaged my prostate and I could feel myself dribbling precum. It felt good and I let out a soft moan.

“You’re getting nice and wet.” He said as he scooped up some of my precum. “Here have a taste.”

He stuck his fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them as he instructed. It was salty but sweeter than the cum I was made to swallow in the bathroom.

“You ready for Daddy’s cock?”

“Mhm.” I answered while still sucking on his fingers.

Mohamed stuck his rigid member into my ass, slowly filling me to the brim. He thrusted in and out slowly, coating the insides of my rectum with more lube. It still hurt, but there was more pleasure than pain this time. He picked up the pace and I moaned louder and louder to the rhythm of his thrusts.

“You like Daddy’s reward?”

“Mmm…yes Daddy…mmm…thank you…Daddy.” I answered between my yelps of pleasure.

Suddenly he rapidly increased the pace and began to brutally pound me. It began to hurt much more but the pleasure also became more intense. Within less than a minute of his fast pumping, I began to spurt out cum from my tiny cock. Mohamed kept on going, pulverizing my sensitive hole. My balls felt drained as he fucked the last droplets of cum out of me. I collapse onto the bed from the overwhelming sensation as he continued to use my ass.

I grabbed the sheets tightly as he kept fucking me. I tried not to think about how I came again, how I thanked this man for the courtesy of raping me with lube.

“Don’t worry slut, you’ll get to have Daddy’s cum soon.”

Mohamed let out a deep groan as he came. His cock pulsated deep within me and poured hot cum down my hole. The warmth of his seed filled me with shame. I had become this man’s cum rag. I wanted to cry, struggling to cope with the humiliation.

My assailant took his cock out and laid down on the bed to rest. My anus continued to gape and cum dripped out, running down my legs. He took off my blindfold and flipped me over to face him. He saw the trail of tears down my cheeks and wiped them gently with his thumb.

“Don’t get upset now, we’re just getting started.” He turned around and picked up a video camera, which I just noticed atop the dresser by the bed. He pulled me close to him, laying my head on his chest as he played the video.

I saw myself, blindfolded and presenting my ass into the air, like a desperate whore begging for cock. Mohamed asked me questions – about who I was, where I was from, what I studied. I answered “yes daddy” like an obedient slut. He caught everything that just transpired on film. I looked like I enjoyed it, begging and thanking the man for raping me, moaning like a bitch in heat.

“Great performance, you’d make a fantastic pornstar.” He laughed. “I think I might post this online, I think it would be quite popular.”

I sat speechless, and could only look at him in fear.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cut out the beginning. But you’ll have to listen to whatever I say. I pulled out your parents details from your phone. If you don’t make Daddy happy, your real daddy’s going to be watching you begging for my cock. And I’ll be sure to send him the whole version so he knows that it’s you.”

“Please don’t.” I pleaded with him.

SLAP. He struck me across the face. “Please don’t what?”

“Please don’t, Daddy.”

He grinned. “That’s better. You’re Daddy’s little whore now, so you have to talk like Daddy’s little whore. Work on your girly voice, I’m going to call you. I better be hearing a dirty little slut answering.”

Not knowing what to do, I replied. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl.” He said as he started stroking my drained little dicklet. “You can go now. Unless you want to go another round with Daddy.”

I got up and went to get changed, but not before my tiny cock flinched from his touch.

I went home, dreading what would come next.

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