Gullible Ch. 01


“Oh, god, Will! Did Newb puke in your shoes?!”

“No no no!”

Will jumped up off the couch, sending Newb, the chubby orange tabby, scampering off his lap and down the hallway. Will ran to look at his sneakers over by the door. They were fine, not a hint of cat puke. He turned back to glare at his sister.

Samantha was on the old tattered recliner trying not to laugh and failing.

“Guuuuulible!” she taunted in a sing-song. “But, now that you’re up, go get me that bag of carrots. I’m hungry.”

Will sighed dramatically, but he wasn’t really angry. This had been a more or less daily event in his life since well before Sam went off to college. She was three years older than he was and she had always delighted in her duty as an older sister to tease and embarrass him. Mostly she loved playing on how he would believe just about anything she said. And now that she was back home for summer break, she was pulling the same old tricks on him.

He walked into the kitchen to get the carrots from the refrigerator. There was never a doubt that he would. To be honest, he would have gotten them if she had just asked. Maybe without terrifying poor Newb, but still.

Back in the living room, Sam sprawled back and flung a leg over the arm of the recliner to try and get any extra contact with the breeze that was kicked up by the old beat-up fan in the corner. She was a long, lean woman, so she had a lot of long, lean limb to sprawl.

“You really should learn to be more suspicious, you know? I nearly feel bad about leading you around by the nose like that. But I’m too hot to move, and I knew you’d jump.”

“You want anything to drink?”

“No thanks, I’m good.”

He walked back in and tossed the bag of baby carrots on Samantha’s lap before heading back to his couch. He plopped back down on his part of the couch, feeling the sweat flow heavier from his brief movement.

It was a brutal summer and they didn’t have an air conditioner to make things more bearable. Even if they did have a window unit or something, there was no way their mom would let them turn it on. The electric bill was one of the ones that came in at the end of the month and would determine how well, or even if they would be able to eat before the paychecks came in. And their mom was away for weeks at a time, so there was no way they could even ask if they did have one.

It wasn’t always that dire. Will could sometimes get an extra pizza for the family from his job, and Vicky could get some stale muffins and the like that the cafe was going to throw out, but it wasn’t ever easy.

As Will tried to find a slightly less baking part of the long couch, he looked back to Sam. He thought the world of his older sister. She was the most incredible person he knew. She busted her ass to get into college with two big scholarships, academic and athletic, large enough to cover almost everything. She still had to work at the bookstore, and with that schedule plus soccer practice and game travel, she had to sacrifice that ideal party life to make ends meet, but she was taking her life in her hands, and getting what she wanted, and he respected that so much.

At least, that’s what Will thought her life was like. He knew she was working hard, but he didn’t know how many hours she was putting in, and how thin she was stretching herself to keep everything together. And summer was even worse. They shut down the dorms, so she had to come home and commute to her on campus jobs. Her hopes for a little bit of a social life at college were dashed pretty quickly. Her scholarships were good, but thanks to a couple tuition and fee hikes she was barely holding on. Luckily, there was a professor who understood her position and was willing to let her pick up more hours running some labs for her, but those were just more hours she wasn’t studying. Or making friends.

As she sat there distracted from her phone by a little rivulet of sweat slowly rolling down her toned calf, a thought passed through her mind. Maybe if I had a little more free time, I might even have a real boyfriend again, and not just a few flings every so often. But she knew that was a non-starter. She was trying to go pre-med, which meant she was taking too many classes, but also even the people in her study groups were kind of awful. There was one kind of cute guy in her last bio class, but it turned out that he wasn’t into girls. And that he was sleeping around on his boyfriend, to boot.

She sighed audibly.

Will was still looking at her. She was now once again engrossed by something on her cellphone. One at a time, she brought those ice-cold baby carrots to her mouth. Lips open slightly, wider to show nice white teeth. Crunch. Her face scrunched up with each bite. Will noticed a piece of carrot fall down onto her t-shirt.

He kept his gaze in the general direction of the TV, but his focus didn’t leave her. The heat was oppressive. It made it impossible to keep a train of thought. His mind wandered free.

She had long, wavy dirty blonde hair that nowadays was usually tied together in a vague updo to keep it etiler escort off her neck, now damp at the roots and flung over the head of the recliner. Will remembered how she used to dress up when she was in high school. She would wear makeup, maybe even a bit too much. Eyeliner and blue eyeshadow that really brought out the sparkle in her crystal blue eyes, light blush, and even though her clear skin never seemed to need it, she would put on a base, a little paler than she needed. The effect was something Will could see in his mind. Who knows where she got the money for all that makeup.

Will supposed Sam wasn’t what some people would call beautiful; she was a little too gangly for that. And despite her skills on the soccer pitch, she was a bit uncoordinated once she wasn’t playing. Her constant exercise had left her with a lovely toned body, but her proportions seemed just a little bit awkward. Her nose was a little too large, and it never healed well from a break a couple years ago.

After swallowing a mouthful of carrot, she licked her lips, and Will couldn’t look away.

He looked down at the bit of carrot resting on his sister’s chest. She did have nice boobs, even if they were pretty small. He thought that anything too much bigger would look silly on her svelte body. He also thought that if she had bigger breasts, she would be forced to wear a bra more often, and he would be deprived of the cute little points that poked up against the thin material of her shirt.

Will shook his head and thoughts of what those cute little points might look like under the shirt, melted away as a blush came to his cheeks.

Since she had been away at college, he had become more confused about his feelings for her. Long ago he had come to terms with the fact that he thought Sam was hot. None of the crushes he had on the girls at school had outlasted his fantasies he had about his sister. He just assumed that was natural, and it wasn’t like he would ever act on it or say anything. But even he knew that part of the reason he was currently obsessed with Quinn was because she looked more than a little bit like Sam.

A sudden thought shook him out of his reverie.

“Oh, shit. What time is it?”

“Uhhh… six-fifteen?”

“Crap. I’ve got to get to work. I swear if they make me work the oven, I’m going to melt.”

“Good way to lose weight though, eh?”

“I don’t think I have any spare to lose.”

He peeled himself off the couch and stood wearily.

Sam looked away from her phone to watch him stumble off to his room to get changed.

She felt a bit bad for him. His grades weren’t strong enough to get a good scholarship and he’d had to work all the way through high school, so he didn’t have any real extra-curriculars. So, if he was going to college next year, it would be all debt. He was a really good guy… she winced as the phrase came into her head, but it was true. He was a nice guy, but he was timid. If he went to a good school and got into a dorm or maybe a fraternity, that might force him to socialize, but if he ended up at some commuter school, he would just keep on keeping on, head down, and never actually get to live.

So, no hope for me getting a boyfriend, but he’s got even less chance of getting a girl. She thought for a moment. Maybe he wants a boy?

Then she smiled wide at a memory from just a week ago. She had just got out of the shower and bumped into him in the hallway. She remembered him looking her up and down, mouth agape. Only then did she realize that her towel wasn’t exactly covering everything. He stumbled and stammered, but she remembered with perfect clarity the impressive bulge that she saw grow in his shorts.

She laughed to herself at the memory. My little bro was packing. And who knows if he likes boys, but she was pretty sure he liked girls.

She put her phone down and let her head roll back, feeling the weak breeze of the fan blow across her neck. She stretched back further, pulling her shirt up a bit so the breeze could hit her belly and just barely caress the bottom of her boobs. The heat was disturbing her attention too, and she let her mind slip out of focus.

She thought if only she could just take everything off and lie right in front of the fan. She laughed to herself. That would give Will something to look at. Imagining herself lying naked and having Will walk in on her sent her mind back to thinking about that bulge she had seen.

When was the last time… James? Yeah James. God that was a disaster. James was a friend of a friend who was now an ex-friend. James was one of those guys who had all the confidence of a dude who learned everything he knew about women from the internet. She actually liked the confidence at first. It was nice to have a guy that knew what he wanted, apart from the obvious. She knew she wasn’t a knockout, but she thought she had a pretty good grasp of the overwhelming power of the male libido for anything with boobs.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the sex had been good at all. She’d had smaller guys before, but that wasn’t the problem. escorts It seemed like he felt he could make up for being on the small side with raw power and speed.

She laughed again to herself. He got the speed part down pretty well, anyway. A few frantic minutes of him pawing at her tits and a frantic pump or two and he went off. Even that wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t been all over campus talking about her the next day. She thought about how low her standards had come. All she wanted was a guy who could fuck and wouldn’t talk. Everything else was negotiable.

Did that make her a slut?

No, sluts get laid.

And that was, what, last fall?

Now she was thinking about sex, and it wasn’t doing her any favors in the heat.

She angled her leg to catch more of the breeze.

She could feel another heavy bead of sweat rolling down her thigh. Her leg was up on the arm of the recliner, so it was rolling down toward the edge of her loose shorts.

In her daze she watched it, imagining that it was a finger, a lover’s finger, tracing its way down… down… The sensation was lovely. It went slowly over her skin, cool and smooth. She thought that she really should shave, noticing how the sweat caught on the low stubble. If only she had someone to shave for.

Her trusty green vibrator didn’t mind a little stubble. That poor thing was getting a real workout lately. At least she could be a little freer here back home. In the dorms, she had to wait for her roommate to go take a shower or something, and then she had to go faster than poor James, just to make sure she didn’t get walked in on. That was no way to get any real satisfaction. Here, all she had to do was wait for Vickie and Will to go to school and she could go wild for hours.

Her mind flowed back to the previous day. She had to get down on the floor so she wouldn’t soak the bed with sweat and her own juices. She had always been a sexually charged person, but damn if she didn’t break a record.

A weak smile creeped over her face.

Then she remembered the reason she finally stopped. It wasn’t that she was sated, but her little green trooper started to make some very unhealthy noises, and then it just stopped vibrating altogether, which is kind of the raison d’etre of a vibrator. A change of batteries did nothing. It was probably totally dead. Fingers were okay, other people’s fingers were better, but that wasn’t an option now. She could still use it as a dildo, but to be honest, that didn’t do too much for her. If she couldn’t get a real live cock in her, she wasn’t too interested in penetration. But without that buzzing little joy…

Her mind had been swirling around these pervy thoughts, and now she was getting worked up with absolutely no relief on the horizon.

She laughed at her pathetic situation.

“Ok, Sam, I’m gone. I’m closing, so I won’t be back until late.”

Sam started, almost shocked into sitting up out of her recliner. She had forgot that Will and Vickie were still even home.

“Oh, ok. Bring us home something to eat if you can.”

“I’ll try. Maybe some garlic twists or something. Bossman wasn’t too happy about me bringing home that large last time but I’ll see.”

Sam rolled her head over to see Will staring at her. Only then did she think about how she must look, legs splayed out, shirt pulled up. Ah, who the hell cares?

She rolled her head back and in a moment heard the door close and the very rough sound of Will’s old beater roar into something like life. Then the sound of his car faded away, and she was left alone in the room, still stuck with her arousal and her mind in the gutter.

“Was that Will?”

A bleary-eyed form stumbled in from the hallway.

“Yeah. He just left.”

“Did you see if you could bring home a pizza again?”

“He said he’d try, but don’t get your hopes up.”

Vickie’s shambling led her to the couch where will had been. She fell face-first over the armrest, her long silky black hair was done up in a single, loose, rough braid and it whipped over her head.

“How is it still so hoooooot…?” Her voice was muffled into the couch cushions.

Will and Sam were both tall and lean. Will was actually skinny because he didn’t work out like Sam did. Vickie looked like she didn’t belong to the family. She wasn’t fat by any measure, but she was full figured, and nowhere near as tall as her siblings.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t wearing all that.”

Vickie turned her head so she could look over at her sister.

“You look like a melted starfish. A naked melting starfish.”

Sam’s thoughts were still lingering on her frustration.

“I wish I were naked. There’s just no way to get any cooler. I can’t take off any more clothes and still be decent.”

Vickie chuckled listlessly. “No amount of clothes could make you decent.”

A pillow flew across the room and nearly hit Vickie.

“Seriously, Vickie, just looking at you makes me hotter. How can you take it wearing all that?”

“I’m not wearing that much. When bagcilar escort it gets hot like this, I just take a nap and stay up late. It’ll be cooler at night.”

“Yeah, but you wear that full PJ set even to go to sleep. I could never fall asleep with all that on.”

Vickie was well aware of what Sam wore, or rather didn’t wear, when she went to sleep. They had to share the same room ever since they moved here, and before Sam went off to college, Vickie watched her get ready for bed most nights. To be fair, it wasn’t that different from what she was wearing right then.

“Well, you don’t have to worry, you’ve got a body to kill for.”

There was a moment of silence. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but the heat was just frying her brains and she couldn’t think straight.

Sam lifted herself up to a sitting position.

“Vickie, what do you mean?”

Vickie turned her head back and buried it in the couch. She mumbled something incomprehensible into the cushions.

Sam stood up and walked over to the couch. She lifted up Vickie’s thick braid and sat down right next to her head.

Vickie’s mind was whirling. She was groggy from waking up from her nap and the heat was just so oppressive. And now, she just knew that her sister was going to give her a lecture on how she really was beautiful, if she only learned how to be confident in her own body. Rah, rah, positive thinking cures everything. She had no idea what it was like to walk down the halls in her body. She had such a fit trim body, what did she know…

“I’d kill for your tits.” Sam’s voice was low and matter-of-fact.

Vickie wasn’t expecting that. She felt her sister beginning to stroke her hair, running her fingers over her braid.

“Seriously. Your tits are fantastic. I actually… I wanted to get implants. When I went to college, I looked into it. I mean, then I fucked up my nose, but they said that would heal fine. Of course I didn’t have money for boobs or a new nose. But I really wanted boobs. I wanted your boobs, Vickie.”

Vickie was going to reply, but those hands running through her hair were just hypnotizing her. Those fingernails, now they were dragging up from the nape of her neck. It was like she was pulling the frustration out of her body. When they were little, Sam would do her hair in the mornings before school. After they lost their dad, sometimes they would just sit together in their room in front of the mirror. They wouldn’t talk much at all. Sam would just try out some crazy elaborate braid, then undo it all and start again.

Vickie hadn’t cut her hair since then.

Vickie burrowed a hand up from the cushions and reached up to pull out the hair tie at the end of her braid.

Sam chuckled.

“I don’t even have a brush here, Vickie.”

Vickie immediately regretted it.

“I’m sorry, Sam, my hair’s all greasy and sweat and gross anyway.”

Sam put one hand on Vickie’s shoulder and the other went to the tail of her hair and started to pick apart the braids.

“Yes. Your hair is greasy and disgusting. It wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t wearing Christmas pajamas in May so you sweat like a pig.”

“Pigs don’t sweat.”


“Pigs don’t sweat. They wallow.”

“They wallow.”

“In mud. They can’t sweat so they wallow in mud to keep cool.”

“Thanks for the info little miss Wikipedia. I can tell you for sure, you are no pig, because you are sweating like… some kind of animal that does sweat because she refuses to dress for the season.”

Vickie sighed again as Sam pulled her hair tighter over her lap.

“You really think my boobs are okay?”

“Vickie, your boobs are spectacular. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how beautiful you are, how you could be a little goth sex kitten if you wanted to be, because you never believe me. But I will not allow anyone to disparage my little sisters perfect rack.”

This conversation was going in a very strange direction. Vickie knew that her sister was no virgin, but they never talked about things like this. There was a time when Sam tried to discuss safe sex with her, but that was cold, almost clinical. This was something else entirely.

“I’m not goth. I don’t want to be a sex kitten. I’m not a slut.”

Vickie felt Sam’s finger’s tense slightly.

“Oh, Sam, you know what I mean. I’m not like you… oh, god, that’s sounds worse.” She tried to push her face deeper into the cushions. “I’m… I’m still a virgin, okay?”

Sam’s voice softened. “Vickie, do you think I’m a slut?”

“Noooo. I just… I don’t know… I don’t know anything…” Vickie’s shoulders started to shake gently.

“Vickie. Let me tell you something. I really love sex. I love orgasms. I love touching myself and having a lover touch me. I want to have sex, god, almost all the time. Does that make me a slut?”

“What? I mean… I dunno… you’re good. You’re a nice person…”

Sam laughed gently. “Vickie, sometimes, I’m not good at all. I’m not a good girl. I really enjoy being a bad girl, but that’s not bad. There’s nothing wrong with sex. Sex is wonderful, all by yourself or with someone else. But you already know all this, right? You can’t tell me I wouldn’t find anything interesting if I checked your browser history. You’re not a saint either, are you?”

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