Hands on Training


I was about midway through my morning when I noticed the mail flag. I clicked on it to bring up my yahoo account and noticed that it was from the club I had found on the internet related to mutual masturbation. Probably just an offer for Viagra but none the less I clicked the icon and read the message.

I noticed your profile on mutmass and saw that we are in the same area. If your game I’ll be at the shopping center just off base at 12:10. I have never tried this so I insist you come to my car for my safety. I’ll be out in the middle of the lot in a black Lexus and I will have the lights on for 5 minutes.


A thrill shot through me as a realized I was about forty five minutes away from a rather unique experience. If you are unaware, mutual masturbation is a technique where complete strangers meet and masturbate each other with no strings attached. The meetings take place in fairly public places for safety. I had never actually met anyone but I was about to get my chance.

I arrived on time and easily spotted Susan’s car. I pulled nearby and walked over to the passenger door hearing the satisfying sound of the lock opening. Opening the door I quickly got in settling on the buttery soft leather interior. I glanced at Susan and met her eyes. She blushed a bit and dropped her eyes quickly to my lap. I found her to be a lovely looking business woman with a silk blouse and a knee length white skirt. She looked pretty well off and by the size of the diamond in her wedding ring I’d say very married. She had what looked to be firm breasts and the A/c had aroused her nipples. I introduced myself by first name only and she shook my hand.

Not knowing quite how to begin I decided to take the initiative. “Would you like to work up to it and relax a bit.” I asked.

She blushed bright red and nodded quickly.

I reached across and cupped her cheek, pulling her over to me and nuzzling my face in the side of her neck. Her skin was porcelain smooth and she smelled wonderful. I breathed softly in her ear, “It’s okay. Relax” before kissing softly at her neck. I stroked her face and neck and eventually dropped my hand down along the outside of her breasts. She gasped slightly as she realized my intent but didn’t pause or stop my progress. I slowly caressed around her soft tender chest feeling the nipple graze across my palm like a pebble. I stretched my fingers to the outside and let my thumb bounce across it making it even harder. I squeezed very gently and allowed my fingers to close around the tender bud rolling a bit and lightly pinching through the blouse and bra. Susan groaned, encouraging me. I sucked at her neck like some sort of sensuous vampire, pulling her arousal forth to warm and comfort her as I gave attention to first one tit, then the other. Her breasts were amazing, the last of us izle a good C cup yet firm. The skin I could see at her cleavage promised softness I could only imagine.

I dropped my hand lower and stroked her thigh. Her legs were tightly together and I began to wonder if she would let me continue when I felt her hand begin to rub my cock through my pants. I reached down and tugged lightly at the hem of her skirt, letting her know that I could progress unless she slid it up a bit. She lifted her ass and the skirt climbed her thighs, I was pleasantly surprised and much relieved to see stocking tops.

She still had her legs together when I dropped my hand down to cup the inside of her leg. She opened her legs just enough for my fingers to slip long the inside and I pushed up until my index finger grazed across the soft lace of her panties. I let my thumb rest above her pussy and slowly squeezed my hand together eliciting another groan as my thumb rubbed across her pussy.

I lifted my mouth of her neck and looked into her eyes. Deep green they were and I could see she was both excited and scared. “Don’t be scared darling,” I whispered. “Let me make you feel good. No one is gonna know.” I turned my hand sideways pressuring her thighs. She slid forward a bit in the seat and spread her legs as wide as she could in the seat.

I always love that feeling when a woman spreads her legs. I guess to me the legs are a symbol of a woman’s chastity and morals. They are taught to keep them tightly together. When I see them spread willingly it says to me, “Here is my pussy, take me.”

I laid my fingers down upon her tender pussy, the lace soft and warm on my skin. I felt her contour and began my slow exquisite dance. I get the fingers together and rubbed a slow circle over the entire area. Again she gasped and this time her left hand reached up and grasped my forearm. I almost thought she was going to pull me away but she didn’t. She just g

rasped my arm and let me work. I changed motion a time or two from rubbing circles to sliding my center finger up along the crease. Her breath was hot on my cheek as she leaned over and kissed the side of my neck then leaned back and panted slowly. I reached my fingers to the side and slipped my hand beneath her panty. I could feel her silky well trimmed curls and the soft tender lips of her aroused pussy. It was hot to the touch but only slightly moist. I used my outside fingers to splay it open a bit and slowly worked the center back and forth and till the gentle folds wetted and sucked me inside. I pushed slightly and felt the moisture flood my hand as her arousal caught up and sought to ease the passage of my gentle invasion. I could feel the hot stickiness coating my fingers and I could taste her the lying life of adults izle scent on my tongue as her womanly essence filled the hot interior of the car. Frustrated by the lack of room to maneuver I slipped my hand back out and caressed outside her panties once more. I imagined the satiny inside sucking up her juices like a sensual sponge. I looked at her face and her eyes were closed. Her head was leaned to the side a bit and her exquisite lips were parted softly as she breathed through them.

I imagined that is exactly how she looked when orgasming, except more sedate and without the tension and gasping. She was lovely. I reached up and tugged at the panty tops and she quickly, eagerly even lifted her ass and wiggled them down among her heels, lifting one to free her legs. I took the opportunity to push her skirt higher and she scooted forward even more in the seat till her ass was bare against the soft leather and again spread herself wide for me. I again circled across the top with my fingers flat, pressing against her pussy except this time her tight silky curls caressed my fingers back. My middle finger easily slipped along the center crease, spreading her open. I slid it up and bumped gently across the hard little nub at the top, her hand tightened on my forearm, the nails digging slightly as she raised her hips seeking to press harder. I wasn’t having it and deftly moved up and away before circling back and slipping once again inside. I was amazed at her wetness. It seemed she could coat my fingers faster than I could work the wetness around tender mound. I worked a finger in and out in a fucking motion and she began to thrust her hips to the timing. Her breathing quickened and she began to whimper slightly with a breathless “yesss” thrown in. I slid out and flattened my fingers once again. Using the two outside fingers I spread her open revealing the tender bud and began to work it quickly with my middle finger. Not too fast, but then again I didn’t work it too slow either. I could feel and see hear arousal build like a balloon expands with the rush of air. Her nails dug deeply into my forearm and she began to almost grunt with each tap of my finger tip. The breath rushing out in time with the thrusts she was imagining behind her closed eyes. Just as she reached the bursting point a car door thumped shut in the next row over. The naughtiness of being manipulated in public shot through Susan and she erupted in orgasm. The hot sticky wetness flooded my hand as she bucked in time with the muscle contracting throughout her body. A long moan escaped from her lips as the waves of passion crashed again and again on the shores of her being. I sat still while she breathed and tried to regain her composure. When her nails finally released the passage izle my forearm I reached down and gathered her panties and quickly wiped the soft leather seat between her legs.

She smiled gratefully and quickly reached over and began to undo my pants. Reaching in she pulled my cock through the front of my boxers and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. I looked down and thrilled at the sight of a stranger’s exquisitely manicured fingers wrapped around my shaft. The nails a perfect match for her bright red lips. She began to work the skin up and down pausing occasionally to swipe her thumb across the head and use the precum to lubricate. I looked around to make sure the coast was clear and then over at Susan. She had an intent look on her face as she watched what she was doing. She glanced up and smiled mischievously before releasing and licking a bit of dripping off her thumb. She reached across and began to use her left hand, leaning over the console a bit.

I turned my left hand over and slowly reached up to once again caress her magnificent tits, the full weight of them swaying gently in my hand as she stroked me.

I groaned my appreciation and once again looked down at her hand. I could just see the big diamond of her wedding band peaking around the side of my shaft. The realization that I was about to cum with someone’s wife jump started my orgasm. I felt myself swell. She sensed my quickening and leaned over to watch intently as I spilled forth my seed. I felt the slight brush of her breath and erupted in a long ropey arc that caught on the dashboard and trailed down eventually flowing over her slender fingers. I watched as the pearly essence coated her diamond before the second pulse began to shoot forth. She surprised me as I felt her mouth cover the head of my cock, capturing the shot tightly in the warm embrace of her lips. She swallowed greedily as I finished cumming. Before sitting up, her eyes twinkling as she sucked the first bit from her fingers and wedding ring. I smiled back and reached out to wipe a pearl dab from her ruined lipstick, the translucent white stark upon the hot red. Her lips glistened with the evidence even after. I collected myself tucking back in and zipping up. I offered Susan her panties and she smiled and said, “Keep them just don’t expect to every time. That could get expensive.” I smiled in the knowledge that we would do this again and got out of the car. I watched as Susan started the car and drove off having never straightened her skirt.

I returned to work and tried very hard to get some work done without my mind wandering. I got up after an hour or so to take a break and walked down the hallway to go out into the common area. As I went to open the glass door I saw someone coming in, Susan. She looked up and we locked eyes. She smiled and blushed then walked on through as I opened the door. I watched her firm little ass swaying beneath her skirt knowing full well she was bare underneath. My hand squeezed her damp panties in my pocket and I turned away, raising my fingers as if to wipe my nose I inhaled her heady scent and imagined what our next foray might entail.

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