Happy Birthday Daddy


“Daddy… are you awake??? Daddy??” I stirred long enough under my warm duvet to mutter a half assed good morning to my daughter as the sun tried to pry my eyes open. I had been out celebrating my forty-fifth birthday with a few of the guys from work the night before and had not gotten into bed until damn near three. The clock on the night stand said that it was thirteen past nine. As far as I knew, it was still only Saturday and I had not slept through the entire weekend like I did last year on my birthday. But that is another story in itself. My little girl was still looking at me from the foot of the bed expectantly. “C’mon dad, wake up.” Bailey said “I have your breakfast cooking and your birthday gift wrapped in the kitchen”. My fuzzy brain kicked in a bit more and I tried to focus on my little girl. Ever since her mother left us to go on a six month world trip with her own dad three months ago, Bailey and I have gotten closer and closer. And since she was almost eighteen and working part time at an upscale coffee shop in the nearby town, she had her own money and was flirting with her sense of independence. That she had grown into a gorgeous young woman didn’t hurt her either. I heard her close the bedroom door and bound down the stairs in a way that only a youth can. My eyes fluttered open and I resolved to get up to make my little girl happy. Pushing the duvet off my naked body, I greeted the day with a yawn and a stretch. I grabbed my favorite robe and headed downstairs for breakfast. Now that I was a little more awake, I could fully appreciate my daughter and what she had done for her old dad. The eggs were done to perfection, the bacon was fried to a delicate crispness and the hash-browns were a golden brown. Even the coffee was brewed just the way I like it. In a word; FABULOUS. Bailey was looking more and more like her mother everyday. Her long dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and her dark green eyes were bright and full of life. Years of horseback riding and school athletics had turned her former pudgy pre-pubescent body into a lithe form that any professional model would be envious of. Bailey was very aware of her body and didn’t mind showing it off appropriately and in a very classy manner that her mother and I had instilled in her. And today was no different. Bailey had chosen to wear a pair of sleek riding pants with a white loose fitting tank top. She looked very sexy but not in a flaunting way. With the last mouthful of breakfast off my plate and the cup of coffee finished, Bailey and I made short work of clearing the dishes and getting the kitchen in order. We chatted as we worked and I found out that she had invited her best friend to come over to enjoy our pool. Of course I didn’t mind this as most of her friends are almost as attractive as Bailey so I always had plenty of eye-candy walking around to keep me happy. And it seemed that the older the girls got, the smaller their swim suits got. When the kitchen was cleaned to our exacting standards, Bailey had me sit back at the table while she placed a neatly wrapped box in front of me. I picked it up and was surprised at the weight of it. I gingerly pulled on the bow and watched in amazement as the thing damn near opened itself. Sitting inside the wrapping paper was a new digital camera with video capabilities. I was stunned that Bailey would get me such an elaborate gift and jumped up to give her a huge hug. “O.K. dad” Bailey said, breaking the hug “today is your day so you can do anything you want. If you want to be lazy and stay in your housecoat all day then that’s ok with me. The only request that I have is that you go and have a shower, you’re a bit gamey after being out with your work istanbul travesti buddies last night.” I agreed with her and went to my room to have a shower and make my self a bit more presentable. The warm water felt good on my skin as I rubbed the soap all over my body and then shaved my cock and balls. I had kept my crotch totally hairless for the better part of twenty years at the request of my sexy wife Kim and my wife kept her pubic area devoid of hair also. After drying off and throwing my housecoat back on, I went back down to see what Bailey had planned for the day. When I got to the kitchen I heard her talking to her best friend Stacy out in the pool area. I gathered from their conversation that they were only planning to hang out most of the day in the pool and work on their tans. I grabbed the new camera off the table, refilled my coffee cup and headed outside to bask in the sun on the patio. I was just fucking with the various settings on the camera when Bailey and Stacy came out of the house wrapped in huge beach towels. Near the edge of the pool, the two girls dropped their towels and dove into the cool water in unison. I hadn’t really paid too much attention to the swimming pair until they began to get really loud and boisterous. I walked casually to the pools edge and asked them to keep it down to a dull roar as my head was still reeling a bit from the previous night’s revelry. It was only then that I realized that both girls were wearing new bikinis that I had never seen before with Stacy in a small hot pink one and my Bailey in an even smaller stark white stringy thing. Both bikinis allowed a lot of delectable cleavage to be seen. Before I got too carried away with my staring, I went back to the table and began playing with the camera again. I made some adjustments and all of a sudden the entire back yard and pool area came into focus in the three and a half inch screen on the back of the device. I pressed a few more buttons and the screen zoomed in on the two swimming girls as they walked slowly up the stairs out of the pool. The more I pressed the button the closer the image appeared until I could fully zoom in on just the two girls walking to their towels. The zoom kept bringing the girls closer to me until it was just Stacy’s ass in the viewfinder. I reveled in the way the hot pink material covered her perfect butt and when she turned to face me, the way the material clung to her obviously shaved pussy. Her suit was so tight that it made a bit of a camel toe over her seventeen year old vagina. I couldn’t resist and pressed the shutter a few times with that image in the frame. I soon felt the effect that Stacy was having on me as my cock began to swell slightly under the short robe I had on. I panned the camera up her luscious body until her bikini clad tits filled the frame. Her nipples were pebble hard beneath the pink nylon and even her dark areola’s were slightly visible and again I pressed the shutter a few times. I admired the tight body of my daughter’s best friend for a few moments before I felt threatened by the ever increasing bulge in my lap. I zoomed back out until both the girls filled the frame. I snapped a few quick shots of the pair drying themselves off and then a few more as they adjusted their towels on the pool deck. As the image of my daughter filled the screen, I couldn’t help but notice that the cut of her white bikini was almost identical to that of her mothers, which I had painstakingly cut the lining out of the top and the gusset out of the bottoms so that it would become completely transparent when wet. Just the image burned into my memory of my wife parading around in front of a select group of friends istanbul travestileri in a see-through bikini was enough to get me excited again. The only difference in Bailey’s bikini and that of my wife’s was Kim’s was a thong back whereas Bailey’s at least covered her butt. I think the style of it is called a French Cut?? Anyways, I wandered around the backyard taking more pictures of the flowers and shrubs and a few more of the pool area before I settled in again on the two sunbathing beauties. When they noticed that I was snapping picture after picture of them they both started to ham it up for the lens. It started with the two of them blowing kisses at me and then progressed into them hugging and kissing each other for apparent FaceBook avatars. The longer I took to take pictures, the more daring and adventurous they became until they were literally mashing their tits together to fill the frame. I didn’t know how many shots I could fit into the internal memory so I told them that I would have to download what I had so far and would be right back out. Stacy looked at her watch and told Bailey that she had to go to work shortly. I am not sure who was more disappointed, Bailey for missing the afternoon with her friend or me for missing the opportunity to get some more great pictures. Stacy and Bailey went into the house so that Stacy could have a quick shower and get dressed for work while I headed into my den to download the memory card from the camera. By the time the two girls came bounding down the stairs, I was reviewing the day’s events on my computer screen. Bailey sat on my lap while Stacy stood beside me but very close in order to see the screen better. They both took a minute or two to either make comments or suggestions on the various poses. I was quite shocked when they both agreed on a picture that they wanted me to e-mail them so that they could use it as their FaceBook profile picture. It was also one of my personal favorites. They were hugging each other and their tits were pushed up and out by the force of the hug creating massive cleavage for the both of them. I sent the picture to each of their e-mails and watched as Stacy left through the front door to go to work. That left only Bailey and me home to fend for ourselves for lunch. Bailey was still in her tiny white Bikini and I was still clad only in my housecoat. I told my little girl to go out and enjoy the sun and I would get us something for lunch. I watched from the kitchen window as Bailey again made herself comfortable on her spread out towel lying on her belly. Sometime between getting some fresh fruit out of the fridge and returning to my spot in front of the window, Bailey had untied the strings of her top so as to avoid any tan lines and had pulled the skimpy bottoms a bit further into her butt crack almost creating a thong appearance. I had to avert my eyes lest I cut of a digit or two while cutting the apples, pears, oranges and cantaloupe. I placed all the fruit on a platter, added some grapes and kiwi and then filled a small bowl with chocolate sauce for dipping. I knew that this was one of Bailey’s favorites so I made a grand entrance out onto the back deck. I guess that I made too much noise and scared Bailey to the point where she sat up quickly with a look of panic on her face leaving her bikini top on the towel beneath her. My eyes were instantly drawn to the now naked nipples jutting off her perky breasts. In the second or two it took for Bailey to realize that she was sitting there topless I got a good look at her naked torso not even bothering to look away or say anything. She let out a little scream, picked up her discarded top and fit it back into place. travesti istanbul “Sorry sweetheart!” I said “I didn’t mean to scare you. Lunch is served.” Bailey adjusted her top, then slid her fingers into the legs of her bottoms and pulled the material out to cover her ass once again never loosing eye contact with me. I couldn’t help but stare a bit as she walked elegantly over to the small table that I had placed the food on. “mmm. Looks good Dad.” She said “you sure know how to spoil me.” “Daddies are good at spoiling their little girls now eat up before the sun bakes it.” Bailey and I ate in silence for a while just enjoying the day until Bailey tried to get a bit too much chocolate sauce on a chunk of apple. The excess chocolate dripped off the end of the apple and landed on her left boob staining the white bikini top and then splashed down to also stain her bottoms. “Shit!!!” Bailey said in frustration as the sticky brown liquid seeped into her crisp white outfit “This suit is pretty much ruined now. I’ll never get this out. And this is the only white bikini that I have.” I grabbed a few napkins and tried to help her by rubbing the dark sauce off her bikini top while she concentrated on the bottoms. I saw her nipples grow beneath the thin fabric as I rubbed the stain. I resigned myself to knowing that the stain was fully set. I could see the dejection in her face as she knew that the new bikini was a complete waste now. I never even realized that in my vain attempts to help my daughter my housecoat had come open and my clean shaven cock and balls were fully hanging out. I caught Bailey looking at it but she never said anything, nor did I. “Oh wait” She started “Mom has a white bikini that would fit me. Wait here, I’ll go get changed and be right back.” She was gone and into the house before I had a chance to register exactly what she was talking about. When it finally dawned on me what she was about to do it was too late to voice any objections. It was only about a minute later that Bailey re-appeared at the patio doors. She said “Ta-Da!! What do you think Daddy? Do you like Moms bikini as much on me?” I was stunned into silence as I watched Bailey do a slow turn to show me the thong cut back I’m not sure if she knew that the suit had no lining or gusset in it but the effect it had on her lithe body was amazing. Her perky breasts stood tall and proud capped by hard little nipples. Her ass was framed by the tight thong and looked fantastic. Although the suit became completely transparent when wet, when it was dry it looked like any other string bikini. “Oh my god sweetheart, you look incredible in that.” I said as all the blood drained from my face and went directly to my cock. “You certainly fill it out like your mother does.” “I love it” Bailey said “it fits me perfectly. Are you OK with me wearing Moms bikini?? Even if it is a thong?” “Yeah baby. It looks great on you.” Was all I could say as my cock was more than a little obvious as it tented the front of my loose wrapped housecoat. Bailey saw my cock standing proud beneath my robe but still said nothing; instead she did another turn giving me another view of that wicked ass. By the time she had completed the turn her nipples were pebble hard under the thin layer of nylon that covered her tits. “Here Dad, slip these on and we can go for a swim or a dip in the hot tub.” For the first time I noticed that she had a small bit of fabric in her hand. As she tossed them to me I saw that she has brought out my favorite pair of old white track pants that I had cut down to shorts many, many years ago. In fact, they were so old and well worn that they were almost totally threadbare and left nothing to the imagination, and the elastic waistband was worn out so that they threatened to fall off every step I made. I was about to voice an opinion when Bailey gave me one of her smoldering looks that said it all. Bailey respectfully turned away while I dropped my robe and slid the worn shorts up my legs. My semi-erect cock was more…

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