Happy Birthday Sir


Authors note: This is a mozaic of phrases used in conversation with My sub online. This gift immediately sprang to mind as a ‘sharer’. I hope you enjoy this keyhole look into O/our world. I am bolded. she is italicised.

* * *

kneeling in the formal manner is called “nadu” learning about subspace keep your legs parted while you speak with Me i am here of my own free will, Sir become familiar with your limits You have very intense eyes pinch your nipples hard pet a moment to collect my thoughts smiling at you i would like to try, Sir your insight pleases Me this just seems to make sense to me its fun to get head while driving it is what i feel, Sir Always speak respectfully to Me have i pleased You today? do you trust Me? Sir, i believe You delight in teasing me eager little slut i seek no special treatment do you like toys pet? i assumed there would be limits, yes Sir Never expect my attention is it better to learn from the punishment, or to get it right in the first place, Sir? I have been thinking about you perhaps a little scared come kneel by Me really struggling with words today, Sir trust your instincts …they are good seeing You, seeing Your eyes looking at me how would you describe your voice pet? Sir, my desire to please You is Very strong consider yourself as My trainee i want to suck Your cock, Sir handcuffs and blindfold i’m green, Sir the beauty is in the presentation i find it pleasing to please a man I like your questions gently touching my lips to Yours please don’t be afraid of making mistakes may i clear my conscience, please? no I’ll make you wait my eyes widen, then sparkle with excitement are you having fun ohhhh 10 you may not wear shoes in My presence this has greatly intensified this experience for me, Sir I am pleased am very curious about Your home life never be A/anyone’s doormat sorry to keep You waiting cum hard My little slut is there anything particular You would like me to have? you have been spending a lot of time with Me i’m glad it pleases You Respect must be constantly earnt until you are “owned” i am hoping to explore many things with You, Sir I am unbuckling My belt You inspire me to do well your gift is highly prized this is more than sexual role play for me that is your inner slut pet i’m sorry, i hope You are not disappointed in me I want you to stop if it is too görükle escort much the true meaning of it for me though, Sir, is that it came from You He never fails to sweep you off your feet may i kiss You? you have to be with someone you trust implicitly permission to speak freely? oh jesusss i have a passion for giving it perhaps I have found My muses with this candle i welcome you Sir what was that journal entry about precious? thank You, Sir expect Me to explore your limits yes Sir, if You desire it I kiss you softly it’s not my nature, Sir such a good girl perhaps You needed a paddling Sir waits patiently for your confession i did forget to remove my shoes Without honesty, there can be no trust licking my lips, teasing You back it excites Me greatly to direct you like this whatever punishment Sir feels i deserve, i will accept gratefully as a learning experience one more cum pet a confession though, Sir you become that submissive person you wish to be hoping You find pleasure in my company today I think you are a natural Sir, how is it You know my body better than i do? that’s lovely i must not lose sight of the fact that i am a submissive, and should be reminded of this fact dirty girl closing my arms about Your neck, kissing Your cheek I am very pleased with you sorry Sir, if i have overstepped good girl i see that many things are possible you are a rare and beautiful being would You like me to rub Your shoulders, Sir? cmon, hop up in My lap i can do much more than i ever thought i would or could I like to be humoured too hoping You find my nadu pleasing, Sir so long as your honesty shines though mmmmmm Sirrr, snuggling against You soft smiles Thank You again, Sir, for a memorable day Above all else I cherish you thank You for fluffing my cushion, Sir Sweet woman permission to speak freely, Sir? you are doing great kissing Your palm being submissive is a spiritual experience learning to let go, Sir…that’s my difficulty I like teasing you and making you do things for Me would You tell me if You were bored with me? whispers… everything’s ok now i enjoyed You being able to hear me your opinion is important to Me with all due respect Sir now lay flat in front of Me thank You Sir, i appreciate knowing that hugs you tightly again and smiles i am not the least bit aroused by being punished be My dirty görükle escort bayan girl and tell Me Sir, these are my confessions to You I was so pleased to see you I forgot to tell you to kneel Sir, i am overwhelmed I like spending time with you i await and welcome whatever punishment You deem appropriate Sir I just might have to correct that behaviour mightn’t I pet i would be so proud to wear Your collar being a good submissive girl isn’t easy eeek! these should be medium hard swats thinking You look cute with a blank look mmm you are wet aren’t you slut? i don’t want to have more feelings than i should pinches your nose playfully Sir, i love helping You how did you sleep pet? nothing to forgive Sir gonna have to spank your slutty little pushy ass aren’t I pet? Sir, i have something i need to discuss with You you are very important to Me resting my cheek against Your leg and try not to blurt out questions pet Sir! You give me the giggles! and why might you say such a lovely thing pet? closing my eyes relax now My sweet slut i am speechless Sir I have a lovely flogger pet what is Your pleasure, Sir? you are making Me proud Sir, yes, i’m Your dirty little slut I’m getting horny thinking about you looking at You innocently eyes narrow Your kind attention to my cushion is very much appreciated, as always you are wonderful i am curious about You, as a person do you ever wonder where this is going? with you and Me I mean You are most delicious, Sir good words snuggles up against You I have the distinct impression you are distracted and not being honest about it skipping over to You it would please Me to give you a bit of correction Sir, that pleases me more than You know how am I supposed to stay mad at you? You make me feel ….special If I were there I would know how hard you could take, and how many Sir, i do love spending Your bedtime with You…i miss that I would have liked to stay closing my eyes, relishing Your touch mmm smacks forehead i am curious, as You know, Sir a bit erotic pet i am not sure where the energy came from I am pleased with the way you have handled this thank You for the snuggle oh jesus I am close be careful precious You are making Yourself crystal clear, Sir It identifies you as Mine sometimes i am very hard on myself very much enjoy seeing that in My minds eye i admit bursa escort to being very fearful of venturing out without You this is My kiss thank You for sharing with me I am hard in My pants you little vixen i am sorry for the trouble i have caused you have been very good during this time pet just teasing You a bit such a clever pet not considering a suspended sentence, are You? pinches your nose playfully the taste is glorious ok brain fart lol may i sit in Your lap? just wanted to push you a little Sir, You make me feel beautiful would it pleasure you Sir, i had some very inappropriate feelings toward You last night I am a happy Dom precious one You are very gifted punishment is concluded fastening my collar around my neck heightens the sensations pet You have not invited me to sit in Your lap in quite some time I believe you are in possession of something else of Mine yes Sir, perhaps now i do have something to confess are you missing your things? do i ever do anything that surprises You? how are you feeling pet? choking up I am disappointed in this turn of events i am still marveling at how i got here exactly you have shown remarkable self-control pet drinking You down snuggle into Me You have made me one happy submissive I want you to put My shirt away Sir, i was not trying to be devious I am very comfortable with you pet i see the wisdom in Your words kneel in front of Me formally pet i’m prepared to accept whatever You deem fit, Sir as a collared sub I want you to know how amazing and lovely you are to Me planting a gentle kiss on Your neck you may speak i’ll bring my toys Sir I have enjoyed O/our conversation today i’m being wicked Sir you may call Me Master pet Sir, i am shaking, literally in your immortal words… I couldn’t wait i am naked except for my collar am anxious to be with you pet i was not expecting this today Sir I am far too angry to deal with this right now yes Sir, just enjoying the feel of Your arms around me that looks so sexy looking up into Your eyes you look lovely this morning i have a lot of catching up to do oh you cheeky slut lol if i say i feel “loved”, will You understand my meaning? gives you a big hug wishing You didn’t have to go so soon shut up i am wondering if You recall what Your initial impressions of me were place the collar around your neck and fasten its clasp thank You Master, i appreciate it I am pleased to see you pet taking my own advice…shutting up My lil angel i thank You for that you are a good sub pet Sir, i am honored, privileged and pleased to be wearing Your collar you are much loved too pet good night Master I am very proud of you pet

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