Happy Birthday

Big Tits

It was his birthday. After a long day at work, we finally had the night to celebrate. I greeted him with a small peck on his waiting lips. From his reaction I knew he was hoping for more, but he would have to wait. His expectations were deservedly high after the saucy texts we had been exchanging throughout the day. I have to admit I was as turned on as he was. Those plans would have to wait! I managed to control myself, saving myself for things to come, and I playfully pushed him onto a seat and told him to wait. As he sat, taking off his shoes and coat, I went upstairs to get his ‘present’.

I wanted tonight to be something he would never have expected from me; the girl who was a shy virgin before he had won me over with his humour, intelligence and of course, amazing body. He was tall, with broad and strong shoulders that were my kryptonite. He also had one other large and strong appendage which made me pretty weak at the knees too… We had not been together that long, and it had taken me time to give myself to him, but since then we hadn’t been able to stop.

I slid the tight corset over my large breasts; it felt slightly uncomfortable as I tightened it over my hard, swollen nipples — I was already excited. I pulled the little black panties up onto my already moist self, as I moved to pull on my stockings I could feel them sticking to me. This was definitely going to be a messy night! I tried not to think about it as I changed, I didn’t want to get too excited too soon, I wanted to last as long as I could — he wasn’t the only one who was going to enjoy it!

Once I was changed I climbed on to the bed, dimming the lights just enough to create some accentuating shadows, making my tits look much larger than their already ample size Es. I positioned myself making sure that he would have the perfect view when he entered the room. I supported myself on a pillow, my legs slightly open and my hand moving almost by itself towards my panties. The anticipation was already building in me as I called him upstairs, saying I could do with ‘a hand’. I heard his footsteps as he came closer and closer to the door, I could feel my breathing speeding up and I couldn’t stop myself from lightly stroking my wet lips through the now clinging panty material.

I focussed my eyes on his face as he came in. He knew to expect something good; he had always been good at reading my voice when I was horny. I loved the cute little smile that crossed his face when his eyes caught my scantily the peripheral izle clothed body lying on the bed, working their way up from my feet, lingering on my tightly corseted body, with my massive, bound breasts heaving up and down in anticipation; nothing compared to how they would be moving in a matter of minutes, and finally on to my face. I returned the smile, a little nervous about how he would react, would it be too much of a shock for him to see his innocent girl being so naughty?

His smile broadened when his eyes moved back to my busy right hand. He moved closer to me, pulling off his shirt as he did and exposing his exquisite shoulders, knowing the effect they had on me. He replied to my initial request, “I have two hands which I am very happy to help you with…” I smiled, “There is a minimal clothing requirement in this bed tonight — you’d better lose those pants.” He obliged, and I could see that hard and glorious appendage of his was already almost at full attention, apparently my plan was working.

He leant over me on the bed and kissed me, offering his right hand to relieve mine, but I grabbed it and moved it up to my chest. I could feel this make him smile as his lips moved to my neck where he suckled on my collar bone and neck; his right hand went straight to work, caressing my breasts through the corset. I winced at he found a nipple, they were feeling raw now. He noticed and sat up, grabbed both sides of the corset and in one quick tug he pulled it down, releasing my tits for him to see. I gasped and he grunted, both loving the freedom. He pulled his leg over me, mounting me and giving me a perfect view of his hard body, his dick was harder, definitely testing the material of his boxers. He pressed his body against mine, and I placed my hands on his, smoothing them around his chest, over his shoulders and onto his neck, bringing his face to mine. I kissed him, pulling him closer to me, and rubbed my hands through his hair. His body started moving up and down on mine; it felt amazing having this hard member running itself on just the right spot. “Do you like that, baby?”

I started gasping for air as he pushed himself harder. My fingers started digging into his back and I had to try hard to remember that I was supposed to be kissing back. Eventually he gave up on the kiss, moving his mouth to my ear, telling me how he was going to fuck me all night. I couldn’t take much more; I started groaning the recruit izle in his ear, unable to control myself anymore. I squeezed my knees against his body, bucking my hips in time with his until I came. The intense feeling rippled through my body, not stopping while he continued to grind against me, slowing down his movements and extending that perfect explosion.

He kissed me again, moving his body from mine to give himself space to glide his tongue from my mouth, down my neck and stopping at a still hard nipple. With the disappearance of his hot package from my still gently pulsing pussy, I suddenly became aware of just how wet I was, I was sure I was going to soak the bed — but I doubt he would complain!

I felt a bit guilty taking all the pleasure when I was supposed to be making him feel good too, it was his birthday after all, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to stop his warm, wet mouth sucking on my erect nipples, they needed some soothing attention! I also knew how much it got him off just getting me off. His hands grabbed for as much breast as they could grab, gently squeezing what he managed to get hold of. He lifted his body off of me, refocusing his attention lower down my body. He grabbed the sides of my little panties, and slowly lowered them off me, revealing my wet and open pussy. “God, you are so wet!” he said, I smiled shyly, “it’s all your fault, I can’t help it!” All he could respond with was a cheeky, satisfied grin. Just as he was about to lower his ready tongue to tease me further, I remembered my plan and stopped him where he was. He seemed disappointed, “aren’t you liking it, baby?” “I love it, but now it’s your turn! I want to see how hard you are.” He smiled and pulled his boxers out and over his beautiful cock.

It was really hard already, but it was my turn to see him play with himself. “Touch it, I want it harder.” He obliged and wrapped a large hard around this dick, and started stroking it up and down, up and down. He looked at me while he did it, but my eyes were firmly on his hardness, watching in amazement as it managed to grow even bigger. I gathered myself and managed to join in, lowering my hand to my now bared pussy; running a finger up and down my lips. I kept going with my eyes not straying far from his performance. I took his free hand and placed it on my breast, squeezing it through my own hand. I could tell he liked it when he started pumping away faster at his dick and I couldn’t the rig izle help but do the same, now using two fingers to fuck myself but only for a second. Suddenly my mouth wanted company, and only one thing looked tasty enough.

I sat up and pushed him onto his back, he groaned, knowing what was about to come. I moved his legs apart and nestled in between them on my knees. His head rolled back as I kissed the tip of his penis, licking my lips as I went, he always tasted so good. I licked all the way up and down his shaft, teasing him. Eventually he couldn’t take much more and his hands gathered behind my head, gently encouraging me to take him in. It was my turn to oblige and I wrapped my lips around his dick and slowly bobbed my head up and down as I sucked him hard. He started to breath heavily. I knew it wouldn’t take long and as his hips started to buck against my face, I sped up, swirling my tongue all around his cock, and as he came into my mouth, I could hear him groaning and calling out for me not to stop — I was just getting started!

I moved up his body, sucking and kissing all the way up to his lips and neck, I could still hear his fast and heavy breathing. I lay to the side of him with and looked down at his dick, I wanted it hard again, I wasn’t done yet! I placed my hand on my dripping pussy and rubbed it, it felt so good! I then grabbed his dick and rubbed it with my juices, he went hard almost instantly. I sat on his lap, lining myself up with him I rubbed my wet pussy up and down his dick; he ran his hands up my thighs, grabbing my ass then pulling me against his body. My ever hard nipples rubbing against his chest as I painted his dick with my pussy juice. “I need to fuck you know!” I just sighed, “mmmm” and sat up. I grabbed his now wet and hard dick and pulled it against my body, moving my hand up and down making him harder. Eventually he couldn’t take this teasing anymore and flipped me on my back. He towered over me, with his hard dick throbbing, he opening my legs, and easily entered me.

He slid in and out in perfect rhythm. It felt so good, but I wanted it more! Harder! I grabbed his back, encouraging him to go harder. “Fuck me!” I knew I wouldn’t last long. I pushed him over and mounted him. I sat upright, and rode him hard, my tits bouncing up and down. He couldn’t stay away and sat upright too. My tits were right in his face, big and bouncing. We were not going to last much longer as we moved our bodies in time. I pulled him tighter and knowing he was about to come, put my last bit of energy into riding his cock. I could feel him tense up and I tightened myself against his dick, until we both came together. He rolled me over onto my side, lifted my leg over his hip, and thrust himself into me one last time, we both screamed out in pleasure. “Happy birthday.”

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