Happy Trails Ch. 06


Happy Trails Chapter Six

If you are picking the story up here, I would suggest reading the previous chapters to find out what is going on with Sarah and Dave. How the quarantine has opened Sarah’s inhibitions and how she gets Dave onboard.

This is another chapter of Dave still following Sarah’s instructions while she is gone to get her plenty of cum filled stories for her to hear. Dave bangs a hot MILF student, Miranda, in his office during an early lunch break. Miranda needs pictures for her husband and videos some of it for Sarah’s return. At the end Miranda offers Dave another chance to get laid before Sarah returns.

I got to the office early Friday morning and was on the range firing when Ron got there.

“Hey partner, you’re in mighty early.”

“Feeling good today Boss.”

Ron went on into the offices while I fired the rest of my magazine then cleaned up all the spent brass. Jimmy arrived to work a little early too, so we started getting the range set up for class today.

Jimmy and I came inside where he and Scott, who was now there, started sitting up the classroom.

I stopped in Ron’s office on the way to mine.

“Damn all my guys in early and working this morning. You all must have got laid,” he said over his Marine Corp mug as I plopped my ass down in a chair.

“Well,” I leaned back in a chair, arms behind me, “I damn sure did.”

“Oh? The mystery lady?”

“And her fucking sister.”

“No fucking way Dave.”

“Oh yeah both of them.”

“Mother fucker. Man I have never had sisters. I wonder if Amber would get Cecile involved, she’s kinda hot?”

We were both laughing when the guys came it.

“Did you all get laid last night,” Ron asked? “You all in and working so early this morning.”

Scott laughed, “All of us but Dave,” he said slapping me on the back. Everyone knew Sarah was out of town.

“Shit men, Dave gets so much pussy he has to have them two at a time,” Ron said laughing.

“Yeah right,” boss.

Ron and I just laughed along.

I taught the classroom instructions this morning and Ron his usual Range Safety Brief before we went out to shoot. I paid a little more attention to the women in class today physically, and all twenty of them were fuckable. From twenty-one-year-old Katie all the way to the forty somethings.

A good size storm blew up right before lunch. Ron offered the ladies an hour and a half lunch before we continued or a makeup class at the end. Having checked the weather it should be gone by then according to Ron. They all chose the rain delay for the day. I was about to head to my office so they could go to lunch when one of my students caught my arm.

“Dave can I talk to you a minute?”

“Sure Miranda. What can I do for you?”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of the room. “I hear that there is a certain instructor with,” she lowered her voice, “a noticeably big cock.”

I laughed a little loud before I thought then lowered my voice also, “Oh, and who could have told you that?”

“Can’t say.”

“Ok. So why tell me?”

She had a big smile and tried to look as innocent and a puppy but looked as devilish as a kitten hyped up on nip. “Because silly, it’s you.”

“Hmmm, now who could have told you such a thing?”

“A friend of mine.”

“Oh?” It dawned on me this could be the mystery lady or her sister. Miranda was probably mid to late thirty’s so in that MILF group, that they mystery lady had to be in. “So who is your friend?”

“I really can’t say.”


“She swore me to secrecy.”

“What else did she,” I made air quotes, “tell you?”

“That your girlfriend is out of town and does not mind if you play a little.”

“Your friend sure does tell you a lot.”

“She said you might not believe me so I was to tell you that you can keep the black scarf after your girlfriend gets back.”

Ok now I really thought she had to be the mystery lady.

“Do you live in the Johnson Run division outside of town?”


“You know I can check your file?”

“I’m not her, she lives there I don’t. You are welcome to check if you want, I will wait.”

“Ok then Miranda, what is it you’re getting at?”

“Well when I went to potty the other day, the sandman izle I noticed you have your own office.”

“I do.”

“I assume it has a lock on the door.”

“It does.”

“Well if we were to find ourselves in your office, you know… maybe some more paperwork for me to fill out… I could suck that big cock of yours.”

“I see… and what do I get out of it?”

She seemed puzzled, “What do you mean? You get your cock sucked.”

“Yeah but do I get to taste you? Or maybe feel your other lips wrapped around it?”

“Oh my! Well we could do anything you wanted. If you go down on me and fuck me… I am a really good girl and swallow Daddy.” I felt her hand brush across my cock. “My friend was definitely right.”

I looked around moving her hand, Ron was coming. He looked at me and smiled. “I take it you will be taking your lunch alone in your office,” laughed and went on by?

“Seems your boss is pretty cool. So what do you say?”

“What would your husband think,” I asked holding up her hand?

“Long as I have a picture of the cock in my mouth for him to see he doesn’t ask who.”

‘How many fucking men like that are in this town,’ I wondered? I had met two of their women recently and was not even trying. Some of the ladies were getting close to us as headed to the door, purses in hand on, the way to lunch.

“Miranda I was looking over your authorization forms, you forgot to sign one. Would you mind coming to my office and signing it?”

“Sure thing Dave.”

The women passed by and she giggled. “Lead on Dave, this good girl is ready to be bent over your desk.”

I sent her in my office and stuck my head in Ron’s door. He just smiled and turned up his radio. I could not help but laugh, I unofficially had the bosses approval.

“Thought you got lost,” Miranda said as I came in closing the door, locking it, and lowering the blinds.

“You are sure,” I asked walking up to her and she dropped to her knees. “Whoa little philly, we got a minute,” I helped her back to her feet and kissed her.

Damn she tasted good like cinnamon, I assumed was gum at some point. Pulling back from our kiss, “you know I would have just blown you.”

“That would not be gentlemanly not to make your pretty pussy cum a few times, now would it?”

“Oh god, please make me cum. I’ve been so horny all day waiting to ask you and afraid I would be too old or not pretty enough for you.”

“You’re not old and you are beautiful. Never let any asshole make you think different.”

She basically pounced into a kiss nearly knocking us over. I set us down in my chair her in my lap, as her kisses went wild. I worked her skintight t-shirt up exposing her bra and cupped a breast. Miranda grabbed the cup top and yanked it under her ample tit, letting in fall over the top and shoved my hand against it, squeezed it with hers as our tongues danced tighter.

“Oh fuck yeah you are definitely cuming a few times before I do.”

She just whimpered into our kiss, still her hand on mine as I kneaded her titty flesh then squeezed her hard nipple.

She shuddered and moaned, “harder,” into our kiss. By the time I was done I had to be hurting her nipple, I was squeezing it hard as I could.

“Lick it,” her voice was husky.

I ran my tongue over it and sucked it in her breath caught and she shuddered whimpering, throwing a hand over her mouth.

“Did you cum,” I asked astonished?

“Mmm-hmm,” she mumbled hand still over her mouth. I stroked her pussy through her jeans, and she whined and shook. Fuck me she was still cuming it seemed.

I moved her to sitting on the edge of my desk tearing at her button and zipper as she yanked her t-shirt over her head and her other titty over the top of the bra.

“Fuck me those are amazing,” I said looking up at the. Had to be D cups with some sag but not too much.

“Hubby paid for them. You suck them.”

I tried for them she pushed my hands away moaning, “Jeans please.”

“Yes ma’am.” I got them undone, yanking them and panties down. Ripped her shoes off and then her jeans and panties. ‘Yes a pussy with some hair on it,’ I thought. Too many women went smooth shaved for me. Smooth lips and a nice thick landing strip. the snow girl izle Perfectly manicured and quite long and curly.

Diving into her womanhood, my tongue went straight in causing her to shake and moan. I had to taste the wonderful cum in her, and it was wonderful too. So hot and musky. Having convinced myself I had cleaned her out, I slid a finger in, then two. My tongue worked her labia as her hands ran through my short hair.

Miranda was moaning and pulling me to her, I sucked down on her clit, stroking her G-spot. She dropped back on my desk and was arching and whimpering. I kept going, flicking my fingers all over her G-spot alternating them so that one them was on it before the other replaced it. Not sure why, I usually do not but she was soaking me and her so much that I pushed my pinky into her ass. She let out a low guttural groan and sprayed me.

Her squirt made me want more. I upped my attack off her pussy, ass, and clit. Miranda was thrashing on my desk. I could see she had her T-shirt stuffed in her own mouth to muffle her moans. Fuck me she was one hot woman. I could not help but wonder if Sarah would like her.

I eased up letting her quiver and shake, gently kissing the inside of her thighs as she tried to catch her breath. I moved to kiss her lips and saw that cum drunk glaze.

“Sorry I squirted all over you,” she was still panting a bit.

“I’m not. I loved it. So you said your husband wants to see a picture of a cock in your mouth?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded with a smile.

“Would you let me take a picture of my cock in your pussy for my girlfriend, for when she gets back?”

“Lover you can take any pictures you want. Even video me cuming on that fat cock. I mean if I’m getting to cum on it.”

“Oh you are definitely getting to cum on it.”

“Mmmmm Dave.”

Getting my pants down and grabbing my phone I clicked the camera on and hit the video record.

Smacking her soaked swollen lips with my cock made her gasp and moan.

Miranda reached and grabbed the camera looking into hit. “I hope it makes you as wet watching him fuck me as it does while he fucks me. You are one lucky woman. Maybe when you get back, I can join the two of you.”

She flipped the camera around to me. “Dave show her how you fuck a woman’s pussy thinking of her while she’s gone.”

Fuck she was driving me crazy with all this. I pushed in and she gave that low guttural moan, “Fuuuuuck!”

“Damn your pussy is so wet and hot,” I pushed deep into her feeling it bottom out.

“Oh god! I’m already about to squirt.”

I started long slow deep strokes, Miranda moaning. “Take it. I cannot hold it. I’m about to scream again.”

I took the camera as Miranda grabbed her T-shirt and stuffed it in her mouth again. Filming my cock almost come out then go back in a few times. Miranda was beginning to buck, and I could tell getting closer.

I switched the camera to her and picked up speed watching her marvelous breasts bounce toward her and down to me over and over. Her areolas were so dark brown and topped with thick long nipples she was now pulling.

Her grunting picked up, her hands smacking the desk, I pointed the camera again at her pussy watching as the squirts started spraying out of her pussy as she thrashed. Stopping the camera I eased up my thrusts, pulling her up and toward me. Removed the T-shift and kissed her. Her kisses were wild and deep, and I felt her tighten again and basically scream into my mouth to muffle it as she came again.

I stopped stroking and stayed about halfway in letting her catch her breath. “Fucking hell,” she moaned, “You should market this cock. You got me going crazy and you are not even close to cuming. I think you could fuck all day.”

“I am close but wanting you to cum helps me keep it in check.”

“Can you do me from behind and make me cum one more time then let me suck your cock?”

“Yes ma’am I can.”

I helped her off the desk, she turned around. “Where is your phone?”

“Here,” I handed it to her, and she turned it back on flipping the camera to selfie mode and started recording.

“You lucky bitch you get this whenever you want. Fuck me Dave, fuck me like you do her. Make my pussy squirt again for the spencer sisters izle you. Make me cum for Daddy.”

God damn she was making me so hard I ached with the naughty talk and her filming it for Sarah. I hope Sarah loved it. She wanted cum filled stories she said, so she was getting it.

I could see both of us in the screen, me over her shoulder as I slid in. Her pussy now slippery from her cum and stretched a bit let me slide to the bottom making her breath catch.

“Spank me Daddy. I been naughty. I been fucking my instructor.”

My cock throbbed in her mature cunt. I smacked her cheek a bit.

“Come on Daddy I was really naughty. I squirted on his cock at least seven times and I’m going to suck his big fat cock and swallow his load after I cum on it again.”

I smacked it a little harder.

“Harder Daddy.”

I popped it fairly hard and felt her pussy shutter. “Mmmmm.”

I was so turned on, I grabbed her hips and started pumping her hard I could hear our bodies smacking together, her pussy sounded like I was fucking thick macaroni and cheese. Miranda was riding it out for all the was worth, groaning and trying to keep it in. Finally the shirt was in her mouth and I pounded her harder making my balls slap off her pussy.

Miranda took it uttering muffled moans, groans, and whines till she squirted soaking me again.

I pulled out, she pushed me down in my chair.

“Film it Daddy. Film me eating your hot load.”

I held the camera surprised at how much she took down, gagged on it then fucked my cock with her face squeezing my balls and pulling them. This was no blow job she was face fucking my cock.

“Shit,” I groaned. Miranda pulled off stroking with both hands mouth open to catch my cum shooting in her it. This was a first for me. I had had it swallowed plenty, but she was putting on a show.

“Arrrggggghhhhhh,” I moaned, and she jerked my ropes into her open mouth. Once empty she swallowed it all.

“Told you I’m a good girl Daddy.”

“You most certainly are.”

Miranda started sucking my cock driving me crazy with that tickling sensation then made a popping noise and she pulled off the head.

I turned the video off and pulled her into my lap. “Fuck me you are amazing,” I said.

“You really think so?”

“Fucking A right you are.”

“Thank you, Dave.”

“No Miranda thank you. That was amazing.”

She giggled and we kissed a bit both coming down from our climaxing.

“I will go get some paper towels and bottles of water so you can clean up some before you leave my office in a bit. That way you don’t have to walk to the bathroom until you feel presentable.”

“Such a gentleman.”

I came back with a roll of the blue towels they were softer, couple bottles of water and a new range shirt in her size.

“Thank you, my shirt is a bit wet from gagging myself with it.”

I watched as she cleaned up and put on the new shirt.

“You don’t happen to have a mirror?”

“Sure do,” I opened a locker cabinet, took out me a shirt since she’d squirted all over mine, and watched as she brushed her long brown hair and touched up her make up.


“Yeah babe?”

“I am serious you are beautiful, never let anyone tell you different. I also feel incredibly lucky to have enjoyed that with you today.”

She kissed me. “Nobody does, I was just worried, you are younger and in really great shape. That younger Alpha male that I wanted. I just needed to be sure you wanted me.”

“Damn sure did.”

“You never let on at all. Not about me or any of the girls.”

“It’s my job, I keep it professional.”

“Yes you do, very much so. Thank you again,” she kissed me. “I really meant I hope she likes it and I get to join someday.”

We exchanged numbers, “What about your pics for hubby?”

“Just screen shot the video and text them to me lover.”

I nodded.

Miranda stopped at the door, “You know my daughter graduated last year, she’d love your big cock. Can I give her your number?”

I laughed. “Ok, but Sarah gets back Friday.”

“Oh Kellie will text you today I’m sure.”

“I just draw the line at bringing a woman home as long as she’s gone.”

“No worries stud. I am sure you two can work out something. Ever had a mother and daughter in the same day?”

“Never period. Sisters once.”

“Oh? Same day?”

“Same time.”

“Fuck me that’s hot.”

I nodded.

“You are a sexy beast Dave. Oh, she has a birth control implant just so you know. See you on the range babe.” And she headed out and down to the bathroom.

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