Hard N’ Firm


My girlfriend, Jessica, and I had been dating a few months and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of her.

She was 5′ 2″, about 110lbs, and had a dazzling smile that contrasted perfectly with her mischievous green eyes.

Beyond that, my hands (and eyes) were always finding their way to her chest. She would wear single tank tops that were so tight the material of her Victoria Secret bras would show right through. It wasn’t easy to cover her amazing 34 DD’s and she made her skimpy shirts work for it.

Even then I wouldn’t have known exactly how big her breasts were until last week when we ran some errands together, and she suddenly veered into a Vicky’s. Thankfully she didn’t keep me waiting and grabbed two bras from inside a drawer, like she owned the place. I didn’t want to appear too interested but honestly, when I first saw the tag, as she placed them on the sales counter, the numbers and letters were burned into my mind forever.


I couldn’t wait to see her with her shirt off even more after that. At that point, I still hadn’t even had a chance to touch them skin-to-skin.

The most I had gotten to feel them was on a recent camping trip with some friends and her younger brother.

Her brother was a just a year younger but loved hanging around me, so we hardly got anytime alone together.

It was the last night we were there and several of our friends were going off on a ‘coon hunting excursion.

Basically all you did was load up with rocks and find raccoons in the trees and do your best to peg them out. Real fun, I guess. This time I wasn’t interested in that.

Jessica and I were finally alone at our campsite, and knew we really didn’t have a lot of time. She suddenly got nervous, as we were kissing, and kept looking around.

“It’s just you and me,” I reassured her. I kissed her upper lip. “Alone at last,” as I kissed her bottom lip.

She hesitated and sat down at the picnic table next to the firepit. “Knowing them, they’ll be back any second,” she muttered.

“Then let’s make the most of this,” I said.

After a few minutes she began to relax in the glow of the campfire, and intensified her kisses. Our tongues darted in and around each other, as I sucked on her lower lip.

I was really trying to keep my hands from just plunging inside her shirt but as I embraced her, But I found I didn’t really know what else to do. I massaged her back, holding her tight to me, and kissed down the side of her neck.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “I’m getting tinglies all over.”

“You smell so good.” I informed her, just in case she was insecure about that.

I cupped her right jawline pushing her back towards me as I traced a line along her jugular with my tongue.

She drew in a sharp breath, and grabbed my hand from her face, and brought it down to the bottom of her sweatshirt. From there she guided me underneath, and using both of our hands she showed me how to touch her breasts.

She liked it rough. I had always been told that breasts on a woman were very sensitive and to treat them similar to testicles. By that I mean, be gentle and stroke them softly and treat them like the treasure they are.

Jessica pinned my hand underneath hers and massaged her breasts, mashing them together so they almost bulged out from her bra.

I pulled back from her and watched as she opened her eyes to find me looking. She bit her lip in arousal and I could feel the underwire straining to support her tit-flesh.

My next move was to either try to reach around and undo her bra, or just lift the underwire, when we heard a noise.

A raccoon tore through the camp next to us and emerged from a bush right next to wear we sat.

Jessica didn’t even scream though it was clear she was startled.

“You know what that means,” she sighed.

“Yep.” It was all I could say.

The raccoon was immediately followed by another one, which was followed by everyone else from our camp.

With that, I pulled my hand from under the flames in her shirt and excused myself to the camp restroom.

It was clear we were going to have to find another time to continue this, and it was going to have to be soon.


The year was 1993. We had both recently turned 18 and were excited about finishing high school later that spring. She was interested in pursuing a culinary career at the local junior college, and all I really wanted was to get good at making her cum.

We had met through mutual friends at my 18th Birthday party. Now that we were Seniors, many of our friends were throwing parties every weekend but ever since then we were content to play it low key, and keep it simple.

Even though she turned 18 soon after we first got together, her parents had made it clear that religion was important to their family. So I never pressed the issue of getting too physical. Besides, just being near her or cuddling with her was enough to give me the worst case of blue balls. I never brought it up because mainly I didn’t want to make her feel bad. It kartal escort wasn’t her fault she was so damn hot.

I loved to make her laugh, and she did it often around me. She had sun-bleached blond hair and an olive-complexion that was always a reminder that she was fond of the outdoors. That said, there was never a shortage of things to do with Jessica.

She was always up for any adventure, and as much as I was physically attracted to her, I truly enjoyed hanging out with her, going on hikes, even working out together at the local gym. Truth be told, some of those workouts were necessary to blow off some steam. Then again, sometimes it made things even worse.

Watching her beautiful chest rise and fall as she jogged on the treadmill, or seeing her deep cleavage beckon to me from her reflection in the mirror while was curling handbells. Sweet Lord.

It was actually at the gym that I mentioned to her that the new Tom Cruise movie was available as a Sneak Preview that night, and maybe we should see it.

She looked up at me, again those green eyes, always seemed to be ready for a game. “Really?” She smiled, coyly. “I read the book. Not sure how it could improve on it.”

“Well, we could find out,” I countered. “Besides, you could tell where the movie veers off the book path.”

She stopped lifting for minute, and used her towel to wipe some moisture from her mouth. I had plenty of ideas of some other ways that could have been done.

“Ok,” she said. “Kelly and Ryan said they were up for something tonight. Let’s call them and see if they want to go.”

I hesitated. I wanted to be alone with her, but then again going to the movies isn’t exactly an “alone” thing to do. That was the hard part of being adults living with your parents in high school. All the hormones of being a brand new adult, and no place to put them.

She caught my eye. “What?” she asked.

“It’s just…that…I was hoping…you know…”

Those perfect teeth shined through as she enjoyed teasing me. “What? You want to sit next to me in a darkened theater?”

I shrugged, like it was no big deal “Sit next to you, while you’re wearing that really tight red tank top I love, and you smelling all like vanilla…”

She picked up her handbell to start a new series of reps. “Careful,” she cautioned. And she gestured toward my crotch. “You’re going to poke someone’s eye out with that thing.

I looked down, and sure enough, I wasn’t just hard. I was threatening too. I quickly adjusted myself so the shaft of my 7″ erection was strapped against my stomach by my waistband.

“Ok, disaster averted,” I sighed. “Do we really have to go with Ryan and Kelly? We just saw them at school.”

“Call them up. I promised Kelly a double date the next time we went out. If they’re not up for it, then you’ll have me all to yourself.” There was that smile again.

“What does all to yourself mean? Like we thought it would be like camping?”

“Yep, I promise…”

I watched her slim biceps flex and torque with every rep. “To what?”

“That you will be properly taken care of.”

My mind begin to spin. And then just as quickly, I snapped to attention. “Well, come on now. How much can we really do with them sitting right there?”

She set her handbell down, and stood up, coming almost to my chin. She stretched her hands out as far as she could and then jammed her elbows back behind her. She laughed as she watched me react to her enormous chest thrusting out towards me. I have to admit I salivated.

“First of all,” she said, “who said we have to sit with them?”

“But I thought-“

“Secondly,” she placed a single finger on my lips shushing me, “you have no real idea yet what I am capable of.”

And with that all the remaining blood in my head made a beeline for my cock, thereby signaling the end of our time at the gym.


That night, I picked up Jessica in my sky blue 1990 Toyota Corolla. I was always able to keep the interior clean but don’t ask me for a jump.

The trunk was filled with everything you could think of: from textbooks, sleeping bags and softball bats, to gym sweats, empty spare gas cans, and soccer cleats. Jumper cables were buried, if in there at all. If I were to get stalled on the side of the road with Jessica, I had much different ways of getting a jump than what the situation might normally call for.

She looked amazing, as usual. Her hair was perfect. All she had to do to look ready was to take a magical scrunchie and whisk her glorious hair up into a ponytail, apply just the smallest of shine to her full lips, and of course, settle into an effortless smile and she was good to go!

I couldn’t wait to get her like that…and nothing else. Something about imagining her in nothing but a ponytail was enough to keep my sheets arced to the ceiling at every night.

I stopped when I noticed that she was a wearing a long-sleeve sweater.

She caught my reaction and said, “Don’t worry,” and trailed the middle zipper line showing a few inches of cleavage. kartal otele gelen escort She couldn’t have done it any better. She did it in just a way so I couldn’t tell what she was wearing under there, if anything at all. Oh wow.

She made my head spin. We’d barely begun this relationship and I was about to go out of damn mind with desire for this girl.

“Whatchu got under there?” I stood up on my tiptoes cramming my gaze down her shirt as much as I could.

“Under where?” She fired back intentionally playing on the “underwear” sound and twisting away from me, also playing hard to get. I heard the zipper chase back up the tines, and like that, my wonderful view was gone.

She was good at this. So very good.

I drifted effortlessly through traffic on a cloud of desire and fantasy. “Kelly said she would pick up Ryan and meet us there.”

“What?” I asked, so very distracted. “It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?”

She laughed, and said, “You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?”

“Doesn’t matter. You look so hot, all I can think about is getting you in the theater.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait, LoverBoy. I said they’re gonna meet us there, and Kelly said she had something to tell me.”

“Why didn’t you just cover that on the phone before tonight?”

“You know how Kelly is. She’s not a “phone talker”.

I rolled my eyes. “The only girl in the world who doesn’t like talking on the phone.”

“Nope, not the only one.”

“What do you mean? We’ve talked to like 3 in the morning on some nights.”

“That’s with you. You think I would do that with just anyone? I hate talking on the phone. Especially when you can just meet up with them somewhere.”

“True,” I said. “Here we are.” I pulled the car into the driveway of the cineplex.

“And there they are.” Jessica pointed and sure enough, Kelly and Ryan were standing outside the kiosk, waving at us.

For being such a great couple, they were still kind of clueless. Ryan was wearing his varsity jacket and stepping off the curb in our direction, even as we were driving away from him down the aisle.

Kelly, on the other hand, was clearly shivering, wearing only a short sleeve shirt atop a too-small skirt in heels. She loved to look good but sometimes the girl just didn’t think. And poor Ryan, never even thought that a girl might be thinking something she isn’t saying. Which is to say, it never occurred to him to offer his coat as the temperature plummeted, chasing the sun out of the evening sky.


We arrived at the ticket window where the girls let us handle getting the tickets while they busily caught up with whatever news Kelly so desperately had to share.

“Two tickets for the Firm, please,” I said the large pimply faced kid on the other side of the glass.

In a cracking voice, he eeked out, “That will be $10.50.”

“What?!?” Ryan said, indignantly. “Since when?” He backed up and craned his neck to check the prices himself.

I threw a lazy backhand at him. “Come on, man. Who cares? So it was $10, now it’s $10.50, who cares?”

He glared at me, suddenly hot. “I only brought a twenty. If it’s more than $10, then I’m not going to have enough for popcorn and a Coke inside!”

I looked over at the girls who were still completely engrossed in their conversation next to the movie posters encased in glass on the wall. “Ry, how can you think of snacks at a time like this?” I couldn’t believe he wasn’t planning on using the dark to his advantage. Sometimes I couldn’t figure out how Ryan and I ever became friends.

He shook his head, still clearly flustered, missing my meaning completely. “I’m pretty hungry! I ran a few extra miles today and I need some extra calories.”

“Right whatever.”

The squawk of the intercom interrupted us.


I dropped my cash into the tray that slid out from under the window. “Tell you what, ” I said back over my shoulder. “If you need a few extra bucks to get your grub-on, I’ll get your back.”

Ryan visibly relaxed just as we heard through the squawky speaker, “I’m sorry, the sneak preview is sold out.”

We both turned back to the window. “What?!?”

“Sorry guys,” the troll in the booth shrugged. He didn’t care.

“Where the hell is everyone then?” Ryan gestured, his arms beginning to flap.

The girls looked over clearly wondering what was taking so long.

Jessica stepped up and said into the window, “4 tickets for Falling Down then. You got those?”

The guy in his little special perch looked over her head at me in question.

“You heard the lady!” I shot at him.

Meanwhile Ryan was having to be talked down by Kelly. “We’ve already seen that!” he was saying to her. Her voice was much quieter and calmer and, as others begin to form a line behind us, she escorted him around by the entrance where they could talk more privately.

Jessica looked at me, and then said, “Sorry, I have an idea.”

I smiled back. “No worries. I missed you.”

With kartal eve gelen escort that she grabbed my money back, and the tickets, stuffing a twenty and a $1 bill under the window. I grabbed her hand and spun her into an embrace, kissing her deeply and passionately on the follow-through. There was no question she could feel how much I wanted her. I had nothing in front pockets and yet there was clearly something digging into Jessica’s stomach, throbbing through our clothes.

She pulled back, her eyes wide. “Ok, you’re seriously going to hurt someone with that thing!”

I laughed. “Someone?”

I laughed even harder as I could hear Kelly say to Ryan, “See? How come you don’t do that to me?”


We got inside and Ryan immediately made a beeline for the concession stand. Kelly stayed with us but kept her eyes on him as we followed from a distance.

“Ok,” Jessica said, reading from our tickets. “These tickets are for 8:20, only 15 minutes after The Firm starts. And it’s in Number 5, right next to where we need to be.”

I started connecting the dots, as Kelly was clearly still lost in the plan.

Jessica continued, “Look, they said it was sold out, right? That’s total bullshit. I mean, they think it’s sold out, but every movie, or game or anything i’ve ever been to that’s “sold out” just means they’ve sold or distributed all the tickets. But…”

“What?” Kelly waited breathlessly.

Jessica paused for dramatic effect, and looked at me.

I looked over to see Ryan trying to talk a guy into hooking him with an extra large popcorn for the price of a small. “It doesn’t guarantee that the seats will be filled,” I finished for her.

Kelly’s face screwed up like she smelled something bad. “You mean, we’re just going to switch movies?”

Jessica laughed. “It’s not like the theater cares. They get their money and we get to see what we came here to see.”

“Or do,” I said hurriedly. And received a punch on the arm for my efforts, right in the damn nerve by Jessica. She could hit. Did I mention how hot she was?

Ryan, who apparently did not need any extra cash, nor feel the need to get food for anyone else, rejoined us, clearly much happier now. “So,” he said, munching on popcorn. “Why are we seeing Falling Down…again?”

Jessica patted Kelly on the arm as we turned to walk down the hall.

“Kelly, why don’t you take this one?”

Ryan followed attempting to balance his bladder-busting sized soda and his “epic” wine vat-sized popcorn bucket. “What do you mean? What’d I miss?”


For all the hassle we received at the ticket booth, the theater wasn’t really that full. With ten minutes to spare before the previews began, there were plenty of spots leftover to choose from.

We picked an area in the upper right where it was out of the way of the light from the projection booth and had no one behind us so they could see what might occur.

Kelly was searching for a way to get people to move so we could all sit four in a row. I got my seat in the dark next to Jessica. I didn’t care about much else.

Ryan had his food. He probably would have been fine standing against the wall. Until he got hungry again or had to answer nature’s call.

Trying as she might though, Kelly couldn’t make it happen so they relented to sit a few rows down when the couple on my left suddenly opted for a random act of kindness and said they would sit up in the front.

Just like that, Ryan and I were elbow-to-elbow as Kelly’s new mission was to ensure the armrest that they shared would fold up and out of the way.

I had just draped my arm around Jessica’s neck, thinking of where my hand would eventually land when the lights dramatically dimmed, and the screen went bright green announcing the beginning of the previews.

We were here, we had seats, and this was going to be fun!


It wasn’t long after the titles that Jessica began to pull her zipper down partway. “It’s kind of warm in here don’t ya think?”

I just nodded. It was clear that I should have worn something other than jeans. My pants were already way too tight.

I could see the dark shadow of her deep cleavage even the flickering light of the screen.

Normally, I might have enjoyed Jeanne Tripplehorn on screen after seeing her strip down the year before in the film, “Basic Instinct”, but I was way too in to what was taking place next to me to care.

Jessica snuggled deeper into me, as my hand dropped further down her chest. She let it rest there as she turned up towards me and barely kissed my neck. It was a complicated mix of wanting to see what was under her shirt without exposing everything to everyone around me. I decided I would let my fingers do the walking.

I pulled her sweater a little to the side and saw nothing but skin. I put my hand at the top of her cleavage, drawing a line with my fingers all the way down, expecting to run into her bra.

And i kept going, feeling nothing but soft supple skin. I almost creamed my pants right then and there when I realized she had nothing on “under there”.

Jessica took my hand that was deep in her cleavage and pushed it so I cupped her perfect right 34DD breast and smashed it against her chest. This girl was ready to go and I was ready to drill holes in my pants.

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