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Helen Long never thought in a million years that she would end up in this position.

She never thought in a million years that she would be anything but a housewife. A housewife from the suburbs who was active in the PTA as well as other volunteer organizations.

The kind of woman who one might describe as a June Cleaver. The type of woman one might think spends her days making brownies. Watching TV soap operas. Doing everything she can to make her life pleasant for her husband and children. But this suburban housewife has another life.

Another life she never thought she would lead in a million years.

Not that she is complaining about her life.

Rather she accepts it and loves it.

***** ***** *****

A beam of light penetrates the motel room.

Helen Long lies on the bed and watches the woman in front of her slowly remove her top to expose the most beautiful pair of breasts she has ever seen on a woman.

A pair of brown skin breasts with large nipples. The kind of breasts any man——- or in this case any woman—— cannot help but want to reach out and simply caress. To gently squeeze and flick your fingertips across the nipples. Gently pinch them and watch them rise. To gently squeeze and hear the woman moan softly.

“Come closely,” Helen says after the woman in front of her removes her white cotton tank top and reaches down to stroke Helen Long’s bare leg.

Upon hearing this command the young woman leans over so her breasts are in the hands of her lover. She smiles as she feels two soft hands caress her nipples as if they are shiny pieces of silver being rubbed for good luck.

The woman who to the young black woman is so kind and thoughtful. The woman who might be in her early 40’s but still looks good. Reminding the 23 year old black woman of a glamorous movie star from the 40’s and 50’s.

***** ***** *****

They met a year earlier when Helen Long was taking a class at the Junior College.

A class in English which she needed in order to receive her degree from the Junior College. The kind of degree which really means nothing. Except for those who like to brag to their friends that they went back to school and earned a degree. Even though it’s only an AA Degree from a Community College.

The class Helen took was a class that met on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 10am and in this Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort class Helen sat next to a young woman who to her looked like one of those Black female entertainers her children were always watching on M-TV. The kind of young woman who was always wearing provocative cloths and always oozing sexuality.

Upon first meeting the young woman who introduced herself as Tanesha Jackson, Helen was at first slightly intimidated by her thinking that the young woman was your stereotypical young, urban black girl.

But as it turn out Tanesha was anything but intimidating and her attitude was that of a nice young lady who was talkative and inquisitive. She had an open personality that Helen Long could not help but like. Tanesha Jackson was someone you could not help but be attracted to.

If the truth be known from the moment that Helen saw Tanesha Jackson she was attracted to the black woman who wore her hair in long braids and loved wearing tight-fitting cut-off blue jeans.

Tanesha had the kind of look which drove Helen crazy with desire. The kind of desire she kept to herself on that first day and subsequent days. Even after she became her study partner. Meeting her in the afternoon at the library where they would study in a secluded part of the two-story building.

Helen sitting back most of the time as Tanesha would talk about whatever topic they were studying in class. Whatever questions they had to answer for an upcoming quiz.

***** ***** *****

For months the relationship between the two women was strictly platonic.

For months Helen and Tanesha would meet in the library to study and they would see each other in class.

Although Helen Long had never had an affair with another woman she was a bold lady by nature and when she would meet with Tanesha she would often wonder when and where and how she could seduce her.

It was not until the fourth month that Helen was finally able to express her emotions and desires. Doing so only after Tanesha made it known that she, too, had feelings of romance and lust.

It was a Thursday afternoon at the Junior College Library and Helen and Tanesha were on the second floor where as usual they found themselves all alone.

They both had a test the day before and the reason for their meeting on this particular day was to go over the test and to discuss Ataşehir Çıtır Escort the quiz they would take in a few weeks.

But when Tanesha greeted Helen that day when they met in the front of the library the older woman could see that the younger woman was in no shape to discuss the proper rules of English. She was upset. Upset over a young man.

With Helen listening in a motherly manner, the young black woman spoke at length about the trouble she was having with her boyfriend whom she referred to as LaVonn.

“We all go through these things in life,” Helen Long explain to Tanesha Jackson as tears began to swell up in her eyes as she recounted her tale of betrayal.

“I know,” Tanesha replied after hearing the words of understanding from the woman whom she innately trusted. She then did something which shocked Helen and which Tanesha neither explain nor apologize for.

As the two women sat next to each other Tanesha took her right hand and rubbed her friend’s leg. Doing so in a manner she might rub a man’s leg. As if letting him know how she feels about him.

It was at that moment that Helen decided it was time to let the object of her desire know how she felt about her. To let her know she wanted her and wanted her now.

As the two of them sat at the desk in the corner of the library, Helen whispered to Tanesha that she loved the feel of her hand on her thigh and then she took Tanesha’s hand and moved it up her leg so the black woman was touching her pussy.

“I know of a place where we can go and make love,” Helen Long told Tanesha Jackson.

“Let’s go then,” Tanesha replied as she followed Helen’s lead and squeezed the white woman between her legs. Feeling it already getting hot and moist.

***** ***** *****

By the time Helen and Tanesha found a hotel room they could barely refrain from keeping their hands off of each other.

As they drove in Helen’s car to a nearby hotel, Helen Long kept reaching over with her right hand to touch Tanesha’s shoulder and when she did Tanesha would maneuver herself so her friend could rub her neck and slide her hand down the back to her waist.

By the time the two women were in the manager’s office of the hotel the younger of the two had her hands down the pants of the older woman massaging her ass. Doing so as Helen reserved a room for them and paid Ataşehir Elit Escort for it with her credit card.

When they are finally able to wrap their arms around each other and begin to explore one another’s bodies both Helen and Tanesha feel great exhilaration and great excitement. As their hands and their tongues explore one another’s bodies. With the kind of passion they feel like they’ve never felt before. Except in the most erotic of dreams.

By the time the two women left the motel room and drove back to the college it was nighttime and both of them had contented and satisfied looks on their faces.

Both women having just had the best afternoons of their lives. Both of them experimenting with their sexuality in such a way that both of them knew they would never be the same.

Helen and Tanesha saw each other again that weekend having made plans with one another in E-mails exchange back and forth.

The two women met in the same hotel where they met before.

For that second meeting Helen Long was able to escape from her house by telling her husband and kids that her English teacher wanted the class to attend a special lecture at the Museum. The kind of event where one had to dress up in their finest clothes.

For Helen this meant a beautiful business suit she had bought when she was the President of the PTA and which she had worn one day to her English class at which time Tanesha made the comment that she looked like “one fine, white woman.”

Tanesha Jackson said this as a joke but for Helen the words stayed with her and so when she was deciding what she would wear to her second meeting with the young black woman she remembered the business suit.

She remembered that as well as the new lingerie she had bought months before but which she had never worn. Had not even taken out of the box they came in.

Underneath her business suit she wore a blue, lacy bra with matching panties. After putting these items on Helen Long looked at herself in the mirror and she had to admit to herself that as a middle-aged woman she still looked good. Still had the type of body that could drive men wild. As well as young sexy black women.

***** ***** *****

Tanesha was waiting for Helen in the hotel room when the older woman arrived.

As she walked down the hall towards the hotel room she saw the door open and when it did from that door stepped Tanesha Jackson wearing nothing but a white french cut bra and panties. Looking like a Black porno queen who was ready for some fucking. Who is ready for a white woman to run her hands over her body and to lick her from head to toe.

Which was exactly what Helen Long did on that day.

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