Hello Sub Ch. 03


“Get up!”

You faintly hear the order as your mind is still cloudy from the orgasm your Master has just given you. One that is sure to result in punishment because you were unable to ask permission before you cummed.

“I said Get Up!”

I command again this time pulling on the restraints around your wrists lifting you up on to your feet. In your orgasmic bliss you did not realize that your ankles had been freed and your wrists, though still bound together, were no longer bound to the bed.

You stand there blindfold still tight and damp from both your tears and sweat. The ball gag secured tightly in your mouth preventing even the hint of apology to come out of your mouth for your disobedience.

“Come with me.”

My tone strict and demanding. Something that sends shivers throughout your body. You manage a meager whimper before you’re pulled forward stumbling as I lead you towards your punishment.

“Over here slave.”

Pulling you over to me I lift your bound wrists up clipping them into place high against the wall. Your arms now stretched out above your head causing your big breasts to strain against the fabric of your bra and shirt.

“you won’t need this anymore.”

In one stroke I rip the thin fabric of your shirt clean off your body leaving the lacey fabric of your black bra the only thing containing the large breasts from my view. But just as quick as your shirt disappeared so goes your bra leaving you completely naked and helpless in front of me.

I stand there and watch my slave her arms extended high above, her eyes and mouth both covered. I watch your large tits raise and lower with each breath you take. The rise and fall of them seem to quicken with each passing second as the anticipation of the punishment builds.

“You were a bad girl angel; now I have to punish you. I don’t enjoy it, but how else will you learn? You do want to be my good girl, don’t you angel?”

I ask softly and you quickly nod, wanting that more than anything. You feel something cold and hard on your exposed nipples. They respond quickly by hardening into two red nubs sticking straight on your chest.

I quickly slip on the cold metal clamps onto your erect nipples making sure they squeeze just enough to not be too painful but also no where near tolerable.

A loud whimper escapes görükle escort the gag. That seems to be the only thing you can muster through the ball gag. The pain of the clamps demanding more from you but only a whimper comes out. You know this is only the beginning.

“Turn around and spread your legs.”

You do as you’re told quickly parting your legs wide. You stand there facing the wall in an upside down Y position. I quickly secure your legs to each end of the wall making sure you have no way to close them.

Your wrists tied together and secured to the wall way above your head. You look as if you’re reaching for something but you just can’t quite reach it. Your feet are spread apart wide and your ass still red from the earlier spanking the large butt plug still buried deep into your asshole sticking out at me.

I push you roughly against the wall causing the clamps on your nipples to squeeze tighter from being pinned between you and the hard surface. Again only a whimper is heard.

“For the clear violation of my rules not once but twice today you will be punished accordingly.”

Your mind and heart begin to race. The mere mention of more punishment causes the heat to return to the flesh of your ass. You wonder what is in store for you.

“Let’s begin.”

You feel me tug on the chain hanging between the two nipple clamps causing the clamps to pull roughly on your red swollen nipples. You feel something being attached to the chain.

Your mind begins to run through all the things it could be but before you can come to a conclusion you feel my fingers gently pulling the hood of your clit back exposing the hard pink button.

A moan escapes the gag as you wonder what could be next. You quickly find out when another cold metal clamp is placed tightly around your clit. What began as a moan now turns into a yelp of pain as the clamp tightens around your hard clit sending a sting throughout your entire body.

The clamp now fixed on your most sensitive of areas. Not as tight as the clamps on your nipples but far from being comfortable.

You can feel my presence as I move closer to you. My hot breath hitting your neck as my fingertips gently run from your ass up the smooth skin of your back till I reach your hair tugging it hard causing your head to jerk up violently.

“Ready görükle escort bayan slut?”

You know there is no right answer to that question so a small whimper is your only reply.

“you will get 10 lashes of my cane.”

‘Cane?!?’ and ‘Ten?!?, buzz in your ears. You don’t know if you can handle it. Your ass still sore from the earlier paddling. Before you can react you feel the sting of the cane on your backside. A flash of burning, stinging pain instantly finds its way to the flesh of your cheeks.

You jump forward with the hit and quickly realize each piece of the punishment, the clamps on your nipples and the one on you clit, coming together with the caning to be one big agony of pain.

As you move forward against the wall your nipples crush against the hard surface causing the clamps to pinch them harder.

At the same time your back straightens raising your breasts and the clamp that is attached to them the clamp on your clit, which is connected to the nipple clamps, is pulled tightening it more around your pink nub.

The pain from your nipples, clit, and ass spreads like lightning covering your entire body in a hot stinging pain. It is almost too much to bear. Your knees give out putting your entire weight for a moment onto the clip holding your bound wrists up.

You are trapped. As the next few hits of the cane drive down onto the soft tissue of your ass you know it is useless to move. Any type of movement from the hit causes more pain to your now sore and aching nipples and clit.

The only remedy is to push more of your ass out surrendering it to the strikes of the cane in order to save your other sensitive areas.

As the last few blows of the cane rain down upon your hot red ass. The pain is overwhelming as it courses your entire body. Finally the last hit of the cane lands squarely on your exposed backside.

I give you a second to appreciate the amount of pain you are in. Your ass is on fire. Your nipples ache. Your clit stings. The pain is so much your brain is in overload creating endorphins to battle it all.

Even with all the pain there is the tiniest bit of pleasure mixed in from the drugs your body has created to combat the hurting.

I release your ankles then I remove the clamps on your nipples and clit. Both bursa escort areas throb as the circulation returns. I unclip your wrists from the wall.


One word and one movement from you. You drop down quickly unsure of what’s next. I remove the ball gag, your jaw hangs open from being stuffed with the gag all this time.

I take this opportunity to slide my cock into your wide open mouth. As soon as the thick red head of my cock touches your tongue it springs into action gently licking and wrapping around the head.

As the saliva builds in your mouth I push more of my cock into it. My thick shaft pushing behind the head which is down going deeper into your waiting mouth.

I place my hands on the side of your head signaling for you to accept more of my cock and you do without hesitation.

I can feel the head getting closer to your throat causing you to gag a little but you press on accepting more and more of my cock until it disappears. Your nose gently rubs against the base of my cock as you have deep throated my entire dick.

You start to suck harder and faster milking my shaft and head with your mouth. Your blindfold still tight and your wrists bound together in your lap you expertly use just your mouth and tongue to pleasure the shaft and head of my cock.

You suck harder and faster pushing my cock deep with each bob. Your tongue snakes around the shaft as it slides down your throat.

“I’m gonna cum slut.”

A groan escapes my lips as I erupt into your waiting mouth. The warm fluid hits the back of your throat as you swiftly suck down my entire cock.

As you extract the last bit of my semen you pull back letting the last few drips from the tip of my cock land on your tongue, so you can enjoy the sweet taste of your Master.

You clean the head of my cock licking away any and all cum. My cock begins to soften I slowly pull it from your mouth; a small whimper escapes your lips as my cock is pulled free.

I pick you up removing your blindfold and wrist restraints. I move over to the bed lying down.

“Come lay with me slave.”

You slowly tiptoe over lying down. The sheets feel cool against your warm skin.

“I hope you learned your lesson pet.”

You nod quickly.

“Good girl.”

I lean down softly kissing your lips as I wrap my arms around you. Having you close to me makes me feel complete. You feel safe and secure in your Master’s arms because you know the pain I caused was only for your benefit.

You begin to drift off to sleep as you wonder what your Master has in store for you tomorrow.

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