Helping the Teacher


Since I’ve stopped studying, I’ve been working at an elementary school as a janitor. It’s hopefully not my end station career-wise, but the work is simple and the kids are nice. It’s fine until I figure out what I want to do. I’m on my way to the classroom of the third grade, where Marc is the teacher. A colleague said he needed me for something.

The classroom is cheerfully decorated with artworks by the children. In the corner are a few dioramas and on the desk is a half-done paper crown for a birthday. The maker of the crown sits at the desk: Marc.

When I enter the classroom, he looks ups surprised, but starts grinning instantly. He probably learned that to make shy kids feel welcome. His dark curls bounce from the sudden movement and his brown eyes look soft. For a nanosecond I see them glancing at my lower body.

‘Ah there you are.’

‘Yes, Janice asked me to come see you.’

‘Very good. It’s about the activity week in October. Take a seat.’

I sit on one of the little chairs near his desk. During our talk, I realize how handsome Marc is. He has a gleeful, handsome face with a broad jawline. His big body must be great to curl up to on a cold day. He talks enthusiastically. I see his chest moving up and down under his checked shirt. Some chest hairs peaks through the open collar. His Adam’s apple goes up and down and a five a clock shadow fades to pale but hydrated skin.

‘Eh… what are you looking at?’

I’m caught. I’ve been staring too long at his Adam’s apple and his soft skin. I have no response.

‘Are you gay, by the way?’, Marc asks with a joyous tone as if he asks me about my favorite movie.

‘Yeah..’, I say with some hesitation.

‘Me too. Cool!’

Cool in what way? It’s a typical response from someone who uses empty phrases so they can talk with everybody. I’m just going to ask him:

‘Cool how, Marc?’

‘You know. I don’t know that many. It’s nice to meet someone with the same interests.’

‘The same interests? You mean Cher, white wine and sucking dick?’

Marc giggles. He really is giggling. He puts his hand in front of his mouth. Great hands.

‘You know what I mean.’

‘I don’t really, Marc. All the gays I know have different interests. Do you have any gay friends? Have you ever had a boyfriend?’

‘Not really. I’ve istanbul travesti been on a couple of dating sites but nothing came out of that. We had a nice time but those guys never wanted to get serious.’

‘But what do you do when you’re in the mood? You’re not on Grindr?’

‘That’s not for me.’

‘Sometimes you just need to blow of some steam, right? When was the last time you had sex then?’

‘Well, ehh, we’re not getting into that.’

‘Just tell me.’

‘Three months.’

‘Gosh. You must jerk off a lot. You didn’t even get head?’

Marc starts giggling again. ‘Also no.’

His sweet face changes. He squints his glistening eyes and squeezes his lips. In his hand he holds a piece of chalk that he nervously taps on his desk. His demeanor feels like an invitation and I before I can weigh the pros and cons I get up, walk around the desk to turn Marc on his chair and put my hand on his crotch. He stares up to me with big eyes.

‘Shall I suck you off?’

‘Right here?’

To answer him I get on my knees and push his shirt up. Marc is nicely built but likes good food. A modest and hairy belly appears above his pants. I open his belt buckle, zip his jeans open and push his striped yellow and green boxer shorts down. His dick lies semi hard to the right. Slightly bigger than average and very thick. When I look up, I see Marc is blushing. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He touches his lips, puts his hands behind his head and rests them on his thighs.

I grab his dick and pull his foreskin back. I jerk him a couple of times and feel him getting harder in my hand. I put the head in my mouth and press my tongue against his frenulum. I slowly go down until I feel him in the back of my throat. I slide back to the head and go down right away. I repeat this and then stay down. Marc’s pubes tickle my nose and in between my lips I feel blood rushing in one direction.

Marc holds his breath. At least he tries too. Once every while he gasps for air. I look at him and he almost looks like he’s in pain. I guess it must be uncomfortable being a teacher in your classroom with your dick down the throat of the janitor. I release him and try to kiss him so he relaxes. He turns his head and pushes down on my shoulder.

‘Keep sucking.’

I go back on my knees and pull istanbul travestileri his jeans and underwear all the way down. I rest my hands on his tree trunk thighs and suck his dick back in my mouth. He thrusts his hips hesitantly and squeezes harder and harder in my shoulder. I let him get in as far as I can while I suck and try to do special effects with my tongue. I think he’s about to come. Will I swallow for teacher Marc?

But the teacher has other plans. He pulls me up and pushes me against the windowsill. While I take of my t-shirt, he lowers the blinds with his jeans on his ankles. He stands in front of me, looks at my body and grins.

He pushes my sweatpants and boxers down and takes his shirt off in a rush. His chest is broad and hard nipples poke through his chest hair. He pushes himself against me. I won’t try to kiss him again and nibble on his earlobe. He grabs my butt and kneads my cheeks hard.

‘Big ass. Nice.’

Then he turns me around and bends me over. His hand in my neck pushes me in wet paintworks drying in the sun.

‘Marc, wait, is this a good idea?’

‘Yes, come on. Do you have condoms and lube?’

‘No of course not. That’s typically something I bring to work.’

Marc kicks of his pants and walks to his bag. Happy as kid he pulls a condom out his wallet. I’m flabbergasted about how fast this goes, lying with my ass up and my head in a bunch of colorful paintings.

‘I don’t have lube, but I do have some jelly. It’ll do.’

Before I can protest, I feel two fingers with thick jelly in between my buttocks. With his index finger he pushes against my hole while he rips open the condom wrapper. As soon as he has put it on, he bends over me and pushes his finger in.

‘Yeah this will do perfectly. You like this, you dumb little whore?’

‘Marc, what the fuck!’

I would have never suspected Marc used these kinds of words. Honestly, I didn’t even think he would know them. I can’t linger on it too long because he jams a second finger in and starts sliding them in and out. He pulls out of me and I feel rosy and empty. I hear him mumble something about ‘being ready for it’.

He stands up straight and pushes his cock against my asshole.

‘Here we go!’, he yells, and he jams his whole dick inside me. His hands pinch my flesh. I feel travesti istanbul him pulling out almost completely before he thrusts back in hard. I whimper and he laughs like a bully who just hit somebody with a snowball. While he holds my hips, he starts thrusting rhythmically. I start to relax and subtilty move back up him. As soon as he notices, he grabs my chin and pushes his thumb in my mouth. While he fucks he whispers weird — but hot — things in my ear:

‘You’ve been wanting this dick from your first day here, didn’t you? You slut.’

‘Don’t whine, pussy.’

‘I’ll teach you a thing or two about fucking.’

With his thumb in my mouth and his dick up my ass he guides me too his chair. He sits down and lets gravity help him slide all the way in. He then grabs my knee and swings my leg over his head so I face him. His face is very close to mine now.

There is nothing left of the jovial teacher Marc I know. His jaws are clenched and he frowns while he stares me down as if I’m about to get a time-out.

He grabs a but cheek with each hand and starts bouncing me up and down. On his chest and neck, I see pearls of sweat. I bend forward to lick them off. Deep in his chest I hear him grunting.

‘I’m about to bust.’

‘Do it.’ I moan.

It all went so fast and because it’s all about Marc, I haven’t even thought about my own erection. It pokes hard in his belly.

‘Get on your knees. Quickly.’

Reluctantly I get off him. Marc gets up and pulls the condom off and throws it in the direction of the bin. With his strong hands he pulls my hair to tilt my face up. It only takes three jerks before thick streams of sperm land on my face. I feel some on my eyebrow, on my nostril and against my lips. I jerk myself of and ejaculate on the grey linoleum.

Marc groans and holds his dick in front of my mouth. I take his head back in my mouth and he hisses how good it feels. I massage his balls and enjoy the feeling of his dick softening in my mouth. He looks down and starts laughing.

‘You’re covered in cum and paint!’

He grabs his dick and starts spreading the mess on my face. He walks to the door and comes back with the hall pass. His gentle smile is back.

‘I think it’s time to get you cleaned up. Bring a tissue for the floor.’

When I get back Marc is still naked, trying to save what’s left of the artworks in the windowsill. His dick looks sticky. I kneel in front of him and suck him clean. Embarrassed he scratches behind his ear.

‘Don’t get me in trouble, please. And I can count you in for the activities week?’

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