Her Ass Says It All


The young Chinese mother squeezed past me at the entrance in such a hurry that her tight ass cheeks literally rubbed across my groin. She had just dropped her son off at the club and seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I watched the sway of her ass cheeks as she hurried down the sidewalk to her SUV. I couldn’t help admiring her short leopard skin skirt swinging slightly as it barely concealed her butt. As my eyes rose up her slender body, I noticed the bounce of her ample breasts as she opened her car door. The tops of her dark nylons were displayed for my eager eyes as her skirt rose up when she climbed up and into the driver’s seat. I caught another glance of her black high-heeled boots just before she slammed the door and turned the ignition. As she pulled out of her parking spot I noticed a leather skinned purse lying on the pavement.

Realizing that it was the sexy woman’s, I rushed over to my ’98 Olds and hopped in ready to give chase. Normally I would have just handed it in at the front desk but this Oriental beauty in the short little skirt had turned me on and I felt the need to see her again especially close up.

While trying to catch up to her vehicle, my dirty mind was already in second gear. How could I use this find to get into the young mother’s pants? Once again I visualized the long dark hair cascading halfway down her back but not quite reaching the tiny leopard-skin mini-skirt. Cut high on her thigh, the short skirt and high-heeled boots displayed a pair of legs that I hoped to have wrapped around me. Then I pictured myself perched over her tight little ass cheeks while driving my cock deep into her ass.

Before I caught up to her, I realized that she was turning into the Gem Motel on Lakeshore Boulevard, a rather seedy- looking place.

“Well, well,” I thought to myself. “What do we have here?”

She bypassed the office and parked beside a black Cadillac parked near the rear. I pulled into the motel lot just in time to see the mini-skirted beauty hop out of her SUV and knock on the door of one of the units. A rather large black man who looked vaguely familiar opened the door and pulled her in a little roughly I thought.

It looked like my lascivious hopes were going to be put on hold while the lucky black guy got his pipes cleaned. Figuring that I was out of luck, I was just starting to turn to pull out of the lot when I noticed the personalized license plate on the guy’s caddy. It said “GODLUVSU”. Now I’m not the brightest light on the block but I knew that this car belonged to Jesse Jackson, the local preacher. No, not the nationally famous one but a community leader here in Buffalo nevertheless. The charismatic speaker was always on the news and in the papers talking about sin and sinners. He was supposedly a family man and being a black community leader he had been quoted as being upset that more and more brothers were forging interracial relationships. Meanwhile, the hypocrite was obviously porking a young Asian mother. A young Asian woman that I myself wanted to fuck.

Within seconds, I formulated a plan. After waiting 10 minutes, I climbed out of my Olds and with my new digital camera in hand, sauntered nonchalantly up to the unit that they were in. I hoped that the drapes would be opened just enough for me to get the goods on the loving couple. Being a rather run-down motel, I figured my chances were pretty good. Unfortunately, the adulterous lovers had made sure that no one could peek in.

Cursing, I started back to my car when I wondered if there was a rear window. Walking around the far edge of the motel, I found a laneway that appeared to circumvent the whole motel. My spirits picked up and after looking around to see if I was being observed, I started down the lane. While making my way to where their room should be, I passed by a room that had hardly any drapes at all. To my surprise, two people were going at it on one of the double beds. Fortunately for me, they were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice a 50 year old peeping Tom with a camera in his hand.

I snapped 2 quick pictures of the bald-headed guy pounding his cock into the cunt of a young woman who looked young enough to be his daughter. The erotic sight caused my organ to rear its ugly head and I was tempted to release it from my jeans and beat off right there.

The next room was dark but I could still make out some of the action going on. A red-headed woman who appeared to be in her 40’s or 50’s was kneeling Ataşehir Fetiş Escort on the floor between the legs of a Puerto Rican-looking teenager. He was laying back on the bed while the older woman was giving his cock quite a tongue bath. I could hear him imploring her to suck him deeper.

Having turned off the auto flash,I wasn’t sure that there was enough light for my camera but I snapped a couple of quick ones of the totally absorbed couple anyway. My cock was screaming to be released now but forcing myself to move on, I promised my erect cock that I would come back and give it some relief if I wasn’t successful at Jackson’s window.

Four windows later, I recognized Jesse Jackson’s booming voice pleading, “Yes, my dear, play that organ! Yes! Oh my God, yes!” Obviously, he was about to be delivered.

Luckily for me, the tattered drapes of the rear window were not able to cover the whole window pane and I was able to peek into the room. The scene that unfolded in front of me was mind-boggling. There was a totally nude Jesse Jackson standing with his legs spread and the sexy oriental mother on her knees in front of him. She was still in her mini-skirt and high heels but her sweater and bra had been removed.

Jackson’s cock was huge! The Chinese woman stroked it with both hands in front of her face. Her eyes were wide open almost in fear at the task that she was faced with. She tentatively licked the large bulbous head of the minister as her hands pulled and pushed at his huge brown shaft.

Jackson’s hands had been playing with her tiny but well-proportioned breasts when I arrived and they now moved up into her long black hair.

“Time to open up your sweet little mouth, Mei-Lin,” he growled. “It’s time you received communion. I gotta give you some of God’s seed.” The absurdity of this statement brought me back to reality as I had taken out my own John Thomas and had been wanking it while watching the pornographic scene in front of me. I started snapping pictures as the Man of God pulled the attractive woman’s face into his groin. Somehow, the young mother was able to take most of his 8 inch cock into her mouth although it looked stretched to the max.

I could see her eyes watering as the preacher drove more and more of his ‘divining rod’ (his words- not mine) deeper and deeper. Soon he established a steady pace as he fucked the kneeling woman’s face. Her eyes looked up into his obviously detecting that he was about to blow his load into her throat. Sure enough the bastard pulled her head violently into his crotch until his whole organ disappeared into her mouth.

“I’M CUMMING, YOU FUCKING BITCH!! I’M CUMMING!!! EAT ME, YOU COCK-SUCKING WHORE!!!” It was obvious that as he spoke he was spilling his cum deep into her throat. Over and over his hips drove forward into her with such force that if he hadn’t been holding her head between both of his hands, she surely would have fallen over. Time and again, he drove his cock into the poor woman’s face. Her eyes never left his distorted face. In fact her hands had locked on his muscular ass cheeks and she seemed to be pulling them into her face every time he drove forward.

This was too much for me and my cock erupted as well. I hadn’t even touched it! I groaned loudly and collapsed under the window.

That’s when I heard him ask her if she had heard something. Since her mouth was still full of his now softening cock, she couldn’t answer.

Pulling his cock out of the kneeling woman’s mouth, the preacher pushed the Asian woman away in disgust. “Sinner. You have made me weak. The Devil has used you and your short skirts to make me wander from the path of the Lord. I must leave now and go and ask forgiveness.” With that, he pulled up his pants, grabbed his suit jacket and left in a hurry.

When I heard the door slam, I peeked into the room and observed the pretty but disheveled young mother wiping the remnants of Jackson’s cum from her tear-stained face and I actually felt sorry for her but not for long. The adulterous young mother spread her legs apart, reached up under her short skirt and pulled her panties off. Then she proceeded to play with her clit and soon I could see her pushing first one and then two fingers in and out of now moist cunt. This was too much for me. My cock rose from the dead and I knew I had to get me some of that fine Chinese cuisine.

Jumping to my feet, I raced down the laneway, around the end of the Ataşehir Gecelik Escort motel and only stopped once I reached the entrance to her unit. Catching my breath, I tried to figure out how I would get into her promised land. Then it hit me – I had captured her sucking off the black Preacher on my digital camera. I was sure that I could use that.

I didn’t even bother to knock. I just opened the door and walked in. Mei-Lin (I figured I could call her by her name) was so enraptured with getting herself off, that she didn’t even notice me until I, too, was standing over her with my pants around my ankles. She started to scream when she noticed me but stopped herself when she noticed the camera focused on her private parts.

As I explained what I had seen and that I had some rather pornographic pictures of her deep-throating the illustrious Jesse Jackson, I sensed that she knew that she would have to give me whatever I wanted. It was like she was used to men using and abusing her and she knew what we all wanted.

She decided to try one last tactic by telling me that she was married to Simon Wong a very powerful businessman and that she could give me a lot of money if I would give her the photo evidence of her dalliance with the black civic and religious leader.

I laughed and told her I didn’t want her money. I just wanted to fuck her. I promised to give her the camera’s smart card if she would let me make love to her. Knowing she had no choice, she reluctantly agreed. The next two hours were heaven. Too bad Mister Jackson didn’t realize that he had already been there.

“Give me a blow job just like you gave that pig,” I demanded and sure enough the young mother moved to her knees and started stroking my rapidly inflating cock. While not as well-endowed as Mr.Jackson, my 7 inches had never disappointed any woman. Soon I was fully erect and Mei-Lin was licking the purple head as she continued stroking the shaft. “Suck my balls, Mrs.Wong,” I ordered and sure enough the vixen raised my cock up and sucked first one and then my other testicle into her warm mouth. Then she surprised me by turning my hips so that I was facing away from her all the while still stroking my thick cock.

“Bend over,” the young mother ordered. “I want to suck your ass too!”

“My God!” I thought. “This China doll looks so innocent but she’s really a slut just like Jackson said!”

Bending forward, I jumped slightly when her tongue pressed against my anus and soon she had forced the tip of her tongue to pass the anal ring. Soon she was driving her tongue in and out of my asshole while she stroked my rock-hard cock. I was getting closer to cumming but I wanted my first load to be in her sweet but not so innocent face.

Stopping her, I turned around and moved us closer to the bed. Placing my cock in her mouth I started fucking her face only slightly more gently then Jackson had. The Chinese beauty stroked me with one hand while her other hand had a vice-like grip on my balls. Knowing I was almost ready to coat her tonsils with my jism, I forced her to bend backwards so that her head was on the bed. I rested my knees on either side of her child-like face and started to fuck it like it was a pussy. Soon I felt the warmth from my balls as my cum started it’s journey up my shaft and groaned in ecstasy as it exploded from my piss-hole deep into her waiting mouth. “Fuck, Mrs. Wong! I’M CUMMING!!!” Each spasm released more and more cum which my married slut attempted to swallow. Soon I was spent and as my cock was released from her mouth with another groan, I noticed the remnants of cum dribbling down her chin. Wiping it onto my finger, I offered it to Mrs. Wong and she actually licked it off with a seductive smile. She obviously was a natural cocksucker.

As I collapsed beside her, I watched as she got herself off again with her hand which of course got me hard again.

Pulling her to her feet I realized that I could now do what I had originally wanted to do when I had first spotted her at the club. Even in her high heels, I still was a good 4 inches taller than her. Bending down I started to suck on her tiny round breasts while my hands fondled her tight ass. Pulling her groin into mine, I was able to rub my rapidly inflating cock into her pubic area. Feeling my arousal, Mei-Lin started stroking my erection as I continued biting and sucking her now erect nipples.

Now it was my turn to turn her around. As I ground my Ataşehir Genç Escort erection into the crack between her ass cheeks, I put one free hand under her skirt and moved it up the inside of her thighs until it came in contact with her clit. She groaned as I played with it and started shoving my fingers into her vagina.

My other hand continued fondling her breast while I nibbled on her perfumed neck. In our excitement and without realizing it I had given her hickies on her left breast and now on her neck. I wondered how she would explain these to Mr. Wong. Just then she started to cum with wild thrashing as she locked my finger in her wet cunt.

I continued grinding my cock against her ass as she came down from her latest orgasm. Now I was ready to take her ass. It was what I had been wanting to do ever since I had first seen her at the club.

I bent her face first over the bed and forced her legs apart. I traced my fingers up her thighs until I felt her pubic hair. Finding her nub, Mei-Lin gasped as I started to manipulate it gently. While doing this, my free hand was raising her short skirt up over her hips until her ass was totally exposed. Remembering the ecstasy of her tongue in my anus, I felt wicked enough to try the same thing. Licking my way past her wet pussy, the tip of my tongue tasted her tiny bung-hole. At first my senses rebelled but it seemed so dirty that the depravity of it all made me continue my assault. Sure enough as my tongue entered the brown ring, the tiny Asian groaned, “Oh yes! No man has ever done that to me! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Oh Christ! I’m cumming!!!” With that my chin received a copious amount of female cum. This was another first for me. I had never felt so wanton and couldn’t wait to drive my cock into the Asian mother’s tight ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass you bastard!” the young mother pleaded. Always one to accommodate a lady, I raised up and brought my cock closer to her anus.

“You want it, Bitch? You put it in!” I challenged.

Mei-Lin didn’t have to be asked twice. She reached under herself, grabbed my dick firmly and pulled the head up to the tight entrance. “Fuck me mister! Fuck my ass!”

That’s all the encouragement I needed and I proceeded to force my cockhead slowly into the tight hole. The smallness of the hole and the fatness of my cock caused excruciating pain to Mei-Lin, I’m sure, but incredible pleasure for me.

“Oh my God! Please go slowly, Mister!” she begged.

I tried to accommodate her but was fighting a losing battle. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and as soon as my whole 7 inches was impaled in her backside, I started to draw it out only to drive it back in again. Each motion brought me closer to orgasm but I wanted the little lady to cum as well so I rubbed her clitoris as rapidly as I could. This worked and the two of us started that incredible fucking motion that comes when two lovers are in sync and both are blissfully unaware of anything other than the race to the final delirious orgasm. Incredibly as I could feel my cum rushing from my balls, somehow I was aware of Mei-Lin screaming that she was cumming again. Holding her hips tightly, I slammed my cock as deep into her asshole as humanly possible and exploded time and again deep in her body.

When I finally was spent and pulled out of her, my married China doll shocked the hell out of me again by putting my brown, cum covered glans back into her mouth and drained every last drop as she cleaned my organ.

When we had regained our composure, I asked Mei-Lin why she had come to this cheap, out-of-the-way motel for her obvious secret rendezvous with the civic leader. She explained that Jackson had found out that she had been a call girl back in Taiwan before emigrating to the U.S.. He threatened to expose her to her husband and she knew that her 5 year old son would be shamed in front of all his friends. She felt she had no other alternative and since it was only sex that the preacher wanted, she felt that giving in was the logical choice.

After dressing, she looked up at me and asked what I was going to do with the photos. I told her that I was going to expose the hypocritical bastard. She started to cry but stopped when I explained that I would be able to keep her identity a secret through the magic of computer software. She jumped into my arms and gave me a hug and a kiss, thanked me profusely and just as she started to leave, she looked back and said, “My son’s next lesson at the club is on Wednesday. That will give me the whole afternoon to do as I please.” With a wink, she was gone and I watched that beautiful ass wiggle back and forth as she strutted to her SUV. My groin started to react to her walk and I knew that it would be difficult to wait two whole days.

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