Her New Neighbor Ch. 03


“Fuck… damn girl… you suck like a champ!” spoke the relaxed black man, laying comfortably on his guest bed.

Lennox watched the cheating housewife gobble up his cock, worshiping it from the bottom of the shaft to the tip of his crown. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman gave him head as great as this. She sucked on his dark pole like she was making up for lost time. And he guessed she was considering what she let slip from her personal life. He was definitely not expecting to have her again so soon. Of course he thought he would have her again, his cocky personality making him feel very comfortable in predicting that. However, Lennox also wanted to be a little realistic about things. But then, situations like this happen and he could not be more happier.

He looked upon the lust filled woman as she switched from sucking on his meat stick to down below where his giant ball-sack rested on the sheets on top of the mattress. He flinched at first when she popped those big boys into her mouth. The sensation of her tongue and warm wet face hole made made his entire body tingle in pleasure. He ran his hand through her hair. He looked at her pretty, freckled face and grinned as he bit his lower lip, watching her paint his scrotum with her saliva. As his eyes followed her red head work itself between his thick legs, he wondered to himself about her.

The black man wondered what the endgame was with this whole thing. He ran through more than a few white women in his time on earth. Most of them girls his age or around that area. This was really the first time he took a wife from someone. He entered uncharted territories for him earlier this week. And this wasn’t some girl he could dump off and be done with. This bitch was a hot older chick, he thought, and a part of him did think about the idea of him ruining her marriage and life. ‘Hmmm…’ he pondered. He sighed, feeling content with the feeling of his nuts being savored. He saw her give him an unsure, yet still very aroused look. Her face went red again and she looked down in embarrassment. He thought it was cute. There was a good chance that, after she fully succumbed to his masculinity and not just her body, she could get caught by her husband and kicked out for good. Something about that didn’t sit well with Lennox. A bitch like her, he thought, needed some guidance and someone to be with. Someone she could feel proud to be a woman for and feel completely like her feminine self. He knew that Shannon craved a man who she could worship. And really, Lennox liked the idea of having a woman who thought very highly of him at his beck and call. Shannon was easily the oldest white chick he ran through, but she was top of the line in his book and Lennox never fucked anything he thought was beneath him. This gorgeous white wife could look good as a permanent fixture in his crib everyday.

Lennox thought ‘Hmmm, maybe she could be his…’ his thoughts were cut off when he heard his phone go off.

He picked it up and read the message. ‘I pulled up, come get these trees!!’ the text said. Lennox shook his head. He didn’t want to get up. His bitch’s mouth felt so good. He just wanted to lay there and get sucked off forever. But he did call his cousin over from so far out to come through. He was willing to make that trip for him, Lennox had to go and pay up. “Ahhh…” he sighed, moving his legs off the bed. Shannon got up on her knees and looked at him. Lennox saw a tiny bit of disappointment in her eyes. He chuckled a little before reaching into his shorts to grab his wallet to take out some cash. “Wait right there, I got a delivery I gotta go get, okay?” All Shannon could do was nod as she watched him walk out of the room. She felt so weak. Here she was, giving oral sex to another man in another home. The worst part of it was that she just couldn’t get herself to pull away from him. He told her to wait and Shannon knew she would obey. Her hot body just wouldn’t let her leave.

The black man grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself before going to the door. He opened it and looked over to his driveway. He saw his cousin’s car and he waved him over. Even though all of the windows were tinted, he knew Jay saw him. Sure enough, the new black man stepped out of his car wearing a hoodie, some boots and sweatpants. Jay was only just a few inches shorter than Lennox, which meant he was still pretty tall. He had short black hair with a nice line-up like he just got out of the barber shop. Jay moved up to the front door and gave his older cousin a funny look. “Nigga you just hopped out the shower or what? Don’t tell me you ain’t wearing anything underneath.”

Lennox grinned. “Let’s just say I got some company over. Getting to know the new neighborhood, know what I’m saying?”

Jay knew what he was saying. He shook his head and nodded. “Shit, okay. I feel you. Didn’t take that long to start slaying some local pussy huh?”

The taller man chuckled. “You know how I do. This some good pussy too. Older Ataşehir Grup Escort bitch.” Jay laughs at this news.

“Damn dude. Whatever, do your thing. Long ass drive though, the hood to far away from here.” Lennox nodded in response. “Anyway…” Jay moved in a little closer, gave a short and quick look around before handing a sealed bag of a decent amount of weed in it into Lennox’s hand. The taller of the two grabbed it and very quikcly threw it behind him and into his house.

“Okay man, thanks for visiting. I’m see all y’all soon you hear me?” Lennox gives his cousin a handshake where he transfers the money into Jay’s hand. Jay quickly puts his hands into his middle hoodie pocket, trying to look like nothing happened.

Jay nodded. “Yup, whatever. Just as long as I ain’t gotta take a mission to drive my ass up here.”

“Sorry, can’t help it that a nigga done fucked up and made it.” Lennox smirked. “I gave you a little more for gas, so no acting like a little bitch.”

Jay moved away from the front door to head back to his car, giving his cousin the middle finger in the process. “Whatever nigga, I got money.”

Lennox chuckled and shrugged. “Okay, keep the extra change then.” Lennox saw him get into his car and backed into his house, closing the door.

Jay started up his whip and backed out. Before taking off he punches in his home address in his phone, using the GPS. He watches as a car pulls into the driveway of the house next door. He thinks nothing of it at first and starts to drive away… until he sees the girl coming out of the car. Her plaid, red skirt swaying a couple inches above her knees. A pair of white, strapped sandals adorned her feet. A simple white, button up, long sleeved blouse tucked in her skirt.

The young black man watched as she threw her purse over her shoulder and tucked a strand of striking red hair behind her ear. She had a great body and such a cute face. Jay loved what he was seeing. ‘This bitch bad.’ he thought to himself.

Julie wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings, she just wanted to get home and relax from a rather boring day. She walked towards her front door and she stops and turns after hearing a car horn beep a few time. “Huh?” she looked and saw a black, expensive looking sedan idling in front of her house. She raises her eyebrow, wondering what the car was doing sitting there. She was about to shout at the car, as she was getting a little annoyed, but was beaten by the person driving it.

“Yo, come here for a second!” the driver shouted. Julie tried to see who it was but couldn’t get a good look. “I just need to talk to you real quick.”

Julie processed his voice, it sounded like a black guy. No black guys live around here. Well, except for that new neighbor her dad warned her about. She recalled her father sounding worried as he told her about him. However, being a younger person, Julie wasn’t so skeptical about blacks like her dad. Not all that much experience either, except for a few large ones that were in school, but they never stayed too long. She still kept her defense up around something so different to her, but the last thing she wanted was to be labelled as racist, so she started to slowly and cautiously walk a few steps back towards the car.

“Um, okay?” she started, crossing her arms, wanting this to hurry up. “Look, I’m not going over there. You gotta get out of that car.” the girl demanded.

Jay shrugged and parked his car, jumped out of it and hurried over to her. “Fine by me!” He responded smirking at her. He closed the gap between them and Julie’s eyes widened a bit as she realized how much more taller he was than her. She was only 5’2, and he dwarfed her severely. She looked up at him as he got in front of her. He looked very wide in the shoulders from what she could tell about his body mostly being inside of a hoodie. He had a smile on his face and she felt it give off a super confident vibe. She had to admit, he had an almost cute look to him. He had pearly white teeth which really shined when compared to his darker skin tone. “The name is Jayson Thomas, but call me Jay. Nice to meet you!” he spoke, sounding friendly.

“Hey, I’m Julie O’Reilly, and likewise.” she gave him a weary look, but still wondered why he wanted to talk to her.

“So you live next door to my cousin?” Jay decided to start a little small talk. I just rode up here for the first, drive long as hell from where I am from.” he chuckled. “I’m based out about well over an hour from here.”

“Oh okay. Wow, that’s pretty far from here. You must really like your cousin to come visit him.” she smiled.

The black man liked her smile, among other things about this sexy little white girl. “He okay, just had to drop off something he really needed. That dude paid your boy though.” he looked down at her petite figure.

“Well at least you didn’t waste gas for nothing.” Julie replied. “So, leaving now?”

“Yeah, just left the Ataşehir Manken Escort shit off at his crib and now I’m off to my place. So you gonna head in now?”

She nodded. “Just got back from a friend’s place, just want to chill out now”

“Oh okay, I got you. Your fam home?” he asked, wondering about her family, and if she may get in trouble talking to some random nigga.

Julie noticed that her father’s car wasn’t home yet and it was past 7, so she knew it was another one of his late nights at the office. Her mother should be home though. “I think my mom is home, her car is in the garage I guess. That’s about it right now.”

“She gonna scream at you for talking to someone like me? I know it don’t get all that dark around these parts if you know what I mean.”

Julie laughs. “Well, my dad might, but he’s not around and wont be for a while. My mom, maybe or maybe not.” she shrugged.

“Well alright.” Jay smirked. “So I don’t bother you at all, Julie?”

She shook her head. “No, but it’s also not, like, I been around a lot of, you know, black guys.” they both chuckle. “Um, I really like rap and rnb music so that also helps.”

“I guess it does.” Jay smirked again. “I’m sure your mom and dad ain’t letting that kind of music bump in the car.”

“Oh god, no!” she laughs again. “My dad hates that kind of music. But oh well.”

“His little girl in the rebellious stage still.” He jokingly remarked.

“Hey, i’m 18! Stopped being a little girl a while ago.” she threw back at him.

“Okay, okay…” Jay said putting up his hands in mock surrender. “But i’m 23, so you still kinda like a kid to me.” ‘But grown up… and legal’ Jayson added in his head.

“Damn, I thought you were like my age.” She watched him laugh and lick his lips in a very appealing fashion. Her cheeks flared up a bit.

“You ever heard of the saying that black don’t crack?” Jay asked with a grin.

Julie shook her head. “Haha, no. But I think I know what it means.”

“Okay, so you down.” Jay nodded.

Julie shrugged, chuckled and rolled her eyes. “I guess I am?”

A couple seconds of silence passed by in which the two eyed each other in that short time, studying the other person they had just met. Both of them feeling rather comfortable with one another. It shocked Julie a bit, but she was of a younger generation. It was a little easier for her to see a black man as less of a threat than, say, her mother or father. And maybe even kinda cute… This thought made her cheeks flush again. Jay picked up on this.

“You good?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Julie quickly waved it off and changed the subject. “So, you gonna be around more often now that your cousin lives here?” She mentally kicked herself. She knew something like that could be taken the wrong way.

For Jay’s part, he was very surprised to hear that. Glad, but surprised, even taking him off his guard for a second. “Oh, um, well like I said, my crib is a mission from here. Not something I wanna do all the time. Like I got paper, but I don’t want my money to be going only to my gas tank, you get me?”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” She completely understood his reasoning for being reluctant to come around all the time, he lived so far, and it was just one of his family members that lived here anyway. He probably has a lot of friends and people he is close with back in his home town. He probably works, too, so that could also be an issue for him in terms of how he would like to spend his free time, which probably would mean a long drive out to see someone. And of course, he probably also had a girlfriend that needed him. That last part made her feel something. She was confused by that. Was it… disappointment? No, couldn’t be. That would be ridiculous, right? “It would be like a real pain the ass to do that all of the time, I understand.”

“Right…” Jay nodded, thinking that, well, maybe Lennox didn’t have to be the only reason he came up here? “But, you know, my cuz and I pretty close. So maybe I’ll slide through more often now that I know how he’s living.”

“Okay, whatever works for you.” Julie nodded, smiling a bit at his words, almost like he reassured her or something. Again, weird feeling. “Well i’m gonna head inside now…” she stopped a little awkwardly as she looked at his eyes looking down at her. His presence was imposing, but not threatening. That was odd and threw her off a little. “Hope you liked the neighborhood and maybe I’ll see you again.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna dip too…” Jay started. “Nice meeting you and all that.” He watched her give him a smile and he thought she looked cute as hell. That white skin was perfect, and would look damn good with black all over, Jay thought. Her freckles were fucking cute and so was her little nose. Her titties stretched out her blouse and he appreciated that as well. She nodded and turned, beginning to walk away. Her skirt glided behind her and he could tell the girl had a few Ataşehir Masöz Escort curves on her. Her slender legs made the black man lick his lips once again and his heart beat a little quicker. ‘This bitch making a nigga catch a feeling…’ Jay’s inner voice told him. The more she walked away, the more he wanted her to come back. He was uncertain, but the closer she got to her front door, the more he started to convince himself to stop her for a second. Eventually, it broke him. “Before I bounce…” he started.

“Huh?” she looked back at him, surprised that he was still here. She saw he had that handsome smile plastered on his face again as he approached her, that also causing her heart to jump a tad.

“You know, I was thinking.” Jayson started. “Um, maybe I think I want to visit my cuz more, since we’re cool and all that. But it would be tight if he wasn’t the only person I knew around here, and since I met you, maybe it would be alright if we kept in touch?” Jay offered, looking at her innocently.

“Oh, right I see.” Julie was nervous, not knowing exactly what to do in this situation. She just met the guy, and now he was asking for her contact information. Maybe she should decline him… but, he was nice to her and very friendly. She figured that being a black guy around here would be tough since he only had a cousin living here. Very out-numbered. It also didn’t hurt that he was very attractive. But that had nothing to do with her choice, she tried to convince herself. “I… um…” She looked around, feeling nervous but eventually she made a decision. With her phone pulled out now, she looked at him. “So, like, do you have Facebook?”

Jay smirked and answered her, very pleased with himself.

close to an hour has passed since Jayson left Lennox’s place. The red headed housewife found herself in the middle of the living room of Lennox’s place. She very weakly pulled up her shorts. Shannon finished getting dressed and sighed, feeling spent and disappointed in herself. This was not how things were supposed to happen. The woman was lucky to find that her husband would be late again when she finally got a chance to read her phone messages. Today wouldn’t have been a great day to see him home at 7, which it was well past at this time. However, she would have to think of something to tell her daughter who was home. Shannon didn’t worry too much about Julie, though. She could dodge that bullet. Shannon heard footsteps coming towards her from down the hall. It was Lennox, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and a satisfied grin.

He had just exited the shower and she noticed how some drops of water glistened on his chiseled, black body. His abs and muscles shined; Lennox flashing his pectoral muscles as if he were taunting her, knowing that she was stunned by his black, fit and masculine presence. Shannon’s body began to flare up as her eyes felt stuck scanning every exposed inch of him. Lennox took notice of this and chuckled. “See something you like?”

The woman shook her head and looked away with a frown. “N-No…”

Lennox smirked. “I don’t believe you…” He got closer and looked down at the woman who had her back to him. He snaked his arms around her and the woman started to struggle away from his hold, but Lennox felt something different about how she was pulling away. It almost seemed… insincere. This was further proven by how quickly she gave up trying to rid herself of him. This pleased Lennox greatly. “Had a good time today?” He brought his mouth down close to her ear. She shook her head in response to him. “Oh word? Anything I do wrong…?” He lowered his voice to sound more sensual yet still having a bit of a manly growl to it. Lennox starts kissing and sucking on her neck, making Shannon groan in both pleasure and a little self-hatred for liking it. Lennox’s hands started rubbing her stomach teasingly. This made the woman’s toes curl in her slippers. He planted more kisses on her neck and face, Shannon turning her face over to push it into his acts of lust. Lennox’s hands moved up to go underneath her top and started groping her chest again.

“L-Lennox… god… not now…” she moaned her ‘displeasure’. Lennox weakened his hold on her but started to pinch her erect nipples. “Ahh!” This caused her to jump off of him, wanting to stop it before it got any worse… again. “I… have to leave…” She gave him one last look over, conflict clear in her eyes as she almost ran to the front door.

“Can’t wait to see you again…” Lennox said as she went for the doorknob. Shannon froze at his words. She looked down but didn’t look back. She then continued to open the door and she finally made her exit, leaving a smiling Lennox to walk upstairs to his bedroom. He would at least speak to her soon enough. He found her phone when he got the weed from his cousin lying on the floor by her shorts in the living room. He had taken it and realized that the woman did not have a password on her phone. He sent a text from her phone to his and now he had her number.

Lennox figured now he would relax with a little Buddha tonight.

Shannon entered her home, glad that Julie left the door open for her. She started to head for her bedroom before she heard her daughter speak and lying on the couch with her phone in hand.

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