Her Other Cherry


This story re-introduces characters from “Swiss Girls’ School” parts 1 and 2

In those stories, John meets and has great sex with four eighteen and nineteen year old girls at a Swiss Finishing School for wealthy heiresses.

It’s about a year later, in London.

John had been stood up. He had been meant to meet his friend David for a drink, but just as he was arriving at the bar, David called and said that he’d managed to get a date with a girl he’d been trying to screw for months. Obviously, John could hardly begrudge him that. He decided to go in for one drink anyway.

With his drink in hand, he sat at a small table by the wall. He surveyed the girls at the bar. One in particular caught his eye. She was about 5’8, slender but curvy, with long blonde hair and a beautiful behind, wearing a tight silver mini-dress and matching heels.

As she turned to speak to a friend, he realized he knew her. It had been a year ago, the best night of his life, four naked girls in a dorm room in Zurich. This one was Kimberly, and he’d been her first.

Just then, she glanced around the room, and caught sight of him. There was a flash of recognition, and a big smile. She said something to her friend, then walked over, Martini in hand.

“Well, hello, Mr. Cherry-Popper,” she smiled.

“Hello yourself,” he said, standing and pulling out a chair for her.

They sat and began chatting, telling each other what they had been up to in the last year – he worked for a large energy company, she had worked various jobs, in a small art gallery, as a party planner, typical trust-fund girl stuff.

Inevitably the conversation turned to that night in Zurich.

“I can’t believe I let you take my virginity like that, in front of the other girls,” she said, “I mean, I’m glad I did, but still…”

“Well, alcohol can do that,” said John.

“No, I hardly had anything to drink,” said Kimberly, “I just got so turned on by watching you go down on Charlotte that I had to give in!”

“Well, you were incredible, “said John, “and then watching the others make you come was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Kimberly blushed, remembering how she had let the other three girls between her legs.

John leaned forward and kissed her, his hand finding her knee, and moving upward.

They kissed for a few seconds, then she said, “Want to get out of here? My place is just around the corner.”

They headed out into the street, going as fast as the cobblestones would let her in her heels. Holding hands and laughing, they were soon at her mews apartment, a smart little conversion from its original purpose as a carriage house and stable vampire academy izle for nearby townhouses.

She pulled him inside the flat, and pushed him against the wall, kissing him and using him for balance as she kicked off her shoes.

“Yours too, please.” she said as she headed into the open plan kitchen and living area.

He quickly pulled off his shoes and followed.

He caught sight of the small vibrator lying on the coffee table just before she did.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as one hand leaped to her mouth, “I’m mortified! I wasn’t expecting to bring anyone back tonight! I hope you don’t think I just lie on my couch masturbating…”

“I hope you do,”smiled John.

“And anyway,” he said, as if speaking to the toy, “just you remember, I was there first!”

She laughed and turned her back to him.

“Unzip me?”

He slowly pulled the zipper down the back of her dress, kissing her shoulders and back, sinking to his knees as it fell away from her breasts and slid down over her hips. She was wearing a white cotton g-string, which disappeared seductively down between her cheeks. He stroked and kissed her, pulling up on her panties, causing her to emit a little whimper.

With his hands on her hips he turned her around. Through the lace of her panties he could see the outline of her shaved pussy lips, and pressed his mouth against her, drinking in the scent of her arousal. He slid the panties down, and as she lifted her leg to step out of them, he pushed his tongue between her lips and licked her clit. She moaned, and using his head to balance, she kept one leg up, her knee bent, to allow him continued access.

He licked and sucked on her luscious cunt lips some more, then toppled her back onto the couch.

He parted her legs wide, and buried his face in her pussy, lapping hungrily up and down, and pushing his tongue as deep as he could inside her.

“Get your pants off,” she breathed.

He stood up pulled his shirt up and over his head, then unbuckled his jeans. As he let them drop, she slid to her knees in front of him. She brushed her lips against the bulge in his boxers, then slid one hand up his thigh inside his shorts. He shuddered as she took gentle hold of his balls and rolled them between her fingers.

She pulled his shorts down, and his hard cock sprang up before her face. She kissed his balls, then tugged on them with her hand so that his foreskin pulled partly back. She ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, flicking across his frenulum, and licked a big drop of precum off the tip.

With her other hand, she velma izle took a firm grip and pulled his foreskin back. She looked up into his eyes as she closed her lips around the head of his cock.

“Oh my fucking God,” he groaned.

As she sucked and swirled her tongue around the head, her hands continued to stroke up and down the shaft and to massage his balls. He began to roll his hips in time to her bobbing head and moaned softly, his fingers running through her silky blonde hair.

Without breaking suction, she reached for her purse on the coffee table and fumbled inside for a condom. Once she had it unwrapped, she released his cock from her mouth and smoothly rolled the condom onto it. She lay back across the couch, her legs open. John moved between her legs and swiftly slipped inside her. He kissed her pretty breasts as he started to fuck her, his hand sliding up her thigh to grip her firm bottom.

She took hold of his head and pulled his face up to hers. They kissed passionately, their tongues curling around each other and their bodies rocked rhythmically to and fro as he plunged his cock in and out of her, sometimes pulling out all the way to the tip, then slamming back in as hard as he could so that she gasped in pleasure. She arched herself backwards to change his angle of penetration, and quivered as his cock rubbed against her g-spot.

“You were the first man inside my pussy…” she whispered.

“Mmmhmmm,” he agreed.

“Want to be the first in my ass?” she asked, softly.

He stopped fucking and looked at her.

“Really?” he asked, “Would you like that?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “but you’re the guy I trust to help me find out.”

He pulled out of her, and she grabbed a small tube of lube from her purse.

“Here, better use this.”

She turned so that she was kneeling on the edge of the couch, her legs spread wide, and she lowered herself forward to lean her forearms on its back, presenting herself to him.

He lowered himself to his knees behind her. Forget the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Parthenon – this was the greatest sight on Earth.

He ran his tongue up the length of her, from her clit to her puckered little asshole, and she pushed back a little, encouraging him. He probed it gently, licking around and pushing inside, his fingers stroking her lips.

He stood and slipped his cock inside her pussy again, then squeezed a little lube onto his finger and massaged it into her asshole. He softly pushed his finger inside and moved it around.

After about thirty seconds he slipped a second finger inside.

“How does that feel?” vikings valhalla izle he asked.

“Good, different… nice…”

He slid the index finger of his other hand inside, and carefully pulled sideways, stretching her, preparing her, still slowly fucking her pussy.

After about another minute he asked, “ready?”

“Yes,” she said, “but slowly.”

He placed the head of his cock against her hole and slowly began pushing. She was tight, and she had to push back hard against him to get it inside, but gradually his length disappeared inside her.

“That feels amazing!” she groaned.

He began to slowly fuck her ass and she rocked back and forth against him.

“Harder,” she said, “I want to feel your balls slapping on my pussy!”

He obliged, and pounded away, grunting as he thrust his hips against her, digging his fingers into the smooth skin of her cheeks.

In a little while, he reached over to the coffee table and grabbed the vibrator still lying there. He switched it on and reached underneath her with it, pressing it against her clit.

“Oh yes!” she cried, “put it inside me!”

He found the entrance to her pussy and pushed the vibrator all the way inside her. He could feel it buzzing against his cock. Each time he pulled his cock back, it slid partway out of her, then his balls pushed it back on the return thrust, over and over, and it felt amazing for him, alternately buzzing against the head of his cock and his balls.

“You feel incredible,” he groaned, “I don’t think I’m going to last much longer…”

Kimberly reached down and began rubbing her clit with a smooth, circular motion, and gradually built her pace. He felt her breaths beginning to shorten, and held himself back as best as he could, but as her orgasm built she clenched her ass tight around his cock and it pushed him over the edge. He groaned loudly and pushed himself as deeply as he could into her, holding himself there, his body rigid, his breath held tightly, his hands gripping her hips. He grunted and thrust one more time and she came, hard and deep, her entire body shuddering as her cries of ecstasy were muffled by the couch cushion her face was buried in.

Her knees gave out, and they collapsed together onto the couch, his cock still inside her. He reached under her and stroked one of her breasts.

“Oh my God, that was incredible!” he gasped. She was still unable to speak, her hand clenched between her legs, protecting her clit from further stimulation.

Finally, she let out a long, deep sigh of satisfaction, then a little grunt of disappointment as his shrinking cock slipped out of her.

He got and quickly disposed of the condom, then grabbed a blanket that was folded beside the couch and covered their naked bodies, snuggled together.

She rested her head on his shoulder and fondled his soft cock

“Want to do this again sometime?” she asked.

“You bet,” he replied, “next time I’d like to see the bedroom!”

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