Her Pickle


My Dear –

You asked me what I meant when I told you that I planned to give you a pickle. Of course, your naughty mind was thinking along some other lines. In fact, a pickle is simply a dilemma. Well, maybe it really isn’t all that simple after all.

The three components of a pickle are the reward, the price, and the twist.

The Reward

The reward part is easy. You get to cum. But there is more to it than that.

Think of being teased all evening. Kissed, fondled, and so on but not given any release. We go to dinner and just before we go in the restaurant I start to play with your clit and rub your pussy. I bring you close, almost to the brink and then back off — telling you that I’m hungry and that we’d better get inside.

After dinner, the same thing happens. You get close, very close, but there is still no payoff for you. It happens in the car before we get back to the hotel. And again in the room as soon as we close the door. Three times now you’ve been allowed to look over the edge into the promised land but have been denied.

Now I usually wouldn’t edge a horny girl more than 3 or 4 times. But I don’t yet see that look of desperation in your eyes. So the next time I use my tongue on your clit — back and forth, up and down, round and round in circles. You nearly lose it when I suck it into my mouth. In fact, if I had not immediately used the ice cube you would have jumped over and ruined the whole game. I lecture you sternly. If you slip and have your orgasm early that will be the ONLY one you get for the weekend.

I start to see the look I want in your eyes. Four times now, I think you need one more.

I give you the vibrator and tell you to get to work. You try to sandbag it, bringing yourself about 95% there. But now I know how you react when you are on the edge and I can tell you’re not giving it your all. That’s easily taken care of with some work on your nipples while you continue with the vibe. As you close in I take my hand and push it firmly against your clit and remove it immediately.

Now I can tell you would do anything to cum. Now you are right where I want you.


The Price

I give you a minute to regain your composure before we discuss what it is you will be required to do in order to have your release. It’s not much of a discussion, actually. It’s really me setting the rules and you deciding if you’re going to follow them or not.

This is where we talk about the price. You want to cum, which is a noble and natural desire. Of course, it will also be quite pleasurable. However, as with most things that satisfy your sensual desires, there is a cost to pay.

I explain to you that I will allow you to masturbate yourself to orgasm, for both your and my pleasure. However, you will have a limited amount of time to do so and if you don’t accomplish the task in the set timeframe you will not be allowed kuşadası escort to cum. You ask how much time you will have, which I find somewhat insolent, but I choose to overlook this indiscretion for the time being.

You will be allowed to ‘buy’ time by doing something sexual. You can buy as much or as little time as you want, but you should be very careful in how much you do buy. You wouldn’t want to cum up 10 seconds short on your well deserved orgasm.

The trick here is to find just the right thing that you are not really inclined to do without a friendly nudge. This might be hard for you, because you seem pretty willing to do most things. Some thoughts that come to mind are a sound spanking with the paddle (10 seconds for each swat), a nice soapy enema (10 seconds for each minute you hold it), or posting your pictures on a wife sharing website (10 seconds for each picture with a bonus for positive comments).

I give you a different opportunity. The ice machine is halfway down the hall, about 50 feet from our door and on the OTHER side of the elevator bank. For every trip to the ice machine you make you earn 30 seconds. Oops, I did forget one thing. That’s for every trip you make topless. If you make the trip completely nude you earn 60 seconds for each one.

So now you have your pickle. Do you want to cum? Is it worth the exposure? How much time do you think you need to bank?

See how much fun this can be?

You pull on a pair of shorts, deciding to make your first foray with only your beautiful breasts on display. You open the door and start your dash down the hall….

About halfway there, before you reach the elevator bank, you figure out why I’m laughing my ass off from the door to our room. You mutter something explicit as you turn around and make your way back to the door where I’m holding the ice bucket you’ve forgotten.

Off you go again… You pause and check around the corner when you get to the hallway with the elevator bank. The coast is clear and I see you disappear into the vending nook and hear the sound of the ice machine. You make it back without incident and come into the room, handing me the bucket. You feel a twinge of futility as I nonchalantly dump the ice into the toilet.

I congratulate you on your 30 seconds just earned and ask if you think that’s enough. You try to act irritated, even a little pissed off, but when I reach between your legs your own body betrays you. The stain spreading from the crotch of your shorts tells the full story.

You decide that 30 seconds isn’t enough and that you’ll go for the big payoff on the next run. Off come the shorts and you are standing naked on our side of the door. Your body is simply beautiful and feeling the coolness on all that bare flesh makes you tingle. With the first trip under your belt, you’re a bit more confident and a lot more excited.

You leave the room, kuşadası escort bayan taking more cautious steps this time. Peeking around the corner at the elevators and at the vending area there is no one in sight. You make it back to the room after an uneventful trip and present me with the ice — which of course goes immediately where the last bucket went.

A minute and 30 seconds earned now. After watching you and the vibrator last time, I get the feeling that that is not quite enough time for you to finish the job. You know it too, but herein is the dilemma. Do you make one more run and be sure of it? Or do you take the chance that 90 extremely short seconds will come (and go) before you do??

You decide to make one more run, this time only topless. The shorts go back on and out the door you go. As you approach the elevator hallway you are again in luck and the coast is clear. As soon as you go to cross the hallway you hear a sound you are unlikely to forget anytime soon — the sound of the ice maker dispensing…

You duck into the side hallway toward the elevators, pressing yourself against the wall and trying to be invisible. Your jutting breasts and very hard nipples do not lend themselves to hiding in this manner. The ice maker stops, and you wonder which direction the other guest will go when he (or she, or they) leave the vending area. You don’t wonder long, because the bell on the elevator rings announcing its impending stop.

You head back to the room, walking as quickly as possible before the elevator door opens. Halfway back you risk a look behind you. The man at the vending machine has gone the other way (well, man is a stretch as he is barely 18 years old). However your movement has caused him to turn around and your eyes meet in the increasing distance. He hasn’t seen anything except your bare back, but you will be his fantasy partner tonight when he spills his load.

After what seems like an eternity you jump back into our room and present me with a quite empty ice bucket. It looks like 90 seconds will make or break you.

You will never admit it, but your near miss in the hallway has left you even more turned on than before. I take you over to the chair and put your vibrator on the table in front of you. “90 seconds” I say. “I will tell you every thirty seconds and will count you down when you reach 10 seconds remaining.”

Ready, Set, WAIT

The Twist

Seems I’ve forgotten to mention the twist.

I have you stand up and I buckle a heavy belt tightly around your waist. The belt fastens in the back. Then I put the soft cuffs on your wrists, each cuff has a hook on the end that fastens to a loop in the front of the belt. Your hands are held tight against your belly, with just not quite enough play for you to be able to touch anything pleasurable between your legs.

I sit you back down in the chair and say “GO!” You’re not escort kuşadası ready for the command and it takes you a few seconds to get oriented to what I’ve said. When you do, you stand and move quickly to the table, reaching for the vibe with both of your bound hands.

I’m frankly amazed by your dexterity. You’ve managed to get the vibrator picked up and turned on. However, you waste precious seconds trying to get it turned in your hands so that its 10 inch length will reach down to your quivering clitty.

“60 seconds remaining” I say.

You shiver when the tip reaches your clit. There’s no way for you to get the right angle for any penetration, but that doesn’t seem like it will be a problem. You rub it back and forth in your slit as it buzzes away. 10, 15, 20 seconds and you are just about ready to pop with time to spare.

That is, of course, until your bucking hips cause you to lose your grip on your toy. The vibrator rattles to the floor and rolls under the chair (though there will always be some question of whether I helped it under the chair or not.)

There is a look of sheer panic in your eyes. THIS is what makes this little exercise so rewarding to me.

“30 seconds remaining”.

You spy your only source of hope. As quickly as you can you move back to the chair and straddle one of its padded arms. You can grab the back of the chair to give yourself some balance.

Picture what I’m seeing. Here you are, prim and proper mom and MILF, with nothing else on your mind except reaching your delayed (and possibly denied) orgasm. You are completely naked, your sexy breasts bouncing and your ass cheeks clenching, as you hump the arm of a chair like a horny sexual animal.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the picture you can see it later. The video camera is running in the corner.

“10 seconds”

You grind your clit into the padded arm of the chair…

“8 seconds”

Raising up on your toes to get just the right angle for stimulation…

“6 seconds”

Lifting your ass in the air as you hump the arm…

“4 seconds”

Squeezing so tightly with your thighs that the wood starts to creak…

“2 seconds”

The first wave hits you so hard you would have tumbled from the chair had I not been there to steady you. With the extra leverage I’m providing you can grind even harder into the chair. Each time you raise up I can see the wet spot spreading and darkening the upholstery.

I unfasten the hooks of your cuffs from the belt. They dangle from your wrists as you turn and collapse into the chair, your hands going to your crotch and your fingers disappearing inside your cunt. Clitoral orgasms are fine, but you’re looking for something deeper and more satisfying. I hand you the vibrator I’ve retrieved from under the chair and it disappears inside you as your second and third orgasms hit.

In the end there’s no way to count how many times you’ve cum. You’ve done a masterful job with the toy and your pussy is red and swollen from your own abuse. I help you to the bed where you collapse from exhaustion.

You are just drifting off when you hear a faint knock on the door…

(the end)

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