He’s Not Attracted to Black Women


This is a Story about a submissive white man and a dominant Black BBW if you feel men should not be wimps and should always be in charge, go read something else. To those of you who enjoy that kind of thing, please read on. Comments are always welcome, even negative ones if they are constructive.



Phil was a lonely 25 year old nighttime custodian at the Braughton Industries building. He worked the swing shift cleaning the offices of highly successful professionals, and spent his late nights on-line playing out his fantasies with anyone who would indulge him. He was not a particularly attractive man. At 6′ 160, he lacked the stature that attracted the opposite sex, and his docile personality did nothing to help. He had dated in the past, always having to be a nice guy and become friends with a girl before he could muster the courage to ask her out. None of his relationships lasted long.

He liked his job because he didn’t have to deal with many people, and he didn’t have a boss breathing down his neck all the time. His overbearing mother had just passed away, and although he really did love her, living with her until her death from lung cancer had in the past dampened even his slightest hope of attracting women. To her credit, his mother had done well for herself and left him a small two bedroom home that was paid off, and a substantial bank account. This lent to his lack of motivation, and kept him right where he was, cleaning offices for a living and making $15.25/hour. It was fine with him, because there was always extra work to do, like buffing floors and shampooing carpets that he could get overtime for. Since he had no one waiting at home he was willing to stay late anytime his supervisor asked.

Tonight was one of those nights, and as he finished putting away the floor buffer, he looked at the clock. It read 2:14 AM. He grabbed his lunch pail and headed to the exit. He exited the elevator and as he approached the reception area in the lobby, he noticed a figure that he didn’t recognize. He remembered that old John the graveyard security guard had retired and he figured that this person must be his replacement. He walked up to the desk and the woman heard his footsteps.

“Hi” she said with a great big pearly white smile.

The brightness of her teeth was a contrast to her mocha colored skin. Her plump face brightened as the attractive 39 year old stood and extended her hand over the desk.

“My name is Georgia.” She cheerfully said.

Her eyes were as bright as her smile.

“I’m Phil, the night custodian.” He returned.

“I figured that. I have been watching you on my monitors” She said, referring to the eight screens she had tucked under the upper part of her round reception desk.

“Very nice to meet you.” Phil told her. “You are quite an upgrade from the last graveyard guy.”

Georgia dipped her head in appreciation.

“I will take that as a compliment.” She said a bit flirty.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable now, Phil tried to back pedal a bit, worried he might have offended her.

“I didn’t mean anything by that. Just that the last guard was like 90 and a man.”

“I know exactly what you meant.” She said teasingly as she wiggled her full figure at him.

“Well, Georgia could you let me out, it has been a long night and I would like to go home.”

“Sure thing doll, any big plans for the rest of your night?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at him.

Her confidence was a bit unnerving to Phil, and as he stood and waited for her to walk out from behind her desk, he mumbled a reply. As she came into view from behind her desk, Phil noticed her figure. She had wide hips and a full round “Black woman’s” butt that filled up the knee length skirt she wore. Her legs were remarkably thin for the frame that they seemed to be supporting, and her high heeled shoes didn’t seem appropriate for someone in her position.

He looked up to follow her, and caught an eyeful of her larger than life tits. He couldn’t stop staring at them as she breezed by. Then he turned to watch her hips shake under that tight fitting skirt as she led him to the exit.

Phil had recently developed an obsession for larger women. He loved big tits and large round asses. Since his love life was non existent, he spent a lot of time on the internet, and as he searched “Big tits”, he found that many sites came up with BBW’s. He soon found out what that meant. His masturbating habits involved many pictures of these Big Beautiful Women. He soon found himself craving, even obsessing over them. However, he had really never been attracted to black girls, and he just dismissed the familiar tingle in his groin as he walked to the door behind Georgia.

Georgia deliberately bent at the waist when she unlocked the door, pushing her full, round ass out. She figured if Phil liked staring at her tits so much, he might want a good look at her rear. He did take a look, a long look, but again dismissed his dirty thoughts. He started to walk around Ataşehir Esmer Escort her as she stood and opened the door for him. As he walked by, Georgia gave him a little pat on his rear.

“See ya soon sweets.” She quipped

Phil turned and looked at her with a puzzled look, then walked to his car.

Georgia locked the door and returned to her desk. Georgia then began to formulate her plan. See, what Phil didn’t know, was that he had just fallen into the web of a sexually dominating black woman whose favorite game was making what she called “little white boys” her play things. She could tell by his reactions during the past few minutes, that Phil would be her next acquisition.

Over the next few weeks Georgia began putting her plan into action. When Phil stayed late, she invited him to join her as she ate lunch. She purposely steered the conversations toward sex, and found that he was attracted to large women. She constantly caught him staring at her tits, and would even unbutton her tops to entice his stares. She liked making him uncomfortable with her conversations. On many occasions she would move very close to him, even brushing up against him with her tits or ass.

Phil noticed these signs, but continued to convince himself that he was not attracted to Georgia despite the tingle in his groin and the stiffness in his cock when they talked.

Finally, one day Georgia decided it was time to pounce. She asked Phil if he could come to her house to help her move some furniture. She had to make room for a couch table she had purchased. He agreed and they made arrangements for him to be at her house about 2:00 PM the next day. That would give him plenty of time to help her and still be to work by 3:00.

The next afternoon he found himself on her porch. He rang the doorbell and waited. Georgia swung the door open and invited him in. Phil was stunned by her attire. She only had on a full-length teal colored silk robe, tied at the waist, and a pair of sexy looking slippers. As she moved, her soft voluptuous body shook and danced under the robe’s tenuous confines. Phil of course could not take his eyes off her huge round tits as they filled out her robe. Georgia didn’t have the robe pulled very tight and her plentiful cleavage was in plain view. When she walked, he could see her smooth legs peak out from between the overlapped robe flaps.

“Sorry about this.” She said pointing at what she was wearing. “I just got out of bed.”

Of course she was lying. It was all part of her little plan to possess Phil in every way.

“No problem.” Phil managed to spit out, never taking his eyes off her body.

Suddenly, all those reassurances to himself that he was not attracted to black women, just disappeared as his cock began to swell in his work pants.

“I can wait while you change.” He told her.

“Nonsense, you don’t have time for that.” She told him.

“The couch is right over hear, we just need to move it to there, so I can put the table behind it.” She said, pointing to a specific spot in the living room.

They both walked to opposite sides of the couch and reached down to pick it up. As she did, Georgia’s robe fell forward and opened quite wide, giving Phil a clear shot of her hanging mammories. His cock swelled more and became uncomfortable in his pants. Georgia of course noticed him staring down her top and chuckled to herself. Phil’s stiff dick made it very hard to do what he needed to do over the next 10 minutes, but he managed to move the two pieces of furniture and keep his erection somewhat concealed.

“Well, that didn’t take any time at all, now did it?” Georgia commented. “Have a seat. I’ll get you something to drink.”

“No, that’s ok, I gotta get to work.” Phil told her, wanting to remove himself from the uncomfortable situation.

“You have plenty of time, have a seat, I insist.” She told him.

The inflection in her voice told Phil he really didn’t have a choice. He sat and waited as Georgia disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a glass of soda. She sat next to him with one leg on the floor and one leg bent on the couch so that her knee was against the back of it. This of course gave Phil another view of her body, this time of the smooth, dark skin of her inner thigh. Georgia laid her arm across the back of the couch and her robe “accidentally” fell open at the top.

Phil could now see the silky material of her peach colored bra, a sexy contrast to the darkness of her skin. His cock was getting very hard now. He sipped his soda and tried not to stare at all the exposed flesh.

Georgia took great pleasure in Phil’s discomfort. She did nothing to cover her exposed body and watched as he tried to hide his growing erection. Seeing this, she went in for the kill.

“Phil, I have a question for you.” She told him.

“Yes?” he replied nervously.

“You and I have had many conversations about what makes us tick, and you have told me more than once that you are attracted to ‘large’ Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort women” she said, making quote marks with her fingers. “If that is true, why haven’t you made any advances toward me?”

Phil was extremely uneasy now. He searched for a politically correct way to answer. However, he couldn’t find one, so he just decided to tell what he thought was the truth.

“I……I….I’m really just not attracted to black women.” He said with a shake in hid voice.

“What?” she said with mock insult. “Why not?”

“I don’t know.” He told her.

Georgia stood up and instantly untied her robe, swung it open and dropped it to the ground.

“How could you not be attracted to this?” she asked as she twilled around once.

Phil’s jaw dropped as his eyes took in the sight of her sexy, well curved form. Her bra and matching panties looked so sexy on her dark skin and her tits spilled out the top of her bra. His cock was rock hard now.

Georgia approached him and bent at the waist, causing her massive flesh mounds to almost fall out of her bra. They tangled in front of his face. He suddenly felt her hand caress his throbbing manhood.

“Well white boy, your mouth may say you’re not attracted to black women, but your dick says differently.” She told him.

His cock was throbbing under her grasp. He stared lustfully at her huge hanging tits. He couldn’t believe how sexy they looked encased in the silky pale colored bra. His cock pulsed rapidly.

“You like Georgia’s big, round, black tits don’t you Philip?” She asked him, emphasizing the word “black”.

He noticed how she talked in the third person and referred to him as “Philip”, almost like she was his mother. He found this extremely exciting.

“Go ahead touch ’em.” She said.

He reached out and lifted them with his hands, feeling there weight. They were soft, yet pleasantly firm. He felt the nipples poke his palms through the silky material of her bra.

“Mmmmmm, that feels nice. I knew you couldn’t resist Georgia’s biggest assets. Georgia sees you staring at them all the time. Squeeze them harder my little one” She coaxed him, again speaking in the third person.

Phil found this to be such a turn on, even though he found her comment troubling. What did she mean by, “She knew he couldn’t resist her assets.”? It was almost as if she had planned all this.

Of course she had. Georgia had him right where she wanted him. She knew he would be yet another submissive little white boy to add to her stable. She rubbed his throbbing cock faster through his pants, coaxing him toward an orgasm.

“That’s it, sweetie, play with Georgia’s big, round titties.”

Phil fondled her massive flesh bags and listened to her take control. He was mesmerized by her tits, and his full attention was on them when he suddenly felt his balls tighten and release a full load of his love juice through his rigid cock and into his pants. He grunted and groaned with intense pleasure as his cock spasmed over and over, making a complete mess inside his uniform pants, even leaving a very noticeable dark spot on the outside.

When he was done, his body fell back against the couch spent. He watched as Georgia grabbed her robe and covered herself. He had never experienced that much excitement and had such an orgasm without taking his cock out of his pants.

“You better get to work suga’, or you’ll be late.” Georgia told him.

Phil looked at his watch. He only had ten minutes to get there. He looked at his pants and panicked. He could never get home and back to work in time. He would have to go to work with a big dark stain on his pants. He went to the bathroom and tried to clean up to no avail.

“See you at work.” Georgia said to him with a snide little smirk on her face as he ran out of her home.

All afternoon and evening Phil’s head spun. He was so conflicted. Embarrassed at how Georgia had manipulated him into that situation and sent him to work looking like he wet his pants, but he also was so turned on by how she had made him feel during the whole experience.

Phil hurried through his duties, hoping to get out of there before Georgia showed up for her graveyard shift. He needed some time to sort out all that had happened earlier. About 8:00 his cell phone rang, and he answered it. It was his boss. He needed Phil to do some extra cleaning in the main conference center before a client meeting the next day. Phil knew this meant he would not be able to avoid Georgia. He did what he needed to do, and about 1:00 AM, he headed toward the main security desk to leave.

As he approached, Georgia spun in his direction.

“Hello my little one how was your night?” She asked.

Phil heard her, but couldn’t answer. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Georgia was sitting at her desk and her top was unbuttoned all the way down to the waistband of her skirt. She was massaging her tits through the same bra she had worn earlier. Phil just stared with his mouth agape Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort and his cock stiffening.

“Wanna play with Georgia’s big, black titties some more suga’?” She asked, again emphasizing the word “Black”.

Phil couldn’t believe her forwardness. How could she do this at work right at her desk in the lobby?

Georgia knew there was no risk. The only camera in the lobby pointed toward the entrance door, no one would be able to see any of this. She pinched her rock hard nipples through the silky material of her bra as Phil stood mesmerized by the sight of her.

“Don’t just stand there, get over here and give my fun bags some attention.” She told him.

As if in a trance, Phil moved around the circular desk and entered through the opening. Standing directly in front of her, he reached out to feel the objects of his desire, only to have his hand slapped.

“Not so fast!” she scolded him.

He recoiled his hand and rubbed it with his other hand to soothe the sting that pulsed through it.

“First things first my little white boy.” She told him.

Phil found the change in her demeanor confusing.

“This afternoon was a gift.” She explained. “From now on if you want to play with Georgia’s big, black titties, you have to earn it.”

She stood up. She was not taller than him, but her size made him suddenly feel small. Her tits jutted out from her chest and teased him as they brushed against his boney chest. He felt Georgia’s hands on his shoulders. She pressed down on them and commanded him to his knees.

As he lowered his body, he gazed at her bra covered mounds and the nipples poking though the thin silky material. Oh how he wanted to play with them again. He felt his knees hit the floor. It was then that he noticed that Georgia was not wearing her uniform. Instead, in front of his nose he could see her blouse was open, exposing her full tummy, and it was tucked into a short, black, leather skirt.

He watched as she grabbed the sides of the skirt and began to pull it up. His eyes dropped down and noticed the tall sexy heels and her nylon covered legs as they gradually came into view. The nylons were a close match to her bra. He was again delighted when he discovered they were stockings and the lacy tops became visible. His cock jumped in his pants. He loved stockings. He couldn’t believe his eyes when her puffy, hairless pussy came into view. She wasn’t wearing panties. The skin seamed to be darker in that area than the rest on her body, and he stared endlessly at her dark slit. Georgia parted her lips with her hands and the beautiful pink folds of her labium appeared.

“You can play with Georgia’s big, fat, black tits after you make her cum. Now lick!” she commanded.

Phil lowered his face to her steamy cunt and began to lick the length of her pussy. From hole to clit he lathered it with his tongue. He sucked her clit and flicked it mercilessly. He felt Georgia’s hand on the back of his head. She pushed his face against her gash and moaned appreciatively.

“You white boys are all the same.” She told him. “Flash you some tit and your putty in Georgia’s hands.”

Again Phil found the comment odd, but didn’t care. He continued to devour her juicy puss as she rode his face to a thunderous orgasm. He couldn’t believe the force with which she came.

“Yea, that’s it my little white pet, eat Georgia’s pussy. Georgia’s gonna cum.” She screamed, forcing his face deep into her folds.

“Eat me! Suck me! Lick my cum!” she demanded.

Phil did all those things. He engulfed her throbbing snatch with his mouth and tongue and her body shook uncontrollably through her orgasm.

When it had passed, she crumpled into her chair, panting violently. Phil just remained on his knees, his face covered in her juices, watching her incredible chest raise and fall with each breath.

“Man you white boys sure can eat pussy.” She gasped.

There it was, that comment again, “white boys”, like he was one of many that she had do this for her. He just continued to stare at her exposed body as she recovered from her climax.

“Ok my suga’ you’ve been a good little cunt licker. You deserve a reward.” She said to him straightening up in her chair.

“Stand up and let me see that dick of yours.” She demanded, as she reached around behind her to unfasten her bra.

Phil stood, but didn’t expose himself. He had quite a noticeable tent in his work pants, but he didn’t open them. He stood with his hands covering his bulge as he witnessed Georgia’s massive mounds fall down her chest when her bra was released.

She pulled the bra away from her breasts and Phil gawked at their beauty. Her areolas were dark as milk chocolate, and as big as a rose bud in full bloom. Her stiff nipples were thick and long like a bite size Tootsie Roll. He wanted to taste them.

Georgia discarded her bra to the ground and looked at Phil. “Well, come on; let’s see that thing I played with this afternoon.” She told him.

He didn’t move.

“What are you waiting for?” She snapped.

“I………I……I don’t want to…….you know.” He stuttered a reply.

“Why not, don’t you want to put that thing right here between Georgia’s big, fat, black titties?” She asked as she lifted her soft mounds and squeezed them together.

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