Hey Stranger Ch. 01


This is all new to me so let me know if you like this story and what could be better so leave comments if you would, thanks muchly!

How many years could two people tease each other online before one or the other would breakdown and say – okay, we need to just do this. She had asked in previous years (numerous times over the last 8 or so they had known each other) if he really would go through with it. They were both married now, both with children, she in her open relationship and he in a most assuredly monogamous marriage. He had told her every time before “Let’s just keep fantasy fantasy, okay?” And every time it saddened her to see those words. She though surely after this much time together, even if only online, he has to have some strong desire to actually be with me.

She told him her thoughts on vacationing in his part of the country and suddenly he’s formulating a plan to meet up with her for “dinner and a movie.” She wonders what has changed and why now. She’s not complaining mind you, she wants him in the worst way but she doesn’t want to get hurt and she needs to know that he’s being sincere. “What would your guys say if you went total slut irl?” he asked. She told him she had already made it clear to them that while on vacation she had every intention of meeting up with him and that she would be careful. It was about honesty and being open. His marriage wasn’t so cut and dry either as he and his wife had fooled around with a third and dabbled in some swinging early on in their marriage but things were complicated by…well….

She had originally met him through his wife. They had been friendly online and both seemed to enjoy the experience of getting to be promiscuous as hell in an online world. Hell, they had had a threesome in that medium before and it was very very good. His wife had a habit of leaving her instant messaging open and occasionally when messaged he would answer instead of her. They became friendly as well, very friendly, very late at night, very many times. She isn’t even quite sure how it all came to be but she knew she had it bad for him. They would talk non-stop for weeks and months and then lose contact for long stretches of time but one always came back – “Hey stranger.” was always their way of reconnecting.

He would get so into her and they’d walker independence izle have night after night of incredibly hot and explicit conversations and then his wife would find some texts or some pics and then there would be a quick notice of such followed by radio silence for months. She would miss him dearly and her heart would hurt when he would leave. She hated herself for letting him get that close to her. She would tell herself that this was the last time she’d let him get THAT close but everytime….”Hey stranger.”

Fuck. She was right back into it, like always, all he had to do was say hello and she was there. Maybe it was just because he was 13 years her senior but he loved to play the part of the one in control and for the most part this was true and possibly yet another reason why she always came back. She knew she wouldn’t change it for the world….”hey you ;)”

She had her husband and boyfriend drop her off at the casino they had agreed on. She again promised she would be safe and she had her cell phone on and she knew they were nervous…just not as nervous as her. Her hands shook as she pulled out a stool at the restaurant bar. “Just a single shot, vodka, neat, Pinnacle if you have it, Smirnoff if not.” She figured a drink couldn’t hurt to make this all a bit easier. It wasn’t that she wasn’t excited as hell but sometimes her anxiety had a way of getting ahead of her. She wasn’t getting cold feet but she briefly concerned if she had made the right choice. She wanted to meet him, she wanted to sleep with him but she….she worried about him getting close, like he always did, she didn’t want to end up wanting him so badly that it made it hard to leave. However, she was there and she knew that was the way it would end and she went through it anyways. She shook her head to herself and muttered – “stupid girl.” *sigh*

He pulled up a stool next to her and ordered a White Russian as nonchalantly as the day is long. She had only heard his voice once before. For her 29th birthday she had asked him to call. He called her from his cell phone in his car after work and they chatted friendly small talk for less than 10 minutes before they said their good-byes. She had cried after she hung up, her emotions got the better of waterloo road izle her and to finally hear his voice after so many years was…overwhelming.

She snapped back to the present and looked over at him out of the side of her eye — “Good afternoon sir.”

“Indeed it is and will continue to be.” he replied in that smooth manner all too familiar to her.

“So do I get my dinner and a movie or are we just here for the sex? Not that I’m picky. I’d actual prefer the latter, if it’s all the same to you.” She laughed to herself at her overwhelming need to be witty like she always was online.

“Let’s just go with sex then. Shall we?”

They finished their drinks and headed up to the room he had already bought and paid for – in cash – as they had discussed. They had agreed that the first fuck would be fast and frenzied and raw and no holds barred. He wanted every subsequent orgasm of hers to be slow and measured – letting them build, making her beg, having her wait until she couldn’t take it anymore and then, and only then, would he let her cum. They both loved this set-up and she was so good at being subservient…basically, she couldn’t fucking wait.

She walked next to him the hallway, neither touching nor saying a word. He stared straight ahead before simply stating “Walk ahead of me. Room 621. Slowly.” She was amazed at her ability to stay upright at times like these. Her legs moved forward of their own accord and she wondered if the dress hugged all the right curves. She let her hips sway gently side to side as she made her way down what seemed like the longest hallway she had ever seen. She could have described in detail the color of the carpet, the pattern of the wallpaper, the type of ceiling tiles, the sound of her own footsteps, the feeling of every muscle in her body tensing and waiting for his touch but the moment he said “Stop.” that minutiae left her mind. She turned towards the room as he opened the door, placed his hand softly on the small of her back, and directed her gently into the room. He stopped to lock the door behind them as she went and looked out the window. He came up behind her and placed his hands on her hips “Welcome to the city.”

“Glad to be here.”

Before she knew it her mouth was on his, wayne izle her tongue tasting his, his hands spinning her towards the bed, knees on the mattress, then hands, grabbing at the comforter as she slid forward until her chest was against the bed, her ass high in the air. As she had found was topping the hit list of any good, filthy, fucking arrangement – she wore no panties that day and his pants were already halfway down his thighs, his fingers slipping expertly between her legs to make sure her pussy was nice and wet and open (it had been since she landed that day at the airport) before he pushed himself deep inside her in one go. He was already fucking her fast and hard, she moved her hand up to her clit and gasped at how close she already was to cumming. Her own touch, so very familiar to her now felt like someone else’s…a stranger’s, as it were, fingers. She teased at his cock, her nails dragging gently along the underside as he filled her again and again. His groans filling the air as she squeaked and purred and moaned into the bed. “Fuck that’s perfect.” she breathed as he bottom out inside her making her whole body twitch.

“I knew you’d love it my little cum slut. Now be a good little girl and beg for it.”, he growled.

“Please cum inside my pussy, I’ve wanted to feel it for so long, I want you to fill me up like a slut and make me yours….please.” She looked back at him over her shoulder, her hair falling over her eyes as she wiggled her hips ever so slightly. She heard the words coming out of her mouth and had already wished she had thought of something better. He had slowed his thrusts just long enough to listen to her words, to catch her eyes before gripping her waist hard and plowing into her roughly but rhythmically, the sound of his balls slapping into her as he lasted just a little longer. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back as he came hard. “Oh god.” was all she could say as she climaxed with him, the feeling of his hand in her hair had pushed her over the edge. They both fell against the bed, breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling, looking a mess. She smiled to herself and though “Hm., guess I begged pretty well.”

“Well, we got that initial fucking out of the way….christ”, she said into the silence that now hung above them.

He laughed, “All that time spent looking at your pics, thinking on how it would feel to be inside that beautiful pussy could not have prepared me for that. You have a lovely pussy that I look forward to fucking it several more times before you leave. Speaking of which…time is limited.” as he reached over and pulled her on top of him.

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