High School Beautiful Ch. 01


You are the coaches’ assistant for the Cavaliers Varsity Girls Volley Ball Team. It’s something to do in your spare time, and in all honesty you are a bit of a perv. You like looking at the bodies of the young women as they play. The days since you could have had some of that 18 year old ass are long behind you, but hey, if they are going to wear those shorts you might as well look.

Your main job is a bio teacher at the school. Some of the girls on the team are also in your bio class. “Coach D?” oh god… it’s Maddie’s mother…

“Yes Ms. Vinici, what can I do for you?” you say with a smile, trying to be as polite as possible. Ms. Vinici is a rather young woman considering her daughter just recently turned 18. She’s definitely no older than 37. She’s rather attractive. Single mother, one daughter. She dresses somewhat slutty to be honest. She has a short black skirt on and her top shows a fair bit of tanned cleavage.

“I understand you failed my daughter on her last biology test… why did you do that?”

“Well, Ms. Vinici, your daughter did not know the material. She does not pay attention in class, and her homework is turned in late if ever. She does not-”

“Mr. Danson, this is 12th grade biology, not a course at Stanford…”

“I understand that Ms. V, but I do not make the curriculum. I have to teach what the board tells me to teach. I suggest Maddie spends more time studying for the biology tests. If she passes the final and turns in the remainder of her homework, she can still pass the class.”

The mother seems to deflate somewhat. “Yes, I’m sorry Jake, it’s just that if she doesn’t pass this course she won’t be able to graduate.”

She turns and stares off at the court and her daughter. She is a senior, 18 years old. She has cream skin and brown hair that flows down her shoulders and back. Her eyes are a sky blue. She has a beautiful body, small and petite. You ogle her ass as she does a squat to knock back a ball. “You have office hours correct, Jake? Could you tutor her?”

You hesitate for a moment. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour after school each day teaching a hopeless student how to do basic biology. But… it’s your job… “Of course, I have office hours each day for an hour after school. It is very rare that someone shows up, I have plenty of time.”

“Good…” Ms. V says “I will have her come by as much as it takes…” Just perfect…


Its Sunday afternoon. The team is having a the yearly bbq this weekend. You sit on the park bench with the other adults eating a poorly cooked hot-dog and listening to boring parental banter.

The girls are running around the park throwing water balloons at each other. It’s late summer and still very hot, and there is no public pool here, so the water balloons were a nice way to cool down.

Time passes and the girls come over to get food. You see Ms. V talking with Maddie… anddd they are coming over to you… HOLY SHIT. Maddie is wearing a white shirt. With the water from the balloons, it is soaked all the way through. It clings to her skin and you can see the outline of her breasts and the perk of her nipples. You feel yourself start to sport a chub, and you cross your legs to hide it.

“Hello ladies, what can I do for you?”

Ms. V speaks first “I just wanted to come over and remind you that Maddie will be meeting with you tomorrow after school for tutoring. Isn’t that right Maddie?”

Her daughter nods. She is staring you right in the eye, with a small smirk on her face. “IF she does not show up…” her mother says, handing you a piece of paper “here is my personal number… let me know.”

She then gives a stern look at her daughter and walks wednesday izle off. Maddie stays for a moment longer. She is stunningly beautiful. Just your type. You chance a glance down and are rewarded with a few of her whole chest, easily seen through the sheer fabric. She is wearing a belly button piercing as well. “See you tomorrow Mr. D.” she says with a smile as she walks off.


You sigh as you take the last sip of your coffee. The day is over, Maddie will be showing up soon for tutoring. You flip through a stack of notes on your desk. Where the hell are you going to start? She doesn’t even understand what a cell is… This is going to be a long few weeks… especially if she isn’t cooperative. You doubt she will be…

You look up as the door opens. Maddie walks in and sits at a middle desk.

“Hello Mr. D…” she says. The dress code has really gotten lax lately… Her shirt is showing an ample amount of her b-cup breasts, and her skirt is very short, showing you a great deal of leg.

“Well… shall we get started?” you say, beginning to sketch a circle on the board.

“Actually, Mr. D, before you write that could you take a look at this? I did some of the homework and I have a question.”

Really? She did some of the homework? Huh… maybe she’s actually going to start trying after all. “of course, let me see” you say as you walk over to the desk, taking a seat next to her. Let’s see what she has…

Maddie sets the homework down in front of you. You sigh. Scrawled across the front of the paper, in cursive, are the words “maybe there is a different way for me to pass this class.”

You begin to idly flip through the homework. All blank. “Maddie, this isn’t funny, if you are going-” you cut off as you get to the last page. There is a condom taped to it.

You feel a hand on your crotch, looking up you see Maddie has moved closer to you, and is now stroking your crotch with her hand, giving you a devilish smile. You stand up with a start, looking out the windows to make sure no one has seen. “Maddie!” you say “you can’t do that” you stammer, looking for what to say.

“It’s ok Mr. D, I know what I’m doing. You and I both know I can’t pass this class without a little… help… from you. Do you really want to sit here for an hour each day talking at an empty room? Why don’t we do something more FUN, and you can just give me the grade in trade?”

“Maddie, this is not appropriate. I don’t think I am going to be able to tutor you…” you step back and walk to your desk, nervously, packing up papers.

“Or” Maddie says. “I could just tell my mom you touched me…” You freeze, and slowly look up. “The way I see it Mr. D, this is a win-win. You get to fuck my beautiful body -I’ve seen you staring- and I get an A. What’s the downside? And… if you say no… well… who is the school board going to believe?”

Your heart is in your throat. What the fuck are you going to do? Even an allegation of touching a student would easily lose you your job… slowly you set down the papers. Maddie smiles at you an blows you a kiss, before going to the door and locking it. She then starts to close the blinds. What is going on? How is this happening? You sit down in your chair, unsure what to do.

A moment later Maddie walks over, holding the condom wrapper in her teeth. She pushes her breasts together with her hands, bulging her cleavage. She’s short. Probably 5’2” or so. 120lbs. Her waist is so small you think you could wrap both hands entirely around it. She smiles and pulls down her shirt, popping her breasts out. She sets the condom on your desk, and begins to undo your pants. You let her. Moments later your weekend family izle cock, already mostly hard, is released from your pants. Maddie smiles as she grasps your shaft with her small hands, rubbing up and down.

You quickly become hard as a rock, all 7 inches of your dick at full mast. You see Maddie’s eyes dilate as she stares at your cock. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Her mouth is filled with spit, and she licks the bottom of your dick as she slides it into her mouth. You shudder with the pleasure of it. She gets about half of it in her mouth before she chokes a bit and smiles, cock still inside of her. She stares up at you with her blue eyes as she begins giving you a blowjob. Her head bobs up and down as she swirls her tongue around your cock. She’s actually pretty bad at it. She clearly hasn’t had much practice.

You reach down and caress her head, slowing her sucking to a reasonable pace. With your other hand you reach down and cup a breast into your hand. Her skin is as soft as a babies, and you nearly lose your load right then and there.

You gently pull her to her feet. She gasps as she comes off your dick, a strand of spittle tracking from your tip to her tongue as she lifts up. You pull her onto you. She spreads her legs and sits on top of you. She’s shaking a bit, and rocking her hips back and forth. You handle her breasts with both hands, and pinch her nipples. A small gasp filled with pleasure escapes her lips. You smile as you pull her body into yours, feeling her breasts push into your chest and your dick push against her skirt.

You bring her into a kiss. Her lips quiver as you run your hands up and down her body. You reach a hand down, putting it on her inner thigh and slowly sliding it upwards. It slides under her skirt and up to her panties. You begin rubbing her crotch through the panties, which are soaked with girlcum. She writes her body against you as you touch her, wining softly and biting her lower lip.

Gently you push her panties aside, revealing her soaked pussy beneath. You run a finger over the wet folds, and she quivers at your touch, moaning softly. You slide your finger down her lips and it slides into her pussy. You begin to finger fuck her as you rub her pleasure bud with your other hand. She grasps at your chest and arches her back. It’s like she’s never felt this way before.

Feeling inside of her you realize her hymen is still intact. Huh. Guess it’s her first time. Honestly, with the way she acts you are surprised she isn’t pregnant by now. You are overcome with lust for her body. You hastily pull her shirt off over her head, and hike up her skirt so it is above her waste. You can see her body in all its glory now. You caress her with your hands once more as she begins to pant and squeeze her nipples. You grab her ass and manhandle her so her lips grind against your dick.

“w-wait” she stammers “c-condom”

“that’s alright,” you say back “I’m sterile.”

Without another word you lift her up and push your tip into her entrance. Her tiny lips bulge with the intrusion of your massive member. She bites her lips and her hips rock as you enter her. You push a bit further, then reach her hymen. She gasps and grabs your shoulders as you push against it. You smile as you push your dick deeper, relishing the pop as her flesh rips open and gives way to her tunnel for you. A yip of pain comes from her and her face contorts as you destroy her innocence.

Her wall clamps down and quivers as she sits down on your dick. You feel it pulsate inside of her, quivering along with her contracting muscles. Her insides are hot, and the virginal walls grip your dick tightly. You welcome to chippendales izle stand up, holding her tight against you, then lay down with her between you and the floor. You begin to fuck into her. Squelching sounds come from her pussy as you push in and out of it, a white foam quickly forming. You stare her straight in the eyes as you fuck her, and she stares back.

You pick up the pace, really going at it now. She begins to moan, and you feel her orgasm begin as her whole body shakes with pleasure. You lose control and begin to shoot hot ropes of cum into her, still fucking her at full speed. You begin to slow down, then collapse on top of her, bringing her into a kiss as your dick pulsates deep inside of her, spilling the last of its load.

You sit up and pull out, examining your work. She stays laying down, panting loudly, and absently fondling a breast. You watch as her lips quiver, covered with white froth from your lovemaking. Your cum does not drip out, remaining packed inside of her. You wipe a hand over her crotch, removing the foam. Gently you pull her lips apart and stick a finger inside. She is so young that her hole is already small again, tight for your finger. You swirl it around then push down, creating a gap. You cum flows out of the gap as her muscles still contract, trying reflexively to keep it in.

She begins to sit up but you gently push her back onto her back. “Not done just yet…” you breath. “Turn around.” You say. She moves quickly to fill your request, turning onto her stomach and sticking her ass into the air for you. Your man goo oozes from her cunt, rolling down her leg and splatting onto the floor.

Your cum soaked dick throbs, begging for more of her young body. You line up and oblige it, going in for sloppy seconds. You dick easily slides into her sticky hole, her lips parting hungrily. You hold on to her love handles and push yourself into her, causing squelching sounds as her cum soaked cunt accepts your cock once more. You begin thrusting into her, sending old cum squirting out onto the floor. Splerging noises come from her pussy as you cock quickly violates in and out of it. You grab onto her love handles, fucking her roughly as you approach your second orgasm. With a few more thrusts it comes, and you pump another load deep inside of her. She pants and twitches as you do so, smiling back at you. You slowly pull out, and a flood of cum follows your dick, spilling out onto the floor.

She sits on the floor, legs splayed wide as your cum continues to spill out of her. “Wow…” she says. She then giggles and lays back on the ground, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. You slump down into a desk, watching her.

She lays there a moment before sitting up again, pushing a hand down on her mound and flexing her pelvic muscles, slowly pushing more of the cum onto the floor. She looks up at you “well, that was great!” she breaths. “But since you didn’t use the condom, it looks like we’ve made quite the mess… How should I… clean up?”

You gesture for her to stand as you grab a tissue. She does so, legs splayed as if she just spent an afternoon riding a horse. A bit of cum still dribbles from her hole. You put the tissue over her lips and tell her to come, as you slowly push her in the direction of the sink.

You lift her up, setting her on the counter so she is straddling the sink, pussy over the edge so any further leaking will go in the sink. You turn on the water, waiting for it to heat up. Once it does, you take the hose and go to work. You are gentle as you wash her lady parts, stroking each fold of her labia as you wash away the sex. After cleaning the outside you gently pull her lips apart with one hand and stick the hose into her with the other. She gasps as warm water splurges into her, washing away the evidence of your lovemaking.

Finally you dry her off and set her back on the floor. She goes over to her things and puts her cloths back on.

“Thank’s Mr. D” she says with a smirk “I think I understand this whole biology thing a lot more now.”

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