Hmmm…A Brief Encounter

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They lay next to each other, their nakedness creating an invisible connection between them. A longing for each other; a force pulling them together but at the same time holding them apart. Polar magnetism, a personal feeling of desire but also reticence . They shared common thoughts; guilt, lust, selfishness, desire, hopelessness. She had been longing for his touch for months. He could still smell her everywhere he went. Every day, every minute, every waking moment, every dream. Permeating their everyday life.

It was some time since they first met. They had both adhered to their agreement. A first meeting. Exploring. Both needing to feel something new. A different person. Nothing more that time. Feeling the touch of another person; the feeling being touched. An intimate exchange with no guilt. They had parted, maybe a one-off time together. However a common feeling between them – the desire for more, for each other, a secret illicit liaison. This time was different, but the same terms – leave if you, or we, want. No expectations, no guilt. This time was different. Their desire to be together was heightened, their lust for each other encompassing their every feeling. This time was different.

A hotel, again. Their hotel. The same room, room 516. They couldn’t turn this into some sordid affair with a cheap overnight deal in a chain. They wanted better, they deserved better, a little bit of luxury, something away from their everyday lives. They both worked hard. Their families came first, but they deserved this time together. A release. A mutual understanding that made them feel awake, enlivened, renewed.

She had asked for darkness, they agreed on a soft light. He wanted to see her, she wanted to be invisible. They dispensed with the heavy covers, a light sheet was all they needed. Just enough to hold their heat, a cover to be used for their modesty. They had undressed quickly, not hurriedly but nervously. She wasn’t confident in her nakedness. He was neither, stripping down to his underwear before climbing under the covers and removing them.

He leaned across, their buodies touching for the first time. He felt her warmness, her softness. Her smell sending chemical signals through his nerves to his mind. His excitement rising. Her sweet smell, not of her perfume but of her; her sweat, her skin, the scent of her inviting her in. He pulled her in close; he wanted her to feel his warmth, all enveloping.

An intense feeling between them. Their skin close and sticky. An electricity flowing across each nerve, an overwhelming desire. How close could they pull each other together? She passed her face across his head, brushing down his ear and into his neck. Deep breaths, taking him in. Her hands over his shoulders, his chest, around his waist. Anywhere, she just needed to feel him. Close. Warm. Next to her. His hands on her bottom. His excitement rising. They kissed.

He moved apart slightly, his hands signalling for her to lie flat. He wanted to love her body; show her what he thought. He passed her hands across her breasts ‘Lie back please, enjoy’ – unspoken. He pulled the bedcovers women at war izle down, she instinctively pulled them back up. A half-way agreement was reached. Her breasts exposed, her tummy and hips covered. He caressed her breasts, leaning in to kiss her nipples. Her mouth. Her head pressed back but then leaning forward to accept him. Her nipples again, stiffening in response.

She felt his tongue, circling around, feeling his wetness as he sucked softly on her breasts. She breathed in, pushing herself up into his mouth, squeezing her breasts together with her hands, looking down at him thinking about when she was young and didn’t need to use her hands to press them firm. He placed his hands down on her waist. The softness, the folds of her belly laid flat, the curves of the top of her hips irresistible to his touch, sliding the bedcovers down slowly.

She could feel his gentleness as he felt down her body, across her belly, so sensitive to touch, across to her hips and down the outside of her thighs. He made her feel sexy. His hands felt considerate. She wanted to feel wanted, desired and he was making her feel that way. He firmed his touch as he moved back up to her breasts, gently squeezing her flesh, pushing in with his thumb. He loved the feeling of a woman. The baby softness, the warmth, silky smooth. He loved the way this woman responded to each of his movements. A nervousness but yet an abandonment, fulfilling a desire, the need to feel wanted. He was attentive to her, showing that he cared, that he understood. Taking things slowly. He raised himself up, sitting back on his knees, looking down upon her. His hands across her breasts, he brushed her hair back off her neck.

He could feel the heat rising as he leaned in, kissing her breasts again, close into her, rising upwards, hesitating at her ear, his fingers gently caressing her face, feeling her lips, her cheek. He could smell her perfume, mixing in with the musk scents from himself, the sweet sweat as his passion and excitement rose. He smelt through her hair, brushing against her; a noise of pleasure in response to being so intimately explored.

She pushed herself upwards as his hands returned to her breasts, his tongue tracking down to her nipples, coating them in his saliva. He rose up, thumb and fingers on each, wet through his kisses. He leaned forward, rubbing his cock gently across her right nipple, pressing it in gently with his fingers, feeling the slipperiness against him. His left hand dropped slowly across her belly, softly, squeezing her flesh gently, his cock twitching upwards in a response to desire. A signal to her. She leaned forward taking him in her mouth, twisting round to hold him in her hands. His back arched as he raised upright, his hips pressing forward, her mouth enveloping him.

She pulled him in tightly, but he knew he couldn’t last long. It was too soon, he pulled back, his mind fighting against his bodies desire to let her continue. He smiled down, shaking his head in silence asking her to stop,.

He lowered himself, his face on her belly, wong winchester izle tongue and lips devouring her, taking in her softness, his fingers exploring around her waist and under to her back, pinching her flesh gently. His hands now around her hips, feeling the sexuality of a woman in her prime, not the tightness of youth, but of experience and motherhood. She felt his touch, sensitive and loving. She could sense his adulation of her body, but with a rising confusion as to how he could find her attractive in this way. Her shyness diminished as she began to lose inhibitions to him, realising that he was an honest man, himself lost in his arousal of being with her.

He moved around, his body next to hers, facing down, his head lowered close to her waist. His tongue pressed down across her pubic area, scratching against the short hairs and down into the softer ones, circling around. She pulled her left leg up, bending her knee, opening her hips to him. He pushed further down, his tongue exploring around, his fingers parting her. She squirmed in pleasure as he licked in deeply for the first time. He could taste her, initial saltiness quickly giving way to sweetness. She lay her hands on his head, brushing the short hairs at the top of his neck, caressing.

He pressed in, her hips rising to meet his touches. He moved up to her clitoris, her skin gently pulled to each side, exposing it to him. He moved his body around, hands still stretching across her belly, his head now between her thighs, facing towards her.

She lay flat, pressing her head forward to watch him. Their eyes met, a quick glance between them before he lowered his lips onto her.

He pressed his mouth against her pussy, enveloping it, his tongue exploring deep. She moved her hips around in response, building up a rhythm. His hands on her thighs, his fingers compressing into her soft flesh, smooth as silk, holding tightly onto her broad hips, raising them up bring her pussy close in to his mouth. Her thighs squeezing around his head as he settled into a deep kiss, his tongue doing the necessary work of elevating her senses. She reached down to grab his hand, lifting it to settle on her breast, connecting her nerves together across her body, the sensations rising.

Her inner muscles began to tighten, the tingling starting where he was kissing, growing outwards, an internal warmth spreading. Slowly but forcibly, their rhythm working together. His hand explored beneath her, lifting her bottom upwards, his other hand caressing her breast, head pressing in hard. The warmth of her soft skin of her bottom comforting to his touch.

He brought his hand around to between her thighs,pushing upwards, a finger inserted into her to join his tongue, giving a short respite from his effort but continuing their rhythm together. His finger now wet, he placed it down into her bottom, gently pressing inwards. She gave a moan of pleasure as she felt him touch her most sensitive part, the tingling in her body immediately expanding quickly, followed by the warm firmness and tightening yakamoz s 245 izle within. He continued with his tongue feeling her getting closer. His hand still caressing around her breasts, around her nipples, under the folds below, brushing against the softness to the side, reaching up to her mouth using her saliva to lubricate his fingers.

He felt her hips tighten, her thighs closing in around his head. Her legs extended, the feeling inside spreading downwards through her knees, weak but strong at the same time. Her breasts heaved as the blood flowed upwards, firming now to his touch and the developing sensation within her. He pressed his finger in harder, a final moment before the first wave of her orgasm hit. The sudden release rushed across her body, she pulled her arms down, grabbing his shoulders, her fingers digging deeply.

He felt her legs compress him inwards, her inner muscles pushing him away whilst holding him in tightly, her feelings fighting against each other. She buckled, twisting around, bringing her legs up bet at her knees. He rubbed his hands across the folds of her flesh which had formed across her belly, around to her bottom, pulling her into tighter against his mouth. She pushed him back as wave after wave of her orgasm passed.

She held him close until the tension passed and she relaxed back. He released his head from her grip, pulling himself upwards, studying her face. He moved up slowly between her legs, parting them with his hips, entering her, gently but firmly. Her body jerked as he pressed deep into her, a smouldering wave passing upwards.

He lay down on top, feeling her softness compress beneath him, his face burrowing into her neck. His hips moved in rhythm which she tried to match, mostly unsuccessfully through lack of familiarity. He pushed himself up on his hands, rising above her, adjusting his position to thrust deeper, sensing the tension rise in his loins.

“Sorry, Ali,” he said, “I really won’t last long.”

“It’s fine, go for it.” she replied looking up him and wrapping her legs around him.

He moved his hands to feel the softness of her tummy, the folds at her waist, her bottom now raised up tightly against his hips. She smiled up, she could feel him deep inside, sensations returning within.

He could feel the tingling rising within his balls as he pushed into her, trying to slow things down. Long strokes, hoping the she would cum again, but with the sensations and his state of arousal this would likely be in vain. She encouraged him more, an expectant look in her eyes as she gazed deep, studying his face, looking for the tell tale signs that he was getting closer. He moved faster, feeling himself press hard against her thighs, pushing himself up with his arms, the pressure about to release.

One more push inwards and he felt his muscles contract; his legs, his inner thighs, the rush of blood to his head as he emptied himself into her. She felt herself fill up with his warm cum, pulling him in tightly with her legs, searching for another orgasm herself, knowing that this time it was his turn. She settled for the contented feeling that she had him inside of her, his face expressing his enjoyment of being close to her.

He collapsed down on top of her, his exertions exhausting him momentarily. He lay still, recovering, pressing his face into the side of her head.

His breathing slowed, he turned to kiss her, deeply, passionately.

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