Honeymoon Surprises


Hello, my name is Sara. Today is probably going to be the best day of my life. Today is the day that I get to become Ms. Richard Williams. There I was, 5’9″ 110lbs, squeezed into a dress that shows off my C cup breasts, my 24″ waist, and my 36″ hips. I’ve worked hard for my hourglass figure and I’m pretty proud of it.

The only problem that I’m having is that Mr. Richard Williams has not arrived yet. I’m sure that he’ll be here soon though. Richard knows how much today means to me and I know that it means the same to him. Actually he’s probably here right now. “Steve, please go and check if he’s here yet.”

“I’m sure he’s not here yet, your big brother wants to have someone to watch his back when he gets here.” Steve has been around so much through our childhood that he’s almost like another brother.

“That’s kind of what I’m afraid of. I know he’s already an hour late but I’m sure he has a really good explanation. Plus he has to answer to me now remember.” I said, knowing that I was probably just wasting my energy trying.

“That’s it, I am going to hunt his ass down and I’m going to kill him!” John said as he burst into the room. “On one treats my baby sister this way. He better have a damn good reason for standing you up.” He shouted as he picked up his jacket and left. I couldn’t even get a word in if I tried.

“Steve, do something.” I pleaded. My brother isn’t exactly what you would call a small man. He has those broad ‘football’ shoulders, very muscular chest, and washboard abs. I mean at 6ft and 250lbs, he’s a pretty scary guy. I’m the only one that gets to make fun of his shoulder length hair; I call it his ‘girl hair’.

“What am I going to do? Your brother would kick my ass if I got in his way. If we did find Richard, I would probably help him kick his ass anyways. I think it’s better if I just stay here with you. Besides you need someone here for support if Richard does show up.”

“When he shows up.” I interrupted “Richard has a very good reason for being an hour late. He would never leave me waiting at the altar. He would never make me be alone for the rest of my life, and, and” I started balling and was all of a sudden glad that Steve had stayed. I really needed a shoulder to cry on and his was the next best thing to Johns.

About an hour later, my mother came into the room. “Sara sweetie, I took care of the guest for you. You take your time, you’re father and I are right outside if you want us, alright dear?”

After what seemed to be an eternity, I finally calmed down. “Steve, I think I am ready to change back into my other cloths. Could you get mom for me please? Also please find John, make sure that he hasn’t gotten himself into any trouble, that’s the last thing I need right now.”

Steve nodded, got up and left the room. The door didn’t even fully close before my mother darted in. Quietly, she helped me out of my dress, and back into my normal clothes. “I don’t want you to worry, but your father had to go to the hospital. Your John took off so angrily that when dad asked him where he was going, well, John decked him. We think it’s just a mild concussion but he went in just to be safe.”

“Great! Dad and John are now fighting, and my life is ruined. What else can happen to make today possibly the worst day in history.” I started crying again.

“No sweetie, no one is fighting. It was just an accident. Johns back already, and you should know that he did find Richard, and he didn’t do anything harsh when Richard had no good reason to leave you here.”

Well that confirmed that I wasn’t getting married. Not today anyways, and defiantly not to Richard. It actually made me feel really good that my brother left to defend my honor, and even returned without getting into any real trouble.

“Why don’t you come home with us tonight? I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to be left alone.” Mom said trying to at least get us away from the church.

“Well I do have these tickets to Hawaii and I don’t want my hotel reservations to go to waste or anything. As for being alone, would you like to come with me John, it would mean a lot to have my big brother by my side in my time of need.”

“I would be honored Sara.” John said without even a thought.

We hurried back to his place and packed all of the stuff he needed for the trip. I actually spent most of that time thinking about what I might have done to scared Richard off. What was so wrong with me that he would back out at the last minute like that? I mean, I should be in the middle of my reception right now, not at my brother’s house getting ready to bring him to a romantic getaway.

We still had a few hours to kill before having to worry about our plane so John took me out for a nice dinner. I really didn’t have an appetite so I felt kind of bad when we went to a nice steakhouse and I just got a salad. He wasn’t too worried about it but that really wasn’t the point.

At dinner John started talking about what really happened when he mardin escort met up with Richard. Apparently Richard was with another woman when he was found. In a fit of rage, my protective big brother gave him a bloody nose, and made sure that he defiantly wouldn’t be getting laid tonight. I didn’t think it was right to kick him in the balls even once, better yet four times. But hey, he deserved it.

As another little surprise, Richard had our spending money already transferred to cashier’s checks. So he apparently was planning on being at our wedding before getting distracted by his little hussy. As a peace offering Richard gave them to John so that he would stop kicking him. John cashed them in for me and was planning on writing me a check before I invited him to go with me.

We finished our meal and made our way to the airport. It took a little bit of finagling but eventually we got the other ticket changed into John’s name. We got through security just fine and before we knew it, we were on the plane. It was pretty late and Richard and I were planning on taking a nap on the plane anyways.

The loudspeaker clicked on “We are now approaching . . .” it woke me up but I really didn’t pay any attention past that. It’s always the same old thing. Put your seats up in the front right position while we try to put this gigantic tin can on the ground without killing anyone. We have all heard it before but they have to say it anyways.

I was actually kind of annoyed that the flight was over. I was quite comfortable, passed out in my brothers arms. John how ever needed to he hit a few times to wake him up. I noticed a small wet spot right about where my head was resting. “Wake up sleepy head, your drooling on yourself.” He finally woke up and looked at his shirt. He just gave me a look telling me that he knew it was drool and it wasn’t his. Oh well.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was here. I didn’t even want to go to the hotel; I just wanted to hit the beach. Once we got to the hotel I was relieved that Richard didn’t do much of the planning for all of this because the hotel was in my name, and on my credit card. Unfortunately, they had no other rooms open so John and I had to share the honeymoon suite. I told John to take the bed and I would sleep on the couch. He wouldn’t go for it, and since I wouldn’t let him sleep on the couch we opted to share the bed. It sounded like a perfectly good idea at the time.

We quickly settled into our room, got our swim suits on, and hit the beach. I actually forgot exactly how hot my brother was, I hadn’t really seen him without his shirt since he was in high school football. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that noticed. Just leaving the hotel I noticed at least three very attractive women eying him over. Normally I would have given him a bad time about it but this week he was mine. I wrapped myself around his arm so everyone knew it, weather they had the right impression or not.

I sat myself out in a lawn chair and started enjoying the son. John how ever had different Ideas; he gave me a quick hug and went off swimming. I couldn’t help but watch him enjoy the water. He actually looked a lot hotter when he was all wet. Come to think of it, I realized that I’m starting to get moist myself. It gave me eerie feeling knowing that I was getting turned on from watching my own brother. I quickly dismissed it as me being on the rebound. Oh how weird, my brother is my rebound guy.

I closed my eyes and started just basking in the sun. Before I knew it, I was covered in water. “Didn’t want my little sis to get a sun burn on her first day our here.” I jumped up and started chasing him. I knew I couldn’t catch him, but that’s probably a good thing since I don’t know how much I could do if I did. We both ran into the ocean and I actually caught him. I jumped and tackled him into the water.

When he stood back up, I was still hugging him, and he was hugging me. I started feeling those feelings again so I quickly started squirming trying to get him back into the water. Needless to say, I failed.

“I was serious, I don’t want you getting burnt on your first day out here, if you insist on getting burnt at least wait until were ready to head home.” John said as we walked back to the lawn chairs. “You should at least let me put some sun screen on you.” Without thinking I agreed. When we got back to the lawn chairs he picked up the sun screen and started pouring a handful into his hand. I guess it was too late to back out now. Luckily my bikini was nice and soaked so the chances of him realizing how he was affecting me was pretty slim.

I undid my top while holding the front and lay down on my towel. Immediately my brother started rubbing and massaging my back. His hands felt like magic on my skin, giving me goose bumps where ever he wasn’t touching. He started rubbing one shoulders and I couldn’t help but release a moan. This was exactly what I needed.

After a few minutes van escort on my shoulders and back, he worked his way down to my ass. It felt kind of strange having my brother massage my ass but it was exposed to the sun so who am I to stop it. It didn’t hurt that it felt sooo good. I quickly realized that I was enjoying this allot more then I should and told him to make sure that my legs were done as well.

Without a second thought John moved on to my legs. I never knew any guy that could take a hint like that so quickly. That really didn’t help my situation any.

“Thanks bro. Do you want me to do you now?” I said when he finished up. No sooner than the words left my mouth, I realized how it could be take wrong. Looking back at it I’m not even completely sure how I mean it.

“No that’s alright; I’m going to head back into the water for a bit, maybe later.” Something about his voice didn’t seem right, he all of a sudden seemed real anxious to get away from me. He seemed excessively nervous. Was he getting the same kind of sick and twisted pleasure I was from that? I figured that I would just try not thinking about it, relax and enjoy the sun.

I started thinking about what to do tonight; Richard and I were planning on a light dinner and a romantic night in the hotel. That wasn’t really going to work for John and me. Maybe we could go out for a nice dinner and then try and find somewhere nice to go dancing. Then maybe snuggle up on the bed a bit and watch a movie or something. Granted after playing in the ocean, and dancing, we should probably share a bath first. Maybe get some incense and . . . Wait a minute I’m talking about my brother. What’s wrong with me?

I kept having those disturbing thoughts for the rest of the afternoon; I can’t tell you how much I wanted to just give in to them. John almost seemed to know that I was having these thoughts. He kept tormenting me every chance he got. I would glance over in his direction and he would just ‘happen’ to be stretching. Seeing him stretch that washboard stomach of his, flexing his arms, usually with ether water or sweat making every curve glisten; I just wanted to touch him. Touch him in ways that a woman should never touch her brother.

We found ourselves a nice little diner right out on the beach and we watched the sunset over a couple of steaks. This time it was my treat, even though he paid. He told me that he would keep track of what I owed and take it out of what he got from, from, I can’t even remember his name right now. Oh well it doesn’t matter, I’m here with John now, and not my ex-fiancee, whatever his name was.

“So if I tell you something, do you promise not to laugh or get mad at me?” asked John

“Umm so you want to tell me something and you don’t know if I will laugh at you or be mad at you? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Let me try your coke, I want to know if it’s spiked.” I laughed.

“It’s not spiked. I just don’t know how you’re going to respond that’s all.”

“Out with it, it’s too late to back out now, promise or not.”

“Well earlier, when you offered to rub the suntan lotion on me. The reason I didn’t let you was because I was sporting a tent. If you know what I mean.” John looked bright red as he said this. I could tell that he felt extremely vulnerable right now, not knowing how his baby sister was going to respond.

“John, it’s ok. To tell you the truth, I was kind of glad you turned me down. I was just offering to repay the favor. In reality, you rubbing me like that was affecting me too.” Ok now I was the one out on the ledge.

“Whew, it wasn’t just me then.” He said as we both started laughing it off. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually tell him exactly how excited he got me and that the lotion incident was just one little part of it. But for now he at least knows, and I now know why he took off so quickly.

When we got back to the hotel, we found that there was a fresh bottle of champagne sitting on the main table next to a couple of champagne flutes. There were a few candles scattered around to help ‘the mood’. We had so much fun out on the beach today that I completely forgot that we were in the honeymoon suite.

We both laughed at it kind of nervously. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good bottle of champagne, we opened it up, poured some into each glass, and toasted to “Making the best of things”.

We decided to turn on the television and try to find something that we could wind down to. We found a nice romantic comedy (or chick flick as he calls them) to watch and snuggled up on the love seat.

After we both had a couple of glasses; we were both acting kind of giddy. We both let our guards down and it was almost like we were children again, except without all of the hair pulling. I decided to be a dork and give him a quick peck on the cheek like I use to do when I kissed him goodnight when we were young. Only this time he turned his head and before I knew it, we were locked ankara escort into a deep passionate kiss.

I don’t know if it was me or the alcohol, but it felt like this is where I belonged. It didn’t matter that we were brother and sister, just that we loved each other deeper then we loved anyone else. I turned and faced him, wrapping my arms around him. I began running my fingers through his hair, still kissing him passionately. Without a thought I leg swung over him until I was straddling my own brother, holding him tight.

His fingers running through my hair, and him rubbing my back, before I knew it I was grinding my crotch against his. He was rock hard. My loins felt like they were burning up. I realized that my pussy was drenched.

I moaned suddenly as my brother grabbed my ass and started rubbing it. I started grinding harder, rubbing his swollen rod across my pussy as he started kissing my neck and shoulders. “Oh god you feel so good. I want your cock in me so badly.” I heard as I sit there in absolute ecstasy. “Fuck your baby sister. I know you want to, and I want you to.” Oh my god, that voice was me. What was I saying? Do I really want my own brother’s cock? “Take me; fuck your little slutty sister.” I guess so.

Next thing I knew, John stood up and carried me over to the bed. He gently laid me down on the bed and started kissing my neck again, my legs wrapped around him. He moved a hand to my left breast and started firmly massaging. He slowly kissed his way down to my chest. It was torture, I wanted to feel my brother in me, but at the same time he was heightening all my senses as he gently pulled my bikini top off. I didn’t even realize that he unfastened it.

He started sucking on my right tit. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I arched my back and proceeded to writhe under his sensual touch. I’ve never cum from my breast being sucked on before and I forgot the world at that moment. He worked his way from one tit to the other. The whole time rubbing and massaging the breast his mouth wasn’t on. He took my other breast into his mouth and I cam again.

After a few minutes, he worked his way to my belly, gently kissing and massaging every little piece of sisterly flesh he could. He lowered himself between my legs and was now looking directly into my dripping cunt. I could smell my own fragrance begging for his touch. He proceeded to kiss and massage my inner thighs, carefully avoiding my love organ. His fingers finally touched my pussy, gently spreading my lips, exposing my swollen clit for him. He lightly blew on my clit which sent electricity to every part of my body.

After what seemed like an eternity. My brother finally gave me what I was longing for. He lightly licked from the back of my pussy up to my clit. I started to cum instantly. Waves of pleasure erupted from every point of my body all at once. Trying to keep a hold of me he started to devour me, John grabbed my ass and pulled me in. Both my hands grabbed his hair and I shoved him into my aching cunt. I don’t know how long he sat there eating me out but it felt like he was trying to slide himself into me face first.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore; I pulled his head up by his hair. “You’re done! You need to fuck your baby sister right now!” Apparently this was all the encouragement he needed. He stood up and his shorts were already off. His cock was rock hard and it scared me. He had an 8in tool, and a good 3in around, but at that moment I could have sworn it was 3ft long and 1ft around.

He positioned his throbbing member right at the opening of my love hole and started slowly sliding it in. I screamed as I was gently invaded by my brother. It hurt, but at the same time if felt so good.

“Are you alright?” John asked as he stopped.

“YEEESSSS!” I said as I grabbed his ass and literally pulled the rest of him into me.

“FUUCCCKKKK!” I screamed as I shoved him into my tight cunt. “YES, fuck your sister’s pussy.”

“Oh god Sara, you feel so good.” John said as he started pounding my cunt hard.

“FUCK! Tell me how much you want your baby sister’s pussy.” I demanded.

“God I want my sissies tight cunt, if feels so good.” With that I started cumming on his rod as he fucked me with reckless abandonment.

“OH GOD, I’M GOING TO CUM!” John screamed after what seemed like hours of him abusing my cunt. Quickly I jumped up, rolling my brother onto his back. Without a second though I opened my mouth and lowered my head upon my brothers throbbing cock. The head of his cock hit back of my throat before I closed my lips, encasing his rod in my mouth before I forced him deeper into my mouth. I could feel his cock sliding deep with my throat. I could taste my own juices dripping off of my brother as I fucked his cock with my mouth.

Suddenly his hands planted firmly on the back of my head and shoved me down to the hilt as load after load of his brotherly love shot straight down my throat. He finished and let go of my head and I lifted up, gasping for air. Quickly I regained myself and continued cleaning my brother off.

We calmed down and snuggled into the bed. His cock was hard again but both of us were completely drained. It didn’t take long before both of us were passed out with his renewed hard cock pressed into the crack of my ass.

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