Hot-wife Enigma


Nancy was standing in the very classroom that she taught Sunday school to her own two sons inside the very church she and her husband had attended for years. It was early Sunday afternoon, church had long ended and her boys had left with friends of the family to play with their children. Her husband Joe was home because he wasn’t feeling well that morning.

Nancy was clutching the window seal with her nude pantyhose pulled down to her knees, her dress flipped up over her butt and her young 24 year old preacher slamming his veiny seven inch cock into her from behind while still wearing his dress suit, including his jacket, shirt, necktie and his slacks scrunched around his ankles overtop his dress shoes.

Peter had just moved to the community and became the pastor of her church about a month prior. One evening Nancy had helped him deliver meals to the elderly in the community and she ended up blowing him in his car. He had a wife and twin babies which had zapped all his wife’s sexual desire and Peter succumbed to temptation with the attractive Nancy. Since that time, he and Nancy had been having sex twice a week. Whether it was after choir practice, bible study, or fellowship, the rendezvous were usually short but very hot and steamy.

With both of them standing but leaning and looking out of the window, Peter was gently holding onto the sides of Nancy’s dress covered back and pumping himself deep into her. With an occasional smooch on her neck, he knew he was not going to last long. She was panting and her warm breath actually formed a condensation circle on the glass. It felt amazing and her orgasm was nearing!

Just as she was about to climax, Peter began to grunt and fill her with his warm seed. He put his mouth against her dress zipper while he released. Even though Nancy enjoyed his warm spurts, she was also disappointed that she hadn’t orgasmed. Peter’s body trembled and shook while he finished. That disappointment soon transformed back into excitement when the young virile preacher started back up.

He was fucking Nancy’s sloppy pussy a second time without losing or pulling out his erection. She wasn’t about to chance not cumming again so she reached between her legs and furiously rubbed her hardened clit. The combination of both sensations spurned an incredible orgasm deep within her womb. Planting her forehead against the glass, it was her turn to tremble and shake while her vagina contracted around Peter’s thrusting penis.

He continued to screw Nancy in that same position until he began to sweat through his dress shirt prompting him to take off his suit jacket and toss it on the floor. The white shirt was long and hung down past his pelvis with his hard-on sticking out between the split where it buttons up. Once he loosened his tie, he pounded her like he was trying to nail her to the wall. She orgasmed once again only this time squirting a stream onto the wall in such volume, the liquid ran down the wallpaper.

Finally, Peter announced, “I’m about to go again! Yes, here I go! Augghhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohhyeahhhh,” before filling her up a second time.

When Peter withdrew his spent cock and even though she wasn’t wearing any panties, Nancy quickly pulled up her pantyhose so not to leak the young preacher’s cum all over the floor. She adjusted her dress while he pulled up his pants.

Soliciting approval, he asked as he tried to catch his breath, “How was that?”

Nancy smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “You were wonderful. I will see you Wednesday night.”

She drove home and when she walked in, her husband was sitting on the recliner with a blanket over his legs. She asked, “How are you feeling? Any better? I will put some soup on for you.”

He looked directly into her eyes and smiled, “Did you get a chance with Peter again?”

Nancy giggled, “Oh yeah! As a matter of fact…twice! He came once and then just kept on going. He was a machine today. Sorry honey but I have to go wipe right now because between my legs is a mess and I’m oozing all over the place.”

As she headed to the bathroom, her husband commented, “Oh to be young again. You can tell me all about it tonight when we are in bed. I love you.”

From the bathroom, Nancy’s voiced echoed, “I love you more!”

When the couple of 22 years told each other they loved one another, they meant it. Joe was a wonderful man who not only cherished his wife but was an amazing father as well. He knew early on in his marriage that his then 42 year old soul mate was the one for him.

At 5’7 and 130 pounds with a small bubble butt, slender waist and perky 34c breasts, Nancy was just as stunning as she was when she was a young woman, maybe even more so. She always wore her brunette hair in a fashionable style and kept herself fit. Joe had joked on several occasions that she was out of his league but Nancy considered herself the lucky one by marrying the perfect man after meeting him on a blind date.

To beyoğlu escort others, Nancy was an enigma which meant that she was mysterious and hard to figure out. She was so sincerely kind-hearted and not only found time to work as a nurse at the local hospital but she was also active in her community by offering her time with charities, volunteer work and serving on several committees. Even with all that time being taken, she still found more to be an excellent mother to her children and attended their school and sporting events. She was incredible and other women in the community were envious of her energy and sometimes her life.

With all of her amazing attributes, Nancy lived up to the enigma label with one vice and that was sex. She loved it and knew how to separate physical pleasure from the emotional complications it could create. Her heart belonged to her husband but her body belonged to many men in the community. She was not discriminative in any way towards people and that included her current and potential lovers. It didn’t matter if he was younger, older, extremely handsome, average looking, as long as she connected with him though the masculine characteristics she desired, there was a good chance they were going to end up sleeping together at least once.

Some may have referred to her a nymphomaniac but even though Nancy didn’t entirely disagree, she saw herself as more of loving soul who provided a service to not only her lovers but to herself as well. Joe knew this right away in their marriage and discovered that when he encouraged her to pursue her sexual desires with others, he also increased his own excitement. Her affairs only strengthened their relationship.

That night as they made love, Nancy gave Joe specific details on how the young pastor thrust himself into her against the wall. When she repeated that Peter had ejaculated twice inside her without stopping, Joe erupted in his own powerful orgasm deep in her pussy which in turn jolted an equally as strong climax for Nancy. They cuddled and slept very content.

On Monday, Nancy was up early as she had taken a half day from the hospital for her six month checkup at the gynecologist. She decided to save time and made her morning appointment with a new doctor that was in a separate wing down from where she worked. Afterwards, she would head in without going home. Luckily her paperwork was faxed so she only sat in the waiting room for ten minutes.

Nancy also knew the nurse that worked there at Dr. Hutchins’s office as they had a few group lunches together. They chatted and she confided to Nancy that Dr. Hutchins was very good and she would like him. Nancy put on her gown and sat in her chair awaiting for him to enter. When he came in, Nancy was taken back by the 36 year old physician’s good looks.

He was 6’1 with wavy thick dark hair and was lean due to his ironman training. He smelled great and looked very professional with his white coat over his shirt and tie and his stethoscope wrapped over his neck. Nancy was in her gown that barely reached her thighs and partially hung open in the back when the handsome doctor intimately scooted close.

“Hello, you must be Nancy. I’m Doctor Hutchins and it is a pleasure meeting you,” he soothingly greeted as he extended his hand for shake.

His touch was masculine but sensitive and Nancy responded, “Hi. It is nice to meet you. I had no idea you would be so handsome.”

He smiled showing his dimples and perfect white teeth, “Thank you. That is very kind of you to say and my wife thanks you as well. Nancy, before I check you out, I wanted to get your permission on something. Today I have some interns that are observing and would you mind if they are present for your exam?”

“Sure. They have to learn some time,” she agreed.

Dr. Hutchins ushered in the young interns while Nancy climbed up into the chair and put her bare feet into the stirrups. The three future doctors included a skinny red headed boy with short hair and glasses, a tall husky boy with brown hair and a small extremely cute Asian girl who looked like the professional golfer Ryu So-yeon. The doctor spread Nancy’s legs, totally exposing her shaven vagina before turning on and adjusting the overhead light.

After snapping on his rubber gloves, Dr. Hutchins wanted to educate the interns who were standing side-by-side, holding their clipboards for a maximum viewing angle, “This vagina is from a female in her early 40s who has birthed two children. As you can see here, it is very pink and healthy.” Using his fingers to manipulate her lips he continued, “You want to examine the vulva and clitoral area first for abnormalities and then the inner and outer labia.”

He squirted a glob of lubrication on two fingers and proceeded to get deeper while explaining his actions. His final step was using the vaginal speculum to open up Nancy’s canal to show how to examine it along with her cervix before taking the Pap smear. The young students sarıyer escort leaned in for a better look. Nancy was becoming aroused from all the spectators viewing her spread married bald pussy.

Dr. Hutchins finished and removed the speculum, “In conclusion from this examination, this vagina is very healthy inside and out pending Pap results. Are there any questions?”

There were a couple of questions and while the doctor answered them, Nancy was getting moist from her arousal. He excused the students before questioning Nancy, “Are you having any sexual problems or dysfunctions?”

She saw her verbal opening and began fibbing, “Now that you mentioned it, I feel like I get this numbness feeling in my vagina which radiates up to my clitoris during sex. I haven’t been able to orgasm. Would you mind checking that?”

He responded, “Your vagina is very healthy and that shouldn’t be occurring. When was your last intercourse?”

She continued lying as she answered, “Last night but no matter what I tried, I could not orgasm. It is very frustrating.”

Dr. Hutchins added, “I could tell because of all the sperm cells that remain. Maybe have your husband use a marital aid or you use one yourself while making love.”

The doctor had no idea her husband had received a vasectomy and the sperm cells belonged to her preacher. Nancy was able to get many men because she was bold and took risks and that moment was no exception, “I think maybe you can check it for me. I know we are both married and if you want to do it for medical reasons, I’m fine with that. I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Dr. Hutchins was so flabbergasted, he stumbled with his words so Nancy persuaded even more, “Doc, you have me spread here right in front of you. You can’t tell me that with all the exams you have given, it hasn’t crossed your mind at least once. Hurry and put it in me before someone knocks.”

He kept refusing but Nancy kept insisting. He did think she was very attractive and finally allowed his lust to guide his actions over his professionalism. He was a man first and foremost and could not resist the temptation of the open invite. The handsome doctor took off his coat, unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard thick 8 inch erection through the opening. Nancy was impressed with his size and curvature. Dr. Hutchins stood next to the table and since her ankles were secured in the stirrups, he tugged on her thighs to scoot her hips forward to the edge of the seat. He knelt down and started tonguing her folds before sternly licking her clit.

She moaned, “Oh God, yes!”

Spiking his tongue as deep as it would enter, she moaned twice more. Just as she was about to cum, he stood up, held onto the straps, spread Nancy’s legs further apart and inserted himself. Nancy sighed in relief when his cock was completely buried. His hips began to move slowly and the young doctor could not only believe he was doing such a thing but also how amazing her warm vagina felt around it.

With her juices flowing combined with being stretched, her pussy seemed to slurp the hot doctor’s thrusting meat. The sound of, “squish, squish, squish” could be heard across the room in addition to both of their primal grunting noises. Dr. Hutchins used his thumb to rub her love button as he fucked Nancy.

Her moans got louder and louder, “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! I’m close! Ohhhh! Yesss! There it is! Augghhh! Yesssssssss!”

She erupted in a powerful orgasm while enjoying every twitch with her eyes closed tightly. The doctor needed to hurry because he had patients waiting. With his cock protruding through the opened zipper, his trouser material brushed up against her ass with each pump. He finally released while trying to stifle a held-in growl so not to make too much noise, “Unnggggggggggggggg! Uhhhhhhh!”

Once his orgasmed had subsided, he pulled his softening cock out of her gooey pussy. Dr. Hutchins took a couple of wipes to clean the slime off of it before tucking back in and zipping back up.

Nancy added closure to her fib, “I think you might have cured me. That was my first orgasm in a long time. Thank you for that.”

After putting his lab coat back on to cover the obvious wet spot on the crotch of his slacks, the doctor helped Nancy out of the stirrups. She also wiped herself, dressed and walked the hallways until arriving at work for her half day nursing shift.

When work finished at 5pm she hurried home to take a shower for a 7:30pm State Police Advisory Board meeting in which she became involved because a brother of hers was on the force. Nancy was empathetic for that cause because of some of the changes she believed needed to be made. Joe was picking the boys up from wrestling practice so she removed that chore from her plate.

The first part of the board meeting were routine financial discussions. The second agenda item was an officer from another county introducing new self-defense tactics for women in crisis and he needed the board for maslak escort some additional funding. His name was Lieutenant Charles Bratton and Nancy cared less about the techniques he was discussing and more about how he looked. He was a dark skinned black man in his mid-40s who was very muscular which was evident by his thick neck and bulging biceps protruding through his tight shirt. At 6’0 tall he weighed 240 pounds of solid muscle.

After the Lieutenant Bratton’s self-defense discussion, everyone, including the board, reconvened in the training room, complete with weights, mats, and exercise machinery for demonstrations. When he asked for a female volunteer, Nancy was quick to raise her hand and throughout the lesson, she got a first-hand feel of how powerful the black officer was. When the training ended, she whispered to him that she needed to ask him some follow up questions after the meeting.

As people filed out of the building at the entire meeting’s conclusion, eventually Nancy was left talking to the Lieutenant as the last two people remaining. She giggled flirtatiously, and tapped him on his bulging tricep, “Yes but would those defense moves work if someone as big and strong as you attacked me?”

With his deep masculine voice, he chuckled, “Maybe if you modified them to a certain extent.”

Nancy took off her closed-toe business lady high heels and sat down on the mat before looking up at Charles, “So Lieutenant, what if I was down on the ground like this and you were on top of me, would I be able to escape? Better yet, why don’t you come down here and show me.”

Charles got down and held onto Nancy. Of course she could not escape his grasp nor did she care too. With both of them entangled their faces ended up a few inches apart. After a brief pause, they both began to kiss passionately with the officer on top of her. He secured her arms to the spongy floor and sucked her tongue. Feeling his hard cock through his pants pressing onto her hip and his overall power, she was wet.

His full lips and warm breath ended up on the side of her neck and Nancy was trying to hastily unbutton his shirt. Raising to his knees, he took it off himself and that is when they both got undressed like they were being timed. She raised her ass off the mat to allow Charles to pull off her silk black panties. She gulped when she was finally able to view his huge defined pecs and the thickest cock she had ever seen.

His midnight black penis was 7 ½ inches long and as thick as a Pringles can with a pinkish tapered head. It was rock hard, leaking profusely and because it was so bulky, it hung down like a swollen cow udder. Nancy’s pussy was soaking with anticipation and when it began to stretch her vaginal walls, she didn’t care that it hurt tremendously. Once Charles had found a way to stuff it all in, he was thrusting that magnificent dong into Nancy, balls deep.

She was yelping, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh!”

His weight was pressing down on her body and her arms barely fit around his thick chest. She was scratching him with her pretty purple nails mainly as a defense mechanism from the cock pounding she was receiving. When he put his fists flat on the mat and raised his body straight into a pushup position, she screamed, “I’m cummmmming! Ooooooooooooo!”

Nancy’s vaginal walls were so tight on his girthy pole, it felt like a hand jerking him off. He changed the pace and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder like an opened pair of scissors and pumped her to another earth shattering climax! Even though she moaned while squirting onto the mat, he never let up.

When he flipped her over onto all fours, he retrieved a pair of handcuffs out of his pants and fucked her doggy style with her hands behind her back and her forehead pinned on the mat. He held her wrists and pulled her back on his cock like he was controlling the reins on a horse. Nancy erupted in two more squirting orgasms and felt as though she was going to pass out from sheer ecstasy.

The man was so strong, he turned her around and lifted her up. After sitting her down on his cock, he walked with her until her bound arms and back rested against the wall. He bounced her on his erection like he was using her body to masturbate. Her legs would not complete wrap around his waist so she allowed her bare feet to bounce in the air while the inside of her thighs were pinned to his hips.

His face contorted and the large vein in his neck bulged before he bellowed, “Damn girl, I’m cummin! Yeah baby! Yeahhhhh! Aughhhhh! Yeahhhhh,” while he launched his sperm filled seed up inside her. His cock must have shot ten copious spurts before trailing off. When he finished, he huffed and rested Nancy against the wall while she remained impaled on his big black dick.

She kissed him for several minutes. When he let her down to her feet and removed the handcuffs, she stood with a wonderfully traumatized pussy full of spunk that had already began to run down her inner leg. After they dressed, he took her number for future hookups but instructed her that they must be very cautious so that his wife would not find out. Nancy was very discreet so Charles had nothing to worry about.

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