Hotel Surprise


I’ve been talking to you on the cell for about an hour now. You hear a knock at the door and tell me you have to go because room service is here. We say our good-byes and you open the door. The initial look that comes across your face when you see me standing there is shock. It is quickly replaced with that smile I love so much. You pull me to you and kiss me hungrily, shutting the door behind me. Your tongue meets mine as we explore each other’s mouths. You catch my lower lip between your teeth and suck gently, pulling slightly. You wrap your arms around my back as I wind mine around your neck, pulling you in deeper for the kiss. Suddenly there is another knock at the door. Groaning slightly, you pull away from me to accept your dinner. You shut the door behind him and put the tray on the dresser.

“It’s going to get cold,” I say.

“Not a problem,” you respond. I feel your eyes rake up and down me as you take in what I am wearing: my white button-down that ends at my knees. You grin again. “Nice.” You sit on the edge of the bed and pull me between your legs. I sit on your knees and hug you close to me. I slide my hands down your back to untuck your shirt. Running my hands up your bare back, I pull the shirt up over your head, and then lean in to kiss you. You clasp your fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to you. You break the kiss to run your lips across my cheek to my ear.

“Wow,” you whisper. “I can’t believe you are here, in my arms.” Escort bayan I hug you even tighter. You kiss down my neck and my throat. You slowly unbutton each button on the shirt, pushing it off my shoulders as you go, kissing every inch of skin that you expose. I drag my nails up your back, down your sides, across your stomach. I undo your belt buckle. You lift me to my feet so you can see me.

“Wow,” you say again as your eyes take in the open shirt and the leopard print matching bra and panty set. You lock your eyes with mine. I can see the desire and the love in them. I pull you to your feet and press my body against yours, kissing you hungrily again. I undo the button on your jeans and pull the zipper down. Sliding my hands inside the jeans, I push them down over your hips, your thighs. I gently push you back onto the bed in a sitting position and sit on your knees again, never breaking the kiss. Your arms go around my waist, your touch like fire on my skin. I break the kiss to run my tongue around your ear and catch your earlobe between my teeth. I kiss down your neck, your chest. I slide to my knees as my lips reach your stomach, my nails running up and down your back again. I slide my hands under the waistband of your boxers. You lift yourself slightly off the bed so I can remove them.

I kneel between your legs, my hands on your thighs, opening your legs a little wider. I run my tongue around the head of your cock, tasting your Bayan Escort wetness, hearing your very sharp intake of breath. I swirl my tongue around for a minute or two, listening to you breathe. I run my tongue up and down your shaft, making sure to cover every inch, every ridge. You twine your fingers through my hair, your grip tightening with every movement of my tongue. My hands cup your balls, rubbing my thumbs across them gently. Your breath is becoming faster and shallower. I take as much of you in my mouth as I can, sucking deeply. You groan and tighten your fingers in my hair as I feel your cock swell in my mouth. I slide my mouth up your shaft until I almost break contact and then slide it back down again. I get in a few more strokes like this and I feel you swell even more.

Suddenly your hands go under my arms and lift me up. You pull me onto your lap so I am straddling you. You place your hands on either side of my face and lock eyes with me again. “Oh baby, I love you so much. And I want you so badly.”

You pull me in for a kiss. I break the kiss.

“I love you too. And I want you inside of me.” I don’t have to ask twice. You pull the elastic of my panties to one side and slide me down your shaft until you are buried inside me. I gasp from the pleasure and now my breathing becomes shallower. You push the shirt off my body and bury your face in my cleavage. Your hands on my hips guide me into a steady rhythm that works Escort for both of us. You unhook the bra and toss that to the floor as well. Your hands cup my breasts; your thumbs rub across my hard nipples. I groan as your mouth covers a nipple and your tongue swirls around it. Your fingers tease the other nipple in a similar fashion. I move your other hand to my lips, kissing it. Slowly, I pull your index finger into my mouth, sucking deeply on it. I feel you groan against my skin as your teeth clench around my nipple, which of course causes me to suck harder. Your hips are bucking harder underneath me.

My lips cover your ear as I whisper, “I want you to cum. Please baby, I want you to cum for me.” Your lips cover mine as you thrust up into me one more time and pull me even further down onto you. I moan against your lips as my body explodes, my muscles contracting around your hard cock, pulling you still further inside of me. Seconds later you catch my lower between your teeth as you explode inside me.

Our juices flow down over your shaft, your balls, as we hold each other tightly, our lips pressed together, trying to slow our racing hearts. We are both damp from the exertion; the air in the room feels cool against our skin. You lean back on the bed, pulling me onto you. I slide myself over to lie next to you, cuddled in your arms and resting my head on your chest, feeling your heart race beneath me. I love you so much and I love being with you. You kiss my forehead, your fingers running through my hair, brushing it behind my ears.

“I love you,” you whisper. “Thank you so very much for this surprise.”

“Anytime, my love, anytime,” I say, brushing my lips against your chest.

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