Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 61


“I just sent her this,” said Kelly, holding up her phone for Ms. Valentine to see. The lighting was not good but it was clearly a picture of the teacher naked and bound, her mouth agape and her legs slightly parted. “Though I like this one too.” She brushed her finger across the phone and the picture changed to one taken from Kelly’s point of view. The top of Ms. Valentine’s head was visible but the rest was buried in red pubic hair.

Sara Valentine groaned. Not only had she been fooled and used, but there was now visual evidence of her having sex with a student. Though of course no one would be able to recognize Kelly from the photo… unless they knew her very, very well.

Even so, she couldn’t say she honestly wished it hadn’t happened. Admiring Kelly Ann’s naked body as the young cheerleader left the room to go downstairs for a drink of water, Sara had to admit that more than anything, she just wanted more. As she thought of the scandalous photos popping up on Kat’s phone, her pussy began to throb intolerably.

* * *

When Kat finally arrived about 15 minutes later, rested and refreshed from a mersin escort long nap, Kelly was nestled between Sara Valentine’s legs. Kelly had been keeping the teacher in a state of heightened arousal, licking and fingering her occasionally, but never letting her approach release. Kat drank in the sight with great happiness. She felt on top of the world, powerful and self-assured and deserving of all the pleasure this was going to bring her.

“Well, well,” said Kat. “This is nice, but not quite right somehow.” She licked her lips. “Kelly, you need to get off your knees.” As Kelly rose, Kat fixed Sara Valentine with a stare. “And it’s time for you to get on yours.”

Working together, Kat and Kelly released the teacher from the bed and retied her hands behind her back. Once Ms. Valentine was kneeling on the floor, Kat sat down on the bed. From a pocket she produced a pair of nipple clamps that she fastened onto Sara Valentine’s tender buds. Opening her blouse, Kat used the chain between the clamps to pull Ms. Valentine to her chest, and the older woman obediently began to lick and suckle her nipples. Kelly participated mersin escort bayan by reaching out with one foot, running it up Sara’s thighs and toying with her moist slit.

Shifting her weight, Kat wriggled out of her jeans. She was naked underneath and spread her legs for Sara Valentine, who just stared into Kat’s blonde pussy for a few long seconds, panting like a dog. Then Kat took hold of the chain again and drew Sara to her.

At this Sara lost all inhibition and dove headfirst into Kat’s crotch. Kelly continued to tease Ms. Valentine with her foot, tickling her thighs up and down, a couple times intentionally pushing her to one side and watching her struggle to maintain her balance. Then she penetrated the older woman with her big toe, feeling the soft, pliant lips enfold her.

Still holding Sara’s head with one hand, Kat used the other to point Kelly to the bag she had brought with her. Inside was a riding crop that Kelly swished playfully around in the air a few times, sharing a conspiratorial smile with her friend. When she brought it down on Ms. Valentine’s ass the teacher’s whole escort mersin body went stiff. Kat’s grip was firm, though, and she clamped her thighs onto Sara’s head for good measure. Kelly continued to punish Sara’s beautiful rear, mixing it up with smacks on the thighs and bottoms of the feet, until the teacher was finally able to bring Kat to orgasm. And it was not easy — Kat’s tolerance was quite high after the weekend she’d had.

When she was satisfied, Kat released Sara, who fell back onto the floor looking dazed. Kat walked over to Kelly Ann and the two shared a long, open-mouthed kiss. Looking down at the English teacher, sitting with her hands still bound and a far-away but happy expression, Kat felt triumphant. She also felt a rumbling in her stomach… it had been quite a while since she’d eaten anything.

Kat untied Sara and a few minutes later Kat and Kelly were sitting at the kitchen table in bathrobes as the teacher, still naked, made them sandwiches. Afterward they ate slowly, deliberately, saying little.

When they were done Kat grabbed Ms. Valentine and pushed her to her knees. Kat’s robe had fallen open and reflexively Sara started to lower her head into Kat’s crotch — but Kat reached out to stop her.

“If you want more, you’re going to have to work for it,” said Kat. And with that she and Kelly dressed and went home.

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