How About A Party Next Week


The new neighbors were moving into the apartment next door. A moving van pulled up with the furniture and quickly unloaded it. There seemed to be an unlimited number of men with no necks quickly moving furniture up a flight of stairs to the apartment. Oh well I guess there goes the peace and quiet that I’ve had for the past month while the apartment next store has been empty. I knew it couldn’t have lasted very long.

The first few days were fairly quiet. In fact I wasn’t quite sure that the neighbors had actually moved in. The only thing that told me they had was that there were two new cars in the parking lot every morning.

The quiet though came to an end on a cool night near the end of spring. I came home from a sports bar, Henson’s by name. I had been playing pool with a couple of friends of mine. Well I should say I was having my tail kicked by a couple of friends of mine. Anyway, when I pulled into the apartment parking lot there wasn’t a place to be found. In fact there were a number of cars that had created their own spots on the grass and embankments around the lot. I drove down the street and still had trouble finding a spot. Finally I pulled into a side street and found a space.

I walked back to the apartment and all I could hear was a thump, thump of a stereo. There were people standing all over the second floor of the walk up that was open to the air. There was a long line coming out of the apartment that until just recently had been empty. This was a big party.

I slowly worked my way to my apartment door. I went in and closed the door behind me. I swear though that the sound hardly dampened a bit. The glass-framed prints on my walls were rattling quite loudly. This was going to be a long night. I turned on the television but no good. I couldn’t hear a word said. As I was turning off the tube someone pounded on the door. Maybe they had been trying to get my attention for sometime.

I went to the door and opened it. Standing there was very sexy lady. She stood about five foot five and had some luscious hips as well as a very attractive face. All right so you noticed that I looked at her face last. Ok I’m a pig, and I admit it.

“Hello” I said when I finally got my act together and was able to talk. “Can I help you?” I hope she says yes.

She smiled a beautiful smile and said “yes, can I come in and use your bathroom? The line in there is at least an hour long and frankly I can’t wait any longer.”

I told her “sure please come in.” I pointed towards the bathroom door and said “please feel free.”

She touched my arm and came in walking very quickly to the bathroom. While she was in there I sat down on my couch and put my feet up waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes she came out looking very much relieved.

“Thank You very much. That was nice of you to let me use your bathroom,” she said.

“No problem. I imagine the party is a full one. In fact I’m not sure I’ve seen a party this big in this apartment complex ever before.”

“Well it is a big one. By the way my name is Mary and I’m one of your new neighbors” she told me as she stood over me.

I stood up trying to be courteous and said “welcome to the complex Mary. My name is Rick and I’m very pleased to meet you.”

“Well I’m not sure you should be. In fact I think you should probably be a little upset with us having this big of a party.” She smiled a moment and said “However, the party really isn’t mine. It’s my roommate’s party. I just kind of go along with the whole thing.”

“You’re saying this isn’t your party?” I asked.

“Yes, my roommate is a very popular person. Obviously there are a lot of people here. I would rather have my feet up reading a good book, but here I am.”

I hear a chance here so I said to her “would you like to stay here for a while?”

“You wouldn’t mind?” She looked at me with a little surprise.

“Hell no I don’t mind at all. Would you like a soda or Escort bayan an ice tea?

“Tea sounds good to me”

We sat down and tried to watch television for a while and really weren’t successful. I was enjoying Mary’s company very much. Not only was she sexy, as all get out she was smart as well.

Finally I looked at the clock and we had been fighting the noise for about two hours already and I really am not sure what we watched the entire time.

Suddenly the music, or actually the thumping, went even louder. I could hardly think much less make myself heard. I could hear Mary saying something but really didn’t catch what she meant. She shook her head, stood up and walked over. Mary looked down at me and smiled. She then straddled me and sat down on my lap facing me. She leaned forward and placed her mouth right up against my ear.

She said, “can you hear me now?”

I returned the favor and said, “I sure can.” Then I figured maybe it was time and said “I really like this level of conversation.”

Mary smiled and nibbled her lip for a second. Then she leaned forward and gave me a wonderful lip lock. My arms came around her and pulled her snuggly against me. She fitted where she was at perfectly.

Mary parted my lips with her tongue and explored my mouth. I quickly followed and took a tour of her mouth as well. She tasted pretty damn good.

“Hmmmm that tastes good” she said in my ear after we broke the kiss.

“Same here. You tasted delicious” I told her.

Mary then looked in my eyes for a moment and gave me a wonderful smile. She stood up and took my hand. She then pulled me towards the bedroom.

We walked into the bedroom and I have to say that I’m not sure I walked because it sure as hell felt like I was floating.

Mary guided me to the bed and pushed me lightly onto the bed. She started unbuttoning my shirt from the top on down to the bottom. When she reached the bottom of my shirt she spread it open so she could see my chest. Now I’m not one of those guys with the “six pack” abs but I’m not a tubby hunk of goo either. I have a very thick patch of dark hair on my chest and some women like that and some absolutely hate it. It’s funny that there never seems to be someone who is middle of the road on this. In this case Mary seems to like because she buried her face right in the middle of my chest, right where the hair is the thickest.

The music was so loud still that I couldn’t hear her say it but I could feel her kind of purr against my chest. While she was doing that I took my hands and played in her hair. Mary has the kind of hair you can muss and it doesn’t look bad. In fact when mussed her hair looks even sexier.

After rubbing her face in my chest fur, Mary moved over to give attention to my left nipple. She started flicking it with her tongue and then got to work sucking it. I now started purring. This was really feeling good. Without warning though Mary bit down on the entire nipple and areola section. I inhaled sharply. The pain and pleasure really hit at the same time. Mary moved over to the other nipple and performed the same enjoyable act.

As Mary worked my nipples over I started running my hands through her hair getting stuck and then gently pulling away. “My God Mary, this feels fantastic” I told her. I’m not sure she even heard me. I never had someone work my nipples and areolas over like this. I mean I had on women but never the other way around. I hope the women that I’ve known have enjoyed this as much as I was.

After a little while Mary started working her way down my chest and then stomach. She reached my belly button and started nibbling around the outside of the button. Needless to say my cock was pushing up through my trousers pushing into her breasts and upper chest telling her to pay attention to it. She didn’t for a while. Instead she went back up to my neck and started tonguing and nipping me very lightly. I moved my hand Bayan Escort to her breast and she took my hand and moved it back to the bed. “Let me enjoy for a while. There will be plenty of time, plenty of time.” She lifted her head and gave me a very deep kiss with her tongue checking everyone of my fillings.

Suddenly she reached down and grabbed my lower cock and balls and squeezed very hard. Even with her on top of me I sat up groaning very loudly. “Shit Mary” I said as I shot my load in my pants.

I felt the heat rise in my face with embarrassment. I can’t believe I came like that. It had been quite a while since I had sex but even so to shoot that quick was something even I was surprised at. “Mary” I said, “I am so sorry to have cum like that so quickly.”

Mary said, “Lover don’t be embarrassed, I did that on purpose to get the first time out of the way. Believe me there will be many more.” She then smiled and said, “Let’s get you out of those clothes and then you can start getting to know me a lot better.”

She unbuckled my belt and unhooked my trousers. With one quick yank she pulled them off of me. She smiled and said “Hmmm it does appear that I created quite a mess. I’ll just have to clean it up.” She got up and walked on into the bathroom. In a few moments she came back with a washcloth and towel. Talk about a gentle lady she had a warm cloth that she cleaned me up with. After she dried me off she lifted my still cock and kissed the tip with her sexy lips. She gave me a smile and laid the towel and wash cloth in a pile.

I looked at her and said “Mary I’ve got to get my hands on you.”

She laughed and sparkled saying, “You’ll get more than your hands on me. By the time we’re done you will know me very, very well.”

She stood up and I sat up placing my hands on her luscious hips. Her hips were very sexy. This was not what could be called slim. Instead she had what would be called voluptuous. I’ve always been attracted to healthy curvy women. Mary not only filled the requirements she exceeded them. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t call her overweight. Instead she had the very female and sexy curves I desired. Her rear wasn’t one of those flat thin asses that the models seem to think are necessary. Instead it was rounded and sexy more like what most men want and desire. There’s a reason why that song “Fat Bottom Girls” is so popular. Men live for those sexy behinds.

Mary stepped back just out of my reach. She gave me a big smile when she could see the disappointment on my face. “Don’t worry,” she said. She started dancing in time to the music still coming from the next door party. At least that had quieted down some. She had a great sense of timing with the music. She could feel it not just hear it. As she danced she started unbuttoning her blouse. Soon I could see some of the promised land underneath with a bra blocking the way. As fantastic as Mary’s hips and behind was, her breasts were fairly small. To me this didn’t matter. She had plenty as far as I was concerned. I don’t have one of those tit fetishes like some guys. To each his own I always say.

She took off her top and leaned into me. She was wearing one of those front closure types so I unsnapped it and moved my hands up underneath the now loose bra. As I brushed the nipples and areolas Mary took a deep breath and closed her eyes in pleasure. Her hands came behind the back of my head and she wrapped her fingers into my hair. She pulled my head closer to her breasts. As I came close I lifted her bra and placed my mouth on her nipples. Once again she deeply inhaled. I started to gently flick my tongue and manipulate her nipples with my lips. While doing this Mary’s hips started to move back and forth in the age-old sexual dance.

Suddenly she stepped back from me and undid her jeans, dropping them to the floor. Her panties were a bikini type and kind of a light blue in color. She kicked her jeans away from her. Then Escort she reached for my hands and lightly pulled my up from the bed. We switched places and then she was on the bed looking up at me.

She took my cock in both of her hands and planted those lips on the head of my cock. She raised her head and so did I. My cock was already hard as a rock again. I then leaned over and kissed her deeply. When I broke the kiss I reached down to her underwear and hooked my fingers around the sides at her hips. I pulled them off in one slow pull. Mary’s beautiful fur pie was a light brown in color and was trimmed fairly short. Peaking out from her fur were her sexy lips. I leaned over and very gently kissed her lips. Lips are meant for kissing aren’t they?

I started stroking her legs and lower belly in long motions. Mary’s delicious sent rose up to me. This is one of my favorite smells, a woman’s arousal sent. As I continued to stroke everywhere but her sexy pussy Mary was dancing while lying down. “Hmmmm God that feels good” she moaned.

I then targeted her pussy leaning over and licking her outer lips. The first time my tongue touched her lips Mary twitched and jumped. I looked up at her face as I was enjoying my licking and nibbling. She reached up into my hair and lifted my head from her mound. She planted another kiss on my lips drinking in the juices that coated my mouth from her sex.

She looked into my eyes and said, “would you like getting to know each other in the 69?”

I smiled at her and replied, “of course. I want to get to know you even better then I currently do.”

Mary stood up and I crawled up on the bed lying on my back. Mary then crawled up and lifted her leg over my face. She settled her beautiful back end down right were I could lick and nibble her very well. I wrapped my hands around her rear and buried my tongue inside her. As I tortured her nub with my tongue she started bucking and moving. I heard her moaning and could feel her breathing very hard with quick breaths. Mary then tensed really hard and I heard her give a loud shout. Quickly my face was very wet with the product of her pussy. I could feel her breath was ragged.

We relaxed for a few minutes while Mary caught her breath and I gave my tongue a rest. I gave her inside thighs an occasional kiss, which made her move a little bit. That told me she wasn’t ready to continue.

After a little while she wrapped her fingers around my cock. She lifted it towards her mouth and took my semi soft into her mouth. Within moments my cock had grown and filled her mouth quite well. I may not be one of those huge horses but my cock was plenty long and thick. Mary started doing long strokes in and out of her mouth getting me excited very quickly. She then lifted her mouth from my cock and wrapped her mouth around just the head. She placed her teeth around the end of the head and started working the tip of my dick over with her tongue. Within half a minute of this I was bucking and moving. I was within just moments of shooting when she squeezed the base of my cock as hard as she could. Besides catching my breath she effectively stopped my ejaculation. Then she started with the same sexual torture with her teeth around my head and her tongue working the tip over. This went on for some time, her bringing me to the top of the mountain and then being stopped. I lost track of how many times this happened but my breath was ragged and I was having a terrible time concentrating on what was going on. I was kind of floating in a dizzy world.

Finally I reached the point of shooting again and this time Mary did stop it. I completely dumped my load into her mouth. I pumped again and again. I could feel her drinking it down swallowing when her mouth filled. I’ve never continued to cum for that long or that much. At the end it hurt because so much had poured out of my completely used dick.

After a few minutes of relaxing I started working on Mary again with my mouth.

We pleasured each other three times each after that and the shame of it was that we had nothing left to get away from the 69 position. I had hopes that Mary and I would become very close and eventually try other things. I hope!

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