How Girls Night Changed My Life Ch. 04


My whole drive home I was in an anal daze. I texted Lexi when I was walking to the car, telling her I was on my way. It was a good thing it was late and not many cars were on the road because I probably looked like I a drunk. My mind was filled with Holly’s ass. Her perfect hole hugging my cock as it slid in and out of her depths. Her orgasms were so powerful and deep. We both loved every minute of our interaction.

The closer I got to home my mind changed to Lexi. I was curious to know what she had been up to all night. What type of toys had she gotten from the sex store? I was ready to see and share everything with her.

I pulled in the garage and walked into the house. I was expecting Lexi to greet me but the house was quiet. All of the lights were off downstairs and only a faint noise coming from upstairs. At the top of the stairs I could see light coming from the master. The sound was definitely the sound of fucking. I was intrigued and jealous. I walked quickly to the room.

From the doorway everything became clear. The fucking was two sweaty porn stars ass fucking on the TV. On the bed was Lexi, fast asleep. She was on her stomach and was surrounded by toys. Most of the toys I had never seen. Lexi must have gotten a wide variety to try. There were dildos and vibrators of different sizes and colors. The few that caught my eye were of course the toys meant for the ass. One looked like a trident and I was guessing it was designed for triple pleasure; ass, pussy and clit. Another toy on the far side of the bed was still in the packaging was some sort of double dildo type of thing. I had never seen anything like it but my head was spinning with using it on Lexi.

I turned my attention to my naked wife asleep on the bed. She must have masturbated herself to sleep. Not only was she passed out but also she still had a toy still in her ass and a little vibrator buzzing on the bed. Her ass was filled with a clear glass butt plug. I moved closer to get a better look. The plug looked bigger than any previous plug we had used. The glass made it easy to see her spread hole grasping the glass bulb.

I kneeled on the bed and softly touched her ass. She didn’t move. I wanted to enjoy the view for a few minutes before bed. After admiring her amazing body and snapping a few pictures, I tried to make her more comfortable. I cleaned off the bed and began to cover her with blankets.

Looking at her ass I became concerned with leaving her plugged for the night. I needed to remove the butt plug. The problem was Lexi looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to wake her. I gently tried to pull the plug free but did not succeed. Her ass muscles clung to the glass bulb. I would either have to pull hard or leave her till morning. I couldn’t leave her so my only option was for removal. I got some lube and tried to rub it around her asshole. I don’t think it made much of a difference but then I pulled. The skin expanded and stretched ass the glass plug tried to force its way out. With more effort than I expected her ass reached the largest part of the plug.

“FUCK!” Lexi said as the plug pulled from her ass and her used asshole tried to return to its normal size

“Sorry honey. Sorry if I hurt you. I tried not to wake you but I didn’t think I should leave plugged all night.” I said

“No, no Steve. It didn’t hurt me, only surprised me. I can’t believe I fell asleep. I wanted to stay up for you.” Lexi said

“Don’t worry about it Lexi. I can tell you everything tomorrow. It might take a while anyways and you looked so peaceful.” I said

“Its not just the story I wanted to stay up for. I was trying to get my ass ready to be fucked tonight.” Lexi said

“Seriously? That’s amazing but you don’t have to do that.” I said

“I know I don’t have to but I wanted to. I wanted to feel your big dick all the way in my ass. I know my ass is tight so I wanted to speed up the process of getting your dick in me. When I got your text I took a couple pain killers to help but I must have passed out.” Lexi said

“Holy shit you are amazing.” I said.

“You ready to fuck my ass baby?”

“Hell yeah Lexi!” I said.

“Good now get those clothes off.” Lexi said.

I shed my clothes in seconds and returned to kneeling on the bed. Lexi stayed on her stomach. She propped herself up with her elbows and took my hard cock into her mouth.

“You smell like a lady and taste like one too. So why don’t you tell me a little about your evening. I don’t need everything right now, only some highlights.” Lexi said.

I gave her the highlights of fucking Holly. Lexi enjoyed everything I said. I could tell by her enthusiasm in the blowjob. My mind was more focused on the task at hand. I knew Holly’s ass was amazing but fucking the love of my life was so much more. I wanted her to enjoy everything and not hurt her. The painkillers should help but I still worried.

I found the same glass plug I had pulled from her ass minutes ago. I leaned forward towards her ass, with plug in hand. The lube altyazılı porno on her ass was still prevalent as I pushed the glass bulb back into her ass. It went in easier than it came out. I focused on the widest part of the plug with small fucking motions. Her ass was coping considerable well. My dick was still bigger but the progress was encouraging.

“I’m ready to be fucked Steve.” Lexi said. “Put your dick in my ass.”

Those words were magic to my ears. Technically I had fucked Lexi in the ass but it only consisted of a couple of inches of my cock. It was still one of the best moments of my life, however it was not wild anal fucking. I didn’t think fucking her tight ass hard was possible but any opportunity my cock has a chance to enter the forbidden hole I would take it.

Lexi turned on her back and moved to the edge. She put her arms behind her knees and pulled back. I place a pillow under her ass for a better angle. Her privates were spread wide open. Her pussy was red and puffy from the action it must have received earlier in the night. Her asshole looked amazing. It was slightly redder than normal. Surprisingly it was slightly open. The plug had served its purpose in loosening her sphincter.

I stood with my cock resting on her pussy. I got the lube and very liberally applied it to my cock and then her ass.

“Are you sure your ready?” I asked

“Yes baby. No matter what tonight I am going to have your entire cock in my ass as you shoot your load deep inside. I will handle the pain. This is something I need and want so badly.” Lexi said.

This attitude was new from Lexi. We had made many changes in our lifestyle recently. She had become very open to almost anything but this was different. She had determination and overwhelming passion in her voice. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it but it was outside of normal from her sweet personality.

I obliged her request. The tip of my cock touched her lubed hole. I could feel the heat coming off her. Her eyes were closed and mouth open. Her expression was excited and determined. Slowly I pushed my hips forward. I was met with resistance but pushed on. Lexi’s face added a new expression combined with the others, pain.

I didn’t like to see her in pain and I must of stopped pushing until she said, “Keep going Steve! I like you in me. I can handle it.”

I went slowly. Her muscles relaxed a little. The tip along with a few inches was now in her ass. We were now past the point of our previous ass fuck and her ass continued to accept me.

“Don’t stop Steve. You feel huge and good. I mean really good.” Lexi said enthusiastically.

It was the combination of excitement and painkillers that were making it possible to enter her ass. The pain was gone from her face and replaced with pleasure. Her eyes open, looking at me with a big smile across her lips.

“I think I’m going to do it. How far in are you?” Lexi said. She obviously was feeling good now.

“About half.” I replied

“Fuck! I might of spoke to soon. It feels like I would almost be there. I feel so full.” Lexi said

“We’ll get it. Don’t worry.” I said.

Her face turned back to determined and eyes closed once again. My guess was she was trying to relax. It must have worked. I pushed and her ass opened to accepted me. The last half of my cock seemed almost easier than the first.

Lexi’s eyes flew open. She tried to lift her head to see the moment she felt my skin hit hers. Lexi knew what the contact meant. It meant I was completely inside her ass. No distance was between our most intimate parts of our bodies. We were combined as one at that moment.

Lexi was shocked. I smiled at her and said, “We did it.”

“We almost did it. You still have to fuck me.” Lexi said

“With pleasure.” I said and started to move my hips back.

Lexi stopped me and pulled me back. “Give me a minute. You feel great and I want to revel in this moment of you completely in my ass. Not just the tip like last time. All nine and a half inches of my amazing husbands cock is in my ass. I didn’t think it was possible.”

We stood quiet for a few moments of satisfaction and bliss until Lexi said, “I’m ready for you now. Fuck me baby.”

I pulled back slowly. The tight ring of her ass hugged my cock as it exited her body. I got to the tip and pushed back in. I fucked her slow and enjoyed the amazing view of my cock disappearing into Lexi’s ass. Now I could defiantly cross fucking my wife’s ass off my bucket list.

“I can’t believe I am really fucking your ass. This is amazing.” I said

“I know I can’t believe it either. I like it so much more than I thought I would. Pick up the pace a little.” Lexi said

I followed her command and started to move my hips faster. The tightness was amazing. It was a good thing I had already came a few times that night with Holly. Otherwise I would have erupted immediately. My hips moved at a steady pace that felt good for Lexi and me. My hands found her breast. I massaged her tits zenci porno and played with her hard nipples. After a few minutes Lexi could not hold back any more. Her all anal induced orgasm started.

“Fuck me! Oh fuck my ass Steve! Fuck my ass with your big dick! Oh fuck me!” Lexi yelled through her orgasm.

I never stopped fucking her but increased my pace. My dick was now pumping into her basically virgin ass much faster.

Once recovered but still seemed on the verge of another orgasm Lexi said, “That orgasm was good. It was really good and kind of different. I think I need another one please.”

“It would be my pleasure honey. Should we try another position? Maybe doggy or you on top?” I said

“Me on top.” Lexi said quickly

“You answered that fast.” I said

“Riding you with your cock in my ass makes me really hot.” Lexi said

“Great! Let me just lay down.” I said. I stopped fucking her and pulled my cock from her ass. Her ass was gaping slightly and looked awesome.

Lexi straddled my waist. She directed my cock to her ass and lowered. My dick had no problem getting in. I could not see my cock going in and out of her ass but sensation were great. It was easy to play with her pussy from this position though. I rubbed her clit with one hand and tweaked a nipple with the other.

I wanted to see my dick fucking her ass. I had her lean back on her hands and raise her knees in the air with her feet on the bed. I spread her knees wide. I think the position might be called the crab or something like that.

Her pussy looked perfect as her ass was fucked. The position made it hard for her to move fast so I held her hips in place and I did the work. I used the bed as a spring to bounce in and out of her ass.

Lexi’s ass tightened as another orgasm came. The pressure on my cock was almost too much. I held off because I wanted one more position. Reverse cowgirl always amazed me. Before anal I loved it because I could admire Lexi’s full tight ass. I even caught glimpses of her puckered ass. Reverse cowgirl while doing anal with Lexi was going to be a whole new experience and I was excited.

She rose off of my shaft and turned away from me. I positioned my dick at her entrance as she lowered. Her ass cheeks were tight as my dick disappeared between into her canal. I spread her cheeks as she then leaned forward slightly and started gyrating her hips in a twerking motion. Her ass slapped my groin and she fucked me quickly.

I was about to shoot my load and said, “Keep going Lexi. I am about to cum.”

“Shoot it in my ass Steve. Fill up my ass.” Lexi said.

Lexi quickened her pace and I erupted, shooting my cum deep into her ass. After a few shots Lexi slowed down to a slow grind. She began to tighten her ass and clench her cheeks each time she raised up. Her asshole tightened around my shaft, milking the cum out of me. My sensitive cock loved her caress until it was too much for me and I pulled her back towards me. My cock slipped out of her ass and I kissed her neck and told her how much I loved her.

We needed to clean ourselves after the fuck. We were both sweaty, especially me from earlier that night. We made our way to the shower. I was still really hard from playing back all my mental images of my dick fucking Lexi’s ass.

“What got into you tonight? I thought we were going to take our time with your ass?” I said.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I was the only one not giving you everything. Kim and Holly had you in every hole. I didn’t want to be left out.” Lexi said.

“Have I ever told you how amazing you are? Don’t ever feel left out or think you are not giving me everything. You’re responsible for everything I have done and I couldn’t be anymore grateful.” I said

“I know. Its not jealousy but I wanted to be a part of it all. It was amazing too.” Lexi said.

“Amazing and more.” I said. “I never want you to be jealous or regret anything I have done. If you do I will stop right now and never be with anybody else.”

“No, definitely no. I really love everything. I was so wet tonight thinking about you and Holly. Then I’m glad I pushed myself tonight because I absolutely loved you in my ass. I am sure I will be really sore tomorrow but it was worth it.” Lexi said

“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. I might be really happy right now.” I said

“I can tell.” Lexi said as she held my cock. “How many times has he cum tonight?”

“Only a few times.” I said

“You want to see if he has one more for my ass.” Lexi said

“He has one more for sure.” I said

Lexi leaned forward with her hands pushed against the wall. My groin was pressed to her ass. Luckily we had yet to clean ourselves so her ass was ready with the mix of lube and cum. For good measure I started in her pussy. Her moisture coated my cock. Only a few pumps were needed and I went for her ass. My dick slid in easy to her now used hole. It was slick, smooth yet still really tight. aldatma porno I could get used to fucking Lexi’s ass in the shower. After ten or so minutes of fucking and a couple of orgasms for Lexi I was ready to cum.

“Where do you want me to cum baby?” I asked

“Oh Steve. I don’t know. Where ever you want.” Lexi said.

I thought for a few moments and I knew what I wanted to say. I had already cum in her ass so I wanted something different, something dirtier. Technically she had already done it tonight but this just seemed more naughty. I was thinking of putting it in her mouth. Going straight from her ass to mouth. She had already sucked my cock after it was in Holly but there was time in between.

“What… are… you… thinking?” Lexi finally got out between thrusts, “just… say… it…”

“Blow me.” Was all I said.

Lexi paused and thought for a moment. It was a long couple seconds but without saying anything she dropped to her knees. Looking at my cum soaked cock she was obviously satisfied with its current state and placed it in mouth. I was so close to cumming at that point that I only lasted a couple times down her throat. I started spewing my load and she gobbled up everything.

Lexi gave me a big smile as I pulled her up into an embrace. I knew I had just cummed in her mouth but I kissed her. I still got a taste of what I figured was me but if she was good with tasting my fluids and hers, I should be good with it too.

“That was phenomenal!” Lexi said

“My thoughts exactly.” I said

“I thought it would have tasted different sucking you but it was just like normal. The thought is so dirty honey.” Lexi said

“As long as we prepare I don’t think we have to worry about that.” I said talking about our cleanliness.

We finish our shower and passed out.

The next few days were pretty normal. They consisted of lots of sex and planning for our party. When I was able to tell Lexi the entire story from the night with Holly our sex was really wild. Lexi was so turned on and wild that our sex was crazy. We basically destroyed a guest room and people blocks away might of heard Lexi cumming.

The plans for the party were pretty normal for the suburbs. Since I was told it was not a sex party it was not quite as entertaining but was still good. Lexi does go all out when we have parties. Once we got the essentials done like inviting all the people and catering it was pretty basic.

Lexi came up with the story line for Holly. It made perfect sense and nobody would question anything. Only Lexi, Holly, and me would know the truth. Most likely Kim would know too because Lexi tells her everything.

The story was Lexi and Holly grew up in the same town and neighborhood. Lexi used to babysit Holly when she was little. So we could tell everyone that we ran into Holly at the mall (which is true). Holly moved to the city for college and now we are catching up like old friends.

Nobody would question it. No one we knew grew up with Lexi so it was the perfect story and simple to explain. The real story might take some people by surprise and a family friendly party was not the place for that.

I was texting or talking to Holly everyday. I had to work on my sexting because now I was getting it from all three girls. Holly was super excited for the party but also nervous. Meeting my wife would be weird for her but I knew Lexi would make her feel comfortable and welcome.

The day of the party arrived and our backyard looked ready for the party. Lexi had pool toys and games for kids and adults. The caterers were getting everything ready.

I was outside getting things when Lexi came out in her bikini. Even though it was a normal bikini Lexi made it look good and sexy. None of our friends would expect it. All previous swim activities Lexi would be one of the few women in a one piece.

Lexi came and hugged me and said, “How about you run upstairs to our room right now. I’ll finish getting everything ready. Just don’t take to long.”

I looked at her surprised and wondering what she did.

“Go! The door on the deck is open.” Lexi said.

We have a large covered second story deck that our master bedroom opens up to. A spiral staircase leads from the back patio to the deck.

I ran up the stairs to see what my wife had planned for me. I opened the door. Kim’s naked round ass was pointed right at me. This was definitely planned for me to walk in looking at her ass. Kim was on her knees and bent over with her head resting on the bed looking back at me. Kim had one of Lexi’s dildos sliding in and out of her pussy, fucking herself.

After about a minute I realized I should shut the door and enjoy my present. Once I walked closer to the bed I saw a familiar rubber ring protruding from her ass. It was then end of the anal beads Lexi bought. My mind was flashing back to images of fucking Kim the week before and how amazing it was. Kim was a sex freak and I could not wait to get my hands on her again. Although we couldn’t get too crazy, we still had to go to the party.

I grabbed the dildo from her hand and pulled it from her pussy. It was decent size, a good warm up. Next I took hold of the ring sticking out of her ass. I pulled each bead out slowly till she was empty.

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